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Happy Monday!!☀️ . . We all love our coffee in the morning but make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day too! 💦 . A big benefit to drinking water is its ability to flush your system of toxins. This cleanse keeps your skin clean, pushing out bacteria and reducing the risk of acne and other skin problems. ... Drinking water balances the natural oils sitting on your face with moisture. . HMUA: @amandamccarthybeauty Model: @emilykanphoto . . . #amandamccarthybeauty #makeupartist #mua #esthetician #beauty #instablogger #beautyblogger #makeupartist #loveyourskin #glowingskin #wearspf


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Starting as we mean to go on when it comes to good skin care habits! #wearspf #wearspfdaily #safetanning #goodskincare #skincare #skincareroutine #mondaymotivation #autumnsun


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Self care Sunday. 😊 Did you treat your skin this weekend?! Schedule your treatment, call, text, email you chose, we’re ready to reboot your skin. ・・・ Just had the most amazing facial. 🙇 #verabella #beverlyhills #facial #skincare #glowingskin #luxury #wearspf #amazing #topnotch #spa #spaday


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This is an actual statement someone said to me this week. 🙈 While I do agree at this day and age, it is easier to find quality products that do not contain parabens and oxybenzone, not every ingredient in sunscreen is cancer-causing or hormone-alternating. This person was simply stating there were too many components and didn’t want to purchase any skincare product with more than 5 ingredients. _______________________________________ However, there are components of skincare products that are beneficial. In fact, many companies boast having multiple active ingredients. Don’t count something out simply due to the amount of ingredients. #laskinaesthetics #lasaskinmyth


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Did you know our product has been known to help soothe and disguise eczema? Find out more at Tancream.co.uk #nationaleczemaweek #luxuryskincare

PSA: sunscreen is essential to your skins health!!! Swipe right to see my face under a uv light that shows all the sun damage underneath my skin!! Really wish I would have listened to my mom all those times she told me to wear sunscreen 🙄 also these sunscreens are AWWMAZING! On the left is a mineral spf and on the right is your regular chemical spf and I wear them daily now! 💛 . . #wearspf #protectyourskin #student #esthetician #skincare #firstpost #tsi #iloveschool #sundamagedskin #sundamage #notfreckles #spf #sunscreen #favorite


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We all love being tan, and the healthiest way to achieved this is with a #technotan #spraytan but you still need to wear an SPF EVERYDAY. No matter the weather! Rain, hail or shine the harmful UV rays that damage our skin and cause skin cancers are always shining through even on overcast rainy days. #protectyourself #wearspf #saynotoskinageing #slipslopslap


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Sunscreens with a high SPF always seem to leave you feeling like a ghost covered in a white film of lotion. They are not great to apply. Most of us understand the importance of wearing sunscreen but what happens if you do understand this but also want a sun kissed look all year round? Well listen in to my next podcast where I speak to Gillian Robson the founder of TanCream. An innovative SPF50 sunscreen product, that is also a self-tan. The first of its kind.


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Reminder: get your skin checked #skincancer #wearspf #getchecked


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I just got these swim shorts and rash guard tops from Amazon for our Jamaica 🇯🇲 trip, and I’m in LOVE 😍 . I’m never wearing another kind of swim 🏊‍♂️ bottom again. They’re so cute, and all the goods are covered. After watching my mama deal with melanoma and basal cell this week I’m going to really limit my time not being fully covered in the sun. I’ve always worn 50 SPF or higher, but you can’t be too careful. Umbrellas are also my friend! #melanoma #sunsafety #cute #modestbeachwear #mybuttwascovered #wearspf #cancersucks #illalwaysbeabeachgirl #beachlife


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Is your real tan fading? Apply our velvety smooth luxury lotion to face and body to help prolong that Summer tan and give you that gorgeous safe sunless golden glow, plus the SPF coverage you need at the very same time! Shop now at Tancream.co.uk


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Ladies and Gentleladies, it’s been an honor to ten-ten with you. 🙋‍♀️☀️#endofsummer Ad/Anzeige . . . #tenten #sunbathıng #vitamind #catchsomesun #sonnenbad #wearspf #powderpaper #organicbeauty #organicskincare #naturkosmetik #beautyblogger_de #beautyblog #scotchandsoda #stripedshirt #whitehat #sunhat


