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💫NOW AVAILABLE💫 DR. MOM kits are now LIVE in @raindropsandmoonlight ETSY shop! Get yours today! While supplies last! These WILL sell out, as we only made 20 kits this first run. If you get your hands on one be sure to flip through your DR. MOM book and make sure you have everything you need for our LIVE Instagram class on Dec 1st (time TBD)!🗓🙌🏽🖤 *link in bio to purchase!

November ER is here 🙌🏻 as if you can’t tell, I stocked up on allllll of my favorite fall oils (I think I have enough nutmeg saved up for the rest of my life 🙈). I can’t go a single day without NLBS, lavender, or progessence plus, or even peppermint. I take Inner Defense capsules every morning with my supplement lineup for immune support and YL soaps are a household staple. Christmas spirit (😍), cardamom, myrrh, and ginger are all new for me so I would love to hear any + all recs for those! Also, can we talk about how sacred frank, nutmeg vitality, christmas spirit, myrrh, 5ml NLBS, + the YL christmas ornament diffuser were all FREE?! YL life is the best life ✨


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Dear Frankincense, I love you. . + distilled from the Boswellia tree, it takes about a year from harvesting to sealing the bottle (and the trees need to be at least 7 years old) . + best known from the Bible as a gift for Jesus, it has grounding properties that give a sense of calm and peace. . + great to diffuse during homework time to help focus or paired with lavender at night to support your sleep. . + frank is great for skin support, it’s in my glow serum (with jojoba oil) that I use daily. . + Frank also can support your immune system and is gentle enough for babies that I have it in a roller bottle to support Séamus, I just roll on the bottoms of his feet daily to give him a leg up this winter season. . +what do you love about Frankincense?? #yourpsk101

#juniper’s clean, woody scent is perfect for rejuvenating the mind, body, and spirit. Its sweet and peaceful aroma can be diffused for grounding and awareness. During medieval times, bundles of juniper berries were hung over doorways to promote a positive, grounded atmosphere. . I always like to look for diffuser recipes with not so common essential oils, because let's face it, we all have a few oils in our wellness cabinet that we are not quiet sure on how to use, right?!? . I received a bottle of Juniper at one of our Young Living retreats, because they like to spoil us rotten! Not sure with all the freebies we receive each month and every month, but also with the most amazing compensation plan out there. . Safe this easy to make diffuser blend for this Christmas season. . Please follow our account 👆 #jinglealltheway #diffuser #youngliving #diffuserblends #christmas #holidays #homey #cozyhome #countryhome #diy #aromanestfamily #aromanest #essentialoils #weihnachtsdeko #schönerwohnen #meinzuhause #momsofig #greenliving #yleo #eatrealfood #whatsinmyer #subscriptionbox #essentialrewards #networkmarketing #homeoffice #workfromhome #premiumstarterkit


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I used to say and think that I only felt depressed in the winter time. But this year it was like I finally had my eyes opened and realized that I felt depressed more often then not. - I had to finally really talk to someone about it, and get proactive about my mental and physical health. This was not something that I could continue to pretend that was not there almost everyday, making me feel sad, tired and sometimes hopeless. - So yes I prayed, but I also talked to someone about it. I followed doctors recommendations to exercise and take care of myself. I take vitamin D. I also have benefited from using Essencial oils for emotional and hormonal support and it has really made a difference. I’m not here to pretend that it was like magic and went away, but I’m finally fighting. I can say that I do feel better, and I want to encourage you that is not shameful to have depression and you have the right to have the right care. Ask your doctor, talk to a friend or whatever you need to do to take good care of yourself. Only this way we can take good care of others. Tag a friend that you think can relate to this. #mentalhealth #depression #hope

Happy Monday!! There are quite a few new friends here on this page, so I figured I’d pop in and introduce myself! My name is Shayna Iverson Walker! 🙌🏻 Yep. That’s my middle name yo. I’m 24 years old, and got into oils in order to better support my immune system while living in a camper-van with my husband. 🙌🏻 @isaac.walks is my husband and more importantly my best friend. He’s the most important person in my life. I can’t say it enough, because you’ll probably see me do some pretty ridiculous crazy things... and it usually comes down to him. I want to live a crazy adventurous life with him by my side. In order to do so, we have to be healthy right? That’s where my interest in wellness comes into play for us. We are BIG dreamers, but we can’t go very far if our bodies are constantly breaking down on us. So, I’m attempting to learn how to take care of my body better than I would take care of my car🙌🏻 Then I’m passing that information on to you guys. Because I want you guys to be able to Dream YOUR big dreams, and have a body that is WELL. I’m not perfect, and you won’t be either... BUT hey, that’s the way it should be... It makes for a REALLY good story👌🏻 Welcome to my oily hangout spot... Tell me more about YOU! I’d love to connect!


