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I never had the perfect beach attire here but I was at the perfect moment. I was just there, enjoying and not being bothered to get a photo perfect for instagram. Just the simple rush guard (that I left with our boatman so he could use it during island hopping as a remembrance). Often times I get too serious with taking the perfect shot to post but it was simply just about making the most of it. I promise to make the most out of every moments of my travels. Take a few photos and that’s it. Leave my phone, my camera and just be there. ❤️

As you enter this temple in Vrindavan, you can hear the slow, rhythmic beating of drums and the hypnotic chanting of priests. Walk through it's shadowy entrance hallway, and you find yourself in a room full of people, flooded with light rays and constantly changing colour as paint powder is thrown into the air. People enter with dry clothes, but leave completely soaked with water from head to toe and covered in the coloured powder. Definitely one of the more unique Holi experiences to be had during the week of celebrations! Swipe to see the rest of the shots! ➡️

#6 in my TOP 10 EPIC locations you must photograph and visit when in the UAE. Mountains rising from the coastline of RAK. I’m often told by expats how they’ve been in the UAE for years and never ventured out of Dubai, a total crime! So much diversity here and it’s all relatively close. Double tap if you need to step out of your comfort zone, tag someone you need to share it with. #exploremore #travelfriends #mountains #uae #sunrise


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“Ero straniero e mi avete accolto”. Cristo risorto, quel Gesù che non odiava e non respingeva nessuno. Buona Pasqua a tutti coloro che vivono Pasqua ogni giorno, in terra straniera o nella propria patria, condividendo con l'altro, senza timore. Buona Pasqua a chi vede in un paio d'occhi una persona. Semplicemente. Senza distinzioni di religione, etnia, orientamento, ricchezza. Buona Pasqua a chi davvero la vive ogni giorno, senza ipocrisia. #travelingourplanet #friuli #friuliveneziagiulia #happyeaster #fashiondesign_on #easter2019 #mensgoods #italy #gqmenswear #streetstyleguys #stylegurulove #nordest #pasqua2019 #buonapasqua

Good or bad, Light or dark, We shall always embrace them all. Nothing to be shame, they're just part of you.. Shot via Nokia 8.1 #nokia8 #smartphone_photos #culturetrip #ig_color #fotodalover #worldmobilephotography #igersmy #morecolors #amazing_shots #postcardfromtheworld #worldalpha #portraitphotography #ig_portrait #asianboy #visitsingapore

nikmati saja hingga dia tenggelam nanti juga indah dihiasi bintang.

Aerial view of the island of Gran Canaria. Spain. ▪ 📥 Purchase a license for high-quality photo with a 𝟱𝟬 % 𝗱𝗶𝘀𝗰𝗼𝘂𝗻𝘁. Discount coupon code BORUHOFF50. Link on BIO. 🖼️ Services - digital photo editing and retouching. 🤝 For Advertising and services contact by email. © Photographer @boruhoff ▪ ❤ Don't forget to follow for more wonderful photo's! ▪ #boruhoff #lostboruhoff

Beautiful paradise in Coron, Palawan, Philippines Posted by @gabscanu . . #traveljour_

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"Dance with the waves of sea and sing with the sky, touch the sands with love and let your mind fly high." - D. Mridha Happy Easter. Celebrate God's victory.

Frohe Ostern! 🐰👍🏽😎 #ostern #fest #brissago

"I'll tell you how: by living each day as if it were their last" Larry Spongebob Quote


The northern shores of Lake Toba; the world’s largest volcanic lake. Last erupting around 75000 years ago, the Lake Toba Super volcano plunged the entire globe into a volcanic winter, bringing global temperatures down by 3-5C, which resulted in the near extinction of the human race. Fortunately the volcano shows no signs of erupting any time soon, and offers superb swimming, cycling, and hiking opportunities. A must see! 🇮🇩 no.3 #inspiredtravels #happytraveller #traveltales #wonderfulvacations #travelinsiders #forbestravelguide #travelingram #travelingram_click #travelrock #alldaytravel #earthvacations #mytinyatlas #wolderlust #travelingourplanet #lonelyplanet #vacation #passport #travels #travelstoke #travelstyle #inspiredtraveller #happytraveller #igpassport #spendlifetraveling #travelforever #travelmoments #backpackwithme #travelstory #theglobewanderer #instatravelling

Frozen in time - this blue iceberg has probably completely melted since I took this shot and it blows my mind to think how old the millions of litres of frozen water contained in it might have been.

Midnight mood in Armenian street

Glowing shadow The bridge is pretty aesthetic

You will realize how tiny you are.

Looks what they found

You're not alone

Here's another wide shot of tunrazakexchange Instagram even can't contain the whole photo. Btw I'll post the full size in my story. Go check it out!


My kind of "The night is still young"

Rushing towards the hope, to get a better tomorrow SHOTONPHONE