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We have a VIP (Very Important Pup) guest staying with us 🐾. . . . #lombardynyc #thepreferredlife

California dream 🌙 // Ostatnio mało wrzucam i udzielam się na Instagramie. Dzieje się tak dlatego,że moim postanowienie noworocznym była zmiana podejście do kilku spraw. Przykład - przestań gadać, a zacznij działać. Dlatego działam do tego stopnia, że właśnie skończyłam zmywać podłogę w domu i ide spać. 1:38 i 5 dzień DETOXU za mną. Dobranoc 💋 #newyear #2019goals #letskickit ps A jak wasze postanowienia ???

19/365 While last night I wasnt able to see the blood moon I did happen to take this shot. The clouds swarmed in the last second right before the blood moon was complete and we missed it!

Somebody posted the signs as songs from Maggie’s new album and mine is fallingwater and it’s so accurate. Prints of this and a few others are for sale at the link in my bio 💫

Trucha. World Wide Web 🌎🕸

Hotel del Coronado has so much charm 💝

New sticker design/maybe apparel design🤔

Kelvin Lee

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Aaron Pinkston

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See the world with the innocence of children. Approach the world with the daring of children. Love the world with the readiness of children. Heal the world with the purity of children. Change the world with the wisdom of children. • Heading back to Rwanda in a few weeks, and really looking forward to reconnecting with these kiddos!

Luxtides talks her latest song “Echo” in our January issue! Link in bio. 🌊 | 📸: @camiliberty


Heal yourself, find yourself, know yourself, correct yourself, see yourself, love yourself, be yourself, respect yourself. . . . In frame: @yoga.lyne

Tea time on this brutally cold night. 🥶



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Winter soldier

We’re glad you enjoyed the dance lighting, @gretchengause and captured such amazing memories for Sherry and Harry. #weddingdj #wineryweddings ⠀
#repost @gretchengause⠀
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Lasers, fog & dance jams? This is heaven.🖤 . . #whenharrymetsherry . . . . @fogartywineryevents @thomasfogartywinery @cierra.dreamsonadime @bigfundj @susiecakesbakery . . . #fogmachine #createexplore #visualgang #makeportraitsnotwar #californiaweddingphotographer #healdsburgweddingphotographer #mattersoftheheart #mycalifornia #exploretocreate #californiaweddingphotographer # #romance #loveauthentic #wedding #weddingdress #winerywedding #thomasfogertywinery #weddingphotos #healdsburgweddingpgotographer #bayareaweddingphotographer #losangelesweddingphotographer #sanfranciscoweddingphotographer #dance #lasershow #dancefloor


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Warsaw downtown golden hour - winter edition. #poland🇵🇱

The Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon with the trees seemingly framing it and the rainbow of Nguyen Van Binh. Just perfection ❤

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you . . . Location : curug cantel, Tegal (Jawa tengah)

I’m still in love with these pictures I took of my beautiful friends backstage at the winterdance 2017 show ✨ fun fact: I’ve been a dancer for 20 years of my life and it has completely made me into the woman I am today. I danced competitively at kara anderson’s dance studio my whole life and then danced/ choreographed at bridgewater state university for 4 years. I’m so thankful for my dance family for always inspiring and supporting me the most out of anybody in my life ❤️

Feeling all kinds of Carmen Sandiego badass-ness here 😉 Ya know, I almost didn’t even get this hat, but once again, the hubs be knowing and convinced me. Now I’m not sure I ever want to take it off. Thanks, darling 💛 #thewayofthao ... 📷 by my love + hat finder: @haus_of_el

#repost @theripreport16 ・・・ #behindthescenes: On set for a new video by #qc's @iam_kollision. The director @thepictureman_ set up a very dope scene, and @haleymcclainhill & @travis.cure made brought it to life very well! Cant wait to see the finished product on this one! 💯 /// . . . #music #musiclover #kollision #thepictureman #haleymcclainhill #lusttmodels #traviscure #qmoney #neat #atlanta #rap #hiphop #newwave #newmusic #upcomingreleases #visualart #visualsoflife #visualgang #artisttowatch #artistyoushouldknow #videographer #film #theripreport #🎵 #trr


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Between 2 Worlds

The moon is a good friend to earth

~ Monday blues but make it fashion💙⚡️🌈 wearing @525america sweater #makingitinmanhattan ~

Pintu surga

we‘re infinitesimal. life’s cool.