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Happy Monday! Many of you have been asking, so let’s start the week off with the Charcoal Mask Recipe I learned at our Beauty & Brunch event last week! . This is a super simple DIY mask recipe that you can whip up in minutes, once you have the ingredients! . Some of the benefits of a charcoal mask are that it helps detoxify and pull dirt, oil and impurities from the skin. It also exfoliates and brightens your skin by eliminating dead skin cells. Add Young Living essential oils to this mix, and you’ve got an amazing anti-aging mask treatment that can work for any skin type! 😍 . Swipe left to see a fun video with more tips and with our masks on!! 😊 . INGREDIENTS: (you can get all these from Amazon, except for YL essential oils) . ✔️1 tsp Bentonite Clay Powder ✔️1 tsp Activated Charcoal Powder ✔️1 tsp Baking Soda ✔️1 Tbsp Grapeseed, Sunflower or Jojoba oil (organic) - may need more or less, depending on the consistency you want. . ✔️Add 2 drops each of your choice of essential oils, depending on your skin type. . Essential Oils for combination to oily skin: 🌿Lavender 🌿Frankincense 🌿Geranium 🌿Patchouli 🌿Tea Tree 🌿Purification 🌿Lemongrass 🌿Cypress Essential Oils for normal to dry skin: 🌿Lavender 🌿Frankincense 🌿Geranium 🌿Patchouli 🌿Myhrr 🌿Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood 🌿Sacred Sandalwood 🌿Rose DIRECTIONS: . 💟 Mix well until it creates a paste. 💟 Apply to your entire face with wooden spatula. 💟 Leave mask on for about 20 minutes. 💟Then massage it into skin gently and rinse off with gentle cleanser. Follow mask with (this is what I use): Cleanser - ART Gentle Cleanser Toner - ART Toner Serum - ART Renewal Serum (or make my own!) Moisturizer - ART Intensive Moisturizer . Apply this mask once week! Your skin will thank you! 💖😊


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What’s the difference in Peace & Calming and Peace & Calming II? Short answer: the price is different and the oils in both blends are slightly different. They both start with Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Orange and Tangerine, then we start to see the differences. Let’s check out the oils in both blends: . Peace & Calming, $34.75: Ylang Ylang, patchouli, Orange, Tangerine, & blue Tansy . Peace & Calming II, $21.25: Ylang Ylang, patchouli, Orange, Tangerine, German chamomile, vetiver, cistus, bergamot, cassia, davana, and Northern Lights Black Spruce . These oils are both points redeemable, aka you can get them for free with your Essential Rewards points! Have you ever tried either? Which do you prefer??

✨If you have always wanted to try essential oils but especially thieves, I’ve got you! ✨Today my sample giveaway is thieves. This oil is a must for winter ✨Comment or DM me if you would like to try thieves and I’ll send it your way along with a information about how to use it! . . #yleo #ylessentialoils #younglivingeo #myoilyday #ihavemyoilsnowwhat #whatsinmyer #oilylifemadesimple #momlife #healthyliving #wellness

got sacred frank + myrh for free in my essential reward order this month, and it just makes me so happy!!! verrry cool to experience these oils as we’re preparing our hearts for christmas. 🎄✨


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This month’s Essential Rewards (ER) order 😍. We love ER because: - it’s completely customizable, you pick the date it ships, you pick whatever you want to go in it each month, you pick how much! - it’s helping me feel empowered instead of overwhelmed as we switch toxins out of our home to know a healthy box of plant goodness is coming to the front porch every month - we get 10% back in product points, then up to 25% when on it longer. I just cashed in points for Thieves household cleaner which will last me for.ever & I can use on every surface - free promo oils oils on top of the points back - reduced 🛒 shipping - I switch $ we were already spending at Target, CVS, & grocery store & now don’t even walk down those aisles 👏🏽 (= less $ spent overall AND less toxins coming into our house!) It’s a win in every way! If you’re interested in this goodness, send me a message & I’ll help walk you through it #whatsinmyer #thesimpleseeds

