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I told Sam this morning I wanted to get a picture with a school bus because they just feel SO American. We left breakfast and stumbled across around 100 school buses that had ferried in schools for memorial day! This was me pissing myself laughing out of embarrassment because one of the bus drivers caught us and seemed utterly bemused by the fact I was having my picture taken with a bus.

Hey friends! Happy Saturday!🤗 Starting our 3-day weekend off adventuring down in Tucson for a photoshoot 📸 It’s so nice being able to explore Arizona and believe it or not modeling for other photographers has become one of mine and Justin’s favorite activities 😻 I mean who doesn’t want to spend time gettin all up in their significant other’s grill and makin’ out in front of strangers 🤷🏽‍♀️😂 ✨What are your weekend plans, anything fun? . . . . . #alexandani #adventureenthusiasts #travelgirlsgo #explorerbabes #saturdaystyle #artofslowliving #yesforless #hippievibes #fearlessgirl #goddessrising #tusconeats #tucsonarizona #photographer_stories #phdlife #modelslife #allaboutadventures #thedailyadventurer #modelingshoot #warmradandfree #journeyera #adventuretogether #powercouples #crazyloveandwildkisses #arizona🌵 #azphotographer #couplelifestyle #tucsonlove

Laugh till it hurts❣️⠀ It’s the best way to get abs 🤪

Thank you stranger! * * While I sat on #redsquare, a stranger came up with a few a photos he clicked. At first I was like oh that’s weird but then when I saw the pictures I got them from him 🙈

stumbled on the bridge to Terabithia 🌿🌼

Ok now I warmed myself enough again after I chose to wear summer clothes instead of closed shoes and a raincoat 🙈☔ Yesterday we woke up early to get out first thing they open the gang way but we could not find the way out, then it started to rain and it was so cold we could not really enjoy #valencia as much as we should... I am sure it is a beautiful city but I just wanted to go back home as soon as I was soaked and my feet frozen🥶 So the warm day at sea was more than welcome to me🌤 I hope tomorrow it will still be nice so Franzi and I take our time exploring Malaga #🇪🇸 📷 @mya.panic 🥰

Be a seeker of everyday magic ✨ Showing off my @larissakatelingerie top from my new collection 🤩

Perfect way to start the Memorial Day Weekend. A glass of wine and a pool day❤️

Lokrum Island is a beautiful island ten minutes by boat from Dubrovnik (or, as we did it, just under an hour by kayak). It has botanical gardens and a salt lake called the Dead Sea for swimming. #croatianislands #lokrumisland #lokrum #croatia #travelobsessed #travelgirl #passionpassport #darlingescapes #womenwhoexplore #dametraveler #girlvsglobe #wearetravelgirls #sheisnotlost #dubrovnik #sea #seakayaking #anchor #island #travelgirlsgo #travelgirlshub #gameofthrones #dubrovnikriviera #visitcroatia #dontforgetyourpassport #islandviews #swim #travelista

She believed she could so she did...and blew her budget while doing it. Ain’t that how the quote goes? 😂 • No blog post coming on budget travel in Paris. Ever. Just go and experience it. Even when we “live a little” you gotta live a little more. I hope you get to one day. It’s a sight to see.💙 • Is there a place you would blow all your $$$?

Amazing night at the Spice Girls last night! ❤️ so nostalgic, even if we couldn’t really hear what they were saying..

I will never forget the anxiety I had as I was handed the boarding pass and headed towards the airplane. It was as if the whole world was waiting, and I was all by myself! I was worried that I would suddenly have a panic attack about being alone, or get lost without anybody to help me out. And while it's true that some of these things actually happened, the moments of total happiness and self discovery during the trip make those unpleasant experiences worthwhile. This was the first time that I travelled to a country on my own, and I would recommend everyone to do it at least once. There is nothing like the things you learn and the stuff you find about yourself when you are on your own. 😇

If anyone needs an ice top up this long weekend, I got ya covered🍹❄️ #thelandoffireandice

Met an amazing couple today, they were older and married for several years and still very much in love, their kids are all grown up so they travel 24/7 together, the husband is hiking 25 miles thru the Grand Canyon while the wife is kayaking thru the Grand Canyon. Now if that’s not goals idk what is 😩

Last tulips of the season🌷


When in Rome. I had dreamt of the colosseum since I was a child. To see it in person was a dream come true. walking through and standing inside an amphitheater almost 2000 years old is pretty amazing .

our first sight of an Icelandic waterfall was pretty epic 😱

Feeling the nature and beauty with @evisiskos 🌸. . Be the type that creates positivity and inspire a world a world built on happiness 🌺. . Let all that creation stream in your veins and feed that rush into your lifestyle🌸. . To enjoy a healthy life based on success! ———————————————————— Tag @lordofthenature to be our inspiration😍 ———————————————————— . . . #travelgreece #santorini #secretescapes #successsecrets #secretsdeparis #travelplanner #travelokaph #travelgoal #travelchannel #travelchick #travelgirlsgo #travelgirlshub #travelgirldiary #girlborntotravel #borntotravel #travelspot #travelpassion #travelpassport #flowerbox #flowerlesson #stylebook #styleblogger #stylehunt #stylepost #ootddetails #fashionblogger_at #fashionblogger_de #outfittoday #outfitdiaries

