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Exactly a week ago, I attended @vnmnaturals’ Asian Beauty Bloggers Community Workshop and the brand generously gifted us with these goodies to try. Thank you so much, V&M Naturals! 💖⠀ ⠀ It was really amazing and inspiring learning about how the brand started and how serious they are in their research and development. I think it’s important for a brand to be able to backup product claims with data from heavy testing and studies. I really appreciate it since that helps me feel less nervous to try new products even though there is still the possibility of it not working for me. YMMV.⠀ ⠀ I absolutely love how V&M Naturals believes more on taking care of the skin vs piling on makeup. That’s totally my aesthetic as a makeup artist. I also admire the company’s eco-friendly practices thru various environmental projects. I am really glad that I got to learn more not just about their products but the brand as well. ⠀ ⠀ We also picked up a bunch of interesting skincare-related trivia during the event, like:⠀ • it takes 26 seconds for the skin to absorb products into the bloodstream⠀ • for people ages zero to late 20s, it takes 26 to 28 days for skin to regenerate. Those who are older, regeneration takes 50 days. That is why it is important to exfoliate to help speed up regeneration.⠀ ⠀ We were given the chance to try some of their products including their new skin-caring makeup line and I liked how they felt on the skin. I have also used a few V&M products a couple of years back like the Underarmour and CPC-G Oil and I actually miss using them. I made a wishlist and I wasn’t planning on purchasing anything soon since I still have a lot of products that I haven’t opened yet but Beauty MNL had a buy 1, get 1 deal on V&M Naturals products and I couldn’t help but take advantage. I don’t think I can get a better deal than that, right? So I ended up getting everything on my wishlist. And I’m so happy that expiry is in 2020! ⠀ ⠀ Have you tried any V&M Naturals products before? Any favorites?⠀


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These are just some of the key ingredients that makes our Keep Safe Tinted Sunscreen your best sunscreen ever! . . 🍊Grapefruit Extract contains Vitamin C and antioxidants that protect skin and stimulate the production of collagen. . 🌰Argan Oil contains Vitamin E and essential fatty acids for skin health and protection. . 🌿Tea Tree Oil has antimicrobial properties that destroy the bacteria on your skin that causes infection and body odor. . 🍊Bitter Orange Extract has astringent properties and controls oil balance on the skin without stripping the body's natural oils. It also offers anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antifungal qualities. . . #vnmnaturals #vnmmodernconsciousbeauty


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If you were to use just one skin care product that you should never skip in your morning routine, it has to be this one: SUNSCREEN. . . You will never feel the need to skip it when you're using our Keep Safe Tinted Sunscreen! Protect your skin from the sun while keeping it moisturized and luminous as it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. . . It's not yet back in our stores but make sure to turn on post notifications so you get to be the first to know when this is back in stock! #vnmnaturals #vnmmodernconsciousbeauty

"Been wanting to buy this since it's launch and thank goodness I did! It did not disappoint! I saw the effects in just a week - it lightened dark areas on my UA and got fewer bumps on my skin! The best thing was there's very MINIMAL HAIR GROWTH! Never thought I would find something that could really help me with my dilemma," says Sette. Want to experience the same benefits like Sette had with MIRACLE PROMISE? Send us a message and order now! Read more about this amazing product on our blog: http://vnmnaturals.com/miracle-promise-your-secret-to-delaying-unwanted-hair-growth #vnmnaturals #vnmmodernconsciousbeauty #modernconsciousbeauty #vnmhealthyswitch #ecobeauty #cleanbeauty #naturepowered #organic #allnatural #skincare #crueltyfree #parabenfree #organicskincare #allnaturalskincare #crueltyfreeskincare #supportlocal #proudlyphilippinemade🇵🇭 #qualityskincareproduct #vnmnaturalsstarosalaguna #vnmmiraclepromise #miraclepromise


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The BOMB. 💣 This @vnmnaturals Bikini Bomb and Exfobomb, together with the CPC+G oil (which I mostly use on my face), has been my HG brightening products for some time now. They don’t only brighten, but also smoothens skin at the same time. I’m on my third tub of bikini bomb, third bottle of cpc+g oil, and this exfobomb is my first tub. I’ve seen the effects with just a week or two, so I’m really looking foward to see the long-term effects. Trying out that texture shot even if it’s not Tuesday so it’s not #texturetuesday #byatexturetuesday 😂 #vnmnaturals #venusandmars #supportlocal #localskincareph #asianbeautycommunity #abcommunity


