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I love my village!! It warms my heart to see my kids faces light up when they get to enjoy all of the fun and love we share when our family is together...and when we’re out by the street, screaming & yelling as my aunt drives by to surprise her on her birthday!!! . #livewithlove #believeinyourpersonalpower #lifecoaching #authenticity #loveistheantidote #lifecoach #gabrielleberstein #vulnerability #courage #walkinfreedom #spreadyourlight


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Today I did something I never thought I would be able to do. I sat in front of a handful of strangers and while holding a microphone shared a very short, flustered version of my transition in hopes to raise awareness and answer any questions/concerns the public may have while voting in November particularly pertaining to question number 3. The Question 3 proposes to repeal the 2016 state law that banned discrimination against #transgender people in places of public accommodation, such as restaurants, malls, and restrooms. Polls have shown that it could be the most competitive measure on the ballot. Why though? 💭 • 💭 • 💭 • 💭 • 💭 • #selfgrowth#visibility#vulnerability#ftm#recovery#transman#courage#spirituality#nurture#transgender#healing#trans#growing#fitnessjourney#fitness#metoo#notflexing#fitfam#bodiesofinstagram#empower#change#nature#organic#ma#beyondhuman#bodypositive#ftmtransition#thisiswhattranslookslike#vote#ma#freedomma


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This is not a quick fix. If you want that then...good luck, because you’ll get those results & then be right back here. 👊🔥This is a show up on the days you don’t feel like it & continue to do that daily. It’s sacrifices to fuel your body with what will make it perform top notch, not those blizzards or slices of pizza it craves. . It’s about having a tribe of women supporting you, workouts where you can roll out of bed & personal development to grow your mind so when you doubt yourself you can pull from your full tank of positive vibes. . Are you willing to work for it? Even on the days where you want to quit? Because the success is in your hands, but we can definitely support you to make the decision to CRUSH THESE GOALS!!!!! . Let’s go! PM me or drop your email below! ONLY FOR THOSE WHO ARE SERIOUS! I invest in those who invest in me! #teampassionwithpurpose#bodsquad #hiitworkouts #goals❤️ #minnesota #mnmom #mankato #targetstyle #coffeeislife #vulnerability #momdaughter #sundayvibes #reachforit #youareworthit #youarebrave


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stills from a video i left myself titled : untitled( biking drunk on st. bernard), while biking drunk on st.bernard. made it home safely :) #anger #vulnerability #intimacy #safety


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The problem with social media is people aren’t being faithful to their journey. The process of fulfilling your duties before stepping to your purpose is what makes you committed to service. There is no such things as an overnight sensation. Thank you for the reminder @mindsetofgreatness


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Trailer for new video. Stay tuned. Get the new single on all media outlets or go to link in bio. Thanks for the love! 😘s/o to an amazing cast, director, and my tribe. @juicebigfellow @tythelight @lacoramonet @makeupme.cey @prejeanr4 @msmarettaj @stepbrown5 #video #musicvideoshoot #musicvideo #music#soul#metoo #victorious #triumph #nomore #love#overcome #pain #joy#melodic#melody #sisters #takeastand#loveyourself#better #clearer#selfworth#vulnerability


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This is our work. Because from that clear place, we can create the life we are meant to have. We can manifest our Hell Yes. This is the promise (and invitation) in my next workshop, a magical weekend experience for just eleven women. Come, just as you are, in your messiness and in your exhaustion. We will hold you. This retreat that I'll b leading with Liz Kelly will include our favorite tools for igniting your intuition, from creative expression and sacred movement to transformative introspective tools we have developed over the years. And full permission to say “HELL YES!” only to those things that bring you back to life. You’ll leave remembering you who have always been. November 10 & 11, 2018,  10am - 3pm $499 early bird & 11/3/18 price goes up to $740 Only 11 spots available This is for YOU! You are the glue holding it all together: family, business, circles of friends, your life. After being on the people pleasing train for years, you are struggling to remember just who it was that used to live here: that vibrant woman who could play and dance, who laughed and created, whose ideas and work transformed the company, whose spirit inspired. You are ready to Manifest your Hell Yes! You are ready to Reclaim Her. Let's make magic, together. Reserve your spot at www.juleeherrmann.com #manifestyourhellyes


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HARVEST FULL MOON + AUTUMN EQUINOX MEDITATION 🍂🌕 Yesterday's Autumn Equinox is the balance point between light and dark, a reminder not just of the shift in seasons outside but also of the shift in seasons within. The equinox is an invitation to gather the abundance and light of the summer season in preparation for the colder, introspective months ahead where we are called to do our deep healing work. In addition, tomorrow's full moon in Aries is asking us to connect to the desires in our soul, and to take notice of any old wounds that are resurfacing for healing. Specifically, we may be seeing examples of how past challenges are influencing our current relationships. Today's meditation is an invitation to walk the path between light and dark, and to collect the tools we've been cultivating over the spring and summer seasons in preparation to courageously face our fears. Link in bio for video. #meditate #fullmoon #equinox #autumn #meditation #vulnerability #selfcare #healthyliving #vivaciousdish

What a night! ..I followed the rabbit down a familiar hole... i landed down, onto my village . The kind inhabitants gave me a thorough education. Very well received indeed ❤️#greatvillage#insight#spiritual#greatscottithinkshesgotit#me#insight#spiritual#love#imallreadythere#thankyou#purelove#empathy#vulnerability#caring#guidence #kindness# #grace#patience#💙🖤


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Had a realization today driving on desert roads. I feel like there’s a crack on the shell I have surrounding myself for a longtime without realizing it and finally light comes in . . . . . . . . #light #california #desert #art #writing #coffee #sunday #shell #vulnerability #spiritual #mindful #breakthrough #sunday #thoughts #divine #happy #cactus #mask #awakening #zen #ariceart #roadtrip #inspiration #soul

If you liked this meme, my friend you have a case of the Sunday Night Blues. . The Sunday Night Blues are the general feelings of depression, anxiety or dread about the fact that all that stands between you and work on Monday morning are a few remaining hours of freedom and one night’s sleep. . We experience the Sunday Night Blues as a vague feeling of dread. Sometimes there might be something specific that you’re anxious about on Monday, like a presentation first thing in the morning, but often it isn’t well defined in our minds. . Here are a few tips to help. . 1) Meditate. Go to Youtube, or download the Headspace or Insight Timer app and find a 10 minute meditation. Or set a timer for 10 minutes, relax somewhere quiet, and focus on your breath. Thoughts will come and go, but just keep bringing them back to your breath. . 2) Change your words. Are you thinking “I HAVE to go to work tomorrow”? The truth is - YOU DON’T. Shocking, right? You don’t HAVE to do anything but eat, sleep and breath. Change your words to “I CHOOSE to go to work tomorrow.” Because that’s the truth. See how differently that feels once you give yourself the choice. . 3) Move. Go for a walk, a quick run, do some yoga. As you move be completely mindful. That means paying attention to the present moment on purpose and without judgement. . 4) Give love or compassion. Focus on sending someone unconditional love and compassion. Or doing something for someone. It’s hard to feel both sad, angry or anxious while feeling compassionate. . 5) Give yourself some love. Take a spa night. Mud mask, bath bomb, trade foot rubs with your partner. Look in the mirror and say “I love you” until you mean it. . Tag a friend who you know is stressed about going to work tomorrow. . If you like what I post here follow my page then hit me up for a virtual hug.

💕💕💕 "Please love me when I am angry, when I lost my way, when all I feel is pain. Please love me when I am affraid, when all I know won't come to my aid because I feel grey. Please love me when I need a safe bay as all I want to do is to is to run away. Please love me when I feel broken when sweet words are unspoken. Because this is when I need your heart to be present and wide open." 💕💕💕 Message from the inner child. The one who has been calling for love from no one else but you. You are your saviour, you are the one who needs to love all your messy parts as this is the true art where healing can start. May we all love ourselves more today... . . . . . #vulnerability #innerconnection #truth #power #femininepower #raw #intuitivehealing #self-love #alchemy #innergifts #healing #acceptance


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As our energy shifts the world we attract will shift 💚.


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Repost @enews. @oprah #somethingsabouther #stages #youllgetthere __ It's #nationalsinglesday, and Oprah says being single is the best time so don't mind us while we drink to that.


