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Quick tip: Have a location that isn’t very interesting or have something you’d like to hid?? Hide behind a plant or bush and use it to frame your subject, add visual interest AND hide objects. No plant? Grab something else (or even a house plant!) and hold it in front of your lens as you shoot. - Kelly #unscriptedmentoring


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As humans, we naturally look to faces first. We read people's expressions, we look to the eyes for strength or vulnerability, we read emotions. But what if we didn't have the face to look at? How would you tell a story without a face? This week, we're going to find out as we're going to make Faceless portraits. All the details are up on the blog, tap the link in our profile. Be sure to tag your Faceless portraits with #unscriptedmentoring so we can find you! -Jenny


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As humans, we naturally look to faces first. We read people's expressions, we look to the eyes for strength or vulnerability, we read emotions. But what if we didn't have the face to look at? How would you tell a story without a face? This week at @unscriptedmentoring we're going to find out as we're going to make Faceless portraits. Tap the link in their profile for all the details and then be sure to tag your Faceless images with #unscriptedmentoring so we can find you. . . . . . #jennyrusbyphotography #morningtonpeninsulaphotographer #melbournephotographer #clickinmoms #clickmagazine #letthekids #our_everyday_moments #morningtonpeninsula #candidchildhood #littleandbrave #unlockthepeninsula #illuminateclasses #lookslikefilm #dearphotographer #nikon #documentyourdays #documentaryfamilyphotography #shamoftheperfect #definethejourney #howiclick #clickpro #thedocumentarymovement #melbournefamilyphotographer #cameramama #childhoodunplugged #pixel_kids #thesincerestoryteller #lookslikefilmkids #talesofthemoment


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Did you catch this week’s creativity exercise? The full details are in our bio - head on over to check it out. ❤️


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Embrace the chaos. 😜That’s my motto when it comes to large families. Truthfully they are some of my favourite families to work with as they generally have no choice except to go with the flow. But, even through the chaos, I always work hard to make sure that I capture everyone’s unique personalities. One of my tricks, that I mentioned in our stories last week, is to make sure to get all the larger group shots out of the way at the beginning of the session. That way, if one kid (or all kids!), decide they are 100% through with sitting still, we’re all good as we already have what we need.


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What photography accessory could you not live without? For me, it’s my hand straps. I could give up my neck strap in a second, but whenever I shoot without a hand strap I feel so naked. For years I used a Ciesta (and still do on my backup), but my absolute new favourite is the Clutch by @peakdesign . It attaches lickity split, adjusts so easily and feels so much nicer against my hand than leather. If you’re curious about what else is in my camera bag (which just also happens to be Peak Design), I’ve linked a blog post from a few months back in our bio that lists everything I carry with me. What’s the one accessory you couldn’t live without????


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You guys it’s 4am here and I’m posting this from the car on the way to the airport for our family holiday. I had great plans of jumping onto stories yesterday to ramble about balance and trying to find it when you’re a small business owner but also a parent, but I got sidetracked doing a gazillion other things (remember the days when you only had to pack for yourself???). So here I am in the car finishing up my work and sharing a post to tell you the STRUGGLE IS REAL! Whether you’re just starting out or have been at it for awhile trying to find balance is a constant struggle. Running a business can be all consuming, with endless to-do lists, mom guilt for working instead of playing, or the opposite and feeling guilty for playing instead of working. We’re always thinking about our business, the things we want to do, the things we should be doing, the things we want to look into. I usually schedule my time out pretty well and have even gone as far as an hour by hour plan for each day (I recommend this method!) but then the busy season happens, all your newborns are born the same week, you suddenly get a bunch of emails you weren’t expecting, or it’s the week before a holiday that you don’t want to bring any work on and it feels like you’re permanently working with no balance at all. Dinner becomes a bag of crisps or whatever you can find in the cupboard, you do enough work each day just to get by and you feel like you’re being pulled in a million different directions. So all you entrepreneurs out there, this is me saying I get you and I feel your struggle. But the benefit is we get to manage our time however we like, we get to take holidays when we want and we get to decide when to shut off for a bit. So I’m going to go quickly finish off my other work now (cause we work when we can!) and then shut off for a bit, because we all, even us small business owners, need a break every once in a while! -Jenny


