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11 Hours Ago

@katsfit4life making me proud! This champ came sooooo far in such a short period of time! Surprise yourself everyday! 💪 #teamlrae #teamlrae2018 #transformation #motivation #inspiration #instapic #fitness #fitfam #picoftheday #lasvegas #vegastrainer


14 Hours Ago

@brandonrobichaux_ifbbpro just moved to Las Vegas & was in a pivotal point in his journey where he had to determine whether he was going to go all in on fitness coaching or if he was going to settle for a job he wasn’t really passionate about • • • @brandonrobichaux_ifbbpro & I talked about just doing what works. I call it “trimming the fat” eliminating what doesn’t work & only doing what works. The simple process is focused on getting people emotionally attached to their dominant buying motive & committed to making some effort. • • • @brandonrobichaux_ifbbpro paid me $400 for my coaching to learn my simple 4 step sales process & now within the first few days he has completed 4 invoices ($700, $600, $450, & $220) producing more than $2000 in our first few days working together • • • I noticed a common problem in the fitness industry - there’s a lot of well-educated fitness professionals with tested & proven coaching processes to get clients results... yet they do not have a tested & proven recruiting process to get new clients. • • • I created a tested & proven simple 4 step sales process to help coaches create consistent growth & freedom in their careers! • • • Are you open to learning & willing to make some effort to apply this process? Message me & let’s talk now! (SWIPE LEFT TO SEE RESULTS)

Happy Humping. 😉 . ➖ Don’t get fit ONLY to look good naked. That’s just ONE of the pluses that comes with it. Do it to be the best you, inside and out, that you can be. To be here long term and live the best life you deserve. 💪🏾 #happyhumpday


15 Hours Ago

Another leg day in the books! A few of our leg/booty supersets! @sherrylannflores Sis, try these workouts!! #legsandb🍑🍑tyday #fusionfitrxpersonaltraining #girlswholift #gymgirl


20 Hours Ago

A Spectacular Art Piece located at Refined Personal Training By Miss Rowan Austin. A must see , two thumbs up👍👍.


21 Hours Ago

Great to meet @jeremypotvin_ while he was training @selfmadetrainingfacilitylv for @mrolympiallc 2018 men’s physique showdown!


24 Hours Ago

Are you friends with Brendan? If not, you should be😉#personaldevelopement #wednesdaywisdom #wednesdaymotivation #startthedayright #lasvegas #vegastrainer #betterlife


1 Day 8 Hours Ago

Proud of my client and all of the progress he has made we 1st completed 20 pull ups then 30 then we decided to progress to weighted and we then accomplished 5 100lbs pull ups after that we decided to add skill so we accomplished a muscle up which a lot of people can't even come close to Respect it or let's see you do it Support technical fitness #progression #fundamentals then #skilldevelopment


1 Day 9 Hours Ago

Bask in it @_mmy2kings ...you’re doing incredible. I love that you’re so locked in for your results. •• ••• •• Get With TRAINZZ! Jay Trainzz 702.272.3409 •• ••• •• @sizeup_dream_team @sizeuplasvegas @sizeupsupps •• #jaytrainzz #sizeupdreamteam #traingang #vegastrainer #independentpersonaltrainer #702trainer #vegasweightloss #personaltrainer #eosfitness #planetfitness #24hrfitness #lvac #lifechanger #lasvegas #viphost #vegasbaby #nightlife #vegaslocal #vegaspool #rehablv #vegasclubs


1 Day 9 Hours Ago

Great meeting with the beautiful NPC Bikini Overall Champion @kiannavestuto today @selfmadetrainingfacilitylv • • • Kianna & I talked about the significance of doing what you’re passionate about. Often times people get distracted by many external ideas & opportunities which only stop us from being the best at what we actually love to do! Fulfillment is not about looking for the next best thing, it’s about investing energy into what we truly are passionate about! • • • The reality is that many people are decent at many different things - yet most people never master any 1 thing. The solution is to double down on what you’re naturally good at & enjoy doing - that’s how you become undeniable! • • • Are you living up to your full potential or just going through the motions? • • • Contact @kiannavestuto for coaching, I am 100% confident she will help you reach your full potential!


1 Day 13 Hours Ago

#transformationtuesday 💥 Here is a 12 weeks progress picture of my client Derik. 📈 We have been working hard on proper training & dieting the past 3 months. I had Derik reduced the weights on most of his lifts and focus on training with proper form and body mechanic throughout the session. I made sure his macronutrients are on point to help him lose body fat, build muscles and maintain good energy level throughout the day. 💪🏼 We also included some mobility work and stretching to help Derik improve his range of motion and posture. As you can see his medial rotated shoulder (shoulder pulling forward) has improved greatly & upper chest is lifted!😃 Proud of you Derik!!! Looking forward to see the new & improve version of you next year! Don’t just workout! Learn how to TRAIN properly to maximize your results and I make sure all of my clients learn how to TRAIN properly! RESULTS DON’T LIE! LETS WORK!💥💪🏼 Transform your body, rebuild your mind & elevate your spirit. #trainwithtrong ▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️For hands on training in Las Vegas area or online coaching (personalize training & diet plans) email: trainwithtrong@gmail.com 📬


