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Buongiollo 💛

Its a Black and white affair 😂😂😂😂

Sometimes things go “wrong”. Something that wasn’t supposed to happen, happened. Almost 29 years ago, I came into this world, with a lot of crazy hair and one arm missing. Surprise mummy and daddy, it’s me, Claudia! 🙌🏻 I didn’t know I was different than anyone else until someone told me: the hardest part of growing up with one hand was dealing with staring, pointing. Some people would say how sorry they feel for me. Too often, in the able-bodied world it’s common opinion that if you’re not “normal” then you’re not capable of, not strong, not attractive, not fit to raise a family or to work, and so on. Being different will always threaten the comfort zone of a closed mind, but oneness is the secret of everything. Having a Limb Difference has opened to me more doors than it has shut. It’s not always easy to have to do things differently and trick problems on a daily basis, but I never wanted to short change myself by doing scaled Confidence.. it goes a long way, but here I’m today: I’m living my own unique brand, without fears. Whether is a limb difference or something else out of the ordinary setting you apart from the rest, just embrace your uniqueness. ✨ People will stare, and I will make it worth their while. ✌🏻— Claudia • • #limbdifferenceawareness #luckyfinproject #celebrate #educate #uniqueness #oneness #beYOUtiful #wonderfullymade #uniquelyperfect #unstoppable #resilience #bodypositive


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