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Hello community, I tested during the weekend the brand Tianse filament PLA. And i got really good result so smooth and satin effect. Need to see with another color just tested blue for the moment. But very happy :D What you think ? Model from @3d_printing_with_rober_rollin Found on @myminifactory Little big planet: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-sackboy-from-little-big-planet-support-free-98160 Panthro: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-panthro-from-thundercats-support-free-bust-98664 ---------- Printed on CR10S pro and Ender 3 pro Layer height 0.12 Speed 50mm/s Temp 205/50 --------- #3d #3dprinter #3dprint #3dprinting #imprimante3d#impression3d #print #geek #gamer #gaming #pla#aluminium #creality#3dsmax #ender3 #homedeco #tianse3d #photography📷 #prints #3dprintinglife #3dprinted#3dmodel#impresion3d#3dprintinglife#design#3ddesign#upgrade#panthro#thundercats #tianse

Upgrade your vibration and transcend your limitations with this event! #upgrade #love #joy #transcend #limitations #meditation #fun #freedom #sound #bath #ceremony #bliss www.PlantMusicTherapy.com/events

Do you guys prefer new or old Sam and Colby? @samandcolby (if you use my edit give me credit in the comments) Song: Wreaking Ball Caked Up Remix • • • • • • • #colbybrockedits #colbybrock #colby #brock #samandcolby #3am #edits #upgrade #update #together #sam


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That’s a lotta screen! #newhotness #upgrade

Want the look of custom tile without the price? We work with many manufacturers to get the look you want at a price that makes sense for your budget. #laminate #hardwood #ceramic #flooring #kitchen #renovation #remodel #upgrade #home #cresskitchenandbath

WiFi and Router upgrade using Ruckus R510 and DrayTek Router and Switch. Thank you Habitech Ruckus Networks DrayTek (UK) #wifi #internet #essex #install #upgrade

Dodge Ram. Preparada Com Kit ATMX 4” e Pneus 40” Fabricação Propria dos Tirantes do nossk Amigo @alemiyahiraborges de Campo Grande Obrigado pela Confiança em nossa Equipe. . ☑️➕KIT ATMX 4” l- Calços Dianteiros l- Calços Traseiros l- Grampos em Aços. l- Tirantes sob medida. l- Alongadores de Amort. l- Pneus 40” l- Regulagem de Parachoques Dianteiros Venha fazer um orçamento sem compromisso, ou Ligue. ☎️067-99646-1001 Automix além de Fabricar KIT LIFT. Reprogramação da Empresa @bdmperformance. Também fazemos REVISÕES. l- Freios l- Suspensão Geral l- Escapamentos l- Instalação de Leds l- Alinhamento l-Cambagem l- Caster ⠀ Para entrar em contato com a @automixoffroad 📱Whats: (67) 9 9646-1001 ☎Fixo: (67) 3342-2344�⠀�#campogrande #ms #chiptune #nissan #frontier #chip #lifted #offroad #4x4 #dyno #like #foto #turbo #mud #turbodiesel #bf #pickup #bfgoodrich #bruta #brasil #chiptuning #ecutune #photo #tuning #tork #upgrade #torque #performance #builtnotbought #bdmperformance

Add a HighLine or Pier Cave upgrade to your Clip ‘n Climb for an extra £6 (instead of £9)! Create your combo on our website (link in bio) - - - #highline #piercave #upgrade #clipnclimb #combo #indoorrockclimbing #indooractivity #aerialobstaclecourse #highropes #cave

NEW LISTING: 3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms, open floor plan, upgraded finishes - $374,900 - link in bio.

