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Team Joy !!! Yes!!! I have to say working from Home and building my Team is so amazing!! I have short term and Long Term Goals. I am so excited for what the future holds!! #team #teamwork #wegotthis #youknowwhoyouare #ylcanada #empowered #inspired #love #joy #believe #dreambig #likeminded

Diffuser cleaning day! What do you use to clean your diffusers? How often are you cleaning your diffuser? #youngliving #ylcanada #yleo #youngliving #yl #thieves #lantern #diffuser

Cream for those marathon training legs 😵 1 cup organic coconut oil 2+ squirts of Ortho Ease massage oil 10 drops Wintergreen 5 drops Peppermint 5 drops Balsam Fir For real, I don't really count or measure drops. 🙈 Test it out, if it needs more, add more peppermint. If you like a combination of warming and cooling, swap balsam fir for black pepper oil or clove oil.

On days like today I am grateful that God sent oils to my life 🙌 Keep moving forward. . . . #oilymommamanda #younglivingcanada #yleo #ylcanada #ptbo #ptbocanada #peterboroughontario #godisgood #propel

During a month filled with endless possibilities and new resolutions, continue to be your best self by taking the next step in your wellness routine. . Fuel your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs all year long! Between January 19-23, 2019, enjoy 15% off select supplements such as Life 9, Super B, Multigreens, ICP, Essentialzymes-4 and Sulfurzyme! . This sale is over soon so don't miss out! . . . #supplementyourwellness #younglivingessentialoils #yl #healthy #myolds #yyc #smallbiz #centralalberta #momboss #errewards #stgpromotions #ylcanada #spillerpromos #chemicalfree #younglivingstef #seedtoseal #healthyliving #oils #aromatherapy #momlife #plantbased #naturalliving #holistic #nontoxic #healthykids #healing #selfcare

I’m starting to cleanse and purge our home of things that, you know don’t spark JOY. And I came across this vision board I created oh probably 5 years ago. It’s fun to look back and see what I was inviting into my life then. I’ve only created one other vision board since then, when I began my studies as a postpartum doula. And again so much has changed even from the last one! Ever evolving but always coming closer to home. 🖤 How about you? Do you create a visual reminder or do you journal, record your thoughts or simply pray? I’d love to know! ✨

Thieves on repeat for immune support. Diffused in our home. Rolled on the bottoms of our feet. Sprayed on our bodies and belongings. Thieves is a must have and it comes in the starter kit along with a diffuser, ningxa servings and some thieves hand purification and along with 11 of the other most commonly used oils. I’m offering $25 back as well to anyone who starts with a PSK💕 #essentialoils #younglivingessentialoils #youngliving #eo #ylcanada #myoilylife

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I could NEVER live without these!! What essentials are included on your daily list? Add Essentialzymes-4 to your digestive wellness routine and enjoy 15% off select supplements until January 23, 2019. #ylcanada #essentialzymes-4 #ylessentialoils #mylife #iamayldistributor #10472930 #er #signup Shop now:

I’ve never had such amazing mail as I do now! Thank you @theinspiredroom for the rose roller!!!! 🌹 She sent me this just for hanging with some ladies and chatting oils. I mean, how great is that?! Rose is one of our pricier oils so it’s a very precious gift!!! I may or may not have immediately rolled it all over me upon receiving. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Of course I did. #smellinglikearose

Just finished my workout and now it’s time to enjoy my NingXia Red drink!! 👌🏼 2 oz towards my daily goal of 3oz for the Thrive Family NingXia challenge. Loving how energetic I’ve been feeling! #thriveningxia2019

Oral hygiene routine 🌟 the aromabright is by far my favourite toothpaste out of the two that YL offers 🙌🏼 I like to add a drop or two of Orange to help whiten my teeth naturally! (Be sure you are only ingesting @younglivingeo ) 💖 ••• #younglivingessentialoils #ylcanada #youngliving #thieveseverything #thievesforthewin #yleo #ihavemyoilsnowwhat #myoilyday #myoilylife

This happy mama roller is the best!! I use it pretty much daily and it makes me so happy. It smells sooooo good!! All these oils alone smell amazing but together even better!! 10 drops Stress Away 10 drops Peace & Calming 10 drops Orange 15 drops Valor You have to try this it's amazing!! 🌿 • • • • • #youngliving #younglivingessentialoils #younglivingcanada # younglivingeo #younglivingeocanada #ylcanada #yleo #ylessentialoils #essentialoils #essentialoils101 #ditchandswitch #myoilylife #crunchymama #momlife # naturalliving #wellness # chemicalfree #seedtoseal #theresanoilforthat #essentialoilsrock #oilylifemadesimple #myoilylife #oilylife #oilsforthewin #journeytowellness #rollerblends #happymama

