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1 Day 5 Hours Ago

The perfect summer outfit for your little angel! Super soft muslin and a gorgeous pattern. What’s not to ❤️? Ok and how adorable is Emma Jolie? Pics like this really reinforces how much I love my ‘job’


3 Days 3 Hours Ago

✨ Repost from @jboi_rekt ✨ I honestly had the best time at six8 this week. I did things I never thought I could do like share my testimony with a big group of people. I became more educated with the world and everything it has to offer and ways to help. Needless to say, I am a new creation. Thank you for new friendships and a better me. #six8fellowship #trevecca


3 Days 15 Hours Ago

I honestly had the best time at six8 this week. I did things I never thought I could do like share my testimony with a big group of people. I became more educated with the world and everything it has to offer and ways to help. Needless to say, I am a new creation. Thank you for new friendships and a better me. #six8fellowship #trevecca


4 Days 3 Hours Ago

Working on something fun today! #thisismystory #nashville #nazarene #trevecca #community


4 Days 3 Hours Ago

Kudos to our film students, Professor Conley, and other faculty who just recently won a bronze Telly award for their documentary filmed in Israel, *Thy Kingdom Come”! We’re excited about this terrific film and about the good work yet to come from our students! #trevecca


4 Days 4 Hours Ago

Our film & television program is looking forward to welcoming a new group of students in the fall & we are celebrating the success of our current and former students today. Congratulations to the “Your Kingdom Come” documentary crew for being awarded a bronze Telly Award for their incredible work! #trevecca #film #israel #nashville


5 Days 20 Hours Ago

Successfully defended my Chapter 1. So much I can say in this one moment, but I will save it for the end! -Ecclesiastes 9:11 #drhaskins19 #cohort19 #chapter1defensecompleted #tnu #trevecca #trojans #dontquit #seeitthrough #ialmostgaveup #bml #blksap #swipe⬅️


6 Days 4 Hours Ago

Are you a 🐶 mom or 🐱 Mom? Or both!😀


6 Days 16 Hours Ago

Welcome to Camp Electric post number 2, featuring: a great edit I made to a hat, @tobyfriesen ‘s beautiful @veritasguitars , two couples enjoying the comfortable sidewalk, two goodbyes and a betrayal (the Arthur first meme in real life,) and randomness followed by @thenewrespects covering The Beatles, and white girls saying goodbye. #campelectric #campelectric2018 #ce18 #nashville #trevecca


7 Days 2 Hours Ago

Who's ready to break a sweat!? We're turning up the heat in our latest focus class, Hot Barre. 💦 Working out in a heated environment is credited with speeding up your heart rate, intensifying your workout, and burning more calories while exercising. 🔥 Class will be held July 29th at NB Nashville and space is limited to 15 people. Grab the details and book your spot through the Studio Happenings link in bio.


7 Days 17 Hours Ago

We LOVE this OG client, originally initiating her NB journey at NB Brentwood, and then rejoining the studio when we opened our second studio in Nashville last year. Congratulations to @linzread hitting the 100 class mark this spring! 💯 What Do You Love About NB? NB is my soulmate of a workout! Until NB, working out was a chore. I actually surprise myself at how much I look forward to going and actually miss it when I’m out of town. 💚 The moves are small and simple, but the results have a bikini and the beach calling my name. 👙I love that I can workout every single muscle in under an hour and leave feeling shaky, stronger and mentally happier and accomplished. The instructors are motivating and have become my friends. 👯 I also appreciate their flexible scheduling options since I travel a lot! ✈️ What's Your Favorite Exercise In Class? Anything legs at the barre. I love getting shaky and feeling the burn. 🔥 What's Your Advice For Someone Who's Never Taken Class At NB? My advice is if it’s not hard, you’re not doing it right. Listen to the teacher and make all the little adjustments as they say. Stick with it; it gets easier and you will see changes and feel stronger. 💪 Personal Fun Fact About You: I used to compete in 3 event waterskiing (slalom, trick and jump). 🎿


7 Days 19 Hours Ago

Sometimes we have to say goodby to our favorite items in the shop and it’s kind of hard!🤪 we want to sell them but they are so beautiful and unique that you want them around forever. That’s how I felt about this set of Egyptian antique doors that sold this weekend. As a decorative painter I was always taking pictures of them and all the gorgeous color combinations. So here are a few pics of the most wonderful doors and the patina that happens after many, many years!


