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5 Days 2 Hours Ago

Dancing ... singing ... who says workouts have to be dreadful!? Did today’s workout challenge me? Yup! Did it make me tired? Yup! Am I sore? Yup! Did I let it get me down and kill my vibe!? NEVER!


6 Days 6 Hours Ago

Tomorrow is the big day!!! My new bootcamp FINALLY kicks off!! 8 weeks. 4 workouts a week. 30 minutes a day. SERIOUS muscle gains anticipated 🤗 I have a team of go-getters ready to do this with me and I can’t see where they take their journey in these next 8 weeks. Curious about what we’re up to?? Message me or drop a 💪🏼💪🏼 below!


15 Days 1 Hour Ago

If you’ve been waiting for a sign, that now is the time to start... HERE IS YOUR NEON FLASHING ARROW! Last call to join my July bootcamp. If you have excuses this program SMASHES them. Seriously. 💁🏼‍♀️Busy Day? ➡️ 30 minute workouts 💁🏼‍♀️Vacations planned? ➡️ 3 built in rest days 💁🏼‍♀️Like Burgers and Beer? ➡️ Built in cheat day 💁🏼‍♀️Like Cardio? ➡️ We’ve got that 💁🏼‍♀️How bout weights? ➡️ Got those too! 💁🏼‍♀️Just starting? ➡️ Modifications for EVERY MOVE (Check out my stories for those 😉) Sound too good to be true?? 100s of people have already seen AMAZING results! Check out the progress pics ➡️➡️➡️ ... then MESSAGE ME (or) click the link in my bio!


15 Days 2 Hours Ago

I stumble upon these every once in awhile and it makes me laugh... It doesn’t matter how far I’ve come in my fitness journey... I am always surprised by how fricken sweaty I get 😂 The picture on the left was after an hour long bootcamp style workout outside in the middle of July in 2016. The one on the right is from a 20 minute workout in my house on Tuesday 😂


18 Days 5 Hours Ago

“Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly” . . . It took me a LONG time to find my wings. I was so self conscious and unsure of myself, and it was easier (or perhaps safer) not to try, than to risk the embarrassment of failing... but it got to a point where I couldn’t stay put any longer. I took a breath, took a leap of freaking faith, and not only did I fly... I’m SOARING. Your wings ALREADY EXIST! All you have to do is trust them!


19 Days 2 Hours Ago

Goal weight: Strong AF ONE WEEK until we kick off my Lift and Cardio Bootcamp! Time is ticking and I only have 5 spots left 😱😱😱😱 30ish minutes. 4 days a week. Flexible meal plan. This is program is PERFECT for your busy summer and the rebuttal to ALL your “I can’t because....” excuses 😉 and with the $$ back guarantee all you have to lose is the unwanted weight inches emotional baggage and self doubt. YOU can do this! We’ll do it together! Click the link in my bio or drop a 💪🏼 in the comments!


20 Days 1 Hour Ago

It’s July 1st and you know what that means?? It’s my 🎂BIRTHDAY MONTH🎂 My birthday isn’t until the 30th but what’s stopping me from starting the celebrations now?? Anybody else celebrate for an entire month? Or is that just me 😂


27 Days 8 Hours Ago

Meet the old me, and the new me. 60 lbs separates us, physically. But I was weighed down by SO MUCH MORE than that. The girl on the left was sad, and self conscious, and uncomfortable AF in her own skin. She was nervous about everything, and limited herself from believing she could be more. But 2 years ago she decided enough was enough and started, one day at a time, to take her life back. Eating healthy foods, while not restricting her favorites. balance. 😉 Exercising regularly. Not because she hated her body, but because it was time she fricken started RESPECTING it, and she began tackling her struggles head on, being intentional about strengthening her mind, and calming her constant worries. She worked fricken HARD. And THANK GOD she did, because I got to meet the girl on the right! And I like her 💁🏼‍♀️ #anxietygirl #anxietygirltakesonindy #anxietyprobs #allisonkayfitness #shamelessselfie #charlotterusse #forever21 #smileeveryday #happinessproject #weightlossjourney #teamhufflepuff #huffletuff #teachersinsummer #whenimnotteaching #summergoals #summerlife