Winter is one season that it almost seems like a must to grab your Dutch oven, sauté some onions and other ingredients to make a delicious, hot soup to share around the table with family and friends. . Our favourite soup lately has been from the Wellness Mama cookbook, Ground Beef-Vegetable Soup. Easy and so delicious. ✨ . Here is my secret to making sure everybody asks for seconds: Oregano+ Basil+ Black Pepper+ 🍲 This trio of our Plus line dietary oil, helps give our soups flavour like you wouldn’t believe! . By adding only one drop of each to a bubbling pot of soup as it cooks on the stove, brings more flavour then dried or fresh herbs can. . Add fresh biscuits or bread from the oven, and you have the perfect winter supper. ✨🍲 . Double tap if you love cozying up with a warm bowl of soup on a cold day! I need more ideas for this winter! I want to know in the comments - what is YOUR favourite soup? . . . . #wellness #soup #soupseason #hygge #cozyathome #mealideas #simplemeals #essentialoils #ylcanada #younglivingessentialoils #wellnessmama #wellnessmamacookbook

Moving into a new (or new to you!) home often gives people the feeling of a fresh start, including creating a more environmentally-friendly or a chemical-free home! Share some of your favourite Young Living products with friends or family as a housewarming gift! In this tin bucket I picked up from our local dollar store, I included: + Thieves glass spray bottle (decal by Simply Essentials) + sample packet of Thieves Household Cleaner + Thieves Cleaner recipe card + a cute tea towel + set of wool dryer balls + 5ml bottle of Citrus Fresh (great for adding onto dryer balls and in Thieves Cleaner recipes!) Really, any of the YL Thieves home products would be perfect!

You are the gatekeeper of your home. Have you ever thought about it that way? You control what comes in and what goes out. Now let me ask you a question, how many of us really know what's in the products that we allow in our homes? I didn't 🙋. I have a dear family member that once asked me not to use hairspray in her home while I was visiting, because she didn't want her baby breathing the harmful chemicals in it. At the time I rolled my eyes at her "radical" thinking. Hairspray is everywhere, and the rest of the world is fine, I thought. But then I thought a little harder. The rest of the world actually isn't fine. New allergies, illnesses, and mental struggles are unfolding every day. Why? Maybe, just maybe it could be connected to the new chemicals being formulated and added to our products to make them cheaper to produce, thus maximizing the big corporations profits? If you think I sound crazy, that's alright, I thought it all crazy a few years ago too. I thought people were naturally too good to put carcinogenic toxins in my baby's bathsoap. But guess what, I was wrong. So take a minute today and ask, where are you putting your trust? What name brands do you trust? Why? Take the time to dig a little deeper and see if they actually are trustworthy. If you feel slightly discouraged and a bit overwhelmed at learning the truth, breathe deep, then head to for a breath of fresh air. Message me when your ready to order products that will benefit your family's health and simplify your life.

Perfect diffuser blend for anyone home with kids today because it’s too cold outside for school 🌬 #ylcanada #diffuserblends #chillout

three things to jumpstart your morning: one// make your bed. organized, fresh spaces lead to organized, fresh thoughts. two// put peppermint and lemon in your diffuser. it does something to your mood - literally and figuratively. two drops of each may be enough, but i do four drops of each. i’m extra like that. three// don’t let caffeine be the first thing you put in your body in the morning. break your fast from overnight with something softer on your body. a cup of hot water, with juice from one lemon, a teaspoon of cinnamon, and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar is my jam, but a gentle herbal tea is great, too! what is one thing you do that is a sure bet to get your morning off on the right foot? ☀️💛 • • • • #naturalmama #naturalliving #oilymama #myoilyday #yleo #youngliving #ylcanada #plantlady #holisticliving #thehappynow #mlm #crunchymom #cozy #cozyhome #theeverydayproject #prettylittlesquares #motherhoodrising #mindfullness #mindfulness #mindfulnessmatters #seekthesimplicity #hygge #hyggelife #hyggehome #sahm #momofthree #mindbodysoul #wholeness #planteater

Monkey See, Monkey Do. • __ Our littles are sponges. Everything we do and say they are absorbing and repeating. • __ Yes, they are predisposed to certain tendencies and personality traits, but some of their biggest influences are those they are around most. • __ I see in my littles reflections of their experiences, the people they've met and different facets of who they are as individuals. • __ It's a crazy pretty process to witness as a mother... And also holds me to a certain level of accountability knowing they are watching. • __ How am I behaving today? - they're watching • __ What am I doing today? - they're watching • __ What am I eating + drinking today? - they're watching • __ Remembering this on a daily basis is a work in progress for all parents I think, myself included. • __ To err is human and even by making mistakes we are teaching ourselves and our children valuable lessons - especially when we can create healthy, open dialogue about what happened so everyone can learn together. • __ Leading by example is something I believe we can model in all areas of life - business, personal, family... And something we can put into practice right away. • __ What are some things you do that you notice your littles imitating often? • __ 📸@jakabnicolett • __ #leadbyexample #thelittles #myangels #motherhood #momlife #momofmany #accountability #healthyhabits #toddlerlife #empoweredlife #momboss #momtrepreneur #healthiswealth #parenting #monkeyseemonkeydo #kids #fitkids #fitfam #mindbodyspirