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Vibing with my mom's on our #iphone #animoji @lovingmyselfagain #wewillrisetogether #wewill #motivation #positivevibes #goodtimes ❤️❤️❤️

Tomorrow I will announce the details of my new art book dedicated to my fellow activists. By @liberation_motivation ✌🏻🌱🌏


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Congratulations #herecomesthechamp @feenom479 for the victory last night. Very much well deserved, will never forget the ankle lock that had me out of commission for a few days. I know #pros train and trained with #champs and future #title holders said it before and say it again #motivation 💪🏾 #feenom #invictafc32 #mma #mixemartialarts #bnb #lifestyle #inspiration #wewill #wewillrisetogether #positivevibes

So THIS just happened. Enough. Enough with the bullshit and the excuses. Enough tip toeing around humans promoting animal cruelty. Speak up for the animals . Stand your ground, be a BIG anti-cruelty voice. Be their voice. Go vegan and GET ACTIVE. FOR THE ANIMALS ✊🏻🌱🌏 I’m still shaking from doing this but I’ll be ok. The animals suffering and getting killed for people’s vanity aren’t.

Thank you kind human for making the connection 🙏🏻🌱🌏 @bronwynfaye67 _ For vegans in transition or anyone vegan curious please sign up for @_challenge22_ . It’s free! You get free support from experts for 22 days to help you make the transition to a compassionate and responsible lifestyle ❤️🌱❤️

Balloons don’t go to heaven. Many of the released balloons don't burst, they float back down to earth where they pose a serious threat to wildlife. Dolphins, whales, turtles, seabirds and other animals have all been killed by balloons. If swallowed, balloons can block an animal's gut and cause it to starve. _ Read, inform yourself, learn to do better, be better. #balloons


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Here’s one for all the people that want to tell me greyhound racing is great and there’s only a few bad people in the industry and what about pug breeders, people who eat meat and others that buy handbags made from crocodiles and that I need to calm the F down and show some respect for others. I’m older but clearly immature and don’t have the facts right. This is for you. For the record I’m against all animal exploitation. And a note for teenagers don’t argue with adults unless you’re willing to receive unfiltered replies. #repost @dominionmovement ・・・ As of Wednesday October 10, Dominion will become free, forever, at watchdominion.com. #dominion #wewillrisetogether #free

If you are not Vegan you are the cause for this. _ What is happiness to you? To me it's redundant. As long as innocent sentient animals are forced into unimaginable torture and death for the entirety of their existence because consuming their flesh and secretions and wearing their skin makes people "happy", I don't want any part of that happiness. As long as the idea that the value of a life can be affected by uncontrollable factors to make people feel happier about their pathetic lives, I want no part of that happiness. Yes, I am very happily married. I would absolutely, 100% be dead or in and out of jail/prison right now if not for my wife, @misseswilder. We both understand that there is far more unnecessary suffering than true happiness in this world. . Over 56 billion sentient animals capable of feeling fear, pain, love, and having relationships are killed every year because humans think they deserve the right to do so. There are only about 7.6 billion humans in the world. If every single human suffered half as much as farmed animals do, it would still be nothing compared to what these creatures are forced to endure. These 56 billion are only the animals that are killed. Think about how many cows are raped and used only for their breast milk. Think about how many chickens are used only for eggs. @belinda_vegan @namastevegan2016 @true2myrootz417 @angelitovegano #butbacon

“Ugh, you vegans think you’re better than us that eat and wear animals!!! I will NEVER go vegan because you vegans think you’re superior 😡😡😡😡!!!!!” _ Well, if us respecting all lives gives you THIS reaction maybe check your bruised conscience and ego and ask yourself why YOU are not vegan? Just a thought 🤷‍♀️... _ _ @mirja_ilona_vegan - Being vegan is NOT a diet, it’s a conscious, responsible, ethical decision; to make every reasonable effort to live and enjoy life without harming, enslaving exploiting, depleting, contaminating and killing. ▫️ Making the choice to be KIND - COMPASSIONATE - LOVING to all living beings! 💚 ▫️ 🌱 www.vegankit.com 🌱 Watch Earthlings (link in my bio!) ▫️

She kind of looks like trump doesn’t she? Anyways. Why is everyone shocked and revolted, especially the ones that have frozen bodies in their own freezers? What’s the difference between these poor dogs and a lamb or a cow or a chicken or a fish? Is it because they didn’t kill them themselves? Are they just frozen objects people eat? Why do people forget that the flesh they eat belongs to someone that didn’t want to die? BECAUSE WE WERE BRAINWASHED to not make the connection anymore between a living breathing animal and an object we put in our mouths. Except that object is FLESH. No different than mine . _ RP@vegehuman - I can hear carnists crying over these puppies while munching on a burger that is made of another dead animal. When will they realize that they're no different than this woman and that dogs that she killed are no different than a cow that they're eating?