Total honesty? I like peppermint season more than pumpkin spice season 🙊 anddd everyone needs some peppermint oil in their lives! It’s the first I turn to for so many things like head support and seasonal support. Here are some awesome uses: 🌿 Smell for stomach support in the car 🌿 Apply to temples for head support 🌿 Drop into water for uplifting 🌿 Drop into brownie batter or hot chocolate 🌿 Diffuse with Stress Away for the dreamiest blend 🌿 Rub on your wrists in summer for heat relief 🌿 Blend with lavender and lemon for seasonal support • What’s your favorite use for peppermint?


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Big smiles in the OiOi pram liner! What made you smile today? We loved reading about the funds raised for the “trolley man” Bourke St hero and seeing his reaction! 📸 @rubyfiona_


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Essential Rewards order day is my favorite day of the month! I did my live unboxing in m my insta-stories today!📦 • {swipe to see all the freebies I received}


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CHECK THE STORIES ✌🏼 You have 24 hours to see this foolishness. (And also some really important information)


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I tried this tonight for the 1st time. Such a relaxing scent! It contains essential oils such as Coriander, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, and Geranium to invoke feelings of serenity and relaxation, and that it does! It reminds me a little bit of Dream Catcher. 😴💤 . . #essentialoils. #oils. #yleo. #ylessentialoils #younglivingeo. #myoilyday. #ihavemyoilsnowwhat #whatsinmyer  #oilylifemadesimple. #whole30 #healthyliving. #momlife. #wellness #unwind. #clothallthebabies #eatrealfood. #fuelyourbody  #wellness #relax. #dream #breastfeeding. #sleep #drinkyourgreens. #healthybabies #healthykids. #paleo. #relaxation


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Gettin all festive up in the Villarreal house🎄🎅🏼❄️

• t r a n q u i l • just think sleepy, sweet dreams. this gentle blend is made with lavender, cedarwood, & roman chamomile. it’s one of Young Living’s six pre-made fancy rollers. calm mind, calm body... yes please.


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🦋 ✨


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I received En-r-gee in my Essential Rewards order this month. It. Is. Fabulous. I have been seriously struggling with the motivation lately, and I will take any help I can get. I have found that I am reaching for my essential oils more and more and am relying less on other (less healthy) things. Like energy drinks and coffee. Or pre-workout supplements. 💪🏼 ...and I seriously love coffee ☕️ (down to one cup a day. A big cup. But still.) + + + #younglivingeocanada #yleo #essentialoils #oils #ylessentialoils #younglivingeo #myoilyday #seedtoseal #ylcanada #alltheoilsforallthethings #essentialoiltips #oilylifemadesimple #alternativewellness #sustainableliving #whatsinmyer #healthyliving #nontoxic #plantbasedlife #premiumstarterkit #healthyishappy #healthylifestyle #cleanhome #whatsinmydiffuser #aromatherapy #nature #energy⚡ #enrgeeessentialoil


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If ever there was a need for Thieves, the time is now!! Thank goodness it’s the spotlight for #yourpsk101 today!! . +Thieves Vitality is a blend full of all the immune supporting essential oils and has the bonus of smelling like Christmas 🎄!! . + we use Thieves daily in our home. It’s in our Wellness Roller (along with lemon and frankincense-both in the PSK), I put a drop in my tea, and we diffuse it every day! . + I also love using Thieves in my baking. It goes so well with all the pumpkin recipes I make this time of year (pumpkin pie, pumpkin crunch cake, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread...) . + I’ve also used a drop of it inside my mouth on a painful spot. . + 1,000 cheers for Thieves and all the immune support 🙌🏼

