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2 Minutes Ago

✨Happy Summer Solstice!✨ Today we celebrate light! Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year - the day with the most sunlight and the first official day of Summer! On the Summer Solstice there is a powerful energetic opening - a portal of positivity that sheds light and warmth and opportunity upon us all! ✨ How do you make the most of this influx of positive energy? Take some time to reflect today. Look back to the Winter Solstice (December 21st) and reflect on how far you have come. What has shifted for you since the darkest day of the year? In what ways has light filled your life a little bit more each day since then? For me, this past Winter Solstice felt very dark. I had just begun my Saturn Return and was experiencing huge shifts in my life. I was in a beautiful and incredibly conscious relationship that taught me so much, but was not serving me. On the Winter Solstice, light began to creep through and the relationship began to dissolve. My business was just on the brink of a huge expansion - I have since gone from teaching two classes per week to teaching at least 7! Looking back, I can see that I was in a major overall contraction preparing for the incredible growth that has taken place this Spring! ✨ Set your intentions today for where you want to go! What do you want your life to look like 6 months from now? How can you continue to fill yourself up with light every day so that you shine brightly even when the darkness of Winter comes? What practices can you integrate to remind yourself of the lightness and abundance of Summer? ✨ Make time today for practice and make time for play! Meditate. Do yoga. Eat ice cream. Sit outside with your face turned up towards the sun. Feel your heart fill with gratitude for the hope, light m, and life that the sun offers us every day. Bless the sun and bless your life! ✨ If you are in NYC, come celebrate the Solstice with me tonight!! I will be leading a very special Sound Bath @radicalmeditation in SoHo at 7pm. There are still a few tickets left- so click the link in my bio and sign up now! ✨ Sat Nam!! 🙏🏼☺️💗✨ ✨ 📸: @abbyblossom #thecoppervessel #summersolstice


1 Minute Ago

Hey guess what, you arent just limited to yams and sweet potato on the AIP diet... there is also taro root, purple yams and cassava (not in pic) yay for variety, am I right or am I right 🙌🌸☺ 3 more carb sources makes a HUGE difference.


8 Minutes Ago

I’m not usually a morning person, but I’m slowly trying to become one. I’ve started to enjoy the solitude of the earlier hours, and the morning rituals I’ve created to help get me out of bed 🍵. I feel like there’s so much I want to do - read, write, work on personal projects - but there’s never enough time during the day. These morning hours have become my ‘me time’ where I can let go of my inhibitions, release my need for perfectionism, and just let my creativity flow.


3 Minutes Ago

alis volat propriis she flies with her own wings. 🕊 this is my mantra for today’s summer solstice. today is the lightest day of the year. it’s also international yoga day. it’s a day of illumination, reflection, and review. a day to set intentions. a day to honor the dark. a day to tune in. a to give to ourselves. yoga has transformed my life in more ways than instagram’s character count can contain. to celebrate today, i’m teaching a special solstice class at @corepoweryoga gold coast at 8pm. hope to see you there.💫 . i’m wearing my mantra today and in honor of #internationalyogaday, @mantraband is sharing the love. use code “namaskayyy” for 10% off your purchase. #mantraband #yogaday #mbforyoga


3 Minutes Ago

Our aim is to keep the world smiling! 💫💛😊


8 Minutes Ago

🌿🍍Welcome to SUMMER🍍🌿 May I encourage you to enjoy, meditate, relax, and release on today. As we embrace the SUMMER SOLSTICE we have been divinely graced with more daylight on this day. Value the time that you have been given and create a quality experience for yourself. Today is also International Yoga Day. Let’s loosen up and stretch to the depthless horizons that reside in us. Later today, I will invite you to join me in a simple yoga pose for 5 minutes. Namaste Live and Be Well🍍🌿 #summer #solstice #yoga #beyou #fallinlovewithyou #healthyoptionsonly #stressless #journey #nurselife #wellnessblogger #werk #8facets #loveme


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☀️ Happy summer solstice, friends. And happy Cancer 🦀 season! It's the longest day and shortest night of the year. Summer is the time for fun and relaxation, while Cancer season brings forth a feeling of love and compassion and a need to stay close to our nearest and dearest. We've waited since January for this day to come. I hope your summer solstice shines bright for you, and let this be the best summer yet: filled with love, laughter, and magic. ✨💕🌷 ☀️ (Add photo credit if you know!) . . #summer #summersolstice #summersolstice2018 #cancerseason♋️ #cancerseason #astrology #wellness #astrologyfacts #sun #lovelaughmagic #love #zodiac #wellnessblogger #lifestyleblogger #writer #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #briannehogan