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I haven't done a creativity challenge from @unscriptedmentoring in a few weeks, but I gave this week's a try. I set my camera to Monochromatic and gave it a try. If you have followed me for a while you know I love vibrant colors and Black and Whites aren't really my thing, but this week gave me a new love of black and white! #unscriptedmentoring #blackandwhitephotography #monochromatic #sleepygirl #yegphotographer #yeg #sprucegrovephotographer #sprucegrove


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Ready to get down LOW and look up HIGH? This week’s photography creativity exercise is L I V E. 😄 Find it by clicking the link in our bio. Can’t wait to see what you come up with this week - make suer to tag us and use #unscriptedmentoring so we can find you! - Kelly


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When we tell our families to hug up we mean it because look how sweet this connection is! This sweet family made capturing the love easy. 📸:@candacedchaney #mamaslovephotography #joypreserved #shreveportphotographer #dallasphotographer #familyphotography #dearphotographer #cameramama #unscriptedmentoring #cm_bnw


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What I love most about stripping away the colour from an image, is that you are instantly drawn to the emotion, connection and story within the image. There is a timeless, nostalgic and moody quality to black and whites that can't always be achieved in colour. What about you, what do you love most about black and white photography? . . . . #unscriptedmentoring #cameramama #clickinmoms


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Have you seen this week’s creativity exercise yet? It’s all about shooting for black and whites, tap the link in our profile for the full exercise. We’ve shared lots of our black and whites here and on the blog and we’d love to see yours! Please keep tagging #unscriptedmentoring so we can ogle over your images!😊 -Jenny . . . #cameramama #clickinmoms #clickitupanotch


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Hello Friends! Following on from Kelly’s introduction yesterday, it’s my turn to say Hi! I’m Jenny from @jennyrusbyphotography, the other half of @unscriptedmentoring with Kelly from @fiddleleafphoto. Here’s 5 random facts about me you never knew you wanted to know: 1️⃣For a reason unknown to me, I’ve been a lover of sheep for a long time and one of my most favourite memories is running thru a beautiful field full of sheep all around me in New Zealand. 2️⃣I have a slight obsession photographing the colour red. I did it so often that people stated to ask if I dressed my kids in red on purpose. At the time I did it subconsciously, but now I definitely do it on purpose! 3️⃣ After watching the movie Space Camp as a kid, I was desperate to go and become an astronaut. I watched the movie on repeat and I may have developed a little crush on Tate Donavan!😍 4️⃣ Until we moved into our house we built 2 years ago, I moved house (and a few times countries) every year since I was 18 and left home for college, so some might call me a Pro-Mover! This is home now! 5️⃣ my first DSLR was a Nikon D40. She was a joint present for my husband and myself that we bought ourselves so we could take good pictures on our honeymoon...which we did all on Auto🤦🏼‍♀️! As my interest in photography grew, she quickly became ‘my’ camera. She is a beast of a camera that went everywhere with me and I knew her inside and out! When it was time to upgrade, I couldn’t bare to sell her so she still sits pride of place on my desk. Your turn! I’d love to get to know more about you so please share a fun fact or two.😊 . . . #unscriptedmentoring #cameramama #clickinmoms


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I used to think that colour was the only way to see my photography. I still love colour but seriously black and white has become so meaningful to me. Sometimes BW helps me see an image with the emotion in greater depth.


16 Days 10 Hours Ago

We’re talking black and white this week. I’m a massive fan of black and white, and although the light generally dictates if I’m going to convert an image or not, one of the added bonuses of black and white is the ability to hide stuff in the shadows. You can do this in colour too, but it looks much more natural in black and white. In this example, there was a diaper box in the left hand corner. I probably could spend time cloning it out, but I knew I was going to convert this image anyhow so I used radiant and graduated filters to darken the shadows in that corner and hide it! Swipe to see the SOOC. - Kelly


17 Days 6 Hours Ago

How do you cull your images? I use a super simply system in Lightroom, but I always start from the last frame of the session (or day) and work backwards. For years I’d start at the beginning, and then realized that my best work is generally at the end, so it made more sense to start there and work backwards. Doing it this way makes it way faster plus it makes me feel better about my work as generally the last frame of a certain scene is the best one as I take the safe shot and then continually try and make it better. You? Do you have a tried and true method? - Kelly


17 Days 21 Hours Ago

It’s Black and White Week Friends! If you struggle to see in black and white we’ve got you covered in this week’s creativity exercise and the latest tutorial, tap the link in our bio for all the details. I’m a HUGE lover of black and whites and can’t wait to see the images you make, so please keep tagging #unscriptedmentoring so we can show you some love!😊 -Jenny


18 Days 16 Hours Ago

Have you seen this week’s creativity exercise? It’s all about editing one image multiple ways, pop over to our blog for all the details (link in our profile). For my share this week I dug into my archives to revisit and edit this maternity image. We’d love to see your edits too so please keep tagging #unscriptedmentoring! - Jenny . . . . . #clickinmoms #clickitupanotch


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Running a business is hard! Building a business is even harder! As a photographer, I love the creative side of shooting and editing sessions and telling my client’s stories, but unfortunately shooting and editing sessions isn’t going to build my business. I try to spend at least 30min a day during the week working on the non-creative stuff to help build and grow my business...updating my website, working on my seo, blogging, posting to social media, networking, etc. It might not always be fun, but if 30min a day helps me get clients so I can get back to the fun and artistic stuff, I make sure to put the time in! What about you, do you schedule your time during the week to grow your business? . . . #unscriptedmentoring #familyphotography #clickinmoms


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We live in a world full of colour, so are used to seeing it all around us but learning to see in black and white will help you on your photography journey. Head over to the blog, link in our profile, and read the latest post to learn about what makes a photo a good candidate for conversion. -Jenny . . . #unscriptedmentoring #cameramama #clickinmoms


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QUICK TIP OF THE DAY: If you’re anything like me and edit your sessions or series of photos over the span of a few days, or even weeks, and you want to check them for consistency in exposure, white balance, editing style etc before exporting and uploading them to an online gallery try popping over to the Web panel in Lightroom. It’s my last step in my editing process to quickly check the images as a whole cohesive set and if one or two need adjusting it’s a one-click jump back to Develop. I’d much rather do this and notice the adjustments needed BEFORE having them uploaded rather than spotting them later which would mean deleting, back to LR, re-editing, re-exporting, re-uploading. Anything to save some time!😊 -Jenny . . . . . #unscriptedmentoring #cameramama #clickinmoms


23 Days 16 Hours Ago

Anyone else a procrastinator???🙋🏼‍♀️ Whenever I have a session to edit or just a little bit of work that needs doing, rather than just getting on with it and doing it I somehow find myself updating my website and portfolio, washing the windows, cleaning the playroom, sorting out the junk drawers, and watching a new Netflix series first🤦🏼‍♀️ I am at least aware of my procrastination habits and have to come to realise I work better, and am much more efficient, with a long to-do list and deadlines that need to be met...and at least my procrastination usually results in getting the odd jobs done! What about you? How do you like to work? Do you just put your head down and get the job done? Procrastinate? Work better under pressure? -Jenny . . . . #unscriptedmentoring #clickinmoms #clickitupanotch


25 Days 5 Hours Ago

This week’s creativity exercise is L I V E!  This week we’re going to take a break from being behind the camera and work on editing. Swipe to see a different colour edit of this image and then the SOOC, then check out the full blog post by tapping on the link in our bio and then the first image. Miss some posts and want these exercises right to your inbox? YES, WE CAN DO THAT! Sign up using the newsletter sign up at the very bottom of the blog post. - Kelly