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Weekend is the time to give yourself and your skin the pampering that it deserves! And how could you do that? With the use of safe and naturals products of course. Good thing is that we're having a 3-Day Sale with SM Megamall this October 19-21! Get 20, 25, or 30% off on your entire purchase when you shop for your V&M faves this weekend! Check our stories for our best sellers so you'll have an idea on which products to hoard! #vnmnaturals #vnmmodernconsciousbeauty


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Hi everyone! My new favorite local brand @vnmnaturals are on their 10th year & guess what, their Pure Actives are on a BUY ONE GET ONE Promo at SM North Edsa, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, SM Clark, SM Southmall, Glorietta 3, Fairview Headquarters, and online via FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM from October 1 to 31! Check out what's on BOGO or swipe left for deets! 10ml Pure Actives - Emu Oil - Tsubaki Oil - Rosehip Oil - Love Plant Oil - Argan Oil 30ml Pure Actives - Sacha Inchi Oil - Tsubaki Oil - Rosehip Oil - Love Plant Oil - Argan Oil - Tamanu Oil - Karanja Oil - Copaiba Oil - Marula Oil - Hazelnut Oil Hurry and get your fave Pure Active because promo is available until stocks last! Note: Payment applies for the higher priced oil. Promo NOT applicable on the website.  #vnmnaturals #vnmmodernconsciousbeauty


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Eternal pearl: These key ingredients are what will make your skin get the refined and luminous skin with our Eternal Pearl! 🌾Fermented wheat has hyaluronic acid that penetrates into deeper layers of the skin and plays a role in the healing process of the skin. 🌺Wild Indigo Extract protects skin from stress by regulation of cortisol production, which gives fast improvement of skin color and luminosity. 🌾Wheat Bran Extract provides skin-lightening effects because it inhibits melanogenesis. It also helps in skin cell regeneration and renewal. 💎Pearl Powder promotes skin-lightening while gently exfoliating and polishing the skin. Minerals and proteins in pearl soften and nourish skin while maintaining the skin tone. #vnmnaturals #vnmmodernconsciousbeauty


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These key ingredients are what will make your skin get the refined and luminous skin with our Eternal Pearl! 🌾Fermented wheat has hyaluronic acid that penetrates into deeper layers of the skin and plays a role in the healing process of the skin. 🌺Wild Indigo Extract protects skin from stress by regulation of cortisol production, which gives fast improvement of skin color and luminosity. 🌾Wheat Bran Extract provides skin-lightening effects because it inhibits melanogenesis. It also helps in skin cell regeneration and renewal. 💎Pearl Powder promotes skin-lightening while gently exfoliating and polishing the skin. Minerals and proteins in pearl soften and nourish skin while maintaining the skin tone. #vnmnaturals #vnmmodernconsciousbeauty


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Thanks @vnmnaturals for this wonderful products... Another daughter for my skin care routine. #vnmnaturals #beautybloggers #naturalbeauty #oil #beautymnl #followyourheart #followforfollow


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"This has got to be the ultimate and most packed exfoliant I have ever tried. This is not your ordinary face and body scrub! It is loaded with anti-oxidants and rich emollients, your skin looks better in just one wash! In doubt? You've gotta try it to believe it! Seriously, this is no cliche. I can just go on and on!" . . End the curiosities and get yourself a tub of our CLEAR Y ROSY FACE AND BODY SCRUB! Send us a message for more info! #vnmnaturals #vnmmodernconsciousbeauty #modernconsciousbeauty #vnmhealthyswitch #ecobeauty #cleanbeauty #naturepowered #organic #allnatural #skincare #crueltyfree #parabenfree #organicskincare #allnaturalskincare #crueltyfreeskincare #supportlocal #proudlyphilippinemade🇵🇭 #qualityskincareproduct #vnmnaturalsstarosalaguna #vnmclearyrosyscrub #faceandbodyscrub #organicfacescrub