8 Days 5 Hours Ago

📹🎥🔎 @hotfitness2014 #college #ncaa #trevecca #basketball #usa #tbt #l4l


8 Days 6 Hours Ago

Think level hips + lifted chest = high seat goals 💯 Make sure you’re actually putting your backside into your Pretzel 🍑 What’s your favorite version of Pretzel to do in class?


9 Days 18 Hours Ago

Camp Electric, it was ridiculous how fun you were. My group was awesome. I’ll never get tired of talking musical inspirations and gear. I don’t know how I survived on the sleep we got but it didn’t even bother me around y’all. There will probably be another post coming with more pictures and other junk. #trashpanda #campelectric #campelectric2018 #ce18 #trevecca #nashville #tobymac #thenewrespects #andymineo #gawvi #theyoungescape #pillar #noahhenson #taylorswift #grantmickelson #jeremycamp #prsguitars #guitar #drums #bass #concert #4thofjuly #astros #music #rockmusic #christianmusic #christianrock #livemusic #indiemusic


10 Days 3 Hours Ago

Have y’all heard? Neighborhood Barre is so much more than your average barre class. Not only because we have the best clients (duh!) but because we so strongly believe that barre should be approachable for all levels. 💪🏼 Everybody starts somewhere right? We intentionally run our classes so that both the newbies and the barre pros are getting the exact workout they need. Every move can be either modified or made more challenging. 👍🏼 We know that when you come to barre, this is your time and your workout and we want to make sure you get exactly what you need out of class. Tell us your favorite tip to take the intensity up, or down, in class? Ours is balance checks to realign the body and isolate the working muscle. 👊


10 Days 14 Hours Ago

We won the scavenger hunt, I'm so proud of u guys. Regardless, I know we all had fun. This photo is so aesthetic too💖#teamchicken #trevecca


11 Days 3 Hours Ago

How adorable is this crochet dress for your little one! Perfect for summer. Only 2 left. At 32.00!


11 Days 4 Hours Ago

If you scroll to the bottom of my feed, you’ll see that my first post ever was of Trevecca Tower at night! Here’s a daytime view and if you look closely you can see kids jamming as they do all over campus during Camp Electric. 🎶 🎸 #campelectric #trevecca #nashville #tnu #christianmusic #jam #musicians #campuslife #university #musiccamp #tennessee #treveccanazareneuniversity #treveccamusic #campelectric2018 #blueskies #sing #playguitar #learnmusic


11 Days 6 Hours Ago

Camp Electric final day. Saying goodbye to all my girls and sending them home to be kind, focus on others, and use their talents to point others to Jesus. It was a great week! #campelectric #musiccamp #bestweekever #grateful #chaperone #focus #trevecca #nashville #devotional #devotion #bonding #goodbye #makemusic #christian #worship #loveothers #thankful


11 Days 22 Hours Ago

Fly☔️☁️ Maddie and tae - - - - - - - - - - - - #jesus #fly #country #puppies #nashville #trevecca #music #songs #singing #singingcover #singingcovers #songwriting #guitar #jazz #pop #rain #beautiful #diy #vine #musicallys #ifreakinglovehashtags😂 #wichita @americanidol @thevoicecasting


12 Days 6 Hours Ago

Short and sweet but we couldn't agree more that your experience at NB will check all of those workout expectation check-boxes.


13 Days 3 Hours Ago

My favorite tee!


13 Days 18 Hours Ago

Our girl @halleplaysguitar is studying songwriting this week at #campelectric2018 week 2!! What are you studying? @campelectric #campelectric #songwriting #trevecca


15 Days 17 Hours Ago

Mr. Toby Mac in a rare acoustic set at Camp Electric! And “It ain’t over yet!” #nashville #tobymac #campelectric #campelectric2018 #ccm #christianmusic #worship #tnu #nashvilletn #trevecca #allforhim #itaintoveryet