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#trainingtuesday . . Since my macros have gone up again and cardio cut down to only two times a week for 20 minutes. We have to optimize my lifting routine all of my lifts include super sets working two or three muscle groups at a time. . . . Back/Shoulder/Triceps/Abs 4x15 Closed Grip Row-SS- DB Front Raises T-Bar Row -SS- Upright Rows Single Arm DB Rows- SS- Elevated Tricep Bench Dips Reverse Flies -SS- Cable RD Leg Lifts - SS- Tricep Bar Push Downs 3x20 Rest in between each set 35-40 Sec . . Just because the @1stphorm Summer Sprint Transphormation challenge is over it doesn’t mean we stop putting in the work. Let’s continue this Journey and finish the last months of 2018 strong . Did you pay your dues today? . . . #iam1stphorm #trainingtuesday #latergram #fallroutine #nocardio #g1fitlife #praytrainserveconquer #injesusnameitrain #duespaid #100to0 #wedothework #legionofboom #fitmom #transphormation #1stphorm


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I was lifting weights today and it hit me. Every one ain’t supposed to be in your life, no matter how long they’ve been there. _ Which reminds me of a marvelous quote that I do believe goes a little something like this.... _ Ehhh hmmm... “Today I didn’t even have to use the weaponry of an AK-47...I must say, Today was a glorious day.” - Unknown 🤓 _


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SWIPE.SAVE.SHARE 💕 . . . Quick backyard circuit that hit the spot!! There are 3 circuits consisting of 3 exercise, complete all 3 exercises before taking a quick 1 min rest, respect 3 times then move to the next circuit! It should take you about 20-25 mins! Make this challenging, tag me when you do it 💦 . . . . . . #musclesaresexy #bodybuilding #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #transformationtuesday #transphormation #melaninqueen #melaninfitness #melaninfitspiration #fitspo #beyourownkindofbeautiful #beyourownmotivation #hiitworkout #hiitcardio #circuittraining #circuitworkout #glutes #squats #pdx


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At home workout that’s sure to get your heart rate pumping! For more, go check out my main page @cici_ph 💪🏾💦 #repost @cici_ph with @get_repost ・・・ SWIPE.SAVE.SHARE 💕 . . . Quick backyard circuit that hit the spot!! There are 3 circuits consisting of 3 exercise, complete all 3 exercises before taking a quick 1 min rest, respect 3 times then move to the next circuit! It should take you about 20-25 mins! Make this challenging, tag me when you do it 💦 . . . . . . #musclesaresexy #bodybuilding #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #transformationtuesday #transphormation #melaninqueen #melaninfitness #melaninfitspiration #fitspo #beyourownkindofbeautiful #beyourownmotivation #hiitworkout #hiitcardio #circuittraining #circuitworkout #glutes #squats

Summer Sprint is complete but the @1stphorm #transphormation rolls on! - DO NOT RELAX and SLACK OFF ! - 1 foot in front of the other, on to the #nextlevel ! - Adjustments ? Have you made any ? Think maybe it's time ? Something to consider if you have stalled or hit a platue. - Been watching my workouts ? - Whats different here ? Whats my strategy ? - #anchoredinmuscle #anchoredinmusclewod #mealplans #workouts #workouttips #weighttraining #weightloss #weightlosschallenge #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #fatlosstranformation #fatlosschallenge #fatloss #wellnesscoaching #wellness #iam1stphorm #legionofboom

Our client @andrewnauth68 competed this weekend! In the past 6 months we have been able to drop a considerable amount of body fat while maintaining as much muscle as possible. Click the link in our bio to completely transform in 6 months!