"The time ia always right to do what is right" -Martin Luther King Jr.

Is anyone else just a little obsessed with anything that features unicorns on its packaging or is it just me?🤷🏼‍♀️🦄

Hello cold days ❄️

I heard a story about this hotel I found intriguingly dark and ironic. Hotel Lincoln in Chicago is named for obvious reasons. BUT, the bar at the top is named for Lincoln’s bodyguard who apparently was an alcoholic. The night Lincoln was shot, the bodyguard had snuck down to the bar for a quick drink 😐⠀ - ⠀ That knowledge bomb courtesy of @bobbysbikehikechicago

So my aunt has a pet pig 🐷🐽💖 Peep my lil bro in the back

Hari Santoso

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Kenikmatan perjalanan turun saat sejuknya hembusan angin kecil, dan segarnya menghirup suasana hutan pinus setelah hujan sembari ditemani nyanyian burung-burung liar membuat lelah itu mengganti menjadi penyemangat.. Namun seketika tercium bau belerang . . *teringat bahwa perjalanan dari kawah sesampai disini sangatlah jauh Kutatap wajahnya sembari dia tersenyum, gembira tertawa kecil seperti meledek . . *tak bersuara namun berasap hijau mematikan . . *BANGSATTT!! Ternyata itu kentut mas JARWO Seketika mood menjadi rusak membuat spirit 2700 menjadi loyo tak beraturan. #susahsenangmenghirupbersama #negarabeling #hitutkadal2019 #tentree #viaualsoflife #welifetoexplore #roamtheplanet #lifeofadventure #createcomunne #theglobewanderer #takemoreadventures #moodygrams #feedbacknations #artofvisuals #justgoshoot #visualcreators #visualgang #heatercentral #ourtheplanetdaily #theoutbound #thelensbible #thecreatorclass #folksouls #folkgood #folksceneryh

Semoga kita dapat menjadi seseorang yang selalu menjaga perkataan kita 😊

La última de esta serie, ya sabes que si deseas ver por pura curiosidad el Cortometraje @azotea_corto y el videoclip de esta hermosa canción que la compuso exclusivamente para el corto el capo @juliocesarmusicoficial !!!! Pues tienes el link en mi perfil 🤗🤗🤗🤗


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escape the ordinary

pure happiness ✨🌴🤸🏽‍♀️

I’ve never felt better than right now ... well maybe that one day ... when I was on top of the world ... well, on top of South America.


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“we must rise, we must fight back” | some digital doodles inspired by my new weird looking plant and one of the dustin lance black interviews. there’s so much to say and it’s definitely not an instagram caption material but my life has changed within that short half an hour of his speech. our world is undoubtedly a dark place right now but here’s a quote that i think everyone needs to read: “take a little bit of time in your lives to use some of that power and some of that passion to build bridges. between yourself and someone else or another people who are very different from you. and not because it’s charity or because it’s politically correct but because it will make you more powerful. ... and perhaps in building those bridges, that i hope you will build, you’ll be able to lead this world into a place that doesn’t listen to fear, and to hate, and to anger. but it loves and thrives no matter your gender or gender identity, the color of your skin, the god you pray to, or who you love. please get out there, use your stories, use your passion, and build bridges.” | thank you to dlb whom i admire endlessly for making my evening a bit brighter. love you all very very much.


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aP 💥


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Atributos da onisciência, onipresença! 🙏🏻