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Reelz: On This Day . . On this day, February 22, 2007, The O.C. aired its final episode after four seasons on @foxtv! The show had definitely seen its best days long before this but it was a fun run & a lot of us still have fond memories of the show. Here are some fun facts about the final season: . . 1. Aired in the United States from November 2, 2006 to February 22, 2007 and consisted of sixteen episodes . . 2. Due to the death of Marissa Cooper in the third-season finale, this was the first and only season without one of the "core four" characters of Marissa, Ryan Atwood, Seth Cohen, and Summer Roberts. . . 3. While ratings were lower than those of the third season, the final season is generally regarded by fans and critics as an improvement on the third. . . 4. The first half of the season averaged 4.06 million viewers, with the season as a whole averaging 4.6 million viewers. This increase was mostly due to 6.7 million viewers, 76 percent more than the season average, tuning in to see the final ever installment of The O.C. . . 5. On January 3, 2007, Fox announced that The O.C. was to be cancelled. . . 6. A campaign was launched to save the show and over half a million people signed an official petition at www.fox.com/oc/savetheoc. . . 7. There were rumors that the show would be saved, and a move to The CW . . 8. Fox tested a new timeslot by airing the second episode on Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. ET against ABC's Lost and CBS's Criminal Minds. . . 9. 15 of the 16 episodes aired on Thursdays . . . 10. The 92nd episode, its last, was watched by 6.59 million viewers

What do you think brings Roy back to Star City? Also what do you think if my new fact/news update layout? #royharper #coltonhaynes #arrow #redarrow #arsenal #greenarrow #oliverqueen #stephenamell #theaqueen #willaholland #flash #legendsoftomorrow #olicity #felicitysmoak

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➢ this is soo dark but anyways i love this scene so so much . ┅┅┅
q | arrow or the flash? a | arrow ┅┅┅
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