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Chest and tris. The work continues. #iam1stphorm #transphormation #legionofboom


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Todays #keto lettuce wrapped cheddar bacon guac burgers! Been a while but want to put this page to good use. Recipe on @danny_getsfit


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Ebb and Flow, these are the words that usually come to mind when picturing waves in the ocean 🌊 However, lately they are what come to my mind, when I think about the fitness journey 🏋🏼‍♂️🚴🏼‍♀️🥦 ~ The 👩‍🏫 in me wanted to know the actual definition, so, I did what everyone does these days, #googleit and this is what dictionary.com said: a recurrent or rhythmical pattern of coming and going or decline and regrowth. ~ Well, that sums it up perfectly 🙌🏼! Why, you ask? ~ In the first couple of weeks 🗓 everything is new and exciting, 💃🏼 our bodies are adjusting to the lifestyle changes we are making so we are seeing results and this is what keeps us on track, even when it’s hard. ~ Soon enough, our bodies have adjusted to the changes we made, we are no longer easily 👀 results, which makes it even harder to continue on the journey. ~ This is where discipline comes in, doing what needs to be done, even when we don’t want to do it. This might also be where we get off track for a HOT minute, the EBB if you will, but just like the ocean waves, WE will FLOW back on track ~ DO NOT beat yourself up, look back with regret, or think any of the negative self-destructive thoughts! Instead, LOOK in that mirror with your head held high, because YOU ARE BACK, you ran towards the hard, because you know deep down that everything great in life doesn’t come easy! ~ #mfceopodcast #iam1stphorm #discipline #struggle #personaltrainer #1stphorm #bettertogether #teamphilpott #fitmom #fitness #fitlifestyle #ebbandflow #duespaid #megawattv2 #phormula1 #transphormation #feasy #100to0 #strenghtraining

One thing that has made a huge positive change in my life! - - Reading!!! - - The knowledge you gain from as simple as 10 pages a day over the course of a week, a month, a year. - - Learn more about your job, your hobbies, your interests. - - If you already read every day you can attest to this! - - If you don’t, I challenge you to try it out and see the progression you make, the focus you gain and the better you become 🙌 - - @jockowillink new book the Dichotomy of Leadership came in today and listening to him and @andyfrisella on @themfceoproject last week is a true testament to how effective being a great leader can be! - - If you haven’t listened to It you should!! #wedothework #duespaid #100to0

I always considered myself "into working out" but I never did more than cardio and a pretty unintentional lower body workout. Every now and then I'd do some workouts at home with my husband but I was never very committed. I didn't really want to learn more about fitness and nutrition. I didn't see the tie between your mental and physical state. All I saw was a gym with equipment I didn't know how to use, a body I didn't know how to love with thoughts I didn't really know how to control. And I didn't even know how to admit those things to myself. . In January of this year, my friend @thesophisticate invited me to join the @1stphorm #transphormationchallenge which I did without solid intentions of it being a longer than 8 week commitment. I thought I'd do the challenge because why not, it's only 8 weeks, I just wanted to learn a few things to change my lifestyle a bit. I didn't think it would have the effect that it has. . Since working with Sophia, I've been able to change how I look at training, nutrition and the mindset that goes along with it all. I quickly learned that I didn't need to fear judgement from her if I stumbled or strayed from the plan. Instead, she encouraged me to keep going. She is committed, patient and incredibly strong. She's not only helped me push physical limits but has helped open the door for me to take a deeper look into why I wasn't staying committed to my goals. . Today, I'm far from where I want to be. Progress is slower than I want. I constantly feel like I'm fighting a set back, be it finding time or finding the mental space. . But I'm also stronger than I've ever been and I really believe that committing myself to this has allowed me to work on other aspects of my life that I previously didn't know how to approach. If you have questions or need encouragement I highly recommend messaging @thesophisticate . You won't be disappointed.💪💪💪💪💪 #staymotivated #transphormation


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A little different take on transphormation Tuesday this week ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I went the opposite direction that I wanted to during this challenge ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ After my back injury, the mental and physical toll it took on me took me to a place I could not stand ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I couldn't hit my crazy intense training sessions, so it brought me down, and my diet slipped ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It does not take much to lose a lot of the progress you've worked so hard for ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I definitely put on some size, but not the good kind for the most part ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I looked in the mirror today, and I was ashamed and disappointed in myself ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I know I can do better, and I will do better ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I have an incredible support system that won't let me fail again, so I will not let them or myself down ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Life happens, and we can't be 100% on top of our game all of the time ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ However, we can get back to doing the work we know we're supposed to be doing to succeed ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ In going to turn this around, you have my word. I'm getting back on my grind, and I'm coming in hot ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #legionofboom #neversettle #transphormation