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One of the things I’m always aware of when I’m shooting a client session is to capture the full range of emotions. I actually joke with my clients that it’s not a good session unless there’s crying of some sort (sometimes it’s even me!). Over the years there have been happy tears, sad and frustrated tears, and even tears from the very best belly laughs. But truly, I mean that, because if a child (or adult) who is in front of my camera doesn’t feel comfortable enough to express real emotions, then it means I’m not doing a good enough job on my end making the environment conducive to natural interactions and so that they mostly forget I’m there. Do I always include tantrum photos in the final gallery? Not always. But just the fact that my clients were able to be themselves, lends to a better overall gallery. - Kelly


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Did you catch this week’s creativity challenge? It’s HARD LIGHT. Time to embrace those crazy rays of sun and show us what you’ve got. ✨✨✨ Tap the link our bio to read the exercise and then make sure to tag #unscriptedmentoring so that we can check out your work.


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Whoop! 🎉 There’s a brand new tutorial up on the blog and it’s all about SPLIT TONING in Lightroom. By request, I’ve recorded a screencast to show you exactly how I use split toning in my images and how you can stop being scared of that split toning panel in LR. Tap the link in our bio and then on the first image to watch the video, and swipe right to see this image before split toning. The difference is subtle, but the fix to the red shadows literally took me 5 seconds. - Kelly


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Loving this share from @danceintherainphoto working on last week’s creativity exercise. Beautiful shadows and kids playing get me every single time ❤️. Want to be featured? Make sure to tag #unscriptedmentoring .. #repost @danceintherainphoto with @get_repost ・・・ This weeks #unscriptedmentoring creativity challenge was from above. We had a nice quiet at home morning and this girl decided that she needed to fix her tricycle. It was a perfect opportunity to fulfill the challenge. . . .@unscriptedmentoring #fromabove #creativitychallange #yeg #yegphotography #sprucegrove #sprucegrovephotorapher #childphotographer #documentarystyle #lifestylephotography #fixit #tools #minimechanic


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This week’s creativity exercise has us embracing the shadows and contrast and shooting in hard light. Tap the link in our profile for all the details in the latest blog post.😄 And while you’re there, be sure to join our mailing list and you’ll have the weekly exercises and tutorials delivered right to your inbox.🤗 . . . . . #unscriptedmentoring #cameramama #clickinmoms


2018-08-18 19:37:04

Being vertically challenged, I bring a small step stool to all of my in-home sessions and also tend to climb up on tables, beds and chairs...I become part photographer, part gymnast!🤸‍♀️ I love getting up high and shooting with the birds eye view so I throughly enjoyed this week’s creativity exercise! Have you had a chance to read it and try it yet? If not, tap the link in our profile and head over the blog for all the details and then be sure to tag your images #unscriptedmentoring so we can see how you got on with it. -Jenny . . . . . #clickinmoms #clickitupanotch


2018-08-17 04:31:55

Newborn photography tip 101: Don’t shoot up the nose! I feel this tip should be applied to everyone - kids, grown ups, self portraits - and not only newborns as no one wants to see up anyone’s nose! It seems like it wouldn’t be, but it’s actually super common and far too easy to start shooting up the nose, especially if the baby is laying on their back. So add one more thing to your list of things to be aware of and watch those noses! If you start seeing up them, adjust your angle or adjust your baby!😀 . . . . . #unscriptedmentoring #cameramama #clickinmoms


2018-08-16 03:27:35

Anyone else here a crooked shooter???🙋🏼‍♀️ For the life of me I can’t seem to hold my camera level so lines and I really aren’t the best of friends🤪 But thanks to Lightroom’s Upright feature I no longer pull my hair out trying to straighten lines and have literally shaved hours off my editing time! It was a game changer feature for me, and if you don’t already know about it and how to use it, hop on over to our blog to read the tutorial (link in our profile👆🏻). -Jenny . . . . . #unscriptedmentoring #cameramama #clickitupanotch