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For #tbthursday, here’s another classic #90smovie wisdom - Life is filled with good AND bad moments. Get yourself to a point where you can handle both #nowandthen


17 Minutes Ago

I’m trying my best to organize my life. ☀️ I want to strengthen my relationship with my friends. Dedicate time to tasks. And to be much more mindful. 💭


20 Minutes Ago

*Click the link in my bio* . . . ••Do it because you’re afraid•• You’re life is too short, too precious, and too unpredictable to wait until “the right time”. There is no right time. There is no excuse that you can make that should stop you from doing anything. It is fear. Your excuses are your fears... I wrote this to share how I am the same as you, and as everyone else. I’m afraid of many things. Often, I don’t even know what those things are. I’m afraid, so I make excuses for myself that justify not doing those things. “I’m too busy”, “I don’t have the money”, “I wont enjoy it anyway”. It took reading a book, one book, to realize that all I was doing was hurting myself. This book is mentioned in the blog post, and I HIGHLY recommend that everyone read it. This book sent me into a spiral. Then it sent me to Thailand. I ask that when you read this, you be honest with yourself. What have you given up because you were too afraid to commit to the unknown? What have you missed out on? Train yourself to be afraid. Be afraid, but do it anyways. Always. Your life will change right in front of your own eyes. . . . https://kindmindfulnessproject.blogspot.com/2018/06/year-of-fear.html?m=1#more . . . #kindmindfulreal #travelblog #lifestyleblog #wellnessblog #thailand #hongkong #asia #fear #beafraid #befull #letfearguideyou #samesamebutdifferent #beyourbestyou #change #findyourfear #blogger #travelblogger #lifestyleblogger #wellnessblogger #yogicliving #experiences


17 Minutes Ago

Open up your heart and let the light in ✨ - If you believe in yourself, anything is possible. You are stronger, smarter, and more resilient than you think. Whatever you’re going through, just know it’s only temporary and you will succeed. - NamaSLAY the day 💗


18 Minutes Ago

We have been eating a lot of red currant 😋 Red currant a very popular fruit in Europe. The most significant is vitamin C. In fact, red currants carry four times the amount of vitamin C as oranges, and double the amount of antioxidants as blueberries. The benefits of vitamin C are many. The body uses vitamin C to metabolize protein and form collagen, which is essential for skin care and anti-aging. . . . . . . #spelaskincareandwaxing #skinlove #june2018 #browgame #redcurrant #skinblogger #skininc #kelleybakerbrows #kkwbeauty #luxuryskincare #selfrespect #beautybox #beautifulskin #newtrends #trendingnow #glowingskincare #wellnessblogger #sensitiveskin #dryskin #acnescars #microcurrentfacial #coolifting #antioxidant #ledlights #oxygenfacial #oxygenation #europe2018 #instantresults

They say food cooked with love tastes better and maybe that’s true, but I know without a doubt that food grown with love most DEFINITELY tastes better. I don’t know anyone more passionate and knowledgeable about sustainable organic gardening than my brother @crgardening and you can taste it! He grows the seedlings and feeds them nutrients, sources his compost from the cleanest and nutrient dense source he can find. He keeps his seedlings warm at night with heated flooring (I mean 😂) And as time consuming and monotonous as this process is, he does it with pleasure because he knows it makes a difference in the health and nutrient density of the plant. These strawberries are incredible, the lettuce is so flavorful and crisp and I’ve been adding the delicious mint he gave me into salads and tisanes. I’m so incredibly proud of him for finding something that lights his fire, doing something that makes a difference and helping others have their own organic gardens to feed their families. If you’re in the NY area and looking to have an amazing garden of your own, check him out @crgardening.