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Did you know that this face creme helps in shrinking your pore size and prevents formation of acne and age spots while giving a renewed and well-boosted skin? Get a bottle of this now and experience luminous and naturally radiant skin with Eternal Pearl Pore-perfecting Face Creme! #vnmnaturals #vnmmodernconsciousbeauty


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Got all of these in my loot bag from the VnM Naturals Workshop I attended to last Saturday. Yayy!!! I am new to VnM products so this is a great opportunity for me to try this local, all-natural brand. Plus.. their workshop was filled with so much information. @charmsays organized the event and she was also my seatmate then.. I told here that we haven't reached an hour into the workshop and I learned a lot already. And guess what.. I had an impulse decision to be a regular partner with the help of Charm of @charmsays and Jen of @tatty_skinventure. You rock girls! 👌 Muntik pa ko actually maging business partner.. pero mapapagalitan na ko ng asawa ko sa pagbili ko ng products. 🤣 The items I have with me now are for my personal use. I want to test them out before I promote them. I want to see if they really work. I can't just offer something for sale without knowing if it is any good. So yes.. I might also post items for sale from their brand in my shop - @conztalpica where I distribute/resell local products. This is to support my advocacy - #supportlocal #lovelocal. Watch out for more updates on my experience with this brand. I am taking my time using and enjoying my experience with their products. I can't just give out my first impressions on skincare products.. like what I can do for my makeup reviews. Skincare is something more sacred for me and I hope to gain your trust whenever you read my skincare reviews. #makeupreview #beautyreview #makeup #beauty #beautyblog #beautyreview #makeupblog #skincareblog #skincare #skincarereview #beautyblogger #beautypost #makeupblogger #vnmnaturals


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I think this is the most underrated lipstick out there. It dries quickly, pigmented (I just need a small amount and spread it on my lips), non drying, and long lasting! It's a little bit pricey for 450 though given the small tube. But again, (1) you only need a small amount, (2) V&M always gives promos (I got it for buy 1 take 1, splitting the cost with a friend 🙃) and (3) who finishes a big tube of lipstick?? Haha! I'm giving it less 0.25 out of 5 because they don't have enough swatches online! I only had the chance to swatch the shade ruby on their stall so that's the one I ordered. I rarely buy red lipstick but this one is a perfect red that's not too bold and perfect for everyday. @vnmnaturals


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Hilot according to the web, is an ancient Filipino art of healing. It is our take on traditional medicine, to give relief or aid in the healing process of an ill person. And sometimes the key to an even more relaxing Hilot is through the use of, herbs and oils. . Whenever I am feeling under the weather, I often ask for Reflexology therapy, Hilot or a combination of other practices. We don't settle for any oils, we usually have our own. So far, this has been my favorite. . V&M Naturals' Ultra-Nourishing Tonic is a multi purpose oil that can be used as a moisturizer, a treatment and a massage oil. The Ylang-Ylang essential oil has a very feminine touch to it, and combined with other essential oils creates a blend that's very relaxing and reviving!


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What ingredients make our Wrinkle Revenge a potent anti-wrinkle eye gel, you ask? . . 🐌Marine Cone Snail Extract which provides instant and long-lasting action that relaxes without totally paralyzing muscles. It has hypoallergenic formulation, and is non-sensitizing and non-irritant for eyes and skin. 🌷Wild Indigo breaks down cortisol production that is responsible for tired-looking skin and inflammation 🍬Acacia gum smoothens and stretches the skin once it dries . Try out this instant anti-wrinkle eye gel and get wow-ed by its effects! #vnmnaturals #vnmmodernconsciousbeauty


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Day 7 of #sparklesandnargleschallenge by Ate Luna of @sparklesandnargles "The Seven Potters" Today we share seven products that we love. For me, instead of posting ILY products, I'll share instead the seven items of my skincare routine. I've been using these products regularly for almost a month and I've seen the results. Double Cleanse: 🔸@rrawph Raspberry Babe Balm 🔸@herbsandhyssop Purify Cleansing Foam Tone: 🔸@vnmnaturals Cucumber+ Guava Leaf Toner OR 🔸@cosrx AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner Hydrate: 🔸@hadalaboofficial Gokujyun Hyalauronic Lotion Treat: 🔸@herbsandhyssop Clear Facial Oil Moisturize: 🔸@rrawph Facial Serum I add up other products that I need for a certain day, like physical exfoliators,wash-off masks and overnight masks. #skincare #blog #skincareblog #rrawph #herbsandhyssop #vnmnaturals #cosrx #hadalabo #golocal #kbeauty #kbeautyph #skincarecommunity #skincarecommunityph #abcommunity #abcommunityph #skinloveslocal #morena #lovetheskinyourein


