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10 Minutes Ago

Some things I noticed when I took my check in video yesterday.... ♦️Thigh gap ♦️Saggy mom tummy. ♦️Shoulders ♦️Stretch marks . ♦️Oblique muscles. ♦️Cellulite What incredible contrasts. Loving parts and wanting to fix or critique others. Knowing that some of those imperfections came with a price. Love and life. Every stage is beautiful and so am I. Perfectly imperfect. So I wanted to share that with you so that you know it’s not all flexed abs and perfect lighting and poses. It’s real and vulnerable and I too have insecurities. But I’m also learning to love myself at every stage and more and more everyday. ❤️ . . #selflove #selfie #selfiesaturday #fitness #love #mom #perfectlyimperfect #fit #workout #gym #vulnerability #motivation #inspiration #girlswholift #coach #personaltrainer


14 Minutes Ago

🤣 so true. Same thing with life. You can have, be or do anything you want yet so many people choose to settle. Blows my mind that the old story of fear, self doubt and scarcity has soooo much power!! I know the secret. I help you identify your BS, remove the block and give you the power to be successful, amazing and happy. I know you know it in your head. You’ve heard it, said it and read it but I teach you how to do it!! It’s not enough to learn more information. That’s what is keeping you stuck. Let me teach you how to OWN IT!! There’s a process.. 🥊 I’m sharing it with whoever wants to truly do the work to get it. Let’s grow... #transformation #mindset #mastery #story #belief #business #career #success #lawofattraction #vulnerability #dare #courage #brave #onelife #bizcoach #lifecoach #empowerment #womenempowerment


19 Minutes Ago

“stop. i’m too sensitive r.n.” Sometimes I feel really on edge and on the verge of crying for practically no reason. It can be overwhelming. I was working at a restaurant and my boss tends to micro-manage. He means well, but when I was already doing what he was telling me to do, it made me feel like I was all wrong even though I rationally knew I was right. A battle between the head and the heart, so to speak. I often experience those battles multiple times a day over the most arbitrary things. I drew this illustration of what I was feeling when I had a few minutes of downtime, and suddenly I was grounded again. It’s pretty amazing how instantaneous and effective this method of release was. Thanks for reading! If you’d like to, please share any methods you have of calming down when you’re feeling too sensitive to function like a “normal” person. 🙃 #arttherapy #sensitivity #vulnerability #serverlife #icanteven #mooddisorder #sensoryprocessingdisorder #illustration #inkstagram #ballpointpen #marsincancer


31 Minutes Ago

SUMMER SOLSTICES ☀️☀️is another power gate on the wheel of the year, ...the Marriage of Heaven and Earth 🌏 on the longest day and the shortest night of the year. ☀️☀️💃🏻💃🏻 This solar high point is a time of FERTILITY and growth, heralding the longest lazy days of summer. ( love this from @thefacialgoddess ) __________ YES that makes me want to bask in the Sun 🌞 with all my Feminine Energy. __________ Do you resonate and rejoices too? Or does that word FERTILITY catches you off guard? ___________ Being Fertile occupies a large part of our lives... it can feel like a loss when we’re not. __________ Making an unconscious or I’ll informed “value” judgment on your worth or your creativity on this planet...after ... is just not living agelessly. __________ Becoming a mother is not the only way you create in this life. We may know that ... but if you haven’t given it much thought it may take you by surprise when it happens. __________ Don’t let it 🙏 You can Start by ... __________ 1) envisioning what you want to give birth to next and give yourself permission to be fertile in that way. Feel it all the way down. Creating is creating ...its naturally in our DNA. It will make you happier and focused as you move through the transition. __________ 2) This change... Offers us the opportunity to re-channel, inward .. our past “energy loss.”.. to supercharge the awakening of our INNER KNOWLEDGE. Dance ...move your body in an earth-grounding yoga practice. Meditate. Sit on the Earth & Breathe. These are all practices that help you connect more deep to your body & mind. ___________ In Ayurvedic Medicine, at age 60, women in their household life and begin to develop their souls. Our fertility stops being about having children and starts being about what we create for ourselves that benefit us and the people around us. —As said by Dr. Christine Northrup ___________ Now go and DANCE 💃🏻 in the 🌞 Happy Saturday Lovelies 💋💋 • • KATHY CAMP @living_agelessly is all about Ageless Living & Midlife shifts #excorporatechick, World Traveler now a wellness, yoga, lifestyle, business coach living in Spain. #outrageoussexyliving Join Us In Our Spain Retreat, Sept 1-6 💃🏻