Add some versatility to your barbell workouts with this hybrid Titan Multigrip Bar. 3 different grips set at different widths allow you to work muscle groups from different angles while reducing stress on your shoulders and wrist at the same time! #1stphorm #s2faction #iam1stphorm #wedothework #mytransphormation #transphormation #bodybuilding #powerlifting #crossfit #republicbarbell #republicmo #417powerlifting #neversettle #nextlevelshit #100to0 #titanfitness @betitanfit #gym #workout #fitness


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Do you know what the SAID principle is? . Sounds intense, right? Well, it is but it isn’t, and it’s up to you! . SAID principle is: Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands, which means... . That your body, muscles, nervous system, and skeletal system will adapt to the specific demands that are placed on it over time. . Have you ever hit a plateau? Ever feel like your body hasn’t gained strength, size, or lost body fat? . The question comes down to “what demands are you putting on your body?” Are you doing the same weight for the same amount of reps with the same amount of rest time? . Objectively take a step back and ask yourself those questions. . If the answer is yes, then here are a 10 simple tips to help you! . 1) Increase reps & decrease weight 2) Decrease reps & increase weight 3) Reduce or increase rest period 4) Get more TUT (Time under tension) with the weight 5) Squeeze the muscle harder (mind to muscle connection) 6) Do forced reps with a spotter 7) Change your routine 8) Implement paused reps, drops sets, or burnouts 9) Adjust your nutrition 10) Increase the demand on your body . These are all aspects that you can control! . Every once and a while we need to switch our routine and regime up in order to keep growing and making strides towards our goals! . . . . . . . . . #trainingtiptuesday #ua #trainingday #trainingtip #tipsandtricks #fatloss #weightlossjourney #transphormation #transphormationchallenge #neversettle #1p #100to0 #duespaid #legionofboom #healthylifestyle #fitnesslife #fitnessmotivation #healthychoices #healthymind #weightlosstransformation #weightlifting #weightlossmotivation #fatlosstips #fatlosstransformation


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My client @nikki_teamjackedelsa is doing amazing!!!!!!!! I am so proud of how hard she is working to live a healthier lifestyle!!! 🔥👏💕🥇💪 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #jackedelsa #1stphorm #transphormation @1stphorm #weightloss #fitgirl #fitnessgoals #healthylifestyle #weightlossjourney #transphormationchallenge #weightlosstransformation #100to0 #mytransphormationstartstoday #weightlosssupport #eatingclean #macros #lawofattraction #beforeandafter #beforeandafterweightloss #youcandoit #healthy #yougotthis


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my lightest at 120 pounds (2014) 👉 my heaviest at 176 pounds (2018) 👉 when i started the 8 week challenge at 149 pounds 👉 end of the 8 week challenge at 135 pounds.. • my goal by the end of this year is to get back down to 120 pounds & i WILL accomplish my goal.. who’s with me!?👊 • sign up today for the @1stphorm $250,000 #transphormationchallenge! you get FREE access to custom macros/meal plans, workouts, and the private Facebook group. the next challenge starts in a few weeks.. what are you waiting for!? the link is in my bio - if you have any questions feel free to DM me. • #iam1stphorm #teamashnordman #neversettle #legionofboom #duespaid #wedothework #transphormation #mytransphormation #mytransphormationstartstoday


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What I was... . What I did.. . What I became. . For #transphormation Tuesday I wanted to show not only WHAT I did. But how I did it. . I did it through hard work. . I did it with proper diet and exercise. . I did it by filling in the gaps in my diet with proper supplementation. . Did I mention Hard Work?? . I can tell you how. But I'd rather show you.. I'd rather TEACH you. Please feel free to reach out and ask HOW..

Ladies! We didnt forget about you on this launch. Swipe to see some of the new products that are launching this sunday on body.