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Happy birthday to us, my amazing friend! 40 looks good on us... #wearspf #usegoodskincare


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Woods Lamp photo of my skin!! I have normal skin and most people compliment me on my skin. HOWEVER, those spots show the damage the sun has done to my skin and reinforces that you NEED to wear SPF every day! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📷: @theglowwitch


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Did you know? 🤔 By 2024 skin cancer is predicted to be the most common cancer in the world. 86% of skin cancer is preventable if you wear sun protection. Please protect your skin. Tancream.co.uk #skincancerfacts #skincare #sun #sunseeker #sunbathing #skintips #sunfacts #skincancer


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What a night! Thought we were just sponsoring the Beauty Award when surprise surprise... Scooped this “Outstanding Achievement” Award - speechless!! Utterly amazed! Thank you to all involved - this means the world to us! 🎉🤸🏻‍♀️🍾🏆 xx See you next year! #awards #awardwinning #weddingawards #noewa #northofenglandweddingawards


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When was the last time you exfoliated??? 🧐 Did you know that there are 3 types of exfoliation. Mechanical (microdermabrasion), Chemical (AHA/BHAs/ peels), and Physical (scrubs/beads but NO NUTS!) Exfoliating helps our skin to shed old cells and make room for healthier new ones. It also helps to absorb more of the products we put on, such as moisturizer. Exfoliating should be done regularly to help prevent premature aging and help with other skin conditions. Time to see an Esthetician!! 🤩 #exfoliate #microdermabrasion #chemicalpeel #skintreatment #hydrate #selflove #preventioniseasierthancorrection #wearspf #sunscreeneveryday #facial #esthetician #makeanappointment #treatyoself #sandiego #sd #sdbodycontouring


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Real talk. This is my face, right now! Instagram is filled with pretty photos. Really gorgeous people. But, sometimes things don’t always go as planned. And we don’t always get to see the not-so-glam side of our favorite bloggers. Over the weekend, I had my makeup done professionally, for an event. It was beautiful, flawless, airbrushed makeup. I was happy with the results. However, about 4 hours later, my face started to itch and by the end of the night I had puffy eyes and it felt like I had a sunburn. Fast forward 24 hours and this is what ya get. Swollen, redness, breakouts. My skin did NOT like this makeup. I should’ve known better. There are things we can do to prevent problems like this!! 🖤Look for products with the fewest ingredients. This will lower your chance of a reaction. 🖤Do a patch test before using any product. Place a small amount on the inside of your elbow and wait 48 hours to 72 hours. If you have redness, swelling, itching, or burning, don't use that product. 🖤Just because a label says something is "hypoallergenic," "dermatologist tested," "sensitivity tested," or "non-irritating," that's no guarantee that the products will be kind to your skin. Some companies do the testing, others don't. There are no rules about how these terms can be used on a label. 💕 Learn from my mistake!! Be kind to your skin. In the meantime, I’ll refrain from posting any selfies! What emoji best represents my face right now?? I kind of think this 🍕sums it up!! #skincare #makeupblog #skincancerawarenessmonth #letscollaborate #looknatural #naturallook #fashionlifestyle #influencer #sunprotection #wearspf #skincaretips #perfektbeauty #protectyourskin #makeupbag #makeuptime #makeupguru #makeupfun #makeuphaul #clearskin #cleanskin #lookfresh #flawlesslook #flawlesscoverage #nofilter #allergicreaction #airbrushmakeup


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"It's one of our favourite multi-tasking products!" Have you seen Gillian Robson and Katy Foxcroft latest interview with Tracey McAlpine from @fightingfifty ? You can watch their On the Sofa interview now! 👉🏾👉🏾 💜 Link in bio 💜