Heading to Solstice for day 2! Stop by because I want all the hugs 🌞 • The moment I spoke up was the moment I realized how much my community is here. I’ve been digging through and out of a place where I wasn’t meeting myself where I was and therefore I wasn’t meeting others where they were. I was living in deep expectation and criticism. The other side of that is love. Real love and I’m glad to be in that territory. Being open is a beautiful thing.


24 Minutes Ago

On and on the rain will fall Like tears from a star Like tears from a star On and on the rain will say How fragile we are How fragile we are #sting #fragile #vulnerability #fragility #heart #sunray #mariana #maryjane #instagram #photooftheday #photography #palaciodueñas #sevilla #selfieday #me


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A few days ago, I posted a photo of self at almost 7 years ago and it got me thinking how I have changed. Some changes like physical are probably obvious but mentally and emotionally it is difficult to see. I hope in years to come, I will always grow and challenge myself, be surrounded by people who will hold me accountable and help me be vulnerable; learning to be stronger and know my value. I like this quote by Brene Brown - “owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do”! This is a photo today in the same dress. #reflection #selfie #lovingourself #vulnerability #thisfineday #quote #thinkingtoself #outloud #7yearslater #realifephoto #photooftheday


31 Minutes Ago

Catching flies with our mouths wide open like that😲🐝🤦🏽‍♀️😂...read on for some real stuff... ___ Truth: this week has been up and down for me...I internalize a lot when I hear/see the news which is typically why I don’t watch for extended periods of time. I’m a Cancer, with a hard exterior but I’m super sensitive inside. I cried a lot of tears this week for all of the immigrant families that have been separated. I felt anger, frustration, sadness and utter guilt to be honest. Guilt for this very privileged life I have while so many are suffering. ___ Last night some friends planned a girls night, since two of our Birthdays are upcoming this next week, and yesterday morning I thought about cancelling. I was still feeling funky, and drained. But then I realized that surrendering to fear and angst wouldn’t be helpful to anyone. I realize that if I continue to give and radiate love to anyone I connect with then that will cause a ripple effect ♥️. So onto this mission because it seems feasible right now...”you don’t have to move mountains. Simply fall in love with life. Be a tornado of happiness, gratitude, and acceptance. You will change the world just by being a warm, kind-hearted human being.” ✌🏽♥️🌎🌻 __ #reallife #speakyourtruth #authenticity #vulnerability #peace #love #lovewillprevail #summervibes #mentalhealth #wholehealthywellbymel #sistas #soulsisters #letyourlightshine #boatlife #lakenorman #charlotteblogger


