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54 Minutes Ago

#tbt to this ring set which I was inspired to make after the visit to Sequoia National Park. 🌲 . Nothing comes close to the beauty of the majestic trees but my intention was to maintain the earth tones and natural feel by using smokey Quartz and gold accents. . Available on our website. Link in bio.


22 Minutes Ago

don't let the colors fade to gray.

The last few days I have been trekking in lower Himalayas taking in the natural vegetation and biodiversity. The trees of Pinus genus start showing up at elevation of 6000 feet or higher still. One sees these pristine green conifers towering above like totem poles. For someone like me, the spiky pine seems to be a romantic symbol of higher altitude or mountains. For the locals though, it is a scourge as the fallen needles of the tree disallow anything save the Burberry to grow underfoot. But on our trek, we came across these young dwarf trees at eye level allowing us to unravel its mysterious majesty. #himalayanbluepine #bluepines #pinus_wallichiana #himalayas #himalayan_ecology #himalayan_forest #tall_trees #treestagram


1 Day 3 Hours Ago

i'm no beauty queen, i'm just beautiful me. 😅


31 Minutes Ago

when you photograph people in color you photograph their clothes. but when you photograph people in black and white you photograph their souls. - ted grant -


40 Minutes Ago

봐 봐 봐 @redvelvet.smtown