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2 Days 8 Hours Ago

When your doggie sports a tail that’s worthy of being Tail of the Month #cavachon #lovelife #lifegoeson #beatcancer #triplenegativebreastcancersurvivor


2 Days 23 Hours Ago

Feeling so incredibly loved by @garlandvisionsource and their continued support through my journey. Before I had my surgery, they sent me this @livelokai bracelet and a picture of the entire staff wearing one! ❤️ I started my career in the Optometry field with this office 10 years ago and they continue to send me love and support. Thank you guys for your love and matching donations given by your patients for breast cancer research 💗💗💗 . . . #youngbreastcancer #triplenegativebreastcancer #triplenegativebreastcancersurvivor #breastcancerawareness #survivor #lokaibracelet


3 Days 1 Hour Ago

ONE YEAR (11/6) SINCE MY LAST TREATMENT and check out this hair hahahah definitely won’t be straightening for awhile but fun to see what it looks like! I haven’t gotten my hair cut/trimmed at all, this is allllll growth . . #breastcancersurvivor #breastcancerawareness #breastcancer #youngcancersurvivor #cancersucks #brunette #postchemo #lindseyshairgrowth #hairgrowth #survivor #triplenegativebreastcancer #triplenegativebreastcancersurvivor #triplenegative #oneyearpostchemohairgrowth #oneyearpostchemo #hairgrowth #cancersurvivor #curlyhair


3 Days 5 Hours Ago

Who knew? Today’s been an interesting one, unable to go to bootcamp due to hubby having to leave for work at stupid o’clock meant my day started off not having the best mindset. Not the best nights sleep due to being a little uneasy about a mammogram that was booked for today. But nevertheless off I went, alone because quite frankly I thought I’d be fine, I go to all my appointments alone these days, what a massive mistake that was. I’d been told about scanxiety before, I’m not sure I really got it as I’ve spent the last year just getting on with it, overall I’ve held it together pretty well, with not many wobbles, until today. Driving into the car park led me to completely loosing it, I think I cried more today than ever before, so scared of what might be found! I eventually got myself together and force myself to walk into the hospital, only to be told 15 mins after checking in that there had been an admin error and that they didn’t need to scan me until April, which just lead to more tears! The fear of today’s appointment is overwhelming and sadly from what I’ve been told, it never goes away. So I’ve learnt that it’s a real emotion and sometimes it’s a good idea to ask for help and have someone by your side. The only positive thing we have a few new personal bests on my 5k run this eve. It cleared my mind and got me back to a good mental place again. But just because the cancers gone from my body, sadly it’s evident that to get it out of out of the mind is a whole different journey. #scanxiety #lifeaftercancer #breastcancerawareness #breastcancersurvivor #mindset #mentalhealth #itsoknottobeok #checkyourself #clearthemind #itsreal #triplenegativebreastcancersurvivor


3 Days 17 Hours Ago

This is me, 2 years ago today, celebrating the end of my cancer journey. So that means 2 years cancer free today... Funny feeling. #lifeaftercancer #cancerfree #breastcancer #triplenegativebreastcancersurvivor

Thank y’all for the sweetest words of encouragement, prayers and well wishes. I really, truly in my gut have felt the cancer has spread for some time now. . . . . Thank God, my fears were wrong and my scans have come back with no suspicious areas near my tailbone where the pain was as well as no signs of metastatic spread. 🙏🏼 . . . . . I have been crying ongoing tears of happiness. I feel once again like I was given the best gift and feel beyond humbled. While there is no evidence of disease, I apparently have fractured my tibia🤷🏼‍♀️lol. Not exactly what I expected after hearing such good news. I will get that checked out, but I have been walking and doing just fine so chances are it can heal on its own. . . . . I hope I don’t have fears the way I have this past year. Scanxiety is bad enough, but my diagnosis date is coming on the 15th and everything in my heart and gut said it was happening again. . . . . . Now that I know I am clear, I will continue to practice self love and strength building. This fracture may throw a wrench in my workout plan, but I will continue to fight, thrive and live my breast life. . . . . . Thank you, thank you, thank you! #fcancer #lifeaftercancer #breastcancerawareness #scanxiety #triplenegativebreastcancer #triplenegativebreastcancersurvivor #youngadultswithcancer #survivor


4 Days 1 Hour Ago

My chemo curl game is STRONG 👊🏻😳🤷🏻‍♀️. Gotta just roll with the awkward regrowth stage.


