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mmmmmmmmm 🌻𝔽𝕠𝕝𝕝𝕠𝕨 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕞𝕠𝕣𝕖🌻


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ほんとに沢山のサプライズ ありがとう寛香様 愛しております これからの人生貴方様に尽くしていきたいと思います。 20歳精一杯生きていきます。 父母感謝感激雨あられ #20years #tylerthecreator


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i cannot wait for this week to be over • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #memes #textposts #exo #gorillaz #troyesivan #connorfranta #skam #tylerthecreator #finnwolfhard #vine #strangerthings #vines #twentyonepilots #postmalone #lilxan #xanarchy #danandphil #timotheechalamet #kpop #lgbt (if u read these tags ur moms a hoe n im comin to steal your girl) #lilpeep #comeoverwhenyouresober


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XXXTentacion’s posthumously released album ‘SKINS’ dropped on Friday and I hate to say this... but this is one of the worst projects of this year. To be clear, that is not a critique of X’s artistic integrity, I am critiquing who ever scraped the bottom of the barrel to get enough content to put this together. Most of these songs sound unfinished, it feels like it all has been awkwardly crowbarred into place. It has a thirty second robotic intro telling you how to experience the album, like in both his past two albums, even though I never liked these intro’s, they at least made sense where in the context of this cobbled together album it is just out of place. The two best tracks on the album are the first two, there is ‘Guardian Angel’ which uses the ‘Jocelyn Flores’ instrumental however it is played backwards and warped. It is has a lot of nostalgia and sweet backing vocals, X’s verse is solid and heart felt. Then there is ‘Train Food’ which is one of the darkest narrative driven tracks I have heard this year. X raps coldly over this simple one note piano instrumental about walking alone in the night and being tied to a train track by a mysterious figure (I assume the figure is a metaphor for Death). It’s harrowing and it’s one track that I felt was released in its final state. Then ‘whoa’ & ‘Staring At The Sky’ are just a complete mess, they sound as if the mixer found a couple of one liners and ad libs of X then turned it into a song. ‘One Minute’ feat Kanye West is the most peculiar song I have heard this year, it’s a rock/rap cross over with Kanye rapping over a guitar loop and loud drums. It feels awkward and Kanye sounds like he is just trying to get attention whilst complaining about receiving negative attention. X comes on and shouts a few lines that are terrible, then they loop his scream to make it one long scream, but he ends up sounding like he is malfunctioning. ‘Difference’ is the skeleton of a very sweet and nice song. It’s a clear money grab, the worst thing is they are calling this an album, it’s not, it’s a demo tape at best. It’s a shame, X had a lot of talent and whoever put this out and worked on it did not do him justice. Rating: 2.5/10


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Kali and Tyler in 2014 👀 #kaliuchis #porvida #tylerthecreator


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Let’s argue🍒🌻 Flowerboy or Cherry Bomb? #tylerthecreator #flowerboy #cherrybomb #golfwang #ofwgkta #oddfuture


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tyler owns me, thanks next - m - - - #tylerthecreator #spamaccount #itbelikethatsometimes #getthathoe #gay

Is this what heaven feels like? 🤧🤩 (first video credit: @everythingmattchampion)


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Out of all of the albums out there this is difficult... but currently I’d choose.. 1. Because The Internet (CG) 2. If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late (Drake) 3. Channel Orange (FO) 4. Goblin (TTC) 5. Forest Hills Drive 2014 (JC) That’s for now but it will probably change soon... - J #music #album #frankocean #tylerthecreator #dicaprio2 #rap #hiphop #rapper #rappers #astroworld #travisscott #drake #takecare #jcole


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🤪😤 #tylerthecreator


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I lit my mamas house on fire cuz she didn’t let me color😤 —————— This whole video just makes me wheeze😭 - - - - - @needsumlaughs @needsumlaughs @needsumlaughs #memes #edgymemes #funnymemes #tylerthecreator #loitersquad #adultswim #haha #lol #whitepeoplememes #jail


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Before the year ends, don’t sleep on Lupe’s latest album • Lupe Fiasco - Drogas Wave Available everywhere. • One of the best and most complex album of the year 😤 #music_conversation #lupefiasco #drogaswave


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Gm .... “"Beauty and the Beast" with the clip, be cautious
Caution, I murder the pussy, I’m steady flossin” -Jason Vs Freddy, @xxxtentacion