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I’ve Been Through Enough Pain & Rain To Know It’s Nothing I Can’t Make It Through 💪🏽💪🏽 #builtforit #wealthcreators #wealthcreatorsceo


Do you ever find yourself thinking... 🤔’If only I had more money, THEN I'd feel more secure...' or 😒’I can't feel secure until I have more money' 👉 The truth is, money is a NEUTRAL ENERGY 👈 😱 So why does it have the potential to feel so RAW, SCARY, UPLIFTING, ELUSIVE (all the things!!)??!!🤮 👉 TRUTH - It's the MEANING we attach to money that creates the FEELING 👈 If you haven't got the money (yet) that you'd like to feel more secure, ask yourself an empowering question: 🤔WHAT STEPS CAN I TAKE RIGHT NOW TO MAKE MYSELF FEEL MORE SECURE? ? How can you start creating security for yourself in ANY way you can? How can you generate that feeling of safety and security for yourself, irrespective of money? 👀 If you can start to do this, I pretty much guarantee that those survival/safety triggers around money will start to reduce. You'll probably feel more resourceful and able to generate money in your business too.

Breakfast with the investors to talk Venture Capital and our mission to take on the West Coast as the global centre for tech and entrepreneurship. #venturecapital #wealthcreators


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On my way to $100k for 2018

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I am a 10Xer !!! #10x #10xgrowthcon #wealth #wealthcreators

The ban reportedly comes as part of a campaign to put pressure on the Venezuelan government of President Nicolas Maduro. By the order, US citizens are banned from engaging in transactions using the oil-indexed digital currency. -✔ The ban frustrates the efforts of Maduro’s government to boost foreign currency reserves. The token offering accepted transactions in US dollars and euros, meaning that Venezuelan citizens could not legally participate, as there is a ban in Venezuela on buying foreign currency. -✔ The order also authorizes US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to issue regulations to enforce the executive order. The Treasury Department announced sanctions on four Venezuelan government officials earlier this year. - ✔ According to Mnuchin, “President Maduro decimated the Venezuelan economy and spurred a humanitarian crisis. Instead of correcting course… the Maduro regime is attempting to circumvent sanctions through the Petro digital currency.” -✔ The Treasury Department further warned investors in January to avoid the Petro, calling it “another attempt to prop up the Maduro regime, while further looting the resources of the Venezuelan people.”✔ Credit to: @thecryptograph

90% of all new businesses fail within the first five years, you can remain standing 😀 Slide in and drop a DM👈 #webuilding #webuildbusinesses #abujabusiness #leadbusinesses #lekkibusiness #smallbusiness #entrepreneursworld #businesscommunity #bossbusiness #wealthcreators

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#theojedateam introduces you to this beautiful home in a prime location at the end of a peaceful cul da sac. 7500 Indigo Ct. features 3 spacious bedrooms with new carpeting and 2 baths. Upon entering you will notice the open and airy living room and dining room which have new welcoming dark laminate wood flooring. Adjacent to dining room is a functional kitchen with white tile counter tops followed by a cozy breakfast nook area to enjoy your morning coffee. Your dream back yard awaits with new vinyl patio, lovely hardscape pattern leading to a wide grass area, dog run and looping walkway. On the other side a gorgeous garden awaits you with bountiful fruit trees including heirloom royal apricot, cot-n-candy aprium, frederick's passion fruit, moro blood orange and much more...You also have plenty of space to park your RV & toys. Home also features, new interior paint throughout, plantation shutters, fireplace in living room and conveniently located near several schools, parks & rec., Victoria Gardens shopping, fine dining, and convenient fwy access, you wont want to miss out on this opportunity. . **DM us for pricing and to schedule a private tour of this lovely home** . #weareyourteam #resultsthatmatter #theojedateam

When you about to sharpen up your male hair system game 😆🤫. It is always good to keep learning, keep growing, and advance yourself in whatever your trade is. It only helps make your business better, and you are able to offer a quality of service that keeps you relevant. 🙏🏾❤️ #togodbetheglory #spiritual #findyourtribe #supportoneanotheronpurpose #empoweroneanother #financialfreedom #wealthcreators #buildyourempire #buildyourbrand #selfimprovement #liveandlearn #neverstoplearning #businessdevelopment #entrepreneursofinstagram #billionairemindset #holdupyourcrown #2018 #happy #havingfun #knowingyourworth #bestversionofyourself #positivelife #lovemore #stayfocused #writethevision #dream #wadethebarber

REPOST ✔We have to hold our cryptocurrencies even in hard times like the past weeks.The market will rise again this month so stay strong and #hodl your positions!💪🙇‍♂️ - If you are interested in buying bitcoins send me a DM for a 10% deposit bonus! Recommended doing your own research in crypto. I am not a financial advisor.✔

Some interesting facts!💪

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Veronika grew up in poverty, her parents went in and out of drug addictions, and she wasn’t allowed to go to the college she wanted to. Yet, she created her own future, her business is saving lives, and she’s creating jobs. Full video in @minoritymindset bio. Or watch it on the Minority Mindset YouTube Channel. #thinkminority #defyallodds with @empowermentplan - #wealth #healthiswealth #wealthy

FINANCIAL LITERACY for KIDS 💰creating a positive relationship with money and money management is a critical life skill and we’re not taught this at school! 🤔 This is my son’s piggy bank. He’s had it for 2 years and it’s battered and well used! 🤑 Every time he receives money, he splits it into 3 parts: 50% for SPENDING aka FUN MONEY 💰🤸🏻‍♂️ 40% for SAVING (his choice of percentage, not mine!!) 💵 and 10% for SHARING (ie charity - more on this in a sec) 💵 He’s been allocating his money like this for 2 years now and it’s normal for him. He has a financial goal for his savings, 2 years from now, and so he’s pretty determined to hit it! (Proud Mama here) 😍 Re: Donations to charity - this is based around the concept of TITHING (FYI, I’m Spiritual but not Religious). The idea is that when you GIVE consistently (however little it may be), it sends a powerful message to the Universe that you appreciate that you have ENOUGH, with enough to spare. 💸 This creates an ABUNDANCE MINDSET (rather than a scarcity mindset of ‘never having enough’). Obviously, it also benefits others! 💫 My intention is that my son creates a PROSPERITY CONSCIOUSNESS - recognising that he has control and CHOICE with his money and builds healthy habits and foundations 👌🏼