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I was dragging today before I got to the gym. But today’s workout was a tag team effort. My workout buddy Hilda killed it. I got into the swing about 30mins in. The goal is to maintain consistent effort. #letsgethealthytogether #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation

Yesterday was a gym day but I did not get a chance to post yesterday. I had such a busy day. But I felt phenomenal just by getting to the gym. The journey continues. #victoriousinprayer #letsgetfittogether #newseasonnewme

God is love! His way of loving is nothing like ours. Our love is limited. It takes the grace and mercy of God flowing through us to love our enemies. I can’t do it without HIM! It is God that enables me to love those that do me wrong. Love Him means loving you and not your sin. ❤️😍😍. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation

Today as soon I walked outside today there was a slight rain drizzle. But I pressed forward. The overcast sky and rain made the workout very humid. On a separate note, I think I am inspiring others in my neighborhood. This morning there were more people out walking than normal. I started at 6:30am 🤗. Feeling great! Excited about the small changes I am feeling in my body. #letsgethealthytogether #victoriousinprayer #healthymomsrock #iamahealthymom

I worked out so hard today i could not even put on my glasses after the workout at the gym today. Felt amazing afterwards. #victoriousinprayer #letsgethealthytogether #healthymomsrock

The journey continues. Consistent effort over time has been my goal. I am incredibly grateful that God continues to grace me to get out each day. I do not take for granted the activity of my limbs. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation

Today was absolutely phenomenal. I walked and had sweet fellowship with Holy Spirit. I believe this is a season of open Heaven. I worshiped as I walked and received from that open Heaven this morning. I am so excited about worship this morning. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #letsgethealthytogether #healthymomsrock

My entire life I have struggled with my weight. As a result I struggled with my self image. God has been dismantling the stronghold in my mind little by little. I realized that the same hang ups I have had about me are now appearing in my girls and that is not my desire. so I have had to take some intentional steps to step out of my comfort zone. We must walk confidently in the direction of our call and purpose. Procrastination is the product of the need for perfection. Faith focuses on the power of God to deliver on promises. You are made for such a time as this. Stand up and stand out. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation

Hitting the 1/2 way mark of my 100 day run. Today at the gym was awesome. Jump started my Saturday! Feeling so much better today. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #letsgethealthytogether #healthymom

I may be smiling, but I was not feeling well today. My walk was cut short today because of the rain and thunder. But I was determined to make day #49 happen. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #letsgethealthytogether

Happy 4th. Got 3 miles in today. #victoriousinprayer #letsgethealthytogether

Today was difficult. I was still recovering from my trips to Six Flag and White Water with the kids. But I pressed my way to the gym before Bible Study. Consistent effort over time is what I am aiming for. The combination of the IDLife Pre-Workout and Slim+ are the secret sauce that fueled my workout today. Best ever splat points at the gym today. #letsgethealthytogether #victoriousinprayer

I spent over 7 hours at White Water and got my steps in. But came home and worked out to keep consistent. Even though the hundreds of stairs I had to climb to get on Water slides. I am tanned and tired. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #livingmybestlife #heathywealthywise

I am not posting a picture of myself today because I was at six flags today and I look pretty busted. But just the 5 story climb with a dingy in my hand to join my 10 year old on a 15 second ride counts as a workout 😳😩. Enjoyed the day with the family. I will be putting my swimsuit technique into practice tomorrow. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #livingmybestlife #heathywealthywise #healthymom #elevatedlife

I am grateful that God fights for me. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation

We survived Pandemonium at Six flags today. It was such fun ride and a cool way to kick off out staycation. Superman is still my favorite ride. #familyfun #victoriousinprayer

Today was a bit of a struggle but I was determined to make this day happen. My ankle was a bit sore. After icing it and resting it today, it felt a bit better. I did not walk as farms i do. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation

You cannot change unless it challenges you. I keep pushing past the obstacles each day to achieve the goals that God has ordained for me. Each day is an adventure. Today was gym day. It was truly a challenge. But I see the progress I am making. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #livingmybestlife #heathywealthywise

My mom and I had conversation this week about worry. It has never changed anything. In fact all it does is steal your creativity and wreck havoc on your body. I have discovered that when we remain in the abiding peace of God that there is a solution for every situation locked up in the presence of God. And that God is neither surprised by your current life situation and He is not trying to figure out the next steps. If we would pray and exercise our faith and confidence in His sovereignty we will see miracles manifest in our lives. Rest your mind today. Prioritize prayer and watch God move. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #livingmybestlife

Today was a long day. But I am determined to get it in every day. I did not get home until 11pm and decided to do a PM Pilates workout. My 14 year just got a kick out of me struggling through some of these moves 🤣😏😂. She gave up working out with me to just take me looking ridiculous trying balance myself using my core muscles. I may be wobbly now. But I will better for it 1 year from now. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #livingmybestlife #heathywealthywise #myidlife

Today was a gym day. It was brutal workout. I kept saying “I love burpees” (that was my motivational self talk). My secret sauce helped me power through some difficult reps. I am feeling stronger everyday. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #livingmybestlife #heathywealthywise

