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As the fall colors are with us, get that warm coffee.


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Reposting this old one in loving memory of Stan Lee. Rest in peace master. (Cc @waddy722 👋🏼😉) . #xploreyourhood . #marvel #stanlee #night_owlz @night.owlz #strangertonez @strangertonez #darkmobs @darkmobs #street_ninjas @street.ninjas #visualgrams @visualgrams @epicimagez @epicimagez #gramvisions @gramvisions #killaframez @killaframez #all2epic @all2epic #thestreetpr0ject @thestreetpr0ject #creative_ace @creative_ace #murderdotcom @_murder.com_ @ig_shotz_le #fujifeed @fujifeed #depthdiscovered @depth.discovered #urbanaisle @urbanaisle #filmupphotography @filmupphotography @Instagram #creativemobs @creativemobs

It’s the same feeling when you’re leaving home.


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A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars, it's where the rich ride public transportation 217/365.


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Took a walk on the beach yesterday on 11:11 and said a silent prayer to all effected by the fires and the shooting. To me that means all of us, because I truly believe this devastation effects all of us on a soul level. It shakes us to the very foundations of who we are and our feelings of safety. These sorts of things affect our consciousness and even further, our mass or collective consciousness. Creating ripples...echoing throughout the cosmos. I believe in times like these we can really show up in a beautiful way...A human way...A kind, caring and empathetic way. Wether some would say otherwise, I truly believe that is our true nature...To love and to be loved. In my prayer I vowed that I will do my part to show up, to be the best human I possibly can. Faults and all. Step fully into my purpose.. to love unconditionally.. and to help and protect those who can’t themselves (human, animal, the planet 🌎) and to truly listen, to my deep truth and others truth. In a polarized world we must be the ones to create safety within ourselves and to nurture that safety in our brothers and sisters and communities. Its time to stop depending and placing blind trust in old systems and time to co create the world we want to live in for us and future generations. We love you California ❤️


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{ella} busca luz. con un gran equipo: @carluu.v @eliaspadillatanco @lucassdeca she: @chiarasomoza mua: @paau_buono ph: @cxrobouzas • • • • • • #nikon #nikonontop #nikonphotography #girl #girlportrait #portraitphotography #visualportraits #creativeportraits #portraitwoman #portraitworld #sombrebeings #theportraitpr0ject #agameoftones #visualgrams #experimentalphotography #fotografíaisec


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Good dogs! 🐶


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• Wings are like dreams. Before each flight, a bird takes a small jump, a leap of faith, believing that its wings will work. That jump can only be made with rock solid feet. •


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That crazy little sun of a beach #costarica


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These burgers while ON POINT . (dot)


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The will of man made visible.


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Divide, compare black and white if you must But to divide every color would be nonsensical...


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Mood 😴