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When the Irish beauty lifestyle guru @ystyleireland discovered our beauty secret 💜💜💜 Morning girls. I was sent this to try & don't normally post beauty products here but thought you might be interested in this one. It's a self-tan with SPF50 for the face & body. It was developed by a skin cancer survivor & I think its a pretty good idea & haven't come across a product like it before. Tancream It also has CC coverage so will mask veins and slight blemishes. List of stockists added in comments. More details 👉www.tancream.co.uk #tancream #tan #spf50 #bronzer #skinprotection #bblogger #beautyblogger


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Research has shown that women are NINE times more likely than men to notice skin cancer on others. Ask your wife to check you out – it could save your life. #wifeappreciationday


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#teamtroy Spreadin the Orangeluv at the @jollypumpkinro Event today!! ASM Sara K's fave number, 1111, the lovely and inspirational Stephanie R and Alexandra V, pre-race, and the stellar Abbe from @otfbham_mi recruiting potential #orangefam ! #morelife #wearspf #5k #whereisreece


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⚠️Graphic content ⚠️ Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the US, with melanoma being the deadliest form. Luckily, this person was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma in Situ which means the cancer cells are still confined to the epidermis and have not spread to other parts of the body. Surgery was performed to make sure all margins are clear. As you can see, an inconspicuous mole just a couple centimeters in diameter will now leave a scar a few inches in length. The only red flag was that it was darker than most of the person's other moles. _______________________________________ Make sure you are seeing a dermatologist for yearly skin checkups. And if you have a direct familial link to any skin cancer (parents, siblings, kids), you and they should be getting checked at least every 6 months. #laskinaesthetics #melanomaawareness


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Vacation means sunburn 🌴🏝🏖😜sorry guys I don’t have abs #miami #miamibeach #soutbeach #soutbeachmiami #sunburn #wearspf #sunscreen #vacation #hoscos #loveyourbody #body


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So, I never usually talk about how I get my Glow on, but I know I’m amongst friends here. My hubby is Polynesian & quite dark, I’m pretty olive skinned as well & when we go in the sun, he gets REALLY tanned & likes to get a bit competitive with me on who gets darker. I obviously wear SPF & try to make him wear it. He’s a bit of a lost cause & has zero clue that my glow comes straight from these bottles! Not all of them at once of course, but I love all these sunless tanning products. . 💫Soleil Tan De Chanel. The only Chanel product I own, but it’s great for contouring & or adding some bronze to your face. . Other fav wash off products that I wear almost on a daily is 💫By Terry Tea to Tan, I love this product for a deeper colour to contour or bronze with. I never shake the bottle, because I don’t like my face sparkling😬. 💫 By Terry Cellularose Brightening Serum. I mix this in with my foundation daily. It’s stunning. . 💫Vita Liberata Body Blur. I use this on my body mixed in with my SPF while on holiday or in the summer. It washes off & gives a hint of colour with the best blurring effect on my legs. Really do love this product. . 💫James Read Tan- Coconut Melting Tanning Balm that gives such a gorgeous gradual Tan for my body. . 💫James Read Express Glow Mask. I use this guy if we’re away as it gives me an amazing warm glow pretty quickly. . 💫James Read Tan h20 drops. My fav product by far. I usually add 2-3 drops of this to my serum after cleansing to maintain my colour. I love the no fuss, add to whatever sort of product glow this gives me. . 💫Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad. I haven’t used these for awhile now. Was in Mecca the other day & they gave me a couple samples of the new Intense shade, as the normal pads don’t do much for my skin tone. Haven’t tried it yet, but as the summer warms up I’ll be giving this a try! Happy Weekend & FriYAY to everyone!! . #skincarereview #sunlesstan #nzbeautyblogger #beautifulskin #glowyskin #instaskincare #skincarecommunity #lovetheskinyourein #wearspf #wellingtonnz #faketanfriday #skincareproducts #getyourglowon #over30skincare #instaskin #skincaretips #skincarereviews #beautycommunity #skincarelover


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Thank you @brownsdepartmentstores Beverley for a lovely day in store promoting Tancream. Today we will be in @fenwicknewcastle from 12-2pm. #tancreamontour #beautycounter #newbeauty #cosmetics #retail #beauty #beautyevents #skincare #beautysecret #bbloggers #beautybloggers


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Please don't pinch me, I want to keep dreaming about summer forever 🙏🏼🌞🌴