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I hate talking about myself but since I haven’t really said anything about my yoga journey I thought it’s possibly time to share a small amount of personal info! I’m Louisa, I’m a total yoga addict, it has completely changed my life and my outlook. I started on my yoga journey when I stopped drinking almost 2 and a half years ago. I had just recently had my fourth child, the last two were within 14 months of each other and drinking was really making me feel shit about myself! So I stopped and became completely hooked on yoga instead! It has given me the space to be myself, insight into why I am the way I am and how I interact with others and .....best of all .......has stopped me doing all the harmful and negative extreme exercise and diet regimes I used to be obsessed with! I’m so glad I found both yoga and sobriety and I’m so glad I’m able to open up this small part of myself with others......something I would never have thought possible two and a bit years ago! Xx #soberyoga #soberaberdeenshire #soberscotland #yogaeveryday #yogaeverydamnday #yogalife #yogajourney #yogaforlife #wearetheluckyones #soberiscool

I was so excited to get out on a run yesterday in my favorite place ever to run. Not since I started marathon training a few months ago have I ever had 3 days of no training whatsoever in a row (if you don’t count miles of city walking in flip flops, which I don’t). After beating myself up over this for no good reason, I was nearly paralyzed when I hit the trail for the first mile. You see: many years ago this is the exact same part of the lake front path I’d start running on when I was trying to escape the biggest problems in my life at that time: an abusive relationship and my abuse of alcohol. I let this person, this addiction, and fear rule my life. Just like a song brings memories flooding back to you in sharp focus, yesterday my beloved lake front path did the same for me. So much so that I literally missed my turn off on the way back and found myself standing in front of the my old building...a full half mile past the lovely home of our dear friends who were hosting us. I do believe that exercise is a piece of the puzzle for me, that endorphins are able to help heal traumas of your past. I’ve found that staying sober isn’t just about NOT drinking, it’s about mental, spiritual and physical fitness. Making the decision daily not to drink, that it is a daily practice for me. That surrounding myself with people I love and trust and that give me the space I need to heal and work through things is more than I could have ever hoped for. Not letting anything or anyone have control over me has been such a blessing and leads me in so many positive directions these days. Can’t wait for the #twincitiesmarathon2019 Oct 6th with #teamtrex running for @stillkickinco . . . #soberfitness #fitmom #odaat #marathontraining #firstmarathon #tcmarathon #tks_40before40 #soberrunner #chicagolakefront #vacationexercise #nomatterwhat #runthrough #26point2 #mentalspiritualphysical #wearetheluckyones

Today I celebrate 6 years sobriety. 🥰🙌🏻That’s 2,190 days in a row of choosing to be fully present and do the next right thing. It’s been one hell of a journey, and I’m so grateful for my struggle. Because without it, I never would have truly found my strength! I’m so grateful to my family, close friends, AA & my IG #sobertribe for the ongoing support and encouragement! If you or anyone you know is struggling with alcohol, you are not alone. Reach out & know that recovery is possible. I’m rooting for you! #wearetheluckyones #sobrietyrocks #sobrietybirthday #tt #myjourney #teetotaler #bepresent #recovery @sillylara , @laura_mckowen, @sexysobriety, @girlwalksout , @brad_mcleod, THANK YOU all for being bright shining lights of HOPE in the recovery community! I’ve learned so much from each of you sharing your journeys. I’m grateful to be in your Sober Tribe & love reading your posts & books!

My heart is full bc 25 cyclists showed up for the Sunday Funday Ride 🥰 We had 3 groups, so every pace was fulfilled. Big kudos to our leaders & sweepers for keeping everyone happy & safe. Welcome to Lisa Kantor & welcome back to Becca & Lisa. Job well done by Adrienne Okon who did 70 miles. We gathered at the Cape Cod Coffee Shop in Mashpee Commons. Great local spot for post-ride ☕️☕️ Please note that due to summer traffic, next week our Sunday Funday Ride will roll at 7:30am. 😃Trails 🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏼‍♂️🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏼‍♂️🚴🏻‍♀️ #wearetheluckyones ♥️ #capecodcoffeemashpeecommons #welovecycling

We might be a little bias, but pretty sure we’ve got the best crew EVA!!! We took in a nice, little Saturday evening celebrating what FUN we’ve had, how awesome these last six months have been and to once again let our fearless and amazing @hullj17 know how much we LOVE her! Because of her and @meganmstovall we get to call this our “job”!! Even though it hardly feels like that when you could do it all day everyday!! HUGE thanks to Megan and @kob264 for hosting this fab evening in their beautiful home. We are missing a few peeps but we know they feel the same way! Here’s to all the good things coming and all we have yet to do!!🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼Oh, and check out that booty cake!! And yes, it was just as delicious as it looked! Shout out to @jaynemduenow for the tasty treat!! She totally nailed it!🍑🍰🍑🍰🍑 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #wearebodyrok #sweetsummernights #bestcrew #billingsisrokn #welovewhatwedo #wearetheluckyones #weloveourclients #nothingbutlove #thankful #fun #bodyrokmontana #cheerstomanymore #justgettingstarted

Os bons amigos conhecem nossas melhores histórias. Os melhores amigos fazem parte delas. 👊🏻 Parabéns, meu irmão! Que a alegria do dia hoje seja só o começo de um futuro de muitas felicidades! Te desejo tudo de mais incrível na vida.🎁🎉🍾🚀🙌🏼 #amigos #amizade #somosverdade #nos #deephouse #irmao #amigosparasempre #nadamudou #fechacomigo #lovemylife #perfectlife #goodvibes #felizaniversario #thisisliving #parabens #wearetheluckyones #nóssomosossortudos

Shout out to our sober fam, getting down with us on Friday! So much respect for these ladies ❤️💛💚🧡💙 #repost @soberaf_edinburgh • • • • • • #repost @soberaf_edinburgh • • • • • • Hey! We are Kirsty and Zara , 2 fifths of the SAF crew and last night we sober socialised IN A CLUB! We got done up, we got down on the dance floor and we shook what we have and had the best night. We were nervous but we had one another and as we waited for our Uber home we realised we did not miss the demon drink at all. We had the best time and thanks to @labelleedinburgh for stocking the AF beers we even had a few bottles too. As we watched people bounce from one pavement to the next we wondered was that how we used to look. (The answer is YES!) When I woke up this morning I was tired (we stayed out waaaaaay past midnight 🤣) but so fuckin happy that I proved what I knew - we can still party and be sober. A HUGE shout out to @noscrubsclub for THE BEST TUNES! 🐙🌈 🔮 ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️#sober #sobersocials #soberandfun #wokefacenotcokeface #drugsareformugs #partysober #wearesober #saf #noshame #soberandhappy #wearetheluckyones #hangoverfree #soberandsmashingit #soberfriends #soberclubbing #grateful

Come and celebrate your Birthday here at GCT!!! This lovely lady came for her 99th birthday! And she loved the theatre! #glendalecentretheatre #gctla #happybirthday #getyourtickets #upnextelvis #birthday #99years #happy #fun #thankyou #wearetheluckyones #hopetoseeyouforyour100th

Dinner with the best tonight. Not only do I love these gals to pieces, but our kiddos genuinely have the best time together too. Glad the universe collided to throw them into preschool together all those years ago. . . . #wearetheluckyones #chicagosummer #sjbcrew #friendslikefamily #experiencesnotthings #windycity #momsquad #distancemakestheheartgrowfonder @rootspizza


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Terrible picture but my point is that I can go to a concert (Billy Joel if you’re interested) and drink naught but water and still have a wicked time. Saw so many drunk people in London tonight and I felt so fucking grateful #wearetheluckyones #pianoman #sobertreats

Gorgeous day up Killyan’s Canyon. #trailtribe #wearetheluckyones

I thought it wouldn’t hurt so badly this time So I ripped off the band-aid from the still raw wound The pain rippled through me like an electric current, still as real as the day the skin first broke. I thought it would be easier this time; That after a few more days,weeks,months the scab would have begun to harden; But the sting reminded me,in a not-so-subtle way, how wrong I was So I rinsed the wound with care, covered it back up. Time heals all wounds,they say, but it hasn’t been time enough I’ll keep waiting. • • • • • • #summer #girl #ootd #wearetheluckyones #summertime #june #poetry #poet #selflove #healing #sobriety #journey #chicago #poem #mindful #growth

