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Shoutout Ferg🙏🏼 • • • {Link in bio for free J. Cole hats + other merch with free shipping!}


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Had to throw it back one time🔥 Finish the sentence: I shoot my shot and it ______ !


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@kendricklamar x @anderson._paak Via: @spaceyeah 👈🏻


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Congrats to @g_jonezzz and @pejman.zr for winning the giveaway ! Dm me to claim your hat within the next 24 hours or a new winner will be declared. Thank you to everyone for participating 💯 • • • • You can still get these hats FOR FREE on the website for a limited time only. GO COP NOW💯🔥LINK IS IN BIO!!

Might be getting new Anderson Paak n Kendrick on Oct 4th 👀👀 Hyped?


5 Hours Ago

Who’s your favorite new school rap duo?


4 Hours Ago

Detroit show ‼️ #kodtour

⚡😮Kendrick Lamar🎵🔥💥 "N-E-G-U-S, definition: royalty; king royalty- wait, listen, N-E-G-U-S! Description: Black emperor, king, ruler Now let me finish The history books overlook the word and hide it America tried to make it to a house divided The homies don't recognize we been using it wrong So I'ma break it down and put my game in a song N-E-G-U-S, say it with me, or say it no more Black stars can come and get me Take it from Oprah Winfrey, tell her she right on time Kendrick Lamar, by far, realest Negus alive" -i, "To Pimp A Butterfly" Powerful. _______ #hiphop #rap #scribble #sketch #kendricklamar #tpab #classic #i #drawingaday #pencil #ink #pen #micronpen #staedtler #mystaedtler #artwork #inkdrawing #inkandpaper #black #african #africanamericanhistory #negus #oprah

Thoughts on Future?? Certified hitmaker or shitt mumble rapper?? OR BOTH?!!


6 Hours Ago

Broooo I’m dead 😂😂😂 WATCH THE WHOLE THING


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4th October


10 Hours Ago

How does this man stay so calm tho? 🤔 I woulda flipped my shit bro


18 Hours Ago

Damn that was close af Bracket 7! Round one Find a topic or soliloquy Progressing to round 2: 4r Da Squaw, Free Lunch,  West Savannah, Smile, Park, Heavenly Father (Ngl find a topic is my favourite Isaiah song - it better win)


6 Days 11 Hours Ago

Happy Monday y’all!!! @nosmallthing new episode on Kendrick Lamar is officially out and available for your ears! We invite you to the conversation as we share why we love Kendrick so much, share some of our favorite songs/albums, and deep dive one of the greatest rappers of all time 😱😱😱 Thanks for you support and don’t forget to subscribe to NST so new episodes (out every Monday) show up in your feeds wherever you listen to podcasts 🤗🤗🤗


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3 Stacks is Top 10 of all time but where does Big Boi land in the All Time Convos?? Top 20? 50?


24 Hours Ago

For the life of me I can’t come up with a caption, but I want to post something. Here’s a 🔥 video edit by @dxn_r3d . @kendricklamar #kendricklamar #kendrick #lamar #king #kingkendrick #section80 #gkmc #music #hiphop #duckworth #kendrickduckworth #legend #inspiration #life #compton #tde #blackhippy #kdot #tpab #untitledunmastered #cornrowkenny #damn #love. #blackpanther


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This is some mad heeeaaatt 🔥🔥 📸: @thejcolebible • • • • {Link in bio for free J. Cole hats + other merch with free shipping!}


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#livinginthesimulation #kanye #kidsseeghosts #kidcudi #tpab #kendricklamar #daytona #gkmc #rodeo #travisscott #davidbowie #tlop #blonde #frankocean #youngthug #manonthemoon The albums of the Simulation @kanyewest @miamatangi @kendricklamar @thuggerthugger1 @davidbowie @travisscott


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Really Doe??? Whose your favorite rapper from Detroit??


1 Day 9 Hours Ago

Classic albums are a must have on vinyl, this one is probably my favorite record of the last 10 years or so.


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For real 😂😂 who wants these on the shop? 🤔👇🏼 • • • • {Link in bio for free J. Cole hats + other merch with free shipping!}


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Bracket 6! Round one Stuck in the mud or Heavenly Father Progressing to round 2: 4r Da Squaw, Free Lunch,  West Savannah, Smile, Park


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Kendrick Lamar prints available in 8x10 and 12x18 sizes. All prints are Buy One Get One FREE until 9/23


1 Day 24 Hours Ago

Schoolboy Q recently announced that due to Mac Miller’s passing, he won’t be dropping his album this season. We with u Q drop it when u ready


2 Days 2 Hours Ago

What are your guys thoughts on Lupe’s new album, DROGAS Wave?? I’m loving it after one listen even though it is very long. My favorite track is WAV FILES OMG WATTA TRACK


2017-09-27 18:20:42

Best part of the day. Spending an afternoon helping with a Toastmaster's Speechcraft at Charles Drew University. Teaching future doctors how to be awesome leaders. These are really incredible kids


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