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Our Wrinkle Revenge is not a favorite for nothing. It targets cells beneath the skin’s surface to fight stress and help relax frequently used muscles, without blocking movement. . The results that you will get? Immediately: . 👁Fine lines soften 👁Makes the area around your eyes look renewed and refreshed . After 2 weeks: . 👁Dark under-eye circles, deep fine lines and sagging skin will start to fade . 👁Elasticity and firmness will be visibly improved Head on to www.vnmnaturals.com to have a revenge on those bags and wrinkles under your eyes! #vnmnaturals #vnmmodernconsciousbeauty


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Nurturing my skin with my new found love @vnmnaturals Skin care products. Lakas maka glass skin! #beautybloggers #beauty #skincare #oil #vnmnaturals #followyourheart #followforfollow


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Experience multiple benefits that this oil can provide your skin with it being the ONLY natural oil that is closest to the human skin components! V&M Naturals EMU oil which is also considered to be the "Miracle Oil" is renowned for its ability to beautify, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin and hair! Now available in 10ml bottles! Get yours now! #vnmnaturals #vnmmodernconsciousbeauty #modernconsciousbeauty #vnmhealthyswitch #ecobeauty #cleanbeauty #naturepowered #organic #allnatural #skincare #parabenfree #organicskincare #allnaturalskincare #supportlocal #proudlyphilippinemade🇵🇭 #qualityskincareproduct #vnmnaturalsstarosalaguna #vnmemuoil #emuoil


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Make your skin drink the potion that's in our Total Potion! ✨Tamarind contains Hyaluronic Acid that moisturizes skin and smoothens fine lines and wrinkles ✨Tamarind seeds which can help in providing relief from minor skin rashes. It also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that improve the appearance of inflamed skin Get a bottle of our Total Potion Tamarind Insta-Lift Power Serum! and start combatting early signs of aging! #vnmnaturals #vnmmodernconsciousbeauty


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Anothey buy 1 get 1 from @vnmnaturals ! Got this from @beautymnl ❤ This will be my first time trying the "Smother Me" variant of their body sorbet since I've been using the "Bare it All" from the start. It smells minty, just like the other body sorbet. But I think this is more like herb-y scent? Bare it all smells sweeter than this. And my favorite perfume spray! I already purchased 2 bottles and emptied them. Sooo this is my 3rd and 4th bottle 😍 For me, it does smells like summer, somewhat fruity, citrusy and refreshing. Though it does not last that long, however I still love it! I even spray some on my hair so it will be "mabango". Idk if it's okay, but it doesn't have any stinky smell even my head sweats all over 😅 BTW, V&M Naturals is one of my favorite local skincare lines 😊 . . . . #localskincareph #vnmnaturals #skincareph

Go loco with this flavor of our Cellulose Hydrating Lip Polish, Melon Loco! This does not only make the appearance of your lips healthy but actually heals the skin from within! #vnmnaturals #vnmmodernconsciousbeauty #retaillabph


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Wondering what's in our CPC+G OIL and what makes it one of our most raved product? Here are some of its key ingredients: . ✔ C stands for Calamansi extract. It has natural skin bleaching properties for effective skin lightening. It also has exfoliating properties that slough off dead skin cells and promotes skin renewal. . ✔ P is for Papaya extract. It contains Papain, a natural exfoliating enzyme that removes dead skin cells and improves skin cell turnover. . ✔ C is for Camellia Japonica. This repairs the skin from within and helps fade scar marks over time because of its ability to be absorbed deep in the skin. . ✔ G stands for Grapefruit extract. It contains Vitamin C and antioxidants that protect skin and stimulates the production of skin collagen. #vnmnaturals #vnmmodernconsciousbeauty #modernconsciousbeauty #vnmhealthyswitch #ecobeauty #cleanbeauty #naturepowered #organic #allnatural #skincare #crueltyfree #parabenfree #organicskincare #allnaturalskincare #crueltyfreeskincare #supportlocal #proudlyphilippinemade🇵🇭 #qualityskincareproduct #vnmnaturalsstarosalaguna #vnmcpcgoil #cpcgoil