First day back. Time to get back in them books and learn something. Now I can get back to my morning workouts lol

Construction of Joe Nzamane Road to resume soon https://africanreporter.co.za/117392/construction-of-joe-nzamane-road-to-resume-soon/ #l2b #construction #leads2business #business #tender #project #development #upgrade #upgrading #build #building #constructionindustry

İstediğiniz bilgileri mesaj atın 🔥@geekcroxar 🔥@geekcroxar 🔥 @geekcroxar . ✓ ✓ ✓ -VİA:@geekbizon - -🚨Gönderileri görmek için bildirimleri açın✔️ - 👥 Sevdiğin Arkadaşlarını etiketle 👥 - Follow : @geekcroxar 🔥 - . |#deadpool |#dccomics |#marvel |#superman |#spiderman |#justiceleague |#manofsteel |#suicidesquad |#batman |#shazam |#avengers #ben10 #ben10000 #omnitrix #ultimatrix #ken10 #ben10 #omniverse #ben10omniverse #heatblast #xlr8 #ripsaw #upgrade #fourarms #stinkfly #shadowfreak #greymatter #diamondhead #wildvine #alienx #manofaction

Pourquoi rénover le revêtement extérieur de votre maison? 🏡 Elle sera beaucoup plus accueillante pour vous mais aussi auprès de futurs acheteurs potentiels. Le seul inconvénient? Vos voisins risquent d'en être jaloux! #bamconcept

Themed rooms, we have never had them ever in our travels, I was very much looking forward to this Whiskers Submarine upgrade until I was informed that we would be rather getting the top level Executive Suite, with M Club Lounge access as top tier members. Loved this carpet though but this room was rather squishy, the Suite we got goes 360 with walk in closet/bathroom/bedroom/lounge. Will be dropping that video on YouTube soon. Marriott Ocean Park is a excellent new hotel, great perks, super kid friendly and excellent location right next door to the theme park. Theme park tip no1 will always stay the same, stay close by, open up and close the theme park with no commute. #new #adventures #themepark #hongkong #upgrade #themedrooms #kidstravels #instatravels #kidventures #dadventures #tlhongkong19

Bom dia! Começamos a semana de A80, um celular incrível com uma tela absurdamente infinita, um design fantástico aliado a câmeras e tecnologia inovadoras! 128gb e 8 GB DE RAM!!!! Obrigado @rianalcardoso!!! Isssáà #samsungbrasil #upgrade #samsungs10plus #iphone8 #iphonex #iphonexsmax #celuservicetorres #iphones #apple #samsungs9 #samsung #motorola #lgbrasil #google #ios #android #smartphone #thanks #instagood #likeforlikes #followme #style #nofilter #photo #instagram #work #instacool #blessed #goodvibes

Collecting Adventures with @spacecat1 & @raz_upgrade at @insanefestival 🇫🇷 . 📸 @abrial.production

Whether trying to sell your home or just making a good first impression, curb appeal is important. Fortunately, creating an attractive exterior can be easy and inexpensive. Head over to our Facebook page for creative curb appeal ideas.


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Последний раз встречались 2 месяца назад, тогда затемняли корень и тонировали цвет. В этот раз просто затонировали блонд, поскольку цвет затемнения подобрали идентичный натуральному 💕🤗 #upgrade #upgradebeautystudio #blondmasterkiev #blondkiev #шатушкиев #омбрекиев #балаяжкиев #olaplexua #olaplex #blondme #жкльвовский #жксчастливый #жкаметист #жкпражский #жкпетровскийквартал #жкевропейка #жкльвовскиймаеток #wella #вишневое #петровское

Последний раз встречались 2 месяца назад, тогда затемняли корень и тонировали цвет. В этот раз просто затонировали блонд, поскольку цвет затемнения подобрали идентичный натуральному 💕🤗 #upgrade #upgradebeautystudio #blondmasterkiev #blondkiev #шатушкиев #омбрекиев #балаяжкиев #olaplexua #olaplex #blondme #жкльвовский #жксчастливый #жкаметист #жкпражский #жкпетровскийквартал #жкевропейка #жкльвовскиймаеток #wella #вишневое #петровское

I have friends who have friends in high places #firstclass #homewardbound #upgrade cheers Neil 😂😂

Penunjang aktifitas yg makin padat merayap.. Tetap maksimalkan diri.. Stop Mengeluh !! Stop Mengasihani diri !! Start dengan Bersyukur !! Jalani dengan optimis !! Be Brave Be Confident With Jesus nothing is impossible.. #semangat #masihbnykpr #bemax #upgrade #grateful #humble #feargod