Avoiding pain will only prolong it ⤵️ 🥺 I used to run. Not literally, lol—I despise actual running, I prefer a speedy little walk. I mean it in the sense of running from my problems, my pain, my fears, my weaknesses. When it came to those types of things, I would figuratively run in the other direction like my pants were on fire. Alcohol was always the big, cold lake I could dive in to escape the burn. 🏃🏻‍♀️🔥😱💦 I avoided my problems like most people avoid putting their laundry away (who has a full basket just waiting for you to finish the last step? 🙋🏻‍♀️). But like that basket of neatly folded clothes, my problems sat there mocking me until I stopped running long enough to put them away. 🧺 🙇🏻‍♀️ Working on my recovery has been an unpacking & putting away of many of the issues I avoided simply because I didn’t want to feel any of the pain. I couldn’t sit with hurt feelings; I only knew how to numb them out completely, until I no longer recognized the person I had become. I didn’t know how to process emotions like the grief I felt, my constant anxiety, or my basket full of self doubt. So I drank and I ran. And those piles, honey— they just grew. 🧺🧺🧺😩 Sobriety has taught me so much about pain. That it hurts more to run from it than it does to feel it & heal it. That addressing it is the beginning of releasing it. That if you let it in, if you sit with it & let it hurt, eventually it doesn’t hurt anymore. And that’s a freedom I would never know by running away. 🦋 My basket will never be empty; literally & figuratively. There is always something new to work on, always more issues to sit with & put away. That is life. The laundry never stops coming. The difference is that now I take the time to put it away. 🙂 This entire analogy also applies to the damn dishes. 😆

#goodmorning #everybunnies ⛅️ The way you treat people comes back to you threefold. Why not do your best to make everyone feel all #shinyandhappy ?🤷🏼‍♀️ 🔮 ✨ 🦄. #whythehellnot #makepeoplesmile #wearetheluckyones #beniceorbequiet #lamornings #betweekend2019 #bartenderlife #bartendersdoitbetter #makepeoplefeelgood


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Nothing more to say other than - keep trying my friends.🌈

Hey! We are Kirsty and Zara , 2 fifths of the SAF crew and last night we sober socialised IN A CLUB! We got done up, we got down on the dance floor and we shook what we have and had the best night. We were nervous but we had one another and as we waited for our Uber home we realised we did not miss the demon drink at all. We had the best time and thanks to @labelleedinburgh for stocking the AF beers we even had a few bottles too. As we watched people bounce from one pavement to the next we wondered was that how we used to look. (The answer is YES!) When I woke up this morning I was tired (we stayed out waaaaaay past midnight 🤣) but so fuckin happy that I proved what I knew - we can still party and be sober. A HUGE shout out to @noscrubsclub for THE BEST TUNES! 🐙🌈 🔮 ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️#sober #sobersocials #soberandfun #wokefacenotcokeface #drugsareformugs #partysober #wearesober #saf #noshame #soberandhappy #wearetheluckyones #hangoverfree #soberandsmashingit #soberfriends #soberclubbing #grateful

Hailing on Killyons this morning. #trailtribe #wearetheluckyones


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Fuck off liquor ads . Are ya desperate for sales now we are all quitting? #wearetheluckyones #sober #teetotal

Pretty fantastic hike to close out the week. Looking forward to what the summer has to bring #summersolstice #wearetheluckyones #allgooddogsslc #hikingwithdogs #happydogs @maryjeddy @kimposse @benjo777 @sarajane.johnson

Happy Solstice, everyone! We hope you make the most of every beautiful day this summer! #hikingwithdogs #allgooddogsslc #happydogs #wearetheluckyones @sarajane.johnson @benjo777 @kimposse @maryjeddy #summersolstice

Irene Tapia

2 Days 17 Hours Ago

I had no idea such fluffy happiness and pure joy would come into my life this day 4 years ago. I’m forever grateful I have been able to snuggle and love this cutie. And I’m so happy he brings a smile to everyone who meets him #furbaby #gettingday #wearetheluckyones #smileseverydamnday #adoptdontshop #beforeandafter