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This has been a challenging weekend for me for no discernible reason. Part could be the change of season, or the advance of my birthday which always brings incredddddibly existential, tortured thoughts and emotions, but also I think, no matter how much I like to think I look forward to “relaxation,” I am characteristically uncomfortable with being too comfortable, and fearful of stagnation— and, having recently wrapped up some goals, need to identify and make progress on a NEW learning/life goal (while continuing to make progress on my preexisting long term goals+ responsibilities, of course). Granted, I am currently involved in a lot of projects I care about, but I still always have a desire to know and to do more, while balancing my equally powerful conflicting needs to foster the healing empowering (personal+professional) relational depth that is possible by being rooted in one place, with the immense learning and perspective that comes from novelty, risk and unfamiliar territory - which, properly engaged, build neural pathways like there’s no tomorrow, which keep me on my toes and keep me honest - which both remind and allow me to approach all projects from a place of integrity and humility, because it is only by awakening those traits that you may survive the Unknown. And so I ramble, and so I feel more like mySelf having done so, and so i realize how much i miss the Written Word, and so I flip a cheeky lil bird to those whose abusive patterns had squelched my desire to risk sharing any of myself for fear of the Long Way Back should they prove to be that 1/20 sociopathic few who can not hear “You’re Hurting Me” and need to stop. This is a long winded way of saying I operate on a system of triggers, buttons & pulleys, and I will not let my voice seek its worth in the sterile landscape of social media, and I have lots of ambitions and it’s okay to spend some time spinning like a top, because anxiety, discomfort & vulnerability can be some of our greatest teachers, our greatest indicators of potential and ardor and strength. I want a lot out of life and I’ve never been easily sold by the arbitrary notion that ambition has a cap or follows a linear trajectory.


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Thinking a lot about stillness lately. I’m such a doer doer doer. I’m always on the go. I’m constantly onto the next thing. ✨ I was talking to @kirby_fuckin_rainbows yesterday and she was saying that she’s been SO focused on one area of her life, that she’s missing out on so many other things. ✨ What a beautiful lesson. Sometimes I get so laser focused on my career that I forget to soak in all the juicy-ness of the rest of my life. ✨ What about play? What about dance? What about creativity? What about singing? ✨ Taking this lesson with me into this week. What fun things can you give more love to?? ✨ Also aren’t friends the fucking best?!!


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#onceuponatime Id never let anyone see my private face / #nomakeup But its thru our #vulnerability that we show our humanity. #thepantyhosebarber #bekindandtakenoshit #fuckitforties


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me ☕️


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These #bravehearts were ALL in on Friday night for our final Bare Yoga of 2018. . What an honour to dive deep into body image, and to hear your stories and SEE you all. . So many thanks, and so much body love to all of you! . #bareyogaworkshops #bodyimage #bodypositive #change #selfcultivation #perspective #courage #vulnerability #challenge #support @saladod @the_whole_mama @threefeatherswild @sheena_ireland @daniellequiggin

The girl on the left: blind, thought she knew what she wanted, worked her body to the ground, struggled with her body every day, pushed away friends and family. . . . Fast forward 3 years... . . the girl on the right. KNOWS she doesn’t know fully what she wants yet, but she’s ok with that because she knows she will get to where she’s supposed to be. She knows herself more. She’s more emotional, more serious, more intellectual, more empathetic, more spiritual, more aware, more VULNERABLE. She accepts her body in its natural form. She loves going out with friends, and loves spending time with her own thoughts and emotions equally well. . . Yes, I have a whole lot more transformation to go. The best of me is yet to come, but I’m proud of how far I’ve come. . . I want to help others transform and see their TRUTH like I did. I want to help others break their limiting beliefs. I want to help others see why the pain is necessary, but to let them know they don’t have to battle it. . . Let me help you help yourself. Leave a comment or shoot me a dm❤️ As always, I’m here for you.


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Finding the exquisite balance between joy and work! . Loving every moment of my life, knowing I'm completely taken care of always. . Ecstatic that my dharma is expressing my flow and I AM HERE. Now. And so are you. . Big love from me to you. Thanks for traveling this wild ride with me! 💋💋💋


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Açaí bowl to top off a great weekend seeing @gallantgourmand and @mimisappbrown ❤️ reflecting on how important it is for us to open up rather than shutting down when the going gets tough ❤️ And how self care includes letting others be there for you 👫 It also includes superfoods and face masks so its self care Sunday in this house 💁🏼‍♀️ #friends #lifelongfriends #vulnerability #vulnerabilityisstrength #selfcaresunday #superfoods #ivf #ivfjourney #infertility #infertilityawareness

I have learned that traveling is an exercise in vulnerability and enduring discomfort. It forces you to trust strangers. You lose sight of the familiar—the comforts of home, family, friends, routine. You are constantly off balance. Nothing is yours except the essential things: air, sleep, dreams, sea, the sky. It forces you to ask big questions. Who am I? Why am I here? And what am I going to do with my time?