2017-12-11 16:59:10

Months have passed Since I’ve put word to paper in this way As if my palm spread against the cold desk And my fingers curled tight ‘round this pen Are making messy, messy love to all the empty space Between these lines Neat and tidy lines Lines that remind me of what it used to feel like Cultural conditioning Pressed down Into my salty, jagged, crossed-out phrases Where the ink bleeds through to the next sheet And demands I live as if My expression must fit perfectly Nicely Caged in To Something that no longer resembles me. And still I write One letter at a time One step, one step more Through the golden desert As if the old patterns aren’t threatening to resurface As if the judgements floating around my mind are not screaming, “You fraud!” As if my faith were stronger and louder than all of the doubts. Who knew they held each other so tenderly? The truth that drips down my chin Even when I wish to remain hidden And the lies I’ve been too afraid to see beyond Even when I know they're not real But I write As if the softness of my inner petals Unfurl against all odds Blooming in the middle of winter And they do bloom Bursting forth Colors spilling out In dots and quivers and howls Raspy voices sweeping through the canyon Unfettered by boxes and should's and supposed to's The same life that breathes through the yellow grass at night And births the sand lizards Moves my hand Quietly scribbling itself into view Roses fill these pages now Begging me to remember As if to say, “Here I am. Don’t you know. I have always been here.” . . . #alchemy #growth #poetry #poetsofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #poetsofig #poetsociety #poetrycommunity #instapoetry #writing #writersofinstagram #transpersonal #transformation #transparency #vulnerabilitywarriors #individuation #autonomy #landscape #nature #photography #naturephotography #photo #vulnerability #selflove #transpersonalpsychology #freedom #desert #healingwithart #healing


38 Minutes Ago

FINALLY!!! IT’S HERE! - It’s been a massive labour of love, new website is finally live! - I’m going to be straight with you, this website and ‘my story’ really called on me to me vulnerable. - What I know, authenticity cannot be present without vulnerability. So, there you have it. - I hope that a sneak peak into my story can somehow help you, and that my lessons and experiences in my business life can inspire you, as you go through yours. Keep shining! www.katyloewen.com - P.S subscribe to my newsletter and enter to win a 45 min Strength Discovery Coaching call Xo


44 Minutes Ago

Swipe to see progress picture! I’ve been feeling a lot of anxiety towards posting something like this. It’s a new kind of vulnerability for me. The bottom pictures were taken exactly two weeks after the top ones. And even though it has just been two weeks, I am so damn proud of myself and have no shame in saying that. I have never been so disciplined. I have never pushed myself so hard. I told myself I was going to do this two week challenge, and I did. In two weeks I went to 10 classes at @f45oakvillelakeshore , having two rest days each week. My diet has always been quite healthy, so eating well was not a struggle for me. I was, however, a little more strict on myself these two weeks when it comes to food consumption because I really wanted to see what I could accomplish. I stuck with it, which I am very proud of myself for. I feel stronger and healthier than I have felt in a really long time. This is the best I’ve felt in years. This little challenge not only showed me my physical strength and capabilities but mental and emotional ones as well. Working out really does get those endorphins flowing and make ya feel damn good! It can seriously relieve some stress. It can turn your whole day around, it boosts your mood, it’s a great way to blow off some steam and let go of any built up negative energy. It was also empowering to be so disciplined with myself. To really use my will power and control over myself and my choices. To push myself in ways I never thought I could. It has been an amazing two weeks filled with so much personal growth. I inspired my damn self and what a feeling that is to experience! I would not have been able to have the experience without F45 though. Their classes are incredible. The hardest and best workouts I’ve ever done. The coaches there are also amazing, motivating, encouraging and passionate! They allowed me to push myself harder than I thought I could. They taught me not to doubt myself. They helped me discover a new strength and endurance I didn’t know was within me. So there it is, my little transformation. I say little, but for me it was so much bigger than what can be seen through the eyes of any observer. 💪🏼❤️


42 Minutes Ago

On the way to Castel Giorgio - Angry. For being rejected. For feeling unworthy. For feeling unseen. Angry. And jealous(!) For your freedom. For taking care of yourself first, not me. Jealous. Of the lightness and carelessness that come so naturally to you. Angry. For making me doubt myself. For making my beauty, my glory, my preciousness disposable. Sad. For the same reasons. Terrified. Of being abandoned, lonely, having no control. Hateful. Of uncertainty. Bored. Of being in this place - again! Of being stuck in this thing that's me. Despaired. As I give up, lift my gaze and notice the sun shine through the shrubs. Bemused. By my short-sightedness. For feeling alone while a whole universe was unfolding all around me. Quiet. As the bad feelings take flight and ride the fragrant breeze. Still. As the gravels stop grinding under my feet. I have arrived to the retreat. #vulnerability #authentic #yoga #spirituality #presence #lettinggo #femininity #fuckit #love #lovemyself #movingon