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Handsome Jaxson turned 10 months a few days ago!! We were busy playing in the Chicago area 😊😊. Pony rides ✅ and petting cows 🐄 and goats 🐐 Sprinkler fun ✅ Sat in his first Cessna ✅ Has now rode on 7 airplanes ✅(3/7 were a NIGHTMARE for mama 🤪🤪) He met many new friends too 😊❤️❤️!!! . Jaxson weighs 21lbs, 28.5” long and has the perfect size head 😜! He sleeps through the night (MOSTLY 🙌🏻👍🏻🤷‍♀️) and eats everything with those TEN TEETH 🦷!!! . We love ❤️ you big handsome Jaxson!!! . #10monthsold #handsomejaxson #chicagotrip2019 #worththewait #patienceisavirtue #wearetheluckyones

Repost from @njlaboroflove using @RepostRegramApp - “It’s a simple program for cooomplicaaated people” in my best old-timer voice. #wearetheluckyones #recovery #imintherightplace #aa #rooms #wedorecover #original #bigbook #mytinyapartment #ykms #lunchtime #yourekeepingmesober #god #higherpower #aa #friendofbillw #sponsor #network #sobriety #program #mygirls #heathers_soberlife

Class. Act. Period. 🙌🏽💝🙏🏼 So grateful for all the #classy women in my life today. Y’all know who you are! I’ve been surrounding myself with #sober #women of #grace and #dignity and it’s making all the difference. 💝💝💝#yourekeepingmesober #recovery #soberaf #cleanandserene #aa #aachips #ladies #love #friends #friendship #sun #god #lucky #life #wedorecover #wearetheluckyones #beyondmywildestdreams #easydoesit #tinylaborsoflove 💝💝💝

SJ VanDee

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Just sayin'... PS: Have an awesome weekend!! I'll be away for most of it, shooting two back-to-back weddings 📸 today and tomorrow – so I'll be busy, and sweaty, and tired, but sober, and happy, and productive. xo SJ 🙏🚫🍷


3 Days 6 Hours Ago

Thank you @staysobergirl I used to think that looking after myself was selfish so I guess I set about destroying myself instead! Hello 👋🏾 new perspective! Hi there cooperating and bye bye paranoia! See a later self hater! Even tucking myself into bed is an action of love and kindness. Making myself wee lunches and getting my favourite fruit 🍇 to chomp on. Seeking cool jobs to do (part time carer and full time environmental rights of way). Getting hammered and hammering myself for getting hammered just so painful. Happy lovely weekend you beauts. Whatever you decide to do I know you’re doing it mindfully and like myself, full of appreciation and wonder at this lovely life we now have. #biglove #wearetheluckyones #sober #sobriety #love #selfcare #selflove #meditation #teetotal #soberrocks #family #meme

There’s no better place to watch sunrise than on the back of a horse in the sea 😍👌🏻🌅 #wearetheluckyones #racehorsesofinstagram #beachdays

✨ Start and end each day with gratitude ✨ . Gratitude is the best gift you can give yourself. It brings happiness, peace and contentment with what you have and who you are right now. It reminds you how lucky and blessed you are. Even though you might not have all you want you have all you need✨ . . . . #mindfulcoaching_dk#messageoftheday #change #mindsetmatters #youarenotalone #bethebestyou #mindfulness #wearetheluckyones #changeyourmindset #bemindful #selfcompassion #believe #wedorecover

“The ones that love us never really leave us” 💔 ~Sirius Black~ #ourda #foreverinourhearts #love #gonebutnotforgotten #lostwithoutyou #wearetheluckyones #forever #thankful

SJ VanDee

3 Days 23 Hours Ago

I finally came to admit I was a drunk when I shattered Hubs heart so loudly it deafened me and left permanent ringing in his ears. For the first time in too long, something resonated louder than my own sirens that were blaring inside me. It took waking up to the reality that it wasn’t all about me. That’s the thing with addicts – we’re not only addicted to using, but we’re addicted to an idea of ourselves, and we’re also addicted to defending it. We’re addicted to being self-absorbed, while hating everything about ourselves at the same time. Our addictions are never truly to things you can drink, or stuff you can smoke – it’s always to our idea of how things should be. And the harder we try to materialize – and freeze – that impossible ideal of the way things should be, the more unlike that way things become. It’s like pedalling a bicycle backwards and wondering why you’re so exhausted despite not actually ever going anywhere except backwards. So, we drink. We smoke, we snort, we shoot up, we shop, we have sex with strangers and we binge watch mindless nonsense just to distract ourselves from even getting close to looking inside at all our scars that need tending. We keep ourselves busy to stop us from looking outside to all the scars we have caused. We act as though we are choosing to be the way we are, instead of admitting that it’s our patterns and automatic reactions that have shaped – and continue to shape – our reality which we simply refuse to believe. On the surface, it looks as though we choose to pour the wine, we choose to have just one more, we choose to inhale oblivion as deeply as we can. But our actions are rarely the result of our choices. The same way a path in the woods is beaten down and the earth is scarred from the same pounding of footsteps, our patterns scar our behaviour. Without pausing and without conscious, sober choice, we simply repeat the same self-destructive actions, regardless of how we get the same unsavoury results every damn time. xo SJ From "Scars & The Pause" in the upcoming book 🙏🚫🍷


5 Days 5 Hours Ago

By the grace of god, my mother taught me this at a very early age and it paid off in enough time so that I could instill this in my own seedling. I would DIE before ever allowing my daughter to parade around looking for attention in all the wrong places, and from all the wrong people, looking like a completely desperate and unguided individual; ending up with a million broken hearts and a troubled mind. I feel sorry for the many who do not carry this privilege! #theresmoretolife #thankyouuniverse #wearetheluckyones

Happy birthday to seriously my most favourite human Xoxox. MOM . You are the most selfless, loving, caring, energetic, vibrant person let alone you put all your energy into loving my dad and brothers and our entire family sooooo darn much ❤️ . I miss you always and thank you for all you bring to the world. You literally took care of me at my house (yes wow for 4 months on and off) when I broke my foot and forever I am grateful. You make me laugh so hard and keep me in check 24/7. You’re always there to listen and you always have THE answer. . You’re the best and thank you for being so awesome momma. . I know you won’t see this as you’re at the cabin and pontooning with dad enjoying your day... but I’m sure he will find it and share with you when you have reception 🙄🤣❤️! . I love you for all you are. All you’ve made me and my bros. And all you still have to give to everyone around you. Cheers to the best momma out there xoxoxoxo Joycie pie @snellranch ❤️ Here’s your collage of the past year. Ha. We have too much fun!!!!! #wearetheluckyones #loveyoumom

So grateful to have had this guy by my side for the last 25 years. ❤️ It seems crazy that we can say we have been married for that long - longer together than single. 😯 . There have been ups and downs, tears and laughterand a whole lot of life in between. It’s not perfect but it’s us, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 😊 . Here’s to the next 25. 🥂 . . . PS My childhood love of London taxis meant we approached our local taxi rank to be our wedding cars. The drivers were thrilled and took huge pride in getting their black cabs looking perfect for our special day. 🇬🇧 . I should add that our wedding party was made of three Brits, three Canadians and two Americans. So the all North American crew of groomsmen were really enamoured with the bobby hats picked up while touring London. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇨🇦🇺🇸 . #wearetheluckyones #25thweddinganniversary #silverweddinganniversary #londontaxi #wedding #londonwedding #stpaulsonslowsquare #southkensington


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When the juice is worth the squeeze. #senaru #mountrinjani #wearetheluckyones

Scenes from a hike... just another average Tuesday with All Good Dogs! #hikingwithdogs #happydogs #goforahike #gooddogs #allgooddogsslc #wearetheluckyones @kimposse @lindsaymarie.d @nlsalant @watsonandlenny

The green, green grass of home . . I’ll never get tired of climbing up to @nationaltrust Kymin for this view early in the morning . . Just the five reps up and down today, first trip up here since my @hells500 Everesting, which was a mammoth 51 times up and down . . . . #freedom #dreamchaser #fromwhereiride #wearetheluckyones #instagood #bikeporn #cyclingislife #cyclinglifestyle #cyclingphotos #seekingtheoutdoors #mountainclimbing #insearchofup #freedomontwowheels #marcusleach #neverstopexploring #adventuretravel #greengreengrassofhome #visitwales #instacycling #enduranceathlete #ultracyclist #alwaysdreaming #exploringtheworld #monmouth #plantbasedathlete #travelphotography #mountainroads #mylifemyway #plantbased

✨ A little Monday #perspective ✨ Raw post alert 🚨 These last 3 days have delivered me more sadness and heartbreaking moments than I thought I could handle in a tiny little compact dose. Watching the ones I love most go through such agonizing blows, and being able to do nothing to help them, hurts worse than going through them myself. But here’s the thing, while it may not make sense right NOW... if we’re too busy wallowing, we’ll miss the lesson. 💫 At the end of these last few days, I can still look in the mirror and say: “It might be hard right now. I may never understand why hard things happen to good people. But I still have SO MUCH to be thankful for, because it could surely be worse”. #wearetheluckyones #attitudeofgratitude #thankful #grateful #kindnesswins #bekind #stayhumble

Monday kisses... happy Monday, everyone! We hope you have a great week! @rubyschnaps @sarajane.johnson @benjo777 @watsonandlenny #puppytrailkisses #happydogs #hikingwithdogs #doghikers #wearetheluckyones #allgooddogsslc

SJ VanDee

6 Days 17 Hours Ago

Another favourite...because it’s TRUE. ✔️

Oh yes! Today marks 4 weeks sober. I'm going to a 'Body Conditioning' class very soon - I'm nervous because it's unfamiliar and I'm awkward and self conscious. I'm positive it will be fine once we start! #4weekssober #soberweightlossjourney #soberaf #soberlife #soberhealth #wearetheluckyones #fitness #scary

This kid has taught me so much. He has shattered every preconceived notion and fear that I had concerning adoption and special needs. We are so lucky. #adoption #nofear #wearetheluckyones

Cory Wheeler

6 Days 21 Hours Ago

YOU DID NOT WAKE UP TODAY TO BE MEDIOCRE!!!! Step out of you Comfort Zone, Fly a bit Higher - Reach for the Sky, Do something that Scares you, Belly laugh, Jump In, Try Try Try Again, Learn something New, Take Time, Play like a Kid with Your Kids, Challenge Yourself - YOU GOT THIS - Life Is Too Short Not To. . . It is MONDAY again!!! What are you waiting for!!! . . . Riding the big waves #hyrumdam #boatingwithfriends #wearetheluckyones #summeringlikechamps #workhardplayhard #jumpin #playlikeakid #wakeupsore #noexcusestoday

I am a thankful father. #wearetheluckyones Burger, steamers and beer at the Slipway with my amazing family- taking the photo my Mom was with us too. #mainelife

SJ VanDee

6 Days 23 Hours Ago

Let's start the week with one of my favourites 🙏 I used to refer to booze as Liquid Courage – and it’s absolutely anything but that. There was nothing courageous about drinking myself to oblivion. I was cowardly, numbing myself each day as a way of eluding the truth. There was nothing brave about my tolerance. Being able to easily drink anyone under the table (including myself) is foolish, not fearless. There was nothing gallant or valiant in poisoning myself bit by bit and bottle by bottle, aware of the slow death I couldn’t live without. Killing myself from the inside out was pitiful, not proud. Referring to alcohol as Liquid Courage does a disservice to those who are truly courageous. Courage is having strength in the face of pain and struggle. And, the more I drank, the less strength I was able to muster. The more I drank, the more I summoned situations that brought me – and everyone around me – nothing but pain. The more I drank, the less courageous I became, and the less courageous I became, the less I was able to love – myself and everyone around me. What is courageous though, is feeling fear and still choosing to act. Courage is following your heart. Courage is persevering in the face of adversity. Courage is standing up for what is right. Courage is letting go of the familiar. Courage is suffering with dignity and faith. Courage is being sober when all you want is to be wasted. Courage is acceptance when all you want is to forget. Courage is loving when all you want is to run. Read the full post "Courageous Love" on the blog at LifeInDetox.com (direct link to post is in the bio!) 🙏🚫🍷