1 Day 14 Hours Ago

Cable Kickback workout! 🍑 . 1️⃣ standing kickback x20 2️⃣ diagonal kickback x20 3️⃣ straight leg abduction x20 . . 1️⃣ bench kickbacks x20 2️⃣ kickback pulses (not shown)x20 3️⃣ diagonal bench kickbacks x20 . . Complete the full set on the right leg, then switch legs. For 3 rounds, then move on to the next tri set. Each round you’ll up the weight and decrease the reps. (20-15-10) 🔥


1 Day 17 Hours Ago

BOOTY BUILDING BURNOUT • • • Thank you NPC BIKINI CHAMPION @kristyardizzione for the shoutout • • • Here’s a quick clip of the LPHC warm up / burnout I taught @kristyardizzione when she came to train with me @selfmadetrainingfacilitylv this is an extremely effective warm up or finisher on any leg day • • • Create a proprioceprively enriched environment by stabilizing a medicine ball with the heel of your feet, incorporate hip adduction resistance by placing a resistance band above the knees, & evenly activate each limb by doing both single-limb / double-limb movements • • • 20 double-leg hip bridges 20 hip bridge iso abductions 10-20 single-leg hip bridges Then roll onto stomach & do 20 hip extension / abductions That’s all 1 set Complete 5 sets • • • Want to learn my booty building blueprint? Message me, let’s talk!


1 Day 18 Hours Ago

Hey Guys! After 18 years of cooking / prepping for myself I finally came across a way I could relieve myself of that time and be able to apply it to one of my 700 other jobs 😅😖 Once I realized I was spending about the same amount of money at the grocery store to get my food looking like this, I had to slap myself! You've seen me mention these guys on here before for being a genuine couple. Sure, there are many other meal prep companies in town. All offer something different. And I'm actually friends with multiple. I, personally, have chosen @fitmeals4ulv for multiple reasons. As a competitive bodybuilder, I can be kind of specific on my needs. Even down to how the food is seasoned. This company has no problem doing this. They live the life too. The food is great. Convenient and perfectly weighed out. @fitmeals4ulv are a local business. The man who delivers the food also cooked it for you. All meals are made the day before delivery. Nothing sits until it reaches your house. They are recognized by the better business bureau. And licensed of course 😋 I can't even tell you how fucking NICE this is for me. I have been able to allow my head to clear up to focus on making money and pursuing my passion while staying on track. So many take advantage of the luxory of this. It's like a dream come true for me to realize it's possible and isn't going to cost me and extra million dollars a month 😆 I can't stress diet enough to my friends and clients who have physical goals. Their #1 "Excuse" is "I don't have time to cook". Well, I get it. Because "neither did I for the last 18 years" but we prioritize what's important. Take the guess work out. Stop doing dishes and support local businesses!! You can even get 10% off your first order if you use code ERINTOLEN10 #mealprep #localbusiness #lasvegasmealprep #ifbbpro #vegastrainer #fitmeals #nutrition #bodybuilding #fitchick #goaldigger


2 Days 8 Hours Ago

When @oni_v said he had a goal in mind I saw the hunger in him, since then all he does is go hard. He has a push inside of him few people have, his drive is incredible. My guy is lit. •• ••• •• Get With TRAINZZ! Jay Trainzz 702.272.3409 •• ••• •• @sizeup_dream_team @sizeuplasvegas @sizeupsupps •• #jaytrainzz #sizeupdreamteam #traingang #vegastrainer #independentpersonaltrainer #702trainer #vegasweightloss #personaltrainer #eosfitness #planetfitness #24hrfitness #lvac #lifechanger #lasvegas #viphost #vegasbaby #nightlife #vegaslocal #vegaspool #rehablv #vegasclubs


2 Days 9 Hours Ago

Inspiring interview with IFBB PRO CLASSIC PHYSIQUE CHAMPION @ifbb_broku discussing his journey competing in 5 national shows before winning his pro card, talking with the newly crowned OPEN BODYBUILDING MR OLYMPIA @flexatronrhoden about never giving up, & winning the SAN ANTONIO PRO show to qualify for the 2019 Classic Physique @mrolympiallc showdown! Great to meet you brother & thank you for your time!