46 Minutes Ago

I’ve been a little sad this week. And I think it’s okay to be vulnerable, so here’s my truth. I’m not good at keeping relationships and I tend to push people away by either not wanting it enough, or by wanting it too much. It’s not very easy when you really like someone these days. At all. It’s much more difficult to date. It takes practice, sure, but what happens if you don’t know if you were right or wrong when it’s over? If you know me, you know I’m a pretty blunt guy. I have a strong personality but I am loyal. Letting someone in is not an easy thing for me. Some of you know why. So when I let someone in and it ends, it really affects me. And I’ve been really happy these last five months just taking it slow with a really, really good guy but I guess maybe I forced something that never was. I guess I just need to not date for awhile. I dunno 😕. #thanksforlettingmeshare #vulnerability #trying #peaceandlove


59 Minutes Ago

What a special night, @queensuzanne2u and I, all dressed in white, sharing our magic and our light, supporting 55 women to shine bright! Didn’t mean to write a poem but hey, the energy apparently called for it! HA! Truly last night’s @secretcircles_ was a potent way to celebrate the Summer Solstice and to share the power that truly lives within each and every one of us. I know the world will be a better place if we all shared our gifts, especially women, and did it from a place of knowing, confidence, and generosity. Thank you @baya_voce for the impeccable space you hold and magical experience you have created for women! #summersolstice #secretcircles #unleash #yourunleashing #power #intuition #gifts #thisturnedonlife


58 Minutes Ago

Thank you all so much for your suggestions 🙏🏻. A deep appreciation from my heart ❤️😘 As I look at the suggestions it’s about being authentic and being unique... also about our identity 👌 I find it very interesting and I start to ponder 🤔 Do you know who you truly are, in your core... underneath it all.. when all is stripped away, do you? Our identity are based on our past, our achievements and roles in society and so on. Who are you if all of that goes... who are you then, who are your really....Words are easy to use... but to know where they point to is to go deeper into the essence of life 💙🙏🏻😌😌Much love 💗 #trustinglife #clarity #manifesting #meditaionineverydaylife #nothingness #benow #belove #bethelight #vulnerability #consciousness #changestartswithyou #lettinggo #compassion #joyfulness #joyneyoflife #whoareyoureally #inspire #innerpeace #trustingtheprocess #prosper #patience #abundant #acceptance #alignment #allowingwhatneedstoflowthrough #undoinghumanconditioning #inthismoment #intuition #enlightment #essence


55 Minutes Ago

I often find myself telling clients that their tears are welcome here. In this space, there is no judgment. Many of us are taught that our tears are unwelcome, unwanted, or even unacceptable when, in fact, tears are necessary. When we allow tears to come we affirm that we are allowed to exist in vulnerability. Through vulnerability, and moving through the futility, we are able to progress. #safespace #worththecry #powerofpsychology #forwardmovement #tears #vulnerability #tissueforareason #toolsofthetrade #wemakepeoplecry


55 Minutes Ago

What a wonderfull and huge gathering of opening souls during our workshop the Art of Making Love in The Temple at the Living Village Festival <3. Thank you so much for giving yourself the space and for receiving your own wisdom again🤗. We all carry the power of vulnerability, awareness and being present within ourselves. Let's open up to practicing this (even if it is just for 1 minute) on a daily base and start making love in all we do💚. #pantra #thelivingvillagefestival #artofmakinglove #conscious #workshop #temple #vulnerability #awareness #pressence #gathering #makinglove #ravdrum #offgrid


