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1 Hour Ago

Special guest as hand model 👋


2 Hours Ago

have you wandered through the serene forests of kyoto? 🌲🇯🇵


3 Hours Ago

At the peak. 🏔️


4 Hours Ago


4 Hours Ago

After almost a year of work, I’ve submitted a draft of my thesis for publication on arxiv. Now it’s time to get out of my room and enjoy the rain.


5 Hours Ago

Semoga di beri banyak kesempatan.....amiin


6 Hours Ago

Sometimes it's just better to remain silent and smile.


6 Hours Ago

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6 Hours Ago

Who needs a coat when you can wrap yourself in a warm Maasai blanket #shuka


6 Hours Ago

voulez vous patè avec moi?


6 Hours Ago