2 Days 18 Hours Ago

THE ULTIMATE UPPER BODY EXERCISE If you really want to see how your strength measures up to others, then there is no more vital or universal exercise to use, in my estimation, than the pull-up. My original mentor in the strength coaching realm for over 20 years, Charles Poliquin, even uses a coach’s ability to build pull-up strength in their athletes, as one of the best judges of a trainer’s worth. And they aren’t just great for building the size and strength of the oh so crucial upper back muscles. They also develop appreciable arm and core strength too (especially when holding a dumbell between the legs to add to the intensity). Muscle activation tests actually show that placing a dumbell between the feet on pull-ups stimulates more core muscle than many popular ab dominant exercises, so never underestimate it’s effectiveness. Conversely, don’t over estimate how much help some of those same, tired old ab exercises, like standard floor crunches, will do for your physique. Most adults who were never able to do pull-ups in their pre-full grown state will sadly, never be able to accomplish this feat without some extraordinary hard work and dedication. When we are younger and weigh less, and without a doubt full of more energy and a need to move constantly, we are more likely to develop the strength and ability to execute this staple movement. In the end they are just damned hard unless you steadfastly apply yourself to attaining the ability to complete them. So, all of my aforementioned ramblings make me even more proud of my friend and client, Chris, for his feat of knocking out 8-10 pull-ups with pretty damned good form, the first time we ever even made an attempt at em’. It was after we had been working together at his overall strength for over a year’s time though. But he NEVER tried them prior to this, and never really thought he could, for as long as he can recall. Truthfully I was, and usually am, just hoping for a couple reps when giving them the initial shot from the uninitiated. But he obviously knocked the skin off the ball and truly meant business. For that he deserves some respect and adulation.


2 Days 15 Hours Ago

#mondaymotivation 🔥 . ➖ Although motivation comes and goes, it’s good to have a source of it to refer to when you’re lacking the will power to keep pushing through something that is difficult because usually if something is hard, that means it’s worthwhile. So, I encourage you to keep working towards the goals you’ve set for yourself. Create positive affirmations on a daily basis and only allow as much room for negativity as you would for your ex. 😉 Let’s have a good week. 💪🏾


2 Days 18 Hours Ago

10 am Bulgarian bag class ✅!!!! I want to thank everyone for showing up and working your 🍑 off!!! #ofit #ofitfam #lovewhoyouare #lovewhatyoudo #mindset #beblessed #bethankful #gym #gymlife #cardio #cardioworkout #bulgarianbag #stretchzone #staystrong #vegas #vegasnative #vegastrainer #learning #inspire #motivation


2 Days 18 Hours Ago

👊🏼Fight the Odds with Fitness. Trainer @leah_christiana_ifbbpro 🔊Speaks from experience🔊 Battling Hasimoto disease and Fibromyalgia she explains how she finds relief with fitness. •• Are you fighting the same battle? Don’t do it alone. •• DM to get a free consult with Leah. #vegastrainer #lasvegas #personaltrainer #coach #smtflv #selfmadefamily #hashimotosdisease #fiberomyalgia #fitness #fight #relief #vegasfitness #vegasfitfam #fitlifestyle #takecharge


2 Days 19 Hours Ago

#motivationmonday 5 months postpartum and the truth is lately, diet has been trash and my fitness routine has been interrupted. But do I give up? NOPE! Another Monday, another start! Don’t give up on yourself after a little step back or even a big one! It’s not worth quitting on yourself and the progress you made 💪🏼😘 -Body By Tinsley (Facebook page) #postpartumworkout #outdoorworkout #weightlossjourney #fitlife #fitness #diet #fitchick #fitnesschick #fitnessmodel #fitnessmotivation #lift #lasvegastrainer #teamfit #vegasfitness #vegastrainer #postpartum #zumba #makeupvideos #athlete #aesthetic #beastmode #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #fit #postpartumbody #tireworkout #workoutgear #fimom #pregnantbelly


2 Days 21 Hours Ago

I have been using this product now for a few months and actually decided I like it. For one I like tea and two it cuts my coffee cravings and keeps me from retaining some bloat. They have so many different tea products including matcha and chai teas. They always seems to have deals every month giving you something at a discount or free. If you haven’t tried teami yet you very much need to. @teamiblends use trainingbylisa to get 10% off!!! #teamiblends #teami #practicewhatyourpreach #followforfollowback #girlswholiftheavy #follow #followtrain #tea #nobloat #funtimes #motivation #pushyourself #trainer #training #vegastrainer


3 Days 8 Hours Ago

Upper body training session with @killakathiee and @charrmagne_m . Today was rough, but these 2 women are up to the challenge 💪💪💪 Video featuring Bulgarian bag spins/pushup to dip/in and out lateral raises #gains #girlsthatlift #booty🍑 #ofit #ofitfam #vegastrainer Gym/Health 25 - Updated Feb 2018 #fitnessaddict #workout #personaltrainer #sweat #bodybuilding #eatclean #nutrition #healthyeating #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #youcandoit #getfit #fitnessgoals #trainhard #noexcuses #fitfam #fitlife #gymlife #nopainnogain #gethealthy #dreambig #justdoit #eatlocal #fitfood Music = no brainer @djkhaled @justinbeiber.official @chancetherapper @quavohuncho