Samsung Galaxy A10-один из популярных смартфонов серии А👍 ⠀ Всего за 8690₽ вы получите гаджет с качественным экраном, хорошей производительностью и высокой автономностью⬇️ ⠀ 🔻Минималистичный дизайн 🔻Потрясающие цвета 🔻Тонкий 7,9 мм корпус 🔻Камеры 13 и 5 МП 🔻Аккумулятор 3400 мАч ⠀ Забирай свой на upgrade33.ru🚀 ⠀ —————————————#upgrade33 Сделать заказ: 🌐Сайт: Upgrade33.ru ☎ WA/Viber/Telegram + 7 (920) 908-10-36 📅 Ежедневно, с 10:00 до 20:00 🚗 Бесплатная доставка по г. Владимиру 💰 Оплата при получении заказа 📃 Оформляем в кредит ✔️Гарантия на весь ассортимент 📍г. Владимир, ул. Спасская, д. 1, 3 этаж, офис 3

Tá afim de dar um verdadeiro UPGRADE no seu computador e nenhuma placa mãe te despertou interesse? A Gigabyte traz desempenho e estilo para o seu setup com a linha Aorus! 😎

Who says black jewelry isnt safe? Blackened Niobium now in stock! These rings have been heat treated and polished to get that jet black look that everybody loves. No powder coating or PVD! This black WILL NOT CHIP! Plenty in stock perfect for almost any piercing! . @precision_one_jewelry . #legitbodyjewelry #blackjewelry #daithpiercing #opal #niobium #piercingideas #cartilagepiercing #mundelein #libertyville #vernonhills #buffalogrove #waukegan #roundlake #upgrade #lakestreettattoo #lakecounty #chicagoburbs

Ready to start detoxifying your life?? Start with these 10 categories. Do your research! There are cleaner, more nontoxic alternatives! 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿#products #chemcials #emfs #water #hydration #pesticides #toxic #harmful #cleanse #environment #lifestyle #change #startnew #upgrade #invest #yourworthit #health #family #future #body #home #kids #airfilter #skincare #cosmetics #metal

STEALTH props are quieter & more efficient than the stock props on your DJI Mavic Pro/Platinum. Choose black, white, or high-visibility orange. #prop #propeller #dji #mavic #upgrade #quiet #efficiency #drone #multirotor #aerialphotography

🌹 🌹Roses are Red, and Rubies are Too! 18kt beauties, sprinkled with Rubies & laced with diamonds!anniversarymonth #anniversary #bride #weddingday #bridetobe

Minor #upgrade to my favorite #hat! Don’t be a #darkwad @burningman #playa #festival #fashion #burningman #led #arduino #handmade #nyc

The new motor and helical cutterhead on the jointer are belt driven! I tried to make the old motor mount work, but couldn't find direct drive couplers that would fit both (30mm shaft and 5/8" are just too different). But this is working great! Anyone else used these adjustable v-belts before? I used them when I added the jack shaft to my lathe, they're super handy and seem to run quieter. ⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #vbelt #jointer #adjustablevbelt #upgrade #newmotor #newcutterhead #helicalhead #shelix #oldwoodworkingmachinery #woodworkingmachinery #woodworkingmachines #owwm #beltdriven