No better way to have spent Father’s Day than riding with this little dude, whose specific request was to ‘go for a really long ride and meet Mummy and Dorothy (his little sister) for cake so we can get more energy to ride some more’ . . . We ended up doing 10km, which for a three and a half year old is pretty impressive, and had so much fun just riding and exploring together. No ride will ever give me as much pleasure as the ones I have with him . . #fathersday #freedom #dreamchaser #fromwhereiride #wearetheluckyones #instagood #bikeporn #cyclingislife #cyclinglifestyle #cyclingphotos #switchbacks #dadlife #theroadlesstraveled #freedomontwowheels #marcusleach #neverstopexploring #adventuretravel #happyfamily #gravelbike #instacycling #enduranceathlete #ultracyclist #alwaysdreaming #exploringtheworld #familyphotography #likefatherlikeson #toddlerlife #daddysboy #mylifemyway #activelifestyle

Sometimes, those of us that have struggled with substance use disorders get a bad rap. BUT it is my belief that everyone has something to recover from. I’ve worked with people recovering from food addiction or even grief. I’ve seen people struggle with an addiction to power, control , lying, duping others or even misery and drama. There are people recovering from trauma, divorce, abusive relationships or financial hardship. AND the solution is ALL the same . Get honest, clean house, connect to something greater, whatever that may be, do a WHOLE lot of work on getting back to your authentic self then just live RIGHT, love everyone and pass on a message of hope . I used the same process to recover from divorce that I did to recover from addiction . Everyone is here on this earth for soul growth and to make the world a better place . Anyone can make a comeback regardless of their setback ! Happy Monday .... I’m your biggest cheerleader .... love, Tricia

Happy Father’s Day @jdmaciel! We love you so much! You are such a rare specimen of what a father should be. Everything you do for our boys you do with such love, patiences, and passion. Being the amazing example you are, I’m so thankful you set that standard high for our boys so that one day they will be just like their dad. We are truly the lucky ones❤️ . . . . . . . . . . . #happyfathersday2019 #happyfathersday #fathersday #bestdadever #dadoftheyear #dad #fatherson #raisingboystobemen #daddoingitright #dadgamestrong #wearetheluckyones #daddy #dadsofinstgram #dad #justlikedad #likefatherlikesons #bayareadad #smile #youalwaysmakeussmile #lovemyboys #dadlovesyou

I can’t let this Fathers Day come to an end without a shoutout 🌟 to my most favorite man on earth... we haven’t been a family for long, but we already know how lucky we are to call you ours... you are the PERFECT example of an amazing Dad and man to all of us!! We are so grateful for everything you do for us @mark.hogge can’t wait for the many unwritten chapters of this crazy family of 5 ❤️❤️❤️ Love you baby! . #loveourfamily #mymarky #bestdadaward #wearetheluckyones #grateful

Remember those deployed and those that never came home to their children. Share. #red #inuniform #overseas #duty #godandcountry #🇺🇸 #fathersday #godspeed #wearetheluckyones #godbless #veteran #sacrifice #gethomesafe

Summit Park hike with a friend who has been hiding out all winter. @mzar08 #trailtribe #wearetheluckyones #longlostfriend

Los dos mejores papás del mundo mundial!!! Gracias por lo que hacen y por toooooodo lo que son!!! Feliz Día del padre 🤗🎉🎊#wearetheluckyones #happyfarhersday


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This is one of those “Where do I begin?” posts... But I’m at a loss as to how to put into words what an incredible individual this man really is. These boys are so fortunate to have someone so hard-working, intelligent, steadfast, and loving as a dad. Put simply- Could not ask for more. We love you dearly @matthewcbrown THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU. 💝 ##daddysday ##ourworld ##g_child ##liam_child ##wearetheluckyones 💞

Happy Father’s Day, Handsome. Blessed everyday to be loved, protected, and inspired by you. Thank you for showing these two what hard work and life is all about. We love you!😘 @briangrover27 #wearetheluckyones #thekeeperofourhearts

I know this totally messed up our beautiful tropical themed feed...but I just had to say HFD to my husband . This is one of his favorite pics- not sure if it’s because he looks so great with the juniors- or because we were off to see Norwich City play on home turf! Anyway- we are very lucky to call this man ‘Dad.’ He has the biggest heart, is so generous with his love and time, makes us laugh forever , is interested in everything and always teaches us something new- and is literally the world’s best problem solver. #wearetheluckyones #neveradullmomemt #happyfathersday