@tal__gilboa The situation in California is getting worse, not better. It’s so severe not only because of the huge fires that are raging, but also because of a serious lack of water. In some places there’s no water in the faucets, places where there’s no choice but to stand by helplessly and watch the houses burn down. The world is on the brink, we have been warning about it for years and it isn’t something that’s centuries away, but rather decades. Scientists are clear with their warnings: there won’t be water, there won’t be oxygen and there won’t be animals. Humanity is making itself extinct. We are the asteroid we keep talking about that will destroy everything. It’s us. The exploitation of natural resources makes the rich richer, without considering what will happen five years from now. The animal based food industry is at the top of the list of polluting industries on the planet. 70% of plant based food is used to feed animals on factory farms. It isn’t used to feed hungry children in Africa or Israel or anywhere else. Each of over a billion cows in the industry drink 200 liters of water a day and are the most prolific polluters- not that it’s the cows’ fault, but humans continue to create them for profit. The rain forest are being cut down in order to make room to raise calves (30% of the forests have disappeared in the last ten years). Massive industrial fishing has destroyed 50% of the plankton- which plays a crucial role in the world’s oxygen supply- in the oceans and seas. There is a clear climate change happening, the world is continuously becoming warmer. We messed up the delicate ecological balance and we are paying the price. This is what the world will look like and we have to stop the process before it’s too late.


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Getting ready for Dominion screening...excited? Ya bet ya! 😇 🌱✊🏽💚 #dominionmovement #wewillrisetogether #veganism #vegan #animalliberation #compassion #kindness #veganoutreach #endspeciesism


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We succeed together 🤘🏼 ✈️💃🏼💰#buildingourfuture #relationshipgoals #wewillrisetogether

This is fur. _ It is my friend’s @ati_veganator birthday today and a bunch of us that love him met up at @vegandalebrewery to celebrate him. _ Going to an all vegan restaurant is amazing because you don’t have to worry about accidentally ingesting any suffering and this poor guy wanted to have a fun night out with his friends without any stress. _ It was all great until two girls sat at the table next to us and one of them was wearing fur. _ Atilla got really upset and down immediately because of this and I am very upset myself because his night is now tainted by someone that clearly hasn’t made the connection to the cruelty she was wearing... _ I asked the staff if they have any anti-fur literature available considering it’s the season and I was told the that owner doesn’t believe in single issue matters? Excuse me? Look at this picture @vegandalebrewery owner: this “issue” doesn’t fucking matter ??? _ As a vegan establishment you should be having all kinds of educative literature available for your non-vegan customers or people in transition. _ My friend came to a place where he thought he would be safe from being surrounded by reminders of suffering and death. _ As a progressive movement we are definitely supposed to be inclusive but how can you be inclusive yet at the same time selfishly ignorant and stubborn? You’re doing a disservice to the non-vegans walking in by not giving them the option to be educated on the multitude of issues that make up the vegan movement and completely dismissing the fact that your ethical vegan clients may get upset because they may me forced to be eating your food next to someone wearing a dead animal. _ This right here, this picture is what we see when someone wears fur. We see the animal the skin belonged to. _ This is fucked up. _ And I’m tired of people and their stupid excuses. Wake the fuck up and STOP KILLING ANIMALS.


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Why did @dean_beck go vegan? 🌱 ~ I am crazy about health and fitness and first went “vegan” (at least I thought it did) for its many health benefits. I went back and forth from eating the occasional non vegan meal and buying whatever clothes I desired. I then started to see videos online of what the “FARMS“ where doing with the animals! I was heartbroken and knew there was NO WAY I could fund such a disgusting industry. I realized that my whole life I have been fed with lies. I learned how factory farming (where 97% of meat comes from) destroys the planet. I learned the amazing benefits of eating a vegan diet and learned we don’t need meat to survive, we are better without it! I can’t wait to share all my knowledge with you and see how many vegans we can create. 🐷 🐮 🐟 🐔 ~ . . . . . . . . #vegan #veganforanimals #animalrights #animalcruelty #whatthehealth #dominionmovement #wewillrisetogether #govegan #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #untilallcagesareempty #animals #animallover #animalrights #animalprotection #bethechange #veganpower #veganfortheanimals #loveallanimals #animalwelfare #friendsnotfood #crueltyfreeliving #animalequality #animalrightsactivist #voiceforanimals #love #justice #respect #compassion

@slaughterhouse_survivors - Imagine being at home with your pets and looking out the window and seeing this 💔 #china has gone official crazy. In a city called Hangzhou the police are walking into people's homes and confiscating their dogs. They are then brutally killing them. Drowning them. Throwing them into police trucks. • street dogs have no hope 💔 • In another city called Chengdu a new law has started. You are not allowed to walk your dog between 7am~7pm. If you are seen walking your dog the dog will be confiscated. They are saying eventually this will be in all cities across china. China does not want people to have pets. Why? I really don't know. • • Please write letters to your local Chinese embassies. Please write letters to your government. Please write letters to your local newspapers. Please never give up on Chinese dogs 💔 The place is falling apart


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Massive win for the animals with cows milk now legally being able to be labeled inhumane in the UK. Drinking milk and eating products made of another species excretions isn't just weird, it's cruel and 100% unnecessary. It's time to leave these practices in the past where they belong. Choose from many plant based milks, cheeses, yogurts! Your gut, the eco system, and the animals will thank you! ❤❤ Humane milk is a myth! Every dairy cow is sent to slaughter. Go to Www.Nutritionfacts.org OR www.challenge22.com OR www.veganeasy.org to make some exciting discoveries! #govegan #notyourmumnotyourmilk #dairyisscary #plantmilk #ditchdairy #compassion #meatismurder #veganeasy #stopanimalcruelty #standup #bethechange #loveallanimals #veganfitness #meatfree #peace #veganlife #veganmuscle #respect #dominionmovement #wewillrisetogether #challenge22 #legiondxsydney


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We can’t wait to get back to serving you guys!!!! We are on the mend to being re open. REEAALYYYY HOPING WE CAN before mid December,🤞 @glowgetter.ca is going to have some AMAZING 😉 new clothes hopefully before Christmas 🎄 #watchoutforus #wewillrisetogether #longbeach #cafe☕ #lavazzacoffee #smallbusiness #reopeningsoon


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The people waiting in line at Starbucks couldn't help but watch. Most of us go about our everyday lives taking part in societal norms without questioning or thinking critically about those who suffer from our choices. Something as simple as ordering a beverage that contains dairy causes a plethora of suffering to those who are exploited and forced to produce milk for our consumption habits. Most of us convince ourselves that there is a proper way to exploit animals; most of us choose to ignore their suffering and pretend it isn't happening. Ignorance isn't bliss to the victims of our habits. We will be there to show the truth and disrupt the negative peace in which we are complicit.


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This Sunday Nov 18th I'll be heading to Blacktown with @legiondxsydney @the_animal_project and Animal Liberation NSW to protest @stardustcircusaustralia for STILL USING ANIMALS IN THEIR CIRCUS. This is not bullshit, they still exploit animals for money. Come down and stand with us to stand up for the innocent animals. If you want more infor PM me 🌱💪🏻✌🏻❤ #vegan #veganeasy #stopanimalcruelty #standup #bethechange #loveallanimals #veganfitness #meatfree #peace #veganlife #veganmuscle #respect #dominionmovement #wewillrisetogether #notyourmumnotyourmilk #ditchdairy #govegan #compassion #meatismurder #circus #lions #legiondxsydney #plantbased #veganaf



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I am absolutely heartbroken for our beautiful state...I am, and will always be a California girl...born and raised! For better or for worse...this is my home. Absolutely heartbroken...🔥💔🔥 #caligirl #california #californiafires #wewillrisetogether #ohthesepooranimals #donate



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On my drive to tennis early this morning, I stoped for few minutes to contemplate these family of deer and it was such a beautiful reminder that even in the most chaotic times and when it feels as if everything around us is being tested... life must go on and our energy must shift. Nature can teach us so much if we choose to open our eyes and see what is right in front of us. This life is a gift and it becomes that much more beautiful when you appreciate it with an optimistic outlook. #lifeisbeautiful #wewillrisetogether #ilovemycity

@wildtrailscoffee - The poster in our shop...and I'm proud to have this up. Thank you to everyone for your constant support in us. We appreciate it!

@meat_the_victims - MEAT THE VICTIMS @mishycampa This has got to be the most painful photo I’ve seen during any action. Seeing Mishy’s heart so broken because of the victims she met and had to leave behind . @mishycampa said to me tonight “Seeing photos from that day keep bringing me back again. I'm no longer the same. Broken parts of me will never heal. As much as there's pain and sadness... I'm angry enough to never stop. Ever. And I will forever be grateful to the caring activists who didn't know me but opened their heart and arms to me. I love you all so much” . . So much love to all of you. Thank you for coming inside and meeting the victims to give them love, tell them you are sorry and share their stories


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#werbefrei Eine absolute Herzensangelegenheit. Ich bin kein #weltverbesserer und möchte niemanden belehren aber ich finde jeder kann für sich seinen kleinen Beitrag leisten. Mich hat kein Film bisher so schockiert. Nie war mir so bewusst wer das schlimmste Lebewesen auf diesem wunderbaren Planeten ist. Natürlich kann jeder selbst entscheiden aber ich kann es nicht länger mit mir vereinbaren, dass wegen mir Tiere leiden und gequält werden. #gegenmassentierhaltung #gegentierquälerei #gegentierversuche #gegentierleid #dominion #wewillrisetogether #free #noanimaltesting #noanimalcruelty #animal #noanimalsharmed @dominionmovement thank you 🙏 #watchdominon.com https://www.dominionmovement.com/watch