4 Days 9 Hours Ago

A couple of weeks ago I had posted about this beautiful sister's newly formed business. We are both honored and humbled to have been able to bring her one of dreams to life. ✨✨✨ When I say you survived cancer, she is quick to correct me and say: "I am not a survivor. I am a CONQUEROR!" ✨✨✨ Indeed you are Sis!😘 Check out her face masks @facialxpressions_fx @navarrow


4 Days 22 Hours Ago

As a breast cancer survivor and @rags_to_raches fiend, this makes my heart go pitter patter and love the brand even more! Thank you for making a difference in finding a cure 💗 . . . #youngbreastcancer #youngbreastcancersurvivor #triplenegativebreastcancer #triplenegativebreastcancersurvivor #tnbc #breastcancerawareness #brca1positive #ragstoraches


6 Days 5 Hours Ago

It was a hard Friday night at the pub 🐶 🍺 #dogslife #lifegoeson #lovelife #beatcancer #triplenegativebreastcancersurvivor


6 Days 11 Hours Ago

#retobehobiaaecc conseguido. Me dijo Caroline que yo ya era mi mejor versión de mi misma y es muy bestia ver que he mejorado mi tiempo de la @behobia_ss de antes del cancer. GRACIAS a @reburnstudio y a la @aeccbcn por creer en mi y apoyarme. Ha sido un viaje precioso, sois muy grandes ❤️ Ahora a disfrutar de este momento, de haberme convertido en la primera superviviente de cancer de mamá que corre la Behobia en menos de un año de finalizar tratamiento, y prepararme para la operación final con Dra. Hernan, a quien le dedico esta medalla. Y mira, que consigo un reto súper bestia y aún no me atrevo a invitar a tomar algo a la chica que me gusta 🤔 #triplenegativebreastcancersurvivor #fitorleave #reburner #lifeaftercancer #lifeafterchemo #triplenegativebreastcancersurvivor #cancerdemama🎀 #supervivientedecancerdemama #superacion #fightlikeagirl


7 Days 12 Hours Ago

“Tu sólo centrate en disfrutar, es tu manera de mirarle al cáncer a los ojos y decirle que no ha podido contigo, disfruta la carrera como la vida” Palabras de ánimo y apoyo que me envía @carolineragot para correr @behobia_ss Estoy realmente nerviosa porque es una carrera que da mucho respeto pero cuando veo lo que he conseguido y a dónde he llegado, desde recién operada y superada la quimio y el cancer hasta lo que soy ahora .... puedo decir que soy la mejor versión de mi misma ❤️ Gracias de nuevo a @reburnstudio por haberme hecho recuperar la confianza en mi misma y superar mis retos, a la @aeccbcn por todo el apoyo que me habéis dado y seguís dando y a @infojobs por haberos adaptado a mi situación personal y familiar del proceso cancer. Gracias ❤️ #retobehobiaaecc #lifeaftercancerdiagnosis #vidadespuesdelcancer #mesientopamelaanderson #fightlikeagirl #vallhebron🏥 #palb2 #triplenegativebreastcancersurvivor #fitorleave #runninggirl #runningmotivation #aecc


8 Days 5 Hours Ago

Drains are out!! 🎉🎉🎉 Couldn’t be happier, honestly. To top it off, they didn’t even hurt coming out. I was expecting it to be pretty uncomfortable, but it was just fine. I had another fill, so I’m at 600cc on each side. This fill was the biggest one I’ve had since I’ve started the expansion process. It was quite uncomfortable at the time of the fill yesterday, but it’s slowly starting to lessen in tightness and become softer. My expanders have been placed under the muscle, so not only is my skin stretching considerably, but my muscles are too, which is why I feel so much pressure each week when I go in for fills. I will probably have 3 or 4 more fills to be where I’d like to. 600ccs on top of breast tissue is one thing, where 600ccs in a tissue free breast is another. So in other words, don’t google “600cc implants because you’ll more than likely find huge fake boobs...not my case. With 600ccs, I’m like a small B cup, if that. Once I’ve reached the size I feel comfortable with, the expanders will stay in for about 3 months. I’m not super stoked about this part because they are not comfortable in the slightest. They feel like solid rocks and are not at all smooth. I’m looking at late March, early April for my exchange surgery and fat grafting. The surgeon will reopen my under the breast incisions, take the expanders out and replace with implants. She will then liposuction from belly/thighs/butt and fill in the areas around my implants. So yes, a boob job and liposuction are two of my breast cancer post surgery plans ... not the way I wanted to get either surgeries done, but so very happy things are progressing the way they are. Side note: quite thankful for Snapchat filters because my lashes are starting to fall out again. Dirty chemo side effect that will cycle through a few more times I’m sure before my lashes actually stick around 😳 . . . #triplenegativebreastcancersurvivor #triplenegativebreastcancer #youngbreastcancer #tnbc #breastcancerawareness #doublemastectomy #brca1positive


8 Days 18 Hours Ago

So, among all the things you’re confronted with when diagnosed with cancer, getting naked in front of strangers isn’t one of the first things that comes to mind. But boy, oh boy, do you get used to showing people your boobs pretty quickly. Sometimes lots of people all at once. You also get used to wearing ill fitting, ugly, draughty cotton robes whilst everyone around you is fully clothed. Perhaps not one of the worst things about cancer, but certainly something that can be a little daunting. . . #chemotherapy #cancer #youngadultswithcancer #triplenegativebreastcancer #triplenegativebreastcancersurvivor #survivor #breastcancer #bays #radiationtherapy #boobs #boobies #breasts #mammograms #earlydetectionsaveslives #earlydetection


9 Days 1 Hour Ago

This little miracle was taken out today. Exactly 6 months from the day that it went in. (I looked, it was down to the exact date!) It’s hard to put into words the relief this “end-cap” brings me. My chapter about chemo is officially over. I’m so happy but also anxious. This guy delivered life saving medicine to my body while sparing my veins from what I know would have been torture. I am so thankful to it, but will not miss the alien-like spot on my chest just below my collarbone. The scar will remain my only physical reminder, and I’m okay with that. Peace out, friend ✌🏼


10 Days 7 Hours Ago

Love how @miaismine22 is using scripture cards and a promise box! ➡️➡️➡️➡️Check here by clicking my profile link https://store.notconsumed.com/collections/faith/products/grows-quiet-time-devotional-cards . . . #repost “I used the simple supplies to make a promise box.It’s completely self-contained and easy to add to.” - I used the simple supplies to make a promise box.It’s completely self-contained and easy to add a promise first thing every morning. Box was given to me by a friend. Thank you, Kim at #notconsumed for the inspiration. #dailyscripturewriting #scripture #promisesfromgod #promisesfromthepsalms #psalms #writingscripture #lovewillfindacure #bibleverse #biblestudy #biblereading #breastcancersurvivor #faith #triplenegativebreastcancersurvivor #fibromyalgiafighter #fibromyalgiawarrior #faithtrustandbreastcancer #christianblogger #alanon #victory #faithtrustandbreastcancer#notconsumedblog #christianblogger #faithtrustandbreastcancerblog


10 Days 10 Hours Ago

I’m 😍 bursting with joy this morning.. God put it on my heart to share this energy with you on your way to start your day. Today is my 41st Birthday and to be honest I feel like I’ve been running a marathon all year. This time last year I was so sick on my birthday with Blood Clots on my lungs from the Chemotherapy , fighting Stage 2 Breast Cancer and feeling like I didn’t deserve God’s blessings. What I didn’t realize is that God chose me. He chose me to be a light for hope and joy and to spread love through what I do ~Daily. Even when I didn’t understand what was going on I trusted him through it. I kept fighting and kept smiling. It’s the small things like even being able to drive my car again that I looked forward to and today, a year later me and my TWA ( Tiny Little Afro 😝) are jamming to work on My Birthday. I say this to say, don’t take for granted the small things in life, trust God with all your burdens (why, stress - you can’t conquer them on your own anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️) and smile no matter what. 🙏🏼 Love you all, Donna Thank you @janellemonae for this record, it speaks to my soul in so many ways “I LIKE THAT” #breastcancersurvivor #triplenegativebreastcancer #triplenegativebreastcancersurvivor #trustgod 🙏🏼


10 Days 22 Hours Ago

When you have friends🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ as amazing as mine, Chemo isn’t so boring. 🙌🏻 There were board games🎲 , crafts 📿💉 (that’s for you @bghrist) and great story telling time🗣🐯. They truly are so wonderful for spending their days off and taking off work to be with me. It brought a little joy and a lot of laughter to a gloomy situation. 💕 {Third treatment down. 13 more to go!}••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••#whitejunglekitty #doublehitchknotback #slowyourdrip #savedbythebell #imsoexcited #asspokenbyjesse #chemocrafts #friendshipbracelets #friendsforsurvival #clubchemo #therewasbloodeverywhere #noonecaughtthecancerfromit #morethanpink @cancer.haters @breastcancermagazine


11 Days 1 Hour Ago

Grateful that my Dad talked me into heading out to Snoqualmie Falls this morning. It’s still pretty uncomfortable riding in the car with all the bumps and seatbelt placement, but boy was this view worth it! I’m almost 3 weeks out from my DMX, and I’m pretty pleased so far with how everything has gone. I unfortunately still have my drains in. As long as my output remains as low as it has the last 5 days, they’ll be coming out Thursday and I can FINALLY take a real shower. I’ve had 2 fills so far in my expanders, so I’m sitting at 380ccs in each side. The fills aren’t nearly as uncomfortable as I had anticipated, which I am very happy about. I’ll give a more detailed update after my next plastic surgeon follow up this Thursday! . . . #youngbreastcancer #youngbreastcancersurvivor #cancer#triplenegativebreastcancer #tnbc#brca1#breastcancerawareness #triplenegativebreastcancersurvivor #doublemastectomy


11 Days 8 Hours Ago

This photo was taken a few hours after I discovered I had a lump in my breast. Many tears of fear were shed that day. And yet, in the photo, I’m smiling. I posted a new blog today because it was on my heart. . (Link in my profile) . . . . . . . . #tnbc #triplenegative #triplenegativebreastcancer #triplenegativebreastcancersurvivor #tnbcsurvivor #cancerstories #cancerwarrior #fcancer #cancercankissmyass #integrativeoncology #keepmovingforward


11 Days 12 Hours Ago

365 days ago, I finished the worst 4 months of my life. In 4 months I experienced, nausea and vomiting, thrush, hair loss, fatigue, neuropathy, neutropenia so I was hospitalized multiple times, fissures, constipation, loss of appetite which of course resulted in significant weight loss, migraines, joint pain, muscle aches, and unfortunately those (PHYSICAL) side effects are just tip of the iceberg. I would be on 5 to 6 medications at a time, as if being pumped with poison wasn’t enough. And if THAT wasn’t enough, they put my body into chemically induced menopause to help protect my fertility, so I had those side effects as well. My doctor told me there was a chance my body would handle the treatment better since I was younger, which wasn’t the case. She said, in the end, I was the rare case where “if it could happen, it happened.” I had treatments pushed because my body couldn’t handle it and I had to stay in the hospital. If I were going to die, it wasn’t the cancer that was going to kill me, it was the chemo. Most days, I wanted to give up and just stop treatment all together. So to say this day was emotional, would be an understatement. It was a day I never thought would come, a day that seemed so far, I just wouldn’t make it. But I did, I completed all 8 (required) chemotherapies. For those going through treatment, feeling like it’s never going to end, I PROMISE IT DOES!!! Keep fighting, keep pushing, because it’s worth it! In the end, you are alive, you are here, you are strong! Thank you, God, for Your strength to get me through. . . . #lifeaftercancer #lifeafterbreastcancer #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness #cancersucks #survivor #chemotherapysucks #staypositive #mystory #breastcancersurvivor #chemosucks @stupidcancer @weare.survivors @fightlikeawarrior #youngcancersurvivor #cancersucks #radiationsucks #triplenegativebreastcancersurvivor #lifeaftercancer @ihadcancer #survivor #remission #danafabersavedmylife #iamstrong @cancer.haters #lastchemo #cancerfree #cancermilestone


12 Days 10 Hours Ago

Obligatory fall leaf photo from my morning walk 🍁 My physical therapist shared a crazy stat with me from a recent study: of 2200 breast cancer survivors, those who walked between 5-7 hours per week decreased their chance of recurrence by 50% 😳 Needless to say... You can find me walking 🚶‍♀️


