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I basically make this guy look small..... 😂😂. Met this legend last year at vegfest also and can honestly say he's and his now wife Katherine are one of the nicest people I've met on the vegan scene. Great day at vegfest london and got to try some yummy vegan food as always!!

Farmers market time 👩🏻‍🌾 Our sturdy canvas totes are a must! They’re the perfect reusable bag & a great way to spread the message 💕 Available now in all of our designs VeganSupplyCo.com

📽Hollywood aint got nuthin' on slaughterhouse footage. KEEP READING CAPTION... _ 🤔If you are apprehensive about taking this challenge, I don't blame you. But hear me out... we as human beings have banded together to become the most predatory of species against all others, only we do it mostly with a "left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing" approach. Meaning - most don't see their food killed. A steak, cutlet, filet, whatever it might be, becomes just a 'thing' in it's own right, far removed from the creature itself... a living, breathing, sentient animal. _ 🙏In saying that, this is a personal challenge that could bring about change - change which us human beings are not typically fond of as creatures of habit. But while you may experience some initial resistance, nothing is more crucial to growth then putting an end to our own ignorance - awakening attitudes, beliefs, and sensitivities that speak to you in the most meaningful of ways. _ 😥Those final moments are a constant reminder that we all have the power needed to create change. Why? Because the only reason these animals are being raised and sent to the chopping block is because of our choice, our vote with our dollars for food and products that demand it. _ 🌱The good news is, there are a multitude of vegan alternatives that mimic or even bring about unique experiences. _ 💚So next time you are faced with the decision to buy animal-based or vegan, remember those final moments and let them strengthen your resolve of selflessness. An emphasis on love, compassion, respect and pro-life. _ ❔What has your experience been with slaughterhouse footage? _ 👉Share + tag a friend who would find this post interesting & follow @thatalexciccone for more vegan living!🌱

Мои инструменты для "работы с телом": 💚 ПОЯС Марка Harbinger - на мой взгляд, один из самых лучших производителей аксессуаров для фитнеса на планете. ✳️ Применение: использую регулярно, почти на каждой тренировке - при осевых нагрузках и при работе с тяжёлым весом в наклоне). Ибо коллекция грыж в поясничном отделе требует трепетного отношения ☺️ • • • • 💚 ЧАСЫ Casio, c интервальными таймерами. Подарок жены, прекрасный помощник в борьбе с потерей фокуса. С ними не заболтаешься, не залипнешь в телефоне, не будешь отлынивать "да ещё минута не прошла!". Уже не раз мне говорили клиенты, что сигнал моих часов им снится 😂 Приносят не только моральные страдания, но ещё и физический дискомфорт! "Минус на минус даёт плюс" - поэтому в итоге имеем 100% результат. ✳️ Применение: HIIT, TABATA - возможность настраивать любые интервалы работы/отдыха. • • • • 💚 ВОДА Шейкер 1300 мл от @blenderbottle использую для воды, соков, смузи, летом закидываю туда черешню 🍒👌🏼 Хорошая вода настолько для меня важна - что я приношу её с собой из дома, доверяю только хорошим фильтрам. ✳️ Применение: вода = жизнь. • • • • 💚 ПЕРЧАТКИ Harbinger. Им уже 4 года, но я их почти не использую - не совсем удобно, мозоли на руках огрубели, я к ним привык уже. А к перчаткам так и не привык. ✳️ Применение: когда необходимо жёсткое сцепление, но не отключать при этом хват. • • • • 💚 НАКЛАДКИ НА ЛАДОНИ @ginga_project - сделаны для катания на вэйкборде, чтобы не оторвалась на ладонях кожа 🖐🏼️ ✳️ Применение:Мне они очень хорошо подошли для работы с гирями и скоростных подтягиваний (на большое количество). • • • • 💚 ЛЯМКИ ДЛЯ ТЯГИ Они непосредственно влияют на результат, так как дают прирост к силе и выносливости. Моим уже 10 лет, как родные стали! 😂 Помню - покупал за 160 ₽ в магазине "РЭМ спорт", ещё когда учился в Питере. Тогда был здоровый как бык - без них не обходилась почти ни одна тренировка 💪🏼 Сейчас с субмаксимальными весами редко работаю на тренировках, поэтому лямки до сих пор и живы. ✳️ Применение: когда пальцы вес уже не держат, а делать-то надо! . А вы что используете на тренировках кроме матюков?

