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Mal etwas kreativ gewesen dank ein paar Filter.. 😅✌️ Ich merke schon, dass die Mini Cut Phase sehr hart für mich wird. Aber das spornt mich nur noch mehr an.. 😎 . Von gewohnten 3200kcal pro Tag auf 1880 kcal pro Tag runter🤯. Aber nur wer den Focus und die Disziplin nicht aus den Augen verliert, kommt auch im Leben weiter. Und das gilt nicht nur für den Sport... 💪🤩 . . . #fitness #sport #strong #healthy #focus #lockerroom #gym #sportmotivation #instasport #nevergiveup #fitnessmotivation #color #saarland #saarlouis #protein #workout #workoutmotivation #gymlife #krafttraining #instafitess #fitbody #muskelaufbau #style #lifestyle #instafit #dreambody #stronger #photooftheday #training #filter


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So we thought it’s about time that we tell you a little bit about ourselves to make this account less confusing as we are two people running it, and so that you can know a bit more about us!💕 So here you go - 10 facts about me (Clara): 1. I am Finnish/Swedish but studying sociology in Bath, UK at the same university as Honey - the other girl running this account 2. I will be 21 in July. 3. I started fitness/weightlifting when I was about 16. 4. I started cheerleading when I was 13, took a break at 16 and started again at university 🎀 5. I used to be naturally very very skinny and found it extremely difficult to put on weight, which is why I started lifting and am proud of the progress I have made since starting out. Literally all you see in this photo has been built in the gym and taken years! (will post full progress pics soon!) 6. I have been vegetarian/pescetarian for 2 years now for ethical & environmental reasons and could not be happier with my choice❤️🐷🌿 7. I am addicted to coffee 🙃☕️ 8. Feminism, women’s rights and girl power is my passion❤️ 9. @hannaoeberg @quimmahruss @elinoskarsson and @amandafinniee were the first people that really inspired me to get into fitness and weightlifting, and this year after losing some motivation, @meggangrubb really inspired me to get back into it💕 10. My current fitness goals, after basically having spent years ”bulking” or just desperately trying to put on weight as I was naturally so skinny and unhappy with that body, is to lose some of the fat that I gained with the muscle, and to continue building and shaping my muscles, specifically legs, glutes and back. I have finally fallen in love with the feeling of working out and that is what motivates me now, the endorphins from a good sweaty workout and the feeling of getting mentally and physically stronger. Hope you feel like you know a little bit more about me now! Keep an eye out for Honey’s post! 👯‍♀️ - C


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Over 40 of you completed my survey, thank you, It's much appreciated.⠀ ⠀ For you 40 plus people, I will be sending out the remaining personalised WHAT TO DO videos tonight, just like Stephen's above.⠀ ⠀ I am putting together an email sequence this week to cover the most common problems and barriers people come across when trying to get in shape, based on what was said in the survey.⠀ ⠀ I will be giving you solutions to your problems.⠀ ⠀ To ultimately help you get into shape.⠀ ⠀ If you want to receive these emails, you have to sign up to my email list⠀ ⠀ Hit the link in my bio to do so ⠀ 👉 @scottjosefitness


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Na vida todos temos um segredo inconfessável, um arrependimento irreversível, um sonho inalcançável e um amor inesquecível. #assimvivemos #vidaqsegue #bomdia #pensando #pensador #suavida #life #viver #workoutmotivation

TBT long time ago 🇱🇺 #postworkout suprise interview 🙈 . When I first started #kickboxing as a nervous little skinny biatch after horrible rehab from multiple fractures. . Getting back into #martialarts feels like heaven. It’s been such a nice journey, never in a million years I expected to come this far. I’ve learned so much about myself physically & mentally 🙏. I highly recommend #fighting @vosgym_amsterdam! Osu 👊 . Might sound corny but #staystrong #staypositive #believeinyourself & #nevergiveup ! ❤️ . 📸 @annesachtleven

SPECIAL MEMORIES | MW POETRY It’s those special memories that keeps me striving for greatness FULL VIDEO https://youtu.be/gcYlOm0CCb0 CHECKOUT MY EP. “ JALIL “ Subscribe to my YouTube channel : STYNER’S STUDIO UNIVERSE | tag, share, like and leave comments FULL LINK https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLHxH0ixZ92NljfGSIigIOjU8W8oAWJtE TAG A FRIEND #youtube #youtuber #subscribe #yoga #love #ep #jalil #poetrycommunity #peaceandlove #blackconsciousnessmovement #spokenwordpoetry #greatness #finishwhatyoustarted #music #thestoryoftaz #positiveenergy #inspiration #fathersday #spiritualawakening #dream #awakenthesoul #purpleheart #freedom #gentleman #malemodel #enjoyyourlife #championship #workoutmotivation #stynersstdudiouniverse #mwpoetry

Good morning Tuesday 😊 Serves 3: Kale (handful) Spinach (handful) Apple 🍎 Half of cucamber Quarter of lemon Ginger (2cm piece) Half of banana


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עיצוב וחיטוב 💪🏼 #mikefitpro


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משיעור עיצוב וחיטוב הבוקר 💪🏼 #mikefitpro


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אביחי האלוף באימון אישי לחזקים בלבד 💪🏼 ככה עושים פיניש לאימון חזה ! #trainhard אחד על אחד, עובדים על המטרות שלך . מיכאל - מאמן אישי לבריאות וכושר : 05056762615 . #mikefitpro


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But what I promise you, if you do nothing, you won't feel, see, or hear anything. #weightloss #fitness #momonamissiontobefit #workoutmotivation #workouts #muscles