27 Minutes Ago

Pop the champagne 🍾 Everyday is a reason to celebrate you ❤️ #tbt to the lovely @mommyxmevip event where our luxury Beautitude Body Care products set the guilt-free mood! Time to give a little love back to your skin, you deserve it! #beautitude #beautywithanattitude #guiltfree #loveyourself •
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29 Minutes Ago

🧘FLASHSALE ALERT🧘 In honor of #internationalyogaday, we're giving all you yogis 25% off ALL orders $40 or more 👌 Use code YOGASALE at checkout and don't forget to tell your friends! @artsy_blue . . . . . . . . #yoga #yogaday #dayofyoga #yogis #flashsale #sale #artnaturals #allnatural #discount #benefitsofyoga #yogisofinstagram #wellness #selfcare #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #aromatherapy #oildiffuser #essentialoils #oils #pureessentialoils #nontoxic #flexibility #takecareofyourself #bluetoothdiffuser #wellnessblogger #health #fromnatureforyou #bpafree #crueltyfree


29 Minutes Ago

Celebrating National Smoothie Day with a Dragonfruit + Lychee Smoothie from @dailyharvest ! 👩🏾‍🌾 Smoothies are one of my favorite ways to get my nutrients in early on in the day. Use code “thatschelsea” to get 3 free smoothies in your first delivery! 📦🍃✨#dailyharvest #sponsored


30 Minutes Ago

✨ Sun kissed salads ✨ I make my lunch every day! Making two at a time is helpful for meal prep without being too repetitive. This week I’ve enjoyed @wholefoods shaved pepper turkey + avocado with cherry tomatoes on @pixieretreat kale salad, which I mix with spinach. What are you packing this week? #aunaturelle . . . . . . #paleolife #healthyfood #healthyeating #lowcarb #paleo #wellnessblogger #wellnesswarrior #fit #glutenfreefood #dairyfree #plantbased #grainfree #ibs #sibo #foodismedicine #glutenfree #fitfam #foodcombining #aip #holistic #mealprep #realfood #forkyeah #cleaneats #nutrition #whatsonmyplate #whole30 #salad #saladlover


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This guy turns one year older this weekend to the big 35! We’ll be kicking off our weekend festivities tomorrow with some fresh air, green grass, and a beautiful view! ☀️ . The topic of “working out” has come up a lot lately in my coaching sessions. Staying fit and getting your daily activity in doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym everyday or be bored on the elliptical if you don’t like it. You can get a great workout in from doing activities you love and enjoy, too! . What are your favorite outdoor activities that keep you active? #mngolf #thebig35


56 Minutes Ago

Our article ‘5 Essentials for Mental Wellbeing’ is on Mvslim now! Link in bio.


50 Minutes Ago

What the world needs now .. #compassion #hope


32 Minutes Ago

I attended the @hbloggerscom HBC Summit last month and had the best time! I feel I have gained so much knowledge and valuable information that will not only help me in my journey as a new blogger but by providing me with the tools to expand and grow🌱The workshops were amazing💫I attended the shelf help book club by @chloebrotheridge and @ms.toni.jones focusing on anxiety around social media, and the workshop by @wellspokenmark which was incredible, discussing credibility in the blogging industry. I learnt so much and got to hear others talk about their own journey. I also enjoyed listening to the beyond mat conversation with fitness influencers, as well as meeting other bloggers and influencers which made my day! A truly inspiring and memorable day💖 📷@annarachphotography #hbc #hbcsummit #hbcsummit2018 #healthbloggerscommunity #healthbloggerscommunitysummit #blogger #blog #wellnessblogger #healthandwellnessblogger #healthandwellnesswebsite #hbloggerscom #london #bloggerscommunity #bloggersevent #influencer #blogging #londonevent #hbloggers #networking #kayryde


34 Minutes Ago

Summer vacation is here and I’m feeling super pumped up for some positive changes with our daily routine. With less driving busyness means more time to focus back on fitness! I’m starting a new daily challenge and I’m going to push through until fall. I’ve seen some tremendous transformation with my overall well-being in the past six months and now it’s time to step it up another notch! Time to #getfit! #fitfam #summeressentials #fitnessjourney


33 Minutes Ago

The way I see it, when you look in the mirror you have two choices. You can either stand there and look at what you haven’t got, or look at what you have. - You can bad mouth your bulges, label your lumps with nasty words. You can wish your waist smaller and beg your bum bigger. Or you can just stand there and look, no labels, just love. If we’re always looking for what’s not there, we miss out on what’s staring right back at us. - Don’t embark on a “healthy lifestyle” because you hate what’s looking back at you, but because you love it. If you love something you look after it. You feed it, you fuel it, you say nice things to it, you challenge it and you cherish it. Look at what you’ve got and look after what you’ve got. 🙏🏻


