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33 Minutes Ago

A few stills from the same night, same set of pics. The only adjustments were zooming in, and adjusting the contrast and exposure. Their little faces and huge black eyes became more clear. 👽 it's difficult to describe, but I'm not entirely convinced one of these beings isn't myself from the future. I felt something looking at it, as if it was me. The way I see it, our knowledge and intelligence accumulates in our consciousness. If you're really smart now, you're just as smart in dreams and in the afterlife and anyone who can lucid dream can attest to that. If you're an intelligent being in the future, with the capabilities of space and time travel, which technically is very similar (traveling in space is traveling in time), then what is the first thing you'd go investigate? Think about the first time you used Google earth, what did you look up? Your house right? A message entered my mind, and it was in my voice, that told me, "The crystal will be the end of you." That night I looked in the mirror and heard it again. At this point when I'd run out of adderall to work those punishing long hours I'd resort to crystal meth, and was smoking quite a lot of it. Everytime I went to sleep I'd jolt awake in terror, paralyzed, and with shadow beings or sometimes these beings that had predator like camouflage in my room. I feared going in my room altogether and started sleeping on the couch but it would still happen. I started doing more meth and stay up for 5 days at a time because I was terrified to sleep. I was also seeing them in dreams when I did sleep. I later learned that these 4th dimensional beings were the inspiration for Freddy Krueger. I began seeing them in waking life, suddenly phase in and out of our frequency in my house. I researched heavy into this as nothing else mattered, the voices in my head all day were telling me to kill myself and if I didn't figure out why this was happening to me I think I would have. This is what started me on my path toward healing and am happy to say that I've been clean for years now and have had more positive encounters since 👽💚 . #ufos #greys #aliens #orbs #shapeshifter #consciousness #telepathy


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Promised I'd share some UFO/orb stories from the last since I have some new followers 😄👽 This was almost 3 years ago to the day, it was about 4 am and a buddy and I were in the backyard working on a project that required being outdoors so we had to be quiet not to wake the neighbors. Two weeks prior, a different friend was helping me with the same project and I noticed some moving lights in the sky above us. I got his attention to look up and he said he saw them too and I said they might be UFOs, but because we were up for three days on adderall working nonstop we both dismissed the lights as sleep deprived hallucinations and just continued onward. It wasn't until this night two weeks later that a different friend actually noticed the lights and broke the silence by asking me if I believed in UFOs, and I looked at him because of the strange nature of the sudden question and he was fixated on this bouncing orb that had obviously been there for some time. We were hypnotized, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I ran inside to grab my phone hoping it would still be outside. The first pic I snapped had the flash on and the orb reacted to the flash and went right toward us. I was pretty fucking scared not gonna lie, but we stayed outside and it eventually just hovered there. My phone was an older iPhone and couldn't zoom in video mode but if I took pictures I could zoom and noticed that this thing was morphing into different bizarre shapes faster than my eyes could process. It had to be hundreds of shapes a second it was so bizarre and it would pop in and out of our dimension. In the third video you can even see two more orbs appear for a moment in the lower left and drop back out of our frequency. I wanted to capture how this craft was shapeshifting so I snapped as many pics as possible as fast as my thumb could press capture, so the still images at the end are just a few images of the same craft shifting shapes a second apart. The orb stayed over us for three more hours and was still present in daylight, ruling out the possibility of a drone because of the flight time and especially the shapeshifting. I'll continue in another post 👽😄

Colour has a vibration so be as colourful as you can when it comes to choosing the food you consume. Be as colourful as you can imagine, it’s like putting on an inward party for your physical and your intuition 😀❤️ enjoy, Luisa #vibration #colourfulfood #eatwell #soulfulliving #intuitiveeating #lovefood #lovecooking #mindbodyspirit #colouryourworld


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釣れねー。Toman狙い、朝9時半開始。始めんの遅すぎた、今日に限ってちょー暑い。 デカくてキレーな青いトーマンが暑っついすわーって感じでヌターっと泳いでた。ルアーには目もくれない。 #toman #pond #bluetoman #lure #fishing #angler #nofish #toohot #ジャイアントトーマン #マレーシア #malaysia #freshwaterfishing #warm #crankbait #vibration #minnow #frog


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@girlandhermoon 💖✨


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You are allowed to outgrow people. . . . Not everyone is meant to stay with you on your path for an entire life time, we attract people we are a vibrational match to at a particular timing. As you grow and evolve, if those people don't grow with you then you will no longer be in vibrational alignment to. It can be painful to realize that you and people you love no longer have a connection. Rather than holding on to what no longer is, thank them for their part in your journey and move on. Each soul plays a role in your souls evolution and journey. The love you have for them remains, regardlessly. . . . The greatest gift you can give the world is being yourself unapologetically. You never need to downplay yourself or hide your light in order to fit in. When you step into greatness you invite others to step into their own greatness too. . . #awakening #karmic #akashicrecords #twinflame #energy #vibration #journey #mindful #joy #blessed #vortex #creators #gratitude


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🌟H I G H V I B E S C H A L L E N G E 🌟 coming soon.... _ The summer to autumn transition can be tricky to acclimatise to as days get shorter and a chill creeps in. Over 9 days in October the Breeze and Samsara yoga families bring you the 'High Vibes Challenge'. _ The idea is simple - each day we will set a little task to help raise your vibration and highlight how making a subtle change can make a big difference to your overall wellbeing. It can also set off a positive ripple effect throughout the community to spread the goodness far and wide. _ 🙌 More details on how to get high with us coming soon! Keep your eyes peeled on our instagram and facebook pages 🙌 _ Hosted by: @breezeyoga @samsara @hassanyoga #highvibeschallenge #freedomtobe #samsara #autumn #yoga #yogastudio #yogalondon #beckenham #kent #yogachallenge #vibration #community


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Everything, absolutely everything is Energy & what sustains the Fabric of the “Consensual Reality” are the Collective thoughts; 💭 the belief systems & values we been spoon fed. Hence, what we choose to Collude with affects the reality we create. Words are magic or poison; media & TV are inherently subliminal. We get to choose our Vibrational Signature by where we choose to plug our Energies in. This is a holographic (meaning flexible & malleable) reality, choose well at this time of Big Transition upon Gaia. 🌎✨ She is Calling; She is Birthing; She is already holding a Different Frequency, do you feel it:: 2012-2021 ?!? What Dream are you feeding?!? :: ✨Blessed Full Moon 🌖 #newearth#newfrequency#newdream#gaia#newearthconsciousness#vibration#frequency#shamanicdreaming#alchemist#2012


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カッコよくて凄くカッコよくてカッコいい大人。思わず抱きついちゃいました。 #montanaking #music #natural #vibration #connected #universe #凪紗の音楽会


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Warning signs 🚭🛑‼️‼️


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Das Klangei - ein idealer Reisebegleiter 🧡Hier ist es auf Lanzarote! Das Foto hat uns Mash geschickt. Wir haben das Klangei natürlich auch mit - derzeit ist es in Griechenland und in Kroatien 🐣Ganz liebe Grüße an euch! Yvonne, Andy & Bettina #klangei #vibratinghigher⭐️ #klang #klangtherapie #klangkunst #klangfarbe #körpertherapie #vibration #klangwelten #goodvibes #goodvibesalways #yogalove #yogainspiration #massage #klangmassage #massagetime #feelgoodmusic #musiclover