Happy Memorial Day weekend y’all! I remember feeling not “outdoorsy” enough when I first moved to the US. For the first two years in the States, I was living in Lafayette, Lousiana and the weather there was too hot to even be outside 🤣 And when I decided to move to Seattle, WA everyone in this state was seemed like either pro camper, triathlete, pro climber, or ran 100 miles every weekend 😅 I enjoyed riding bike around town and hiking the mountains but still felt like a bit of phony in comparison to most people I saw outdoors and on social media. Everyone else seemed like they had so much experience and hoards of gear. I think this feeling of not being experienced enough did sometimes hold me back from trying new activities and getting out of my comfort zone. These days I’ve learned to put any judgement aside and it’s crazy how many new things I’ve been able to experience because of it! I’ve hiked in some of the most beautiful landscapes in WA, visited 11 out of 58 US national parks, and many more. Well, I still love to throw on a girly dress and take pretty photos on daily basis 😄 Does that make me less outdoorsy? Nah, it just means I know what makes me feel alive and I’m not afraid to get it ❤️

Off on a new adventure ✈️

Feliz día de patrias!

Пока я тут гуляла , случайно наткнулась на ссылку, где местные люди предлагают провести экскурсии по любимому городу практически даром! Ведь таких цен нигде нет! Только посмотрите 🤩🤩А я ведь давно слышала о такой фишке, но сайта ни разу не видела, а тут уже кто-то ловко подхватил нишу)) круто же 😉😋 Если интересно ссылка внизу, просто копируй или зайди по ссылке в моем профиле, там найдёшь много интересных предложений по путешествиям😉 https://c11.travelpayouts.com/click?shmarker=226759&promo_id=652&source_type=customlink&type=click&custom_url=https%3A%2F%2Fexperience.tripster.ru #believeinyourself#indiantravelblogger #wearetravelgirls #chiptrip #travelgirlsgo #путешествияпороссии #путешествияпомиру #экскурсиипомоскве #экскурсиимосква #дешевыйтур #путешествияпороссии

you can take the girl out of the Renaissance city, but you can’t take the Renaissance out of the girl

🌸TAKING STOCK🌸 . . . . . Sometimes life will be awesome. Sometimes, life will look blurry. Along the way in the journey of life, sometimes, life will be colder than warmer and sometimes warmer than colder but in all things we must remember that it is never over for a purposeful journey of life until the journey of life is over. Be it rough or smooth, good or bad, we must accomplish the task. It shall always not be good and it shall always not be bad; we only have to work hard~Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

🌸HABIBI🌸 . . . . If you are ever in Marrakesh, please visit this place. Shall we just start with the ambience of Comptoir Darna. It basically what you imagine a Moroccan restaurant to be. Dimmed lights and low seating, candles and roses everywhere LITERALLY. As for the food, If you are dying for a PROPER targine, this is the place for you. Plus you can get a glass (or bottle if you fancy) of your choice of wine which I can’t say for every restaurant in Marrakesh. Never short of great entertainment either and you will find yourself on and off your seat the entire evening. Plus the setup outside which is somewhat a waiting/chill out area (where this photo was taken) is just so beautiful and instagram worthy . A MUST VISIT!! . . 📸 @stephkiboi


✨MAROC✨ . . . . Stir the water and thirst might show up.. . . Ps, my dad bought me this top as a gift 💕

N• 27 . . . It’s a small world after all

✨HAPPY SUNDAY✨ . . . You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right~Rosa Parks

✨TAKING STOCK✨ . . . . . The past two week have just been a whirlwind of events and activities. Everyday was a new page and it’s taken me a few days since I’ve returned from India to take it all in and sum it all up, well... am still going. I feel different. I am different. I suppose India gave me a different insight on things. Oooh yeah I am also a transitioning vegetation and I want to stop procrastinating on a few things that I have had on my list . . . Naturally as humans we often talk about doing all kinds...write a book, climb a mountain, learn a new language... but here’s the real deal, have you ever asked yourself why you haven’t crossed these things on your bucket list?

Walking down the streets of DU these #grafiti walls caught up my attention. The burst of colours on a withered wall, the wise words that can make a passerby's day, and the general sense of aesthetics is truly amazing. Nevertheless, it’s a great spot for getting clicked 📸 . . . . . . . . . . #followforfollowback #indianfashionblogger #travelblogger #indianblogger #streetphotographyindia #feedgoals #travelrealindia #follow4like #streetphotographymumbai #vscoportrait #darkaesthetic #travelwithme #travelislife #travellover #mumbaiblogger #photographylife #travelgirlsgo #traveller #streetphotography #karllagerfeld #travelholic #portraitphotography #artofvisuals #f4f #blogger #travelindia #delhifashionblogger #breakupwithyourgirlfriendimbored