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Day 5 of #sparklesandnargleschallenge by Ate Luna @sparklesandnargles . . . "Fleur Delacour" . . . Today we post our prettiest skincare product that we have in our collection. TBH I can't choose because if I did, that would mean I'll be posting multiple photos, which I don't like. Instead, I'll share my whole stash. It's not that much but it's growing! Plus, I'm not a fan of not finishing a product, so I keep backups in case I've used up an item. #skincare #blog #skincareblog #kbeauty #jbeauty #skincarecommunity #skincaresommunityph #abcommunity #abcommunityph #golocal #rrawph #vnmnaturals #humanheartnature #herbsandhyssop #hadalabo #cosrx #biore #deciem #beachbornph #aztec #magwai #skinloveslocal #morena #lovetheskinyourein


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Sharing with you Sunday night's routine which was mainly composed of honey products ✨🍯 . #vnmnaturals Clear y Rosy as manual exfoliator #missha FTE #goodal Green Tangerine Honey Moist Toner #paparecipe Bombee Honey Mask #lgh Vita Propolis Ampoule #goodal Green Tangerine Honey Moist Serum #ihe Triple Treat Eye Cream #cosrx Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask #laneige Lip Sleeping Mask . . This routine was well received by my skin. Woke up to a plump, healthy-looking, glowy skin! ✨ . . #datkbeautyglow #asianbeauty #amabie #koreanbeauty #kbeautyph #abbeatthealgorithm #amabiea #amabiebeauty #abskincare #abskincareaddict #asianskincare #beautybloggerph #beautyblogger #skincareph #skincare #abbloggerph #abcommunity #abcommunityph


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@vnmnaturals|Cucumber+Guava Leaf Skin Clearing Toner|100 ml|P335.00/$7.00| My favourite cleansing toner. I buy multiple bottles of this whenever V&M has a promotion. I use this right after washing my face to make sure that there’s zero trace of makeup left before I proceed with the rest of my skincare regimen. I also use this to test how effective a facial wash is. What I love most about this toner is how mild (no tingling sensation) yet effective it is in ridding my skin of any dirt or impurities. V&M has different kinds of toners for different types of skin. If you have combination and sensitive skin like me, I’d recommend the Cucumber+Guava Leaf.|5/5

Why did we create CPC+G OIL? Swipe left to see what made our founder, Jamie Faith Tan, create this brightening skin care favorite! Carol's story on CPC+G Oil: My only beauty oil since 2016! V&M's CPC+G Oil has been on top of my skin care product since 2016. I had an acne breakout a couple of years ago and I really had a hard time clearing out the acne marks on my face. At that time, I was also trying out natural products so when my colleague told me about this oil, I did not hesitate to try it. This product is proven effective and it promises visible results in such a short amount of time. After less than a week of regular use (2x a day), I noticed that my old pimple scars and dark spots lightened. And my pimples dried fast! I like how this works superbly on its own and is equally effective when combined or mixed with other products. I mix this oil with lotion or creams. Also, I like the new packaging. Before, it was on a spray bottle and now it comes with a dropper, which made it look posher! Price wise, this product won't burn a hole in your pocket! You'll surely get your money's worth in every drop! #vnmnaturals #vnmmodernconsciousbeauty #modernconsciousbeauty #vnmhealthyswitch #ecobeauty #cleanbeauty #naturepowered #organic #allnatural #skincare #crueltyfree #parabenfree #organicskincare #allnaturalskincare #crueltyfreeskincare #supportlocal #proudlyphilippinemade🇵🇭 #qualityskincareproduct #vnmnaturalsstarosalaguna #cpcgoil #vnmcpcgoil