FREEDOM BUNDLE! We’re honoring the bold, courageous devotion of our veterans with a donation through The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation. Inspired by their commitment, we’ve created the exclusive Honor, Valor, Freedom bundle, featuring Valor® Roll-On and Freedom essential oil blend. ____________________________________ AMAZINGLY effective for anyone who has ever had trauma. These two supports emotions from the big to the small. These are INCREDIBLE emotional support and a power combo! + VALOR is a blend that is close to the heart of Gary and YL. The integrity of this valuable blend will always be of highest priority. This is our bravery oil. Our courage oil. Our fortitude oil. Use it to greet each morning with a positive attitude, and to refocus at the end of a challenging day. It will support our brain and our body in just the right way to offer us amazing support. HERE is my Royal Crown Diamond, Casey, telling her Valor story: http://bit.ly/2tyouUh +Freedom Essential Oil Blend: - Calms the mind during nightly routine - Promotes feelings of emotional freedom - Inspires feelings of freedom from everyday troubles - Grounding and relaxing - Helps with occasional sleeplessness or restlessness _______________________________________________ For a limited time, we’re offering this inspiring combination and sharing up to $250,000 towards a product bank that our foundation can share with various veterans’ groups. Available on Quick Order only, this exclusive bundle is available while supplies last, beginning November 12 at 8 a.m., MT, and ending November 14 at 11:59 p.m., MT. There’s no purchase limit associated with this empowering package, so it’s an ideal addition to gift lists. Give a gift that also does good! *Item No. 26378 *Wholesale Price: $75 *PV: 75 *NFR: Yes *APO: Yes


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FREEDOM BUNDLE! We’re honoring the bold, courageous devotion of our veterans with a donation through The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation. Inspired by their commitment, we’ve created the exclusive Honor, Valor, Freedom bundle, featuring Valor Roll-On and Freedom essential oil blend.  ____________________________________ AMAZINGLY effective for anyone who has ever had trauma. These two supports emotions from the big to the small. These are INCREDIBLE emotional support and a power combo! VALOR is a blend that is close to the heart of Gary and YL. The integrity of this valuable blend will always be of highest priority. This is our bravery oil.  Our courage oil.  Our fortitude oil. Use it to greet each morning with a positive attitude, and to refocus at the end of a challenging day. It will support our brain and our body in just the right way to offer us amazing support. Freedom Essential Oil Blend: Calms the mind during nightly routine. Promotes feelings of emotional freedom. Inspires feelings of freedom from everyday troubles. Grounding and relaxing. Helps with occasional sleeplessness or restlessness. Available on Quick Order only, this exclusive bundle is available while supplies last, beginning November 12 at 8 a.m., MT, and ending November 14 at 11:59 p.m., MT. . . #essentialoils. #oils. #yleo. #ylessentialoils #younglivingeo. #myoilyday. #ihavemyoilsnowwhat #whatsinmyer  #oilylifemadesimple. #whole30. #toxinfree. #chemicalfree #healthyliving. #momlife. #wellness #makeclothmainstream. #armedforces #eatrealfood. #fuelyourbody  #wellness #grassfedgoodness. #sustainableliving #military. #veterans #drinkyourgreens. #healthybabies #healthykids. #paleo. #berkeywaterfilter. #flouridefree

many of young livings essential oils can be used in multiple ways! these vitality oils are designed specifically for internal use. - so you can add any of them to your food or drinks + get some AMAZING benefits from doing it. you can find a ton of recipes that include essential oils + i can’t wait to use the peppermint + nutmeg in some recipes this holiday season. - the best part is, they’re the exact same oils that are in the regular bottles, so you can still diffuse them, put them in a roller bottle, add some drops to your bath, whatever you normally would do! - also, you get 5 vitality oils with your starter kit, so you get to start out with these amazing benefits from the very beginning! -- #yleo #essentialoils #youngliving

Has anyone else tried the new holiday sleigh ride lip gloss set!? The colors are soooo pretty! 💋 • • I ordered them in my ER order this month, and am loving them! I thought they would be mini sample sized... but they’re regular sized & came with a sweet savvy minerals makeup bag!🙌🏼 The colors are beautiful and feel so great on your lips and smell amazing! Just a little extra something to add to your makeup!💋💋💋


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So we're trying a new sleepy time blend on Rowan: stress away, orange, lavender, cedarwood, roman chamomile. Its been taking her longer than normal to fall asleep at bed time so switching things up have kicked her back into gear. We're also leaving the aria music on because it's so dang soothing. I mean, I feel like I'm at a spa when it's on. And to really seal the deal, we're giving her little foot massages with sleepyize. 💆🏼‍♀️ now if I could only get John on board to put me to sleep the same way.

NATURE’s ZZZQUIL 🌙 . After a fun but exhausting weekend away from home, I couldn’t wait to get home, steep a cup of tea and add my favorite blend to the diffuser. . Tonight’s blend- ▫️3 drops lavender- ▫️3 drops cedarwood- ▫️5 drops copaiba- . . . This blend knocks me out AND keeps me asleep all night. What’s your go-to nighttime blend? - @younglivingeo


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For all you Fiddle Leaf fans out there, this masterpiece in the Bay stopped me dead. in. my. tracks. The Father of all Fiddles. It was majestic. My sister doesn’t share my fascination for how it towered over her.


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In case you needed a nudge that you should be using essential oils. 😉#whatwouldjesusdo #hewoulduseoils #frankincenseandmyrrh

My November Essential Rewards order was a good one! I stocked up on a bunch of stuff we’ll need (all the Thieves obviously) and got some new things I wanted to try for the kids and I. Everything on the last picture was free this month! Plus I got $80 back in Essential Rewards points that I’ll use in future orders. That’ll help next month when I stock up on baby stuff for Cash from the Seedlings line! (Uhhh plus I should be getting this awesome reed diffuser Christmas ornament that wasn’t in this box for some reason!) Most excited about: ✨Bath & Shower Gel Base - it comes without oils in it so you can create whatever combo you want and it lasts for a long time. I have glass pump bottles I use and both Travi and I have our own! ✨Sacred Frankincense - one of the more pricier oils but I got a free one this month! This specific frankincense comes from Oman and is distilled from the resin of a Boswellia sacra tree that only grows there. It’s such a special oil and as soon as I opened it I got goosebumps! Worth the research if you’re interested. I’m already obsessed with Frankincense and this Sacred Frankincense is on a whole other level. ✨Savvy Minerals lip gloss (color: Embrace) - I’m not a big fan of lip gloss because it’s sticky and my huge lips tend to look weird with all that shine but I wanted to try this after a couple of girlfriends raved about it and it did not disappoint! I’m more of a lip-stick girl so looking forward to trying those next! ✨Higher Unity - this blend is only available this month as a promo on Essential Rewards. I splurged on my self-care budget this month because I wanted it lol and wow. Wow. Sacred Sandalwood, Sacred Frankincense, Lime, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Spearmint, Lemon, Jasmine, and Rose. Some of those are pricier oils so this is actually a very generous freebie! Going to use it for perfume since it has a few of my favorites in there! . . . . . #younglivingeo #younglivingessentialoils #younglivingarizona #younglivingaz #yleo #oilfamily #oilmama #greenliving #crunchymama #grapefruitandgold #desertjewellessentials #essentialrewards #whatsinmyer #savvyminerals #ditchandswitch #thievescleaner


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thieves cleaner for dayzzzzz swipe 👈🏻 to see how it compares to other cleaners (yes that’s mold 🤢) so thankful I found a truly natural and toxic free cleaner for my family (and it’s more affordable than you think!)


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I absolutely LOVE that Young Living is offering this now!😍 When you grab your starter kit, you can now count it as your first Essential Rewards order! This means that you’re enrolling in Young Living’s Essential Rewards program, and can now use your starter kit as your first order. Essential Rewards is such an AMAZING program to be in for so many reasons. The thing I love most is that your wellness box is 100% customizable and you get to choose your processing date month to month. This program allows you to ditch and switch the (not so clean) products you’re already buying at Target or wherever for 100% plant based products through Young Living🌿 Every purchase you make through Essential Rewards, you get points back (free credit) 10% back the first 3 months, then 20% and then 25%! You get a free oil every 3 months for the first year of being on ER, and when you hit a certain amount of $$ each month you earn the free promo products! 🙌🏼 It truly is such an awesome program and feels like Christmas every month when my order shows up at my doorstep🎁 Since being on Essential Rewards we’ve save sooo much money and have made an overall health and wellness change. It’s been so rewarding for my family and I, and I’d love to see you all do the same for you and yours! Grab your starter kits and sign up for Essential Rewards right away, and you’ll get a Christmas Spirit oil from me!!🎅🏼Check out my stories for what was in my wellness box this month!