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Wow time flies, excuse me but I'm bout to get sentimental. Today marks 10 years since I joined the greatest bond know to man, and I can honestly say it's been quite the ride! All my life I wanted to be a Nupe, and to be 10 years in is kinda mind boggling. I couldn't have asked to join a better chapter in NL & a better LB in @jay3wil one of the greatest men I know. These past 10 years is chopped full of #achievement from my Line bringing in the first Bridgewater Nupe, to us throwing the first JMU Pretty Nasty, creating the MoneyTeam, running a successful STEM initiatives, getting in the Journal for running a successful Lego Robotics program with @polomarco for 6 years, and many more. I'm just so grateful and blessed for what we've done in the past 10, and looking forward to the next 10! YO to all the good Bros, #vivalarollingstone & Long may the MoneyTeam reign! 👌🏾

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My mom was right when she told me to keep living and you'll be surprised as to where you'll go. It's been 7 long years in a lifelong journey. Who would have known that I would have another bro @jay3wil, an even larger family @davinci323 and @ba_sup3rman_, & a place to call home #vivalarollingstone!!! I love all my bros, & that is what makes this the greatest bond known to man! #kappaversary #fa07 #moneyteam #rollingstones #weoutchea!