📎📚 НОВЫЙ СТАРТ - 27 АВГУСТА КУРС ОРАТОРСКОГО ИСКУССТВА ⠀ О КОМПАНИИ Студия Современного Лидера ”Mr. President” основана в рамках конкурса Atameken Startup. Проект был удостоен премии “Табыс” как лучшая бизнес-идея 2013 года. На сегодняшний день в активе нашей команды более 100 корпоративных тренингов и 600 выпускников. ⠀ О РИТОРЕ Кайрат Хасанов - выпускник политической школы ”Жас саясаткер”, при партии “Нұр Отан”, участник телевизионного дискуссионного клуба ”НАЧИСТОТУ”, агентство “Хабар”, многократный победитель Республиканских и международных турниров по дебатам. ⠀ ПРОГАММА - Сторителлинг; - Презентации; - Продажи и переговоры; - Дебаты; - Мотивация; - Импровизация; - Черная риторика. ⠀ РЕЗУЛЬТАТ ОБУЧЕНИЯ Каждый спикер приобретёт теоретические знания и практические навыки, которые вкупе позволят: - Забыть про страх и неуверенность; - Избавиться от слов-паразитов; - Красиво и лаконично излагать свои мысли; - Аргументировать и опровергать; - Увеличить продажи; - Умело управлять различной публикой. ⠀ Стоимость: 40 000 тенге в месяц; Полный цикл обучения состоит из 2-х месяцев; График: Вторник - четверг - пятница* / с 19.00 до 20.30; Пятница по скользящему принципу. ⠀ НАШИ КОНТАКТЫ 📱: +7 702 80 777 08; 📧: khassanovkairat@gmail.com 🏢: 13 микр., БЦ "Аксарай", 3 этаж. #курсыораторскогоискусства #mrpresidentaktau #upgrade

#didyouknow that we do outdoor spaces as well? . . . Whether you are looking to refresh your patio, front porch, walkways, or more we have the solutions for you. With unlimited color possibilities, anti slip surfaces, and incredibly durable long-lasting sealants you can customize your outdoor space to make it an extension of your home.

Another new week is here, Hitting targets and achieving goals requires some key elements Among those elements is CULTURE . . We are a people of CULTURE and with Upgrade as a way of life it is best to have the UPGRADE CULTURE book. . . With over 307 downloads within the first 6 days we are offering you the opportunity to be among the first 1000 persons to get the book "UPGRADE CULTURE" for FREE . . Here is the download link www.tinyurl.com/thebookupgradeculture . . Do well to tell others, Upgrade is the new Culture.

What decision do you need to take that will change the course of your life in the key areas (finances, relationships, emotions, health, spirituality)? . . . Will you make the decision?

Don't allow your heaviness of heart make you cry on every shoulder. Some shoulders are public address system!

Stop chasing people Put in the work Create value They will come

It is not what you don't have that limits you, it is what you have that you don't know how to use. @iamsteveharris

Okay let’s communicate and Chat. What do you think you need for you to be better than where you are now? I want to know. Let’s talk.

Be picky with who you invest your time in. Wasted time is worse than wasted money.

Fast track your life and Upgrade

It was an awesome time with @hypb_nation @carisa_eriya on their Harnessing Your Power of Better #hypb August Edition as they shared on "SPARK STRATEGIES" . . . There is always more on the Upgrade Side of Life. . . . The greatest part of any learning is unlearning.,

Had a great time inspiring the youth on "DECISIONS" as it regards to beginning their journey on Personal Development. . . . Consistency is a beautiful thing. . . . Leave good behind there is always more on the Upgrade Side of Life.

0) "Excess Love" starts now #strength4weakend . . 1) Sam, Everyman is most vulnerable when he is in love. He can and will literally do anything for that which he loves. #strength4weakend . . 2) Love doesn't just suspends reasoning but does things with higher reasoning. To the point one can be termed possessed when truly in love. #strength4weakend . . 3) There is the saying that we are all fools for what we truly believe. It was never the love that sustains the promise but the promise that sustains the love. #strength4weakend . . 4) Love will take you places you have never been and expose you to people you have never met. In fact love is not just an action, it is a force. #strength4weakend . . 5) Anything you add love to changes. It never remains the same when love is involve. It gives it another kind of life because love is a life giver. #strength4weakend . . 6) There are people whose lives have been changed just because of love and others who blame the ruin of their lives on love. #strength4weakend . . 7) Some say love is blind because love will see through your eyes. What many don't realise is that love and feelings are not the same. Some people mistake feelings for love. #strength4weakend . . 8) Having a strong feeling towards someone can soon be turned to something else when such feelings are not reciprocated. #strength4weakend . . 9) That's why when people say they are in love i simply ask "how do you know?". Because you feel a certain kind of way or butterflies in your stomach doesn't necessarily mean love. #strength4weakend . . 10) Sadly many of the things not considered when people are falling in love becomes the things that they hold on to when they start falling out of love. #strength4weakend . . 11) When love is in excess you can give all your life literally for it and if need be give up your life for it. A classical example being Romeo and Juliet or Jack and Rose in Titanic. #strength4weakend . . 12) Sadly some people are very broke because they will rather spend more time and energy falling in love than making impact, having influence and earning income. #strength4weakend . . Contd in comment section