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Combat early signs of aging with our Total Potion Tamarind Insta-Lift Serum! The tamarind content of this serum will rejuvenate the skin for wrinkle improvement as it effectively lightens dark stubborn spots and goes beyond the skin by preventing pre-occurring spots to reveal themselves! The result that you will get? A brighter, youthful and naturally glowing skin! #vnmnaturals #vnmmodernconsciousbeauty


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Here are just some the ingredients that will make you love our Cellulose Hydrating Lip Polish! . . 🌻Sunflower Seed Oil replenishes and soothes the skin. It's a rich source of fatty acids skin can use, including Linoleic Acid, and is excellent for dry skin. . 🏵Safflower Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, and Lecithin combination moisturizes the skin and protects its epidermal layers. It also helps to regulate the oil/water balance of the skin and keeps it hydrated. Contains Vitamin E and Linoleic Acid, which nourish the skin and protect it from radical damage. . 🌰Murumuru Butter has Vitamins A and C and Omega fatty acids 3, 6, and 9 that is essential for skin structure and nourishment. . 🥜Jojoba Oil can form a barrier that effectively locks the moisture in and keeps the lips soft and supple. . 🥑Avocado Oil penetrates quickly into the skin to promote healing, skin regeneration, and protection from UV light and pollution Get a tub of it at www.vnmnatural.com 💚 #vnmnaturals #vnmmodernconsciousbeauty


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Still trying hard to catch up on Luna's (@sparklesandnargles ) Harry Potter-themed #sparklesandnargleschallenge ⚡ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ DAY 2 - Amortentia: Here're my best-scented/best-smelling skincare items! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ※ #vnmnaturals Pearl Luminescence ※ #humanheartnature Lip Scrub ※ #rrawph Yogurt Mask in Apple Pie ※ @beautybakeryco Witch Hazel facial mist ※ @shopalwayssunday Minty Matcha mist ※ @herbsandhyssop Glow oil ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 💕 Amortentia is the most powerful love potion in existence. It causes a powerful infatuation or obsession from the drinker. The potion smells different to each person, according to what attracts them. These products are fresh or yummy smelling which I like — strong floral notes and fruity ones make me cringe haha. These are a joy to the senses! Also just happened to notice that they are all #localproducts too. ——— #amortentia #harrypotter #rasianbeauty #abcommunity #abcommunityph #abbeatthealgorithm #abbeatthealgorithmph #discoverunder5k #trylocalph #supportlocalph #buylocalph #lovelocalph #livelovebeauty #pursuepretty #dewyskin #dewyface #charmloveslocal


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CPC+G OIL is a mixture of potent skin lightening oil, actives and extracts such as Calamansi, Papaya, Camelia Japonica and Grapefruit that are perfect for dark and damaged skin. Enriched with Love plant and Safflower oil, this power-lightening blend will help even out, refine, and rejuvenate the appearance and texture of the skin. #vnmnaturals #vnmmodernconsciousbeauty #modernconsciousbeauty #vnmhealthyswitch #ecobeauty #cleanbeauty #naturepowered #organic #allnatural #skincare #crueltyfree #parabenfree #organicskincare #allnaturalskincare #crueltyfreeskincare #supportlocal #proudlyphilippinemade🇵🇭 #qualityskincareproduct #vnmnaturalsstarosalaguna #vnmcpcgoil #cpcgoil #brightennotwhiten


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Day 4 #sparklesandnargleschallenge of @sparklesandnargles is about THESTRALS (Invisible winged horse, can be seen only by people who have seen death.) In the Abworld, the theme is about skincare items that deserve more hype. ..And for me, these 3 are a must! They're affordable yet effective 😍! . . 🦄 #melanocc Vitamin C Serum - brightening & don't oxidize. . . 🦄 #mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream - love this for traveling or in the morning. . . 🦄 #vnmnaturals Smooch Lip Detox - I just got this yesterday as a gift from V&M, & i'm in love already! . . #skincareroutine #skinrepair #kravebeauty #embryolisseph #a313ph #a313 #acwellph #kraveph #stratiaph #aveneph #abskincare #ampoule #essence #moisturebarrier #abskincare #skincareroutine #skincareobsessed #skincareregime #skincareaddict #abskincare #pmroutine #abcommunityph #abcommunity #hpskincarechallenge #potterhead