29 Days 10 Hours Ago

I am LIIIIVVVING my absolute best freaking life!!! 🤗😍🤗😍🤗 If you would have shown me this picture 5 years ago and told me this smile came from a WORKOUT I would have, straight up, laughed in your face. I was never an athlete and therefore, exercise wasn’t really something I felt like I would be good at. (Isn’t funny the lies we come up with to avoid the things we don’t want to do?? 😂) Then, when I did start. I started in gyms and didn’t think it was possible to get results working out in my living room like Jane Fonda or Olivia Newton John in the Physical video 😂😂.... Not to mention finding the motivation to do it on my own. But these “silly” at home workouts have lead me to this place. 60lbs lighter, light years happier. Sweating it out with 1,000 of my closest friends 😂 working on our goals together. I *NEVER* thought this would be my jam. But here I am. Jammin’ 😏 #livingmybestlife #teacherlife #teachersinsummer #whenimnotteaching #summerlife #summergoals #teamhufflepuff #huffletuff #bettereveryday #anxietygirl #anxietygirltakesonindy


2018-06-20 13:25:07

As I sit here on a patio in downtown Indianapolis, I am reflecting on what the actual hell I’m doing here 😂😂😂 No, seriously. I am a introverted preschool teacher from Iowa with a slight “thing” Harry Potter and Netflix. I don’t do anything brave or adventurous. I don’t travel alone. Crowds aren’t my thing. Putting myself out there seems terrifying. So WHAT HAPPENED!? As cheesy as this sounds... Beachbody happened. Beachbody has changed my life. What started as a frustrated last hope attempt at tackling my nutrition, has lead me to this place. I have changed a lot physically, that I’ve shared a lot. But I am surprised, and in awe, by the growth I’ve experienced internally. I am PROUD of who I am. I KNOW I what I’m capable of and what I DESERVE. I have embarked on this journey of tackling my anxiety and finding calm in the crazy. I am purposely setting out to do things that scare and intimidate me and I am coming out on the other side brighter and braver. I’m not there yet, I’ve got growing left to do, but my light is growing stronger every day and I DARE anyone to try and dim it. I am so THANKFUL to this business for giving me a community of people who BELIEVE in the same thing. Who INSPIRE me daily. Who ENCOURAGE me to be the best that I can be. This business is about SO. MUCH. MORE. than losing weight. SO much more. If YOU are looking for THIS 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼 Trust me girl. I’ve got you. If I can get here, from where I was... you can too.


2018-06-18 09:27:30

This is something about me that surprises a lot of people. So... I guess I hide it well... 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ and while I have made some SERIOUS gains in my anxiety the last few years... something that still brings me to a screeching halt is social interaction. I am a friendly and happy person, I LOVE to talk (my family can back me up on that 😂) but when I meet new people I absolutely freeze. I overanalyze what to say, and how they’ll react, what I should say instead, if that would be weird and what they’ll think of me... all before I even say hi 😕 I assume, for whatever reason, that people aren’t going to like me and I have to PROVE that I’m someone worth liking. Talk about pressure 🙈 This hesitation and awkwardness usually leads to broken eye contact, avoiding conversations and #rbf . Making matters worse 🙈🙈🙈 THIS is my MAIN goal to conquer on my week away. Meet new people, put myself out there, make connections (even friendships?) and show people the real me. This journey of mine is more than just physical health and wellness. I’m striving to build and strengthen my mental health along the way. Wish me luck! 😚 #anxietygirltakesonindy #allisonkayfitness #socialanxiety #teachersinsummer #summergoals #whenimnotteaching


2018-06-17 17:26:16

You might see me struggle. You might even see me whine from time to time. But you will NOT see me quit. This journey has been far from easy. I’m stumbled. I’ve fallen off course. I’ve dominated workouts, and been humbled by them. But I have NEVER given up. Don’t confuse the detours for dead ends!! They are a part of what makes this a JOURNEY. #teachersinsummer #allisonkayfitness #whineaboutitorwineaboutit 😉 #cleverhashtag #whenimnotteaching #summergoals #summerlife #cantstopwontstop


2018-06-16 12:01:37

Guuuyyyss!! Meet my trainer 😏😏 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 This treasure showed up on my doorstep today and I can’t wait to get started!! My 8 week lift and hiit program kicks off July 16th! 4 days a week. 30 minutes a day. A perfect balance of hard work and real life to get in killer shape this summer!! You joining me?? Or just watching from the sidelines?? Send that message!! #teachersinsummer #summerlife #summergoals #fitteacher #huffletuff #whenimnotteaching


2018-06-10 17:33:22

Starting summer off right! A little 3 day backpacking adventure with four good friends is the best way to say hello to summer.


2018-05-20 19:21:32

This is what my spare time looks like lately but I'm trying to hit those #goals #planning #whenimnotteaching #insurance . . . . #greeneyedgirl #kelowna #bcgirls #goaloriented


2018-05-20 15:08:58

Had a great weekend full of adventures with my husband @jamesiphoneography Getting ready for more summer adventures with our rooftop tent, exploring in our beautiful PNW. #jeeplife #pnw #exploregon #wanderlust #myotherlife #whenimnotteaching


2018-05-03 08:56:19

Hanging out at the Pleasure Pier in Galveston, Texas. Beautiful day to be outside! 📷👌😎☀️


2017-12-16 21:57:12

Holiday party time... #csca makeup and hair by @mandyshairandspa dress from @stitchfix glasses @zennioptical #whenimnotteaching


2018-03-04 06:23:26

At the 2018 Philadelphia flower Show... it’s become a family tradition. . . . . . . #flowersofinstagram #pa #philly #flowershow #watertheme #wondersofwater @philly_visit #visitphilly #flowerslovers #travelingfamily #traveltophilly #beautifulflowers @phsgardening #hoticulture #hoticulturaltherapy #whenimnotteaching #foundthedressinmarshalls


2018-03-16 04:03:09

Yesterday at the #inwoodfilmfestival with @thepianoram #whenimnotteaching #justgotmyzennis


2018-04-15 09:31:09

Yesterday #whenimnotteaching


2018-04-22 12:05:56

i found flaws and they were beautiful. - ugly (.salt by @nayyirah.waheed ) dress 👗 @bananarepublic #itsbanana #whenimnotteaching #thatoffdutyteacher


2018-04-22 03:36:27

Today’s Handstand and Arm Balance workshop with @puresun_lover ❤️. . Thank you so much for the guidance! Even after 3 hours of inversions, my body still craving for more after 😂 looking forward to another wonderful workshop with this amazing woman! Also, thanks @cynthia_activeyogi for organizing it 💪🏻 . . #yogaspacemy #armbalance #inversion #inversionjunkie #handstandpractice #workshop #yogalove #whenimnotteaching #hippiehubbers #yogakl #klyoga


2018-03-20 01:11:32

This is one of the many beautiful parks found in the small factory city of Changping. A great location to zen out underneath the trees and listen to the ambient sounds of the little waterfalls. #changping #changpingpark #china #zen #cityparks #explorer #traveller #expat #solotravels #whenimnotteaching


2018-03-17 18:50:07

On a daily basis he gets WAY more comments about his hair than I’m used to. But today- boy howdy! Everyone had to mention his Irish blood. 😂😂 They would freak out if they knew he’s legit 25% Chinese. #whenimnotteaching #mrspricewrites


2018-03-13 18:02:22

Putting a #roof over our head. #springbreak #project. #whenimnotteaching


2017-12-30 14:14:04

Giving y’all a yoga break - go give my design page @madzinnia a like if you are into fun, cozy clothing designs made with lots of love! Saturday’s are for creating so I’m pulling out scraps today and making one of a kind pieces like this crop top 😎😍🖤✨ #fashiondesigner #whenimnotteaching #icreate