Some people gossip too much. They end up telling you what you told them 😏😏😏

Belief System Session "Time to help more people" . . . The ministry of help is a never ending one. The more people you help, the more people you will need to help. #deepthinking . . . Sam, we are in the ministry of helps. We have no choice it is our calling. You probably heard the saying that "the reward for a work well done is more work". Well that also applies for helping others. Because once you start to help one person it opens the flood gates to help others. What is even more interesting is that you build capacity and competency as you journey in the ministry of help. In this life as long as the earth remains there will always be someone that needs help. . . . Someone said "We should be looking for people we can lift. Speak life to their darkness, healing to their brokenness, freedom to their strongholds. We needed encouragement. Now, we are the encourager. We needed a miracle. Now, we are their miracle". This happens when you learn to help people and then help more more people. Sometimes you are the physical manifestation and answers to some people's prayers and supplications. . .. . Sam, help people with your time, talent and treasure because come to think of it what benefit will they be to you. Have you ever imagined having data, good network and full battery yet no one to chat with online, you will become a bored chairman. So you have to find ways (creatively and innovatively) to help more people. There is a saying i love "people are not an interruption to your job, people are the reason you have a job. Even God with the myriad of angels He had in heaven still created people and is always a present help in time of need and trouble for people. . . . Three things that happen when you help more people . . 1) You deploy your natural ability, talent and gifting that has now been refined to work. . . 2) You grow in character, capacity and competency . . 3) You may room for help to also come to you. Give and it is given back to you. . . . Help more people doesn't mean you help them do what they can help themselves with. #deepthinking . . . People will abuse privilege but don't be bothered. Whatever have great use can also be greatly abused. #r4hl . .

God will connect you with the right people that will help you grow financially, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually 🙏🏽

Kindly help me share this gift "The Upgrade Culture" with your contacts. . . . Here is the download link www.tinyurl.com/thebookupgradeculture . . . . Thank you. . . . . We have a goal to gift 1000 persons this gift. Help us achieve our goal. Thank you.

@dunsinoyekan "Amazing" . . . Kindly help me share this gift "The Upgrade Culture" with your contacts. . . Here is the download link www.tinyurl.com/thebookupgradeculture . . Thank you. . . We have a goal to gift 1000 persons this gift. Help us achieve our goal. Thank you.

We should be looking for people we can lift. Speak life to their darkness, healing to their brokenness, freedom to their strongholds. We needed encouragement. Now, we are the encourager. We needed a miracle. Now, we are their miracle.

You are avoiding me because of what they have told you about me. If i tell you what they have told me about you, you will avoid yourself.

This is why UPGRADE is key.

Belief System Session "The brilliance of the human mind" . . . The mind is anyone's greatest asset. The brilliance of the human mind is unfathomable. #deepthinking . . . Sam, i saw you just recently bagged a certificate, congratulations. I am so proud of the person you are becoming. Indeed you are on an adventure and i await the story that you will make of this. I still read your book "The Adventure of Sam" and it still challenges and inspires me every time. Nevertheless i want to bring to your notice the brilliance of the human mind. You see the human mind is better than the best computer yet to be created. It is one tool that best makes us like God. Yet it is the least studied and harnessed. . . . Certificate is good, Sabificate (what you can do with your mind, heart and hand) is greater. The human mind is brilliant that we can confidently say there are no dull students only dull teachers. Have you ever seen anyone who commended a brilliant certificate? Yet everyday we see people commend the brilliance of the human mind. The human mind is a powerful yet lethal tool. It can kill and make alive. When you seriously and diligently start to discover, harness and deploy your mind, you become a wonder. That's why it is said to him that believes, nothing will be impossible. . . . I have seen people literally use their mind and move from grass to grace, they have moved from living from hand to mouth to providing food for millions on the table. Others have used the brilliance of their minds to obliterate a culture and begin a new one. You know in the Avengers (The Endgame) all the stones gathered by Thanos was still no match for the human mind hence he was still defeated. Once the mind is put to work, impossible is nothing. You are where you are now because you have not put your mind to work as it should. . . . Three simple things that shows the brilliance of the human mind . . 1) creativity and innovation . . 2) building culture and breaking routine . . 3) Redefining human existence and extra terrestrial possibilities . . . Your life can take a complete shift and turn around when you deploy the brilliance of your mind. #deepthinking . . . Contd in comment

Make a decision. . . . If you can easily make a decision for food, then you can do same for your UPGRADE. . . . "DECISIONS" is the next Upgrade Mastery live class in Benin City on August 25, 2019 . . . Make a decision now just as you made one for the food in this picture. . . . Fill this form www.tinyurl.com/upgrademasteryaugust

Only in testing do people discover the nature and depth of their character! People can say anything they want about their values, but when the pressure is on, they discover what their real values are

We reap what we repeat. . . . What comes easy, won't last. What lasts, won't come easy. . . . Decision is the ultimate power. . . . Join me and others who are taking decisions to leave good behind to Upgrade this August 25. . . . www.tinyurl.com/upgrademasteryaugust . . . A decision not made is still a decision made in disguise. @wisdomcounselin

People love to be asked. Ask and you shall receive. Ask people to Buy from you. I am only asking you download "Upgrade Culture" . . www.tinyurl.com/thebookupgradeculture . . . It is absolutely FREE

That's why my niche is UPGRADE MASTERY. . . . I am the shortest distance between who you are NOW and who you can BECOME. . . . I coach you to leave good behind to Upgrade. . . . Send a DM let's get your Upgrade Mastery Journey Started.

Belief System Session "Dream and Vision" . . . The young will dream dreams and the old men will see visions. There is more to dream and vision. #deepthinking . . . Sam, every man is a product of both dream and vision. Only few people understand the mystery behind both and how they really work. A person gets a dream and a people gets a vision. That's why the ancient text says "where there is no vision the people perish". Because people can have individual dream but they can only achieve greatness with a collective vision. Sam, have you ever studied Dubai? if no, please go and read the book "My Vision: Challenges in the Race for Excellence" by Mohammed bin Rashid Al MaktoumIt. It gives a holistic perspective on Dream and Vision. . . . See, funny enough your dream is not for you. So it is good to have a dream but it is awesome when you can turn that dream into a vision that others can live and if need be die for. The people changing the global space in innovation and technology all had a dream but where able to turn dream to vision that is changing the way we live today. Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and many others have turned their dream into global vision that people are living their lives for today and everyday. It is one thing to dream, another thing is to turn dream to vision. . . . Sam, remember the ancient text says "write the vision and make it plain upon tables that he that reads will run with it". Sometimes it is difficult to explain a dream hence you must learn the skill of turning dream into a vision. Vision is easy to explain and grasp when it is clear, concise and specific. That way everything and anything you do is in line with the dream and vision that you have. You vision must be so clear that a five year old can understand it the same way a sixty five year old will understand it. . . . Three simple things you can learn from dream and vision . . 1) Dream is for an individual, Vision is for a people . . 2) Dream is not for you, Vision is for those associated with the dream . . 3) Dream is seen by an individual, Vision is seen by a group of people . . . True dream is for the benefit of others when they understand the vision. #deepthinking . . .

I forgive YOU. . . . Tag the people you forgive and let them know you forgive them.

Bet on yourself @lisa2motivate

Time to Upgrade your source of income. @ubongking