Hi #fitfam Box cardio workout done ✅ i added 1kg weights... it’s more exhausting 👌(not pumped) Try to change your training for getting forward 👍

EAT EGGS? Chick culling is the process of killing newly hatched poultry for which the industry has no use. It occurs in all industrialised egg production whether free range, organic, or battery cage - including that of the UK and US. Because male chickens do not lay eggs and only those on breeding programmes are required to fertilise eggs, they are considered ‘useless’ to the egg-laying industries and are usually killed soon after they hatch and shortly after being sexed. Many methods of culling do not involve anaesthetic and include cervical dislocation, asphyxiation by carbon dioxide and maceration using a high speed grinder. Every egg you buy is funding this. Choose compassion. GO VEGAN!! 👊🏼🌱 #vegan #veganuk #veganfortheplanet #veganmemes #veganlife #bearingwitness #vegetariano #veganfood #veganguy #vegetarian #plantbased #govegan #cowspiracy #dairyfree #animalliberation #eatplants #earthlings #végétalien #veganman #veganactivist #vegangirl #vegansofig #antidairy #crueltyfree #veganswholift #veganfitness #veganmeme #veganart #veganmuscle #plantbasedmeal PLEASE SHARE the link in my bio 🌱


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OMG 😍 Vegan Peanut, Sweet Potato, and Kale Soup With Coconut Credit goes to @ seriouseats.com find the recipe there

Be more then a pretty face and leave a impression that will last longer then the next pretty face to come along. #vegan #veganguy #vegansofig


Late night snack... @yumisdips has this incredible beetroot hommus! Look at that bright purple colour. Topped with capsicum, cucumber & spring onion. @aldiaustralia gets a mention for the awesome gluten free & vegan bread 😍😍😍

... Just love the color of #organiccarrots And check out the beautiful, fresh #organickale that I picked-up at Fresh Market yesterday(I won't give them a hashtag due to their meat, seafood & cheese departments). This morning's smoothie was with the carrots & kale, #almondbreeze , trilogy seed mix, #sunwarriorclassicplus #crazyrichardspeanutbutter , and a large banana. Y'all, I cannot tell you how GREAT this 62 year old man feels coming up on 1-year Vegan, plus my fitness plan & new eating regimen to lose weight & strengthen my heart's ejection rate. Yesterday I burned 4,588 calories from power walking in the morning and riding my bike almost 32 miles in the afternoon! Could I be succeeding as I am on the Standard American Diet? HECK NO!!! #vegansrule #veganguy #veganshare #trekbikes #oldguysrule #beyoungbefoolishbehappy #ditchdairy #meatismurder #maketheconnection #eatyourgreens #plantpower #livelaughlovelife #longevity #befreebeyou

😍Swipe for a closer look at these #delicious #vegan #pancakes 😍

Das Leben ist ein ständiger Prozess und deshalb startet ab sofort der nächste Schritt bezüglich meiner Ernährungsumstellung! Nach Vegetarismus, Veganismus und Rohkost soll jetzt der letzte Step die #gottkost sein!👼🏻🌱 @frankfurt.greenfoody.de Eine Mahlzeit am Tag bestehend aus frischen Gemüsesäften und/oder frischen Sprossen bzw. frischer Rohkost❗ Ihr wollt wissen wie es mir dabei geht?! Welchen Hintergrund das ganze hat?! Wie auch ihr strahlende Gesundheit erlangen könnt?!🙃🙃🙃 Dann abonniert: #longevity_dad oder schreibt mich an, ich beantworte gerne alle eure Fragen!♾ #gottkost#selfmade#govegan#rawvegan#vegansofig#vegansofinstagram#buchweizen#weizengrassaft#onemealaday#greenfoody#ernährungsumstellung#sprouts#plantbased#veganwerdenwaslosdigger#eatclean#eatcolours#spirituality#healthy#backtonature#veganguy#rawlifestyle#longevity

This not-dog is loaded up!! 👌👌👌@moofreeburgersredbankplains

#repost @avantgardevegan (@get_repost) ・・・ STEAK SANDWICH 🔥link in bio for my vegan steak recipe! In the sandwich I added Olive Tapenade, Cabbage Slaw with Cashew & Balsamic 'Mayo', Smoked Red Pepper Chutney & some baby spinach! All inside some grilled Garlicy Bread 🔥 Please tune into @bbcradiowales tomorrow where I will be cooking an exclusive recipe from my debut cook book #vegan100 live on the show from 1pm! Check my story tomorrow to get the listen live link 😄 Thanks, Gaz @gazoakley • • • • #vegan #vegans #vegano #veganfood #vegeansofinstagram #veganlife #veganfsoodshare #vegganlifestyle #veganism #veganfoodporn #foodporn #foodie #food #cardiffvegans #welshvegans #cardiff #wales #vegetarian #avocado #vegancake #avocado #vegancommunity #bestofvegan #letscookvegan #veganguy #avantgardevegan

This woman i #love