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“Beep” — A. Ti Nyalien + *Hmm . . Last night was the final LITERARY CREATURES performance for Philadelphia’s Fringe Festival. For the uninitiated, “Literary Creatures” is a playful, interactive, improvised performance featuring spontaneous bursts of intimacy, musical notes, poetry, laughter, meditation, lying down, whispering, and sound—all to the syncopated sorrows of one A. Ti Nyalien. Come make friends with strangers thru childlike connection and world-building 💖👾💖 . . . #literarycreatures #southwestphilly #westphilly #philadelphia #phillyfringe #phillyfringefestival #phillyfringe18 #fringefestival #fringefestival2018 #qtpoc #qtpocartist #queerart #burningmanstyle #artinstallation #experimentalmusic #experimentaltheatre #performanceart #typewriterpoetry #typewriter #blacklight #blacklighttheatre #blackartist #pinayartist #synthesizer #blacklightart #aliengoddess #fringetheatre #creativespace #spontaneousart #vulnerability


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Making movie magic with two of my favorite fellow creators. Thank you @carawayryan and @victorneumark for a fun day of playing pretend!


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I have devoured summer Sticky nights Long shadows Sand and thunder . Warm friends Midnight dances barefoot, in the kitchen . I was ravenous for warm breezes swaying, luscious blooms . Salt and sea Green and blue . And somehow I'm never quite full Not ever ready for it to be gone. . . . . Photo credit: @spunkycanuck . #summer #summertime #summernights #poetry #amwriting #instawriters #instapoetry #empoweringwomen #womenwholead #womenhelpingwomen #goodbyesummer #womensupportinwomen #authentic #vulnerability #feminist #mindfulness #selfcare


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Wow ... Tiger 🐯 Happy for him - His life went off the rails and his comeback and the support he has received and is receiving today was inspiring to see. No matter how low no matter how lost - you can find your way . And the self talk that tells you no one cares, people will judge me , i will be alone in my journey ... Speak truth against it , be vulnerable , your not alone ! Picture who and where you want to be - then do what you gotta do to get there and be 😉 #inspiration #tigerwoods #nomatterhowlow #yournotalone #vulnerability #selftalk #journey


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Let your curiosity fuel your desire for knowledge. • Day 7 #yogainthestars #igyogachallenge. The seventh astrological sign is Libra ♎️ Libra’s thirst for knowledge and travel often have them reaching for more. • To play along 👇🏻 • 🌟Hosts: 🌟 @amy.yogini @stelasulzdorf @marta__milani @warriorfromwithin @whitneydavisyoga @ker.yoga • ⠀ 🌟 Sponsors: 🌟 @aloyoga @alo.moves @malaprayer • 🌟Pose lineup:🌟 Aries 🐏- Warriors (Marta) Taurus 🐃 - Bridge Pose / shoulder stand / wheel (Amy) Gemini 👯‍♀️- Bow Pose / cobra pose (Kerstin) Cancer 🦀 - Half Moon / sugar cane (Stela) Leo 🦁 - Camel pose / Lion (Amy) Virgo 🧝🏼‍♀️- Boat pose (Emily) Libra ⚖️ - Standing hand to big toe / Dancer (Whitney) Scorpio 🦂 - Lotus pose / Scorpion (Marta) Sagittarius 🏹- Pigeon pose (Emily) Capricorn 🐐 - Tree pose (Whitney) Aquarius 🧜‍♀️ - Eagle pose (Kerstin) Pisces 🐟 - Standing Split / Fish pose (Stela) • • • #aloyoga #beagoddess #yoga #balance #corestrength #strength #groundingmyself #yogaeverydamnday #igyoga #yogadaily #vulnerability #igfitness #yogateacher #mindfulness #fitness #yogadaily #igyogachallenge #namaste #meditation #flexibility #photography #instagood #yoga #mistymorning #yogaonthebay #namastebythebay #dancerspose #librazodiac #astrology #starsign


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Relationships of all styles present a variety of benefits and complications. Monogamy is not for everyone, and neither is polyamory. Each lifestyle also shares a slew of problems that we as individuals must navigate. What can be a stepping stone for every relationship? . . . I have personally come up with a list I call the 11 Principles of Great Relationships: . . . • Vulnerability • Communication • Acceptance • Understanding • Friendship • Trust • Commitment • Support • Honesty • Fun • Intimacy I'll be releasing an article on these principles in the near future 🤗 Graph Credit: dm me please! . . . . . . #psychology #relationshippsychology #interpersonalrelationships #relationship #relationshipproblems #relationshipgoals #couplescounseling #monogamy #polyamory #openrelationship #nonmonogamy #ethicalnonmonogamy #lifelessons #cheating #jealousy #miscommunication #communication #friendship #vulnerability #acceptance #understanding #friendship #queer #lgbt #wlw #mwlm