15 Days 12 Hours Ago

Even though October #breastcancerawarenessmonth is over, cancer awareness isn’t. My long, post-treatment, mane of silver reminds me everyday to be vigilant. Don’t ignore any symptom no matter how small and go see your doctor!!!!! 💗 💗 💗 💗 #allcancersmatter #beproactivewithyourhealth #silverhairisbeautiful #goseeyourdoctor #canadianhealthcarerocks #triplenegativebreastcancersurvivor #ditchingthedye


14 Days 6 Hours Ago

RG @survivormoda.rachel: SO EXCITED to meet + hug my beautiful #entrepreneur / #triplenegativebreastcancersurvivor sister, the AMAZING @timeagofficial (founder of @sherocksevent, @llm_lovelife & @fightafterthefight) IRL at the @createcultivate #grandrevealweekend @beverlycenter! 🤗 (HONORED to have shared her #breastcancersurvivor story as the first in my #survivorspectrum #blog series!) 💗 . Can’t wait to hear your story, @ilariaurbinati! ❤️👏🏼 . #createcultivatela #femalefounders #lifeaftercancer #getbusyliving


14 Days 6 Hours Ago

SO EXCITED to meet + hug my beautiful #entrepreneur / #triplenegativebreastcancersurvivor sister, the AMAZING @timeagofficial (founder of @sherocksevent, @llm_lovelife & @fightafterthefight) IRL at the @createcultivate #grandrevealweekend @beverlycenter! 🤗 (HONORED to have shared her #breastcancersurvivor story as the first in my #survivorspectrum #blog series!) 💗 . PS So sad we didn’t get to meet you, @elainewelteroth...you were in too much demand! 😫 . #createcultivatela #femalefounders #lifeaftercancer #getbusyliving


14 Days 7 Hours Ago

If you have NOT yet read “Girl wash your face” DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND READ IT!! . If I could stick @msrachelhollis in my pocket and keep her with me all day long, and listen to her drop truth-bombs and words of wisdom, I ABSOfreakingLUTELY would. But listening to her audiobook is basically the same thing (especially when she‘s the voice reading it). . You guys. . This book. . And her chapter on relationships with food, and RESPECTING YOURSELF ENOUGH TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY.... You guys... it took me SO long to learn that and she sums it up into one very readable chapter. . Just...... I don’t know what else to say about this book. How have I never discovered this wonder woman until now?! . Read it. . Be empowered. . And then get off your ass and DO. HARD. THINGS!! . . Carry on Warrior. . . . . . . #tnbc #triplenegative #triplenegativebreastcancer #triplenegativebreastcancersurvivor #tnbcsurvivor #cancerwarrior #fuckcancer #cancercankissmyass #integrativeoncology #integrativenutrition #paleotransformation #paleoketo #thriving #foodasmedicine #healthtransformation #weightlossrecipes #healthstartsinthekitchen #paleolifestyle #eattothrive


2018-08-03 02:39:08

Hårstatus 👌 Selvom jeg synes det gror langsomt, så er der da sket lidt på et halvt år. Det er skønt endelig at have en frisure, øjenbryn og øjenvipper igen 😊 I dag fik jeg første rigtige klipning og sikke en fornøjelse at komme i din salon @mariamoellerhair 💇🏼‍♀️ #førstefrisureefterkemo #kemohår #nythårtilmig #revitalash #nusmilerlivet #sommer18🤩 #livetefterbrystkræft #triplenegativebreastcancersurvivor #jegerilive #støtbrysterne #kræftensbekæmpelse


15 Days 8 Hours Ago

One year ago today I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. I would shortly also find out I am BRCA1 positive. My whole world was completely flipped upside down! As I ponder all I’ve been through I can see the faithfulness of God every step of the way. What a WONDERful God we serve and who never leaves us. New wine right here 🙋🏻‍♀️🔥👊🏻


15 Days 15 Hours Ago

Courage Hope Robertson born October 30, 2018 at 4:52PM weighing 6 pounds 10 ounces. She defied all odds and proved miracles happen. #cancerwarrior #babygirl #superbowlbaby #goeagles #mymommybeatcancer #defyingtheodds #proofmiracleshappen #proudmommy #beautiful #38weeks3days #surprise #tnbc #tnbcsurvivor #triplenegativebreastcancersurvivor #bleedgreen #philadelphiaeagles