1 Hour Ago

relating everything in this life is relationship with ourselves with others with our thoughts, emotions, beliefs with our bodies with our circumstances with our environment inherently, the idea of relationship creates duality -- an arguably necessary evil of this physical, reflection- and placebo-based reality. we cannot know an "i am" without defining an "i am not"; to be, is to engage the story. thus, the conflict begins. resistance is initiated. perception is born, and perspective gains a facet... and another. through the trance-initiating process (we delve into the black, man), contrast, separation, and time allow us innumerable methods and modes of exploration that only the limits of curiosity can hinder. otherness defines an explosion of stardust, cosmic energy, galaxies and universes... the great inhalation. life forms. is-ness defines mind and mind quantifies a business to get to. on occasion, we may experience a rupture in the facade. it will not compute. not yet. even in death, we may hold on, unable to surrender attachment to the wonder and the all-encompassing novelty. eventually, silence remains -- and even that will become quiet, and formless... a pregnant, infinite potentiality without a spark to ignite it. until. . . your senses deceive you. you are divine, love. it is beyond question. pause and unplug from time to time. solvitur ambulando #loveyourlife #temetnosce #consciousness #awareness #nature #relationship #connection #spirituality #mindfulness #divinity #love #unity #compassion #selfcompassion #authenticity #presence #vulnerability #healing #growth #stardust #universe #expansion #perspective #perception #esoteric #duality #contrast #blackandwhitephotography #seaside #landscapes


1 Hour Ago

We all have stories to share that could help someone overcome something. #happypride #pride #love #vulnerability #livinthelimelife #brenebrown #mompreneur #empowerment #courage

This is a perfectly reasonable and legitimate desire. To be coupled is natural. It doesn’t mean that you are needy or that you lack in self sufficiency. Healthy attachments are beneficial to your wellbeing and help you grow. #relationships #growthmindset #givingofyourself #actsofservice #kindness #generosity #authenticity #vulnerability #open #soul #spirit #figuredrawing #silhouette #friendship #conceptualart #attachment #healthyattachment #attachmenttheory #interdependence


1 Hour Ago

Let’s try and create safe spaces for ourselves and others! But first, let’s speak about what really makes a space safe? Is safe space a space where there is no judgement and a lot of acceptance ? Is safe space a space where there is respect for one and all? Is safe space a person who listens to you and is there for you ? Is safe space a place where you can go and feel safe and protected? Is safe space a place where you find happiness ? Is safe space a space where you can be vulnerable? Is safe space a space where you can just Be ? What are somethings that make a space a safer one for you? What are ways in which we can create little pockets of safe spaces for ourselves and others ? #iamheretohear #itsokay #createsafespaces #safespace #context #people #support #therapy #mentalhealth #mentalhealthadvocacy #agency #reauthoring #meaningmaking #nojudgement #acceptance #protected #happiness #vulnerability #story #stories #share #heart #takecare #therapistlife #therapeuticconversations

Last week I decided to no longer believe in #vulnerability , to practice #unconditional #love and to speak ( more then ever before ) from the #heart. I adore the #power that comes from love. Then Facebook reminded me of this photo; the painting 'A fragrance of beauty ' wrapped in used bubbleplastic. Coincidence? I think not. I ❤ #synchronicity!


1 Hour Ago

//Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.// ----> One of the most difficult decisions in my life was the decision to step out of my comfort zone and leave my employer of 7+ years to pursue a new opportunity. Be vulnerable. Follow the rule of thirds. You are deserving and worthy. ✌🏻️ ________________________ #powerofvulnerability #vulnerability #brenebrown #quotes #lifedecisions #difficultdecisions #workhardplayhard #worthiness #youareworthy #worthy #youaredeserving #challengeyourself #successistheonlyoption #gratitude


1 Hour Ago

This is one gets me. Every. Single. Time. * Go check out the brilliance that is @nayyirah.waheed 😭💕🙌🏻 * * * #thepowerofpoetry #love #vulnerability #feelingallthefeels


2 Hours Ago

Most of us fall in love with someone's persona and spend the next three to five years discovering who that person really is. If you can stay connected through that process of raw vulnerability, I think you have a shot at the prize of knowing and accepting another human being for who and what they really are after years of highs and lows. #quotes #quoteoftheday #vulnerability #life #love #happy #blessed #people #knowledge #mind #body #soul #makeup #cosmetics #fau #college #followme #follow