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Tired, beat up and stressed but I’m still goin... Chasing that🏆 - Went heavy on legs today despite the throbbing pain in my wrist but I have work to do✊🏻 - One thing that has been drilled into my head through many inspirational and successful people is that you MUST have goals short term and long term. - My short term goal is weigh 225.5 lbs by Christmas (Currently weighing in at 217lbs) I want to bulk up as much as possible before I start adding HIIT exercises into my workouts in March. - My long term goal is something everyone that follows me and my journey already knows, to win Mr. Olympia. NOT second place, not third. FIRST🥇 - If you haven’t heard yet, @1stphorm released a new Level-1 flavor: Pumpkin Spice Latte. You can check it out by clicking the link in my bio (Free shipping btw😉✈️)


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Setting goals has been what works for me. - Through out my journey setting goals small and big have been what keeps me in check. - Whether it’s winning a challenge, getting into a certain size piece of clothing, special event, and yes even scale weight. - The most consistent and on going goal I’ve had is @1stphorm‘s My TransPHORMation Starts Today challenge. - Pushing myself from challenge to challenge competing against myself has been a huge driving factor and huge key to the success I’ve had. - If you’re struggling to find consistency, drive, and motivation I challenge you to sit down and write out some goals tonight. - Big, small, and everything in between! - Don’t sell yourself short, the bigger the goal the bigger the actions need to be taken, and that leads to bigger and better results! - If could use some help setting goals or staying accountable hit me up in my DM or by email! - 📧: PhormBuilt_Lagunas@yahoo.com - #goaldigger #mytransphormationstartstoday #transphormationtuesday #transformationtuesday #iam1stphorm


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BACON GUAC CHEDDAR LETTUCE BURGER! . Couple of you asked me to do more food and recipes so this is what I made today. Want to point out that even on keto I actually keep dairy and red meat consumption low (around twice a week). Just my personal choice. . Anyways: -Mix 1 packet of lean ground beef (we dont have 90/10 or whatever it is in Canada) with your seasonings of choice and one egg. Mold into patties and place in sprayed (or oiled for extra fats) pan. Cook on each side until you get your desired meat cookedness (that's a word for sure) -while beef is cooking fry or bake up some natural bacon (no nitrates or hormones) -In a small bowl mix up a ripe avacodo with salt and lemon juice -Slice a medium sized tomato -Peel the "bun" from a head of lettuce -Once everything is cooked top with sauce and cheese of your choice! -macros would be based on your measurements and products used . Hope you enjoy this super easy #keto recipe.


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Ever wonder what a superset is and why you would do them? 💪 Supersets are two exercises back to back with no rest. 👊 Sometimes supersets are done with opposing muscles like back and chest, but not always. 💪 Supersets are one more tool to help build muscle. You should use a variety of tools and change things up to change which fibers are worked with different energy systems in the body. 👊 Have you done them? 💪 If not, take any two regular sets and make it into a super set. You will need to take the weight a notch or two down regarding how heavy, but don't worry! You work plenty hard enough. 👊 Give it a try and tell me what you think. 💪 It's good to change things up! 💪 👊 💪 👊 💪 👊 💪 👊 💪 👊 💪 👊 💪 👊 💪 👊 💪 👊 💪 👊 #girlswithmuscle #fitfam #bossbabe #transphormation #iam1stphorm #1stphorm  #legionofboom  #duespaid #nibblesfitness #lifting #50plusandfabulous #girlswholift #girlswithguns #girlswhosquat #thinblueline #fitchick #health #fatburn #countrygirl #mountainbabe #femalefit #wegotthis #loveandlight #letsdothis #empoweringwomen #weightlossjourney


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Keep the complexity low and intensity high. . I use to obsess over the small little details of finding the perfect workout... literally giving myself anxiety as if it would be the last workout I ever did... . Or that it would make or break my results... . It took some time but I finally realized, what matters most is doing the work consistently. . Right behind that, cranking up the intensity. That doesn’t mean go ape shit and run around and go so hard every workout you almost die... no it means intensity is relative to where you are at. . We need to push to that uncomfortable place... and then push on past. . Doing that consistently overtime leads to results. . It doesn’t matter if you’re doing Crossfit, bodybuilding, running, or anything else... consistency and intensity are the first two things to master and main drivers of results. . Then we can worry about the plan. . #duespaid #iam1stphorm . 📸@davidmullis