35 Minutes Ago

Have you ever thought about what your day would be like had you said from the START that it was going to be amazing? ___ I’ve talked about the law of attraction before but the more I focus on it, the more I believe in it. ___ No matter what happens, you are always in control of your emotions and actions. ___ Love your days a little more. xo Roxanne


34 Minutes Ago

Beets are the ultimate super food in my book. High in antioxidants, heart healthy, full of fibre to support your digestion & can even help relieve inflammation & improve brain function! . But personally, I love that beets are full of vitamins and minerals that help support your liver and your bodies natural detox process. Bye bye 👋🏻 bloating, gas, constipation, undigested fat and hello red poop 💩 . Our liver has over 500 jobs!! So any help I can give it I’m on board for! . . Beets are loaded important minerals calcium, magnesium, sodium, copper and iron. In fact the greens of beets contain more iron than spinach! They also contain vitamin C . You can cook them with your favourite veggies to boost your meal. Or try juicing them! . I’ve been using this juice recipes for months: - 4 beets - 6-8 carrots - 1 lemon - fresh ginger (to your taste) . . . . . #beets #healthjourney #healthybodyhealthymind #healingmybody #nourishthebody #healthyhabbits #begoodtoyourbody #wellnessblogger #nourishyourbody #nourishyourself #fitnesscoach #holisticnutrition #mealplans #healthyeating #nutritionaltherapy #beetjuice #liverdetox #detox #byebloating #bloating #constipation


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☀️🎉 TODAY ONLY ☀️🎉 Celebrate the Summer solstice and get 25% off your entire order! Use code ‘SUMMERTIME25’🍹 . Offer ends at 11:59pm PST, cannot be combined with any other offer 😎


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☀️ REASONS TO START PRACTICING YOGA... right now! ☀️ — — Happy international yoga day, friends of the gram! 🧘‍♀️ how are you celebrating today? 💫 If you don’t already practice, I thought I’d take a minute to give you as many reasons as I could think of, as to why you should start right now! 🙏 I think everyone knows the abundance of benefits yoga offers but may not know exactly what, so here are some of them! [apologies for the lack of elaboration, I firstly don’t want every post to be insanely long, and yoga also sent me into a bit of a trance and I’m lazy to type 😂] — — ☀️ improves your flexibility ☀️ builds muscle strength ☀️ perfects your posture ☀️ prevents cartilage and joint breakdown ☀️ protects your spine ☀️ increases blood flow ☀️ boosts immunity ☀️ drops your blood pressure ☀️ regulates your adrenal glands (@bbg_bunny_za ) ☀️ improves your mood ☀️ helps you focus ☀️ helps you relax ☀️ improves your balance ☀️ gives your lungs room to breath ☀️ aids in IBS symptoms ☀️ increases your self esteem ☀️ — — Let me know below ⬇️ what benefits YOU have experienced from yoga? 🖤


45 Minutes Ago

The power of community in @SoulCycle, according to instructor @laurenmchale_, all comes down to that unique combination of connection, accountability, and belonging. Where do you feel the strongest sense of belonging in the fitness realm?


43 Minutes Ago

I feel like this is a violation of how most other humans eat muffins but alas I am unique and homemade morning glory muffins with @siggisdairy + homemade chia pudding (used the recipe on my blog but subbed coconut milk) + @bigspoonroasters tigerwalk espresso butter is a combo to die for 🤤 Posting the recipe for flour free (+ superfood nonsense free) morning glory muffins this afternoon ✨ 🥕


45 Minutes Ago

gotta get that morning matcha 🍵🍵 @caferoze


47 Minutes Ago

Happy Summer Solstice!! ☀️ I’m convinced that the best way to start the day is with a brisk walk by the ocean followed by avo toast with a side of papaya! 🤷🏼‍♀️ But hey, that’s just me. 😉 #vacationmodeon . . . . . #selflove #selfcare #newportri #enjoyinglife #plantbased #breakfast #simplethings #eatmoreplants #wholefoods #fueledbyplants #summervibes #healthyeats #wanderlust #eatplants #eattherainbow #beautifulhealth #activelifestyle #tiu #tiuteam #stayactive #realfood #yogateacher #entrepreneurlife #wellnessblogger #foodie #foodblogger #letscookvegan