This is a promise from God that I hold fast too. God is faithful!! #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation

I started out much later than planned because the bed was hugging me. But once I was released from the sweet embrace of the sheets I got out there. As I pray and walk each morning I listen for the sweet instructions of Holy Spirit. Today as I walked I ended up stopping briefly to encourage and pray with one of my neighbors that was having a hard time. Just prior to that I was asking God to give me heart makeover and make a me a instrument of His peace. You never know what God will do as you purpose to live in a yielded state. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #livingmybestlife #heathywealthywise #healthymom

Treasure is buried and sometimes just hidden. The treasures that God has deposited in you has to be discovered and unlocked. Holy Spirit has the treasure map and the key. Seek God to release the treasure. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation

I always say he who angers you controls you. I make it a practice to not let things outside of my control, control me. I rather choose a strategic response to the situation. You choose your response. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #livingmybestlife

One of my neighbors that I always see walking every morning we teamed up to walk together. Y’all this 68 year old worked me today 😂🤣. She had me walk with her 2lb weights half the way and I had to give them back to her after while. She gave me a goal to aspire too. I will be like her in a few. We got over 3 miles in together and it was fun conversation. I am working on this temple day by day. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #livingmybestlife #heathywealthywise #mybodyhistemple #healthymom

Another day that God has graced me. I do not take for granted the mornings. I am thankful. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #livingmybestlife #heathywealthywise #healthymom

Today was a gym workout day. I have hit some milestone that I am proud of. ✅ I can do sit-ups now without screaming in excruciating pain. 🤗🤗. When i first started I could not do more than maybe 1-2 sit-ups. ✅ I pushed myself from power walker to a light jog today. I am taking one day at a time to reclaim my healthy body. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #livingmybestlife #healthymom

This week has been mentally, emotionally and physically exhausting. I made the conscious decision to rest today. I slept in and got my workout in this afternoon. While it was more humid than I like, I enjoyed the late evening workout. I keep pressing towards my goals. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #livingmybestlife #heathywealthywise

I am what I am by the grace of God. With just about 2 hours of sleep last night, I was at the gym totally by grace. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #livingmybestlife #heathywealthywise

Today I had my secret sauce and it energized me. As a bonus I met one of my neighbors walking and we ended up just having such sweet fellowship. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #heathywealthywise #healthymom #abundantlife

I slept in this morning so I delayed my daily walk until after work. I am tackling my health little by little. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #livingmybestlife #heathywealthywise

It is interesting to me that so many people in speak about love. They expect it but do not give it. They are mindful when others do not extend it but refuse to be that vessel that God uses to extend His love to a dying generation. We are known by the love we have for one another. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation

It is interesting to me that so many people in speak about love. They expect it but do not give it. They are mindful when others do not extend it but refuse to be that vessel that God uses to extend His love to a dying generation. We are known by the love we have for one another. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation

Today was a gym day. I almost broke down and cried in the middle of the 2,000 meter row. I had to pray and push myself to the end. And I have been up since 2:40am. Only God has been my keeper today. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #livingmybestlife #heathywealthywise #myidlife

The power of God was released during our service yesterday. I believe in the power of the Holy Ghost. The manifestation of the presence of God is so important in the time we live in. I thank God for Holy Spirit!! #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation

Today was a bit of a struggle because I was not feeling my best. It was more of a stroll than an actual workout. But any activity is better than inactivity. I had to press my way. But the fresh air and time with God is precious as I meditate upon the word and reflect on the goodness of God. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #livingmybestlife

My morning workout seemed more special as I meditated on the fact today is Pentecost Sunday. Can’t wait for Sunday Morning Service today. I believe there will be a move of God. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation

Happy Pentecost Sunday. I pray that there is a fresh wind of Holy Spirit fire that hits your life today. #victoriousinprayer #pentecost #breakthroughnation

I almost did not go out today because of the rain. There was light drizzle and some thunder. But I decided to just allow the rain to keep me cool in my run/walk. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #livingmybestlife #heathywealthywise #goals #healthgoals2019 #healthymom

God is about to do something new!! I am in a spirit of anticipation!! #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation

Today I hit the gym because of the rain earlier this morning. The workout was brutal but I am better for it. Best way to tackle my day. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #livingmybestlife #heathywealthywise

It was drizzling this morning. But I got it in. I am thankful for the rain. It was very much needed. I see changes little by little. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #livingmybestlife #heathywealthywise

I believe in the power of the Holy Ghost!! Take the time today to pray in the Spirit. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation

To God be the glory!! I thank God for another day. Little by little I am making progress. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #livingmybestlife #heathywealthywise

God’s wisdom ✅ pure ✅Peace loving ✅ gentle at all times ✅ willing to yield to other ✅ full of mercy and the fruit of good deeds. ✅ it show no favoritism ✅ it is always sincere. Each day we must demonstrate the character of God and it requires the wisdom of God. Constantly aiming to grow in wisdom and in knowledge of my Lord and Savior. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation

This verse has been in my spirit all weekend long. I choose to hear God’s mind concerning every matter. My opinion and feelings matter little. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation

Each morning as I walk and commune with Holy Spirit I am renewed and refreshed. I am staying focused on the power and the presence of God. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #livingmybestlife #heathywealthywise

God did it again!! I had a late night and did not go to bed until 1am this morning. When my alarm went off at 6am the only option was snooze. However my circadian rhythm is pretty much set and I really can’t sleep past 7am. As I rolled out of bed, I felt my grace kicking in. Then I peeked out the window to realize that God did it again. There was an ever so light cloud cover in the sky. Normally by 7:30-8am the sun is already out and the Atlanta heat is starting to rev up. But God in His goodness kept a small cloud in the sky as I walked this morning. I give thanks in all things. #victoriousinprayer #heathywealthywise #breakthroughnation #livingmybestlife

Morning by morning new mercies I see. Good morning to everyone. Today is a good day as any to start your journey. #victoriousinprayer #heathywealthywise #livingmybestlife

I had a long night last night and overslept this morning. My goal is to beat the heat here in Atlanta. I really do not want to be outside after 8am. But I did not even consider the sun. I just jumped in my gear and headed out the door. God is so faithful that there was cloud cover as I walked this morning. Keeping the heat at bay until I was done. #victoriousinprayer #livingmybestlife #breakthroughnation #heathywealthywise #myidlife

When we eliminate our excuses we can see results. When I started I had to press to get out of bed early and get out the house. Now it is becoming part of my daily routine. #victoriousinprayer #heathywealthywise #breakthroughnation #livingmybestlife #healthymom

Sleep is so important. I actually made it to bed at a decent hour. 🙌🏿🙌🏿. My 5am prayer crew was energized and I was ready for my morning walk and prayer time by 6:15. I am well on my way to my goal of healthier me. #victoriousinprayer #heathywealthywise

The grace of God continues to propel me. I had a headache when I woke up this morning and I wanted to use that as excuse to not work out this morning. But I prayed, hydrated and walked out the door. Discipline is doing what you are supposed to do even when you don’t feel like it. You can start today and join me on the journey. #myidlife #victoriousinprayer #heathywealthywise #livingmybestlife #conquer2019

Each day my determined purpose is to go from faith to faith. Without faith it is impossible to please God!! I live to please God and not man. My heart is postured to do what is pleasing in God’s eyes. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #leadingyoungladies

The struggle was real to get out of bed this morning since it is a holiday. As I laid in bed i thought about the 94 degree temperatures later today and so knew that I had to make myself get it in this morning. Developing new disciplines is never easy but it is so worth it. This is my winning season! But you have to train to win. #myidlife #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #heathywealthywise #livingbyfaith #livingmybestlife #focusedfaith

This morning I added a run to my morning workout. Taking it to the next level before I head to Sunday service. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #healthymom #livingmy bestlife #heathywealthywise #myidlife

My morning workout has been postponed until this afternoon because we had to be at the track at 7am for the kick off of the summer track meet. I still plan to get it in today. #victoriousinprayer

To thank God for the small blessings. This is the kick off to the summer track season. She has grown up with this team in this sport. She is blazing a trail on the track. So proud of my baby girl. #victoriousinprayer

Researchers have said it takes 66 days to develop a habit. My new habit is on day 7 and I feel New momentum kicking in. Self care is so important to fulfilling our purpose. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #heathywealthywise

I am being renewed day by day. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation

When you eliminate your personal excuses you begin to take each day with zeal. My goal is to see the sun rise as I walk and pray each day. I missed it a bit this morning. But the time was incredible. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #heathywealthywise

I have been loving my early morning walks. Not only am I getting my steps in but I am enjoying the beauty of the morning. Sunrise is so amazing each day. #breakthroughnation #victoriousinprayer #heathywealthywise

I decree victory today! Because we are Christ, our end result is victory! #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation

There are seasons when you heart is overwhelmed. Run to the ROCK!! Jesus is the rock. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation

Living for Christ requires that we crucify our flesh and live according to God’s way of doing things. It’s not about us but the kingdom of God. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #leadingyoungladies

One day at a time I am walking towards my goals. Determined and focused on the finish! #victoriousinprayer #myidlife #breakthroughnation

Divine Discipline!! Pressing my way to a new me. #mybodyhistemple #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #myidlife

God is looking for broken vessels. Being completely yielded to the Holy Spirit is critical in this season. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #mybodyhistemple

If you spend anytime with me you will know that this is a verse I live by. Hearing from God for direction for our lives is so Important. We must be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. I had someone recently accuse me of being too spiritual. And my first thought was “thank you”. While they meant it in a negative way, I took it as a compliment. 😆😆Because we should all be striving everyday to be more like Christ and not take on the ways of the world. God is concerned about every detail of our lives. And He knows what is best for us. #seekgod #victoriousinprayer #mybodyhistemple #breakthroughnation

I am the example that my children see. I goal is to love what I preach. So their lives will preach as they live. #victoriousinprayer #breakthroughnation #mybodyhistemple #leadingyoungladies