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First attempt at doing this core exercise 🔥. Out of a whim & curiosity of what I could do without completely failing 😂 Thankful for these sliders my gym offers to members to use freely! They’re a great addition to your workout routine 🙌 . . . #abgainer #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #gymmotivation #girlswholift #fitness #juststrong #juststrongclothing #gymrat #fitnessjourney #fitgirlevolution #fitgirlfollow #fitspiration #fitgirlsworldwide #fitlife #edgefitnessclubs #meridenct #motivatedfitnessgirls #transphormation #mytransphormation #gymsharkwomen #gymshark #nike

Half a lifetime. The top picture is the first half of my life. I was 265 pounds at my heaviest. The bottom is from this Sunday. I am not a lifelong athlete. I didn’t start training until I was 19. The first 14 months all I could do was work on weight loss. 4 years after I started training I turned pro as an mma fighter. 18 years later and I am in top shape and still competing at the highest level in the world. At almost 40 I didn’t think I would be where I am now. I see people receive praise for many quick transformations. But I don’t pay attention unless I see what it looks like in a decade or more. Almost 2 decades in to my journey and I am just hitting my stride. I plan on making my next 50 years so epic that the first 38 years get jealous! Don’t be impressed by what someone does in a month, or a year, show me what it looks like in a decade, or two, or half a lifetime. Will you stand the test of time or be a flash in the pan. I am here for life. Putting in the work. Whenever I want to quit, I remember where I started and how far I have come. I am Constantly learning and always looking to help others on their journey. Don’t ask me how I did it, ask me how you can do it! #transformationtuesday #transphormation #transformationchallenge #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #weightloss #weightlossideas #weightlossmotivation #dedication #weightlossjourney #1stphorm #mytransphormation


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Deadlift Day!! - I’m slowly getting sumo style deadlifting down!! - I’ve never went above 315 👎🏻doing sumo. Since I’ve been working on sumo for the last 3 weeks it has started to feel real comfortable. My goal today was to see if I could pull more than 315. - After doing a set of 315 x 3 I went up to 365. My first rep went up okay but I had my weight too far forward and lost my balance. I attempted again and it was a success. - Went up to my top set (video) of 385 lbs and it felt great. Looking forward to my next heavy deadlift session where I will attempt 405lbs. - Hoping within a few months I can surpass my conventional deadlift of 457.5 lbs. - #powerlifter #powerlifting #dontgiveup #iam1stphorm #1stphormlegionnaire #iam1stphorm #1stphorm @1stphorm #duespaid #1stphormathletesearch #1stphorm4life #wedothework #supplement #supplements #legionofboom #legionofboom1stphorm #100to0 #transphormation #transformation #transformyourlife #mytransphormation #mytransphormationstartstoday #transformationjourney #skwaats #squats #deadlifts #1stpowerliftingmeet #usapl #usaplflorida #usaplfl


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Meal Prep ✔️ . . It took @jackedelsa and I about 2 minutes to prep all of our food for this week. And when I say prep, I mean put all of the food that was delivered by @allrealmeal in the fridge. And I must say, they ALWAYS kill it, but after having tonight’s dinner they reallllly killed it this week. Tonight was cheddar stuffed sweet potato BBQ meatloaf and would highly recommend trying it 🙌🏻 . . And if you track your food like we do, just go to their website and they have the macros for every meal! Swipe right to see what @jackedelsa and I have on the menu for this week . . . And yes those are my Versace spoons. Have I ever used them? Absolutely not. Do I need them? Absolutely not. Do they make me happy and therefore are worth it? Absofreakinglutely. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #1stphorm #iamfirstphorm #legionofboom #1stphormathletesearch #preplife #squats #prep #mytransphormation #transphormation #neversettle #transphornationchallenge #provepeoplewrong #ppw #gymlife #livefit #workout #fit #selfie #jacked #goals #mealprep #motivation #allrealmeal #goals #diet #gymnastics