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Everyone has a different definition of happiness. Everyone has a different perception with the word happiness. I guess, it's because, it is not necessary that everyone's happiness belongs to the same thing or person. Each one of us has a different source and cause of happiness. Some of us may find our gratitude within our success, some of us may find it in a specific person, or some of us may find it in a thing, close to us. I don't know if happiness really can be measured at any scale. But it's actually certain that happiness is that feeling that you can never get tired of. It doesn't really matter what kind of happiness it is, or how much you are happy about that particular thing, it's just about to be happy at that moment, to feel the moment to it's utmost limits, to enjoy the moment fully. And that's how life and happiness should be, because happiness never lasts forever, so enjoy it, and feel it's charm when it's with you!!✨❤ • • • #writeups #writings #happywritings #motivation #selfeworth #selfcare #selflove #selfrespect #writerscommunity #writingcommunity #inspiration #peace #writeupsofig #writeupsoftheday #writer #writers

Have you felt like you're currently absent from your life's classroom? Did you ever feel like there's something you have been missing upon since days? Did you? Did it make you feel like you need to put in extra to make it up, now? Because intentionally, or unintentionally, we all have missed upon ourselves, we all have been careless about our own selves, we all must have left thinking about ourselves, somewhere in our lives. Being busy looking up to others, being busy to satisfy everyone, being busy to please everyone, you left your own happiness and self time. You forgot that you cannot please everyone at one time, you cannot stand fulfilling everyone's standards and expectations, because along with all of this, you have your own self as well. You should know what your happiness is, you should know where you belong, you should know what your bases are. And the day you start to recall these things, everything will be satisfactory. Everything will be okay to you. Trust me, it will be.✨ • • • #writeups #happywritings #satisfaction #motivation #writings #writersofinstagram #beingyourself #staypositive #happy #writingcommunity #writeupsoftheday #writeupsofig

Koi sacha nahi is duniya me😥 @tales_from_my_heart #tales_from_my_heart _______________________ ❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💚 All the writups are by me Feel free to repost with credits _______________________ @tales_from_my_heart _______________________ #writeups #writing #quotes #quoteoftheday #sad #lovequotes #brokenheart #pyaar #dil #saturday #jan #winter #writeups_soulful #writeupsforinstagram #writeupsidedown #prilaga #writeupsformirakee #writeupsofig #writeupsbyme #writeupsoftheday #writeupsstoriespoems #writeupsbygirls #writeups📃 #writeupsandblunts #writeupsindia #writeups_are_the_medium_of_expression #writeupsofinstagram #writeupsforeveryone

Tag your squad and let them know how much they mean to you❤ ------------------------------ Things weren't complicated as we used to think Now we all are in different paths chasing different dreams Those memories can never be forgotten behaving like complete morons Coming school like the most ugliest person on this planet, those two plaits cracking useless jokes, standing infront of canteen, staring our crushes, bunking classes, sleeping in the classroom, those boring lectures, our chit chat session,those sleepless nights before exams,those pranks. I wish we could get this life again chasing our dream completely ❤ #writersofinstagram#writerscommunity#writersofindia#scrawledstories#scribbledstories#wordsofwisdom#blogger#blog#writerslife#poetry#pose#writeupsoftheday#theblut

The one question which always intrigued me since the time I was about to hit puberty: Are dreams totally an illusion? Something(s) which just flitters in your subconscious mind & has got nothing to do it with your past or present? Is it? ~•~ Whatever notion we may perceive about “DREAMS” it isn’t something you can totally ignore or something you can brood over upon.As a matter of fact, I started getting dreams or as you may state it seeing something(s) or someone(people) when I am asleep was only in my pre teens.Before that this whole idea of dreams was alien to me. Take for example; on days I have seen a wretched dream about my closest peeps , I have been out and about to hear their joyous voice and only then I have been relieved. On the other side, let’s just be honest to ourselves, we did and we still do secretly wish for a person’s unhappiness/downfall/anything bad if we have a history of a “not so merrier past” with them.We all do that.Dreams are an outcome of what we want to see happen in reality but somehow it ain’t happening.I believe dreams are also an outlet of our own deep emotions which gets buried over our everyday challenges,confusions, back bitching, nail biting tensions and so much more happening in each of our lives , that we at times forget to live in our own fairyland.Yes people, we do need to escape into that land sometime if not often.🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️ ~•~ So guys ,,,, DREAM everyday and everything with all your heart....No matter how many times the world tells you to put your shit into place, if we believe you are gonna hit the bullseye someday , then go for it.It will be harsh, cruel , pathetic & enormously painstaking but deep down under if you have “YOU BACKING YOUR OWN SELF” ; then there’s nothing like it. Absolutely Nothing. DREAM BIG ; DREAM EVERYDAY 🎈. #mywriteups #writeupsbymonoswita #randomthoughts #shortstories #terriblydanktales #scribbledstories #scrawledstories #storytellers #kolkatawritingcommunity #kolkatawriters #writeyourownstory #innervoice #instawriters #writingcommunity #writeupsoftheday #mywriteups #writersofinstagram #writersofindia

👋 guys! I was just thinking about what shall be my next writeup on ; and after some thoughts I asked myself, why not depict my own life in my write up? Hence here it is :) • Well, there’s childhood days then school life(preteen age & teenage) and then comes college life precisely the time when we enter a new chapter in our lives : THE 20’s. I feel 20’s is a phase in everyone’s life which brings with it a lot of chivalrous choices, bold decisions,tons of mistakes and huge amount of challenges.Having entered adulthood we feel we can take over anything and everything with our nonchalant attitude.And then BOOM💥. We go on to make a series of bad decisions/mistakes which gives birth to another series of the same old goddamn thing.Before you know it ; you are already stuck in the spider web of a sucked up 20’s life.Life is hard ; it’s not all easy.Its only about the people we choose over things, friendship over attitude , value over money , real conversation over reel conversation that goes on to make great deal of difference in our lives. • Stay motivated.Forge real friendships.Keep real friends.Keep your circle small.Earn money but give some respect to values too.Communicate with your parents.Value time.Be your own cheerleader always. • Life in 20’s is surely despicable but isn’t there anything going on in our lives which really brighten up our day? Now , it’s not that all days of your life are gonna be “BAD DAYS”.Learn to accept things which are way out of your hands & however much you try to fix it ; it won’t mend.So let it go off.Relax , Unwind ; Stay Happy.Surround yourself with people who believe in you more than you believe in yourself.And the most important thing? LOVE SELFISHLY LOVE YOURSELF THE MOST. Keep those people in life who want to keep you in their lives and make sure that bond is really really strong.❣️ Enough said? I guess ;) #writeups #writeupsbymonoswita #ramdom #lifein20s #relevant #writingcommunity #writingcommunityofinstagram #instawriters #writeupsoftheday #writingcommunityofindia #writingcommunityofkolkata #brokentales #scrawledstories #scribbledstories #terriblydanktales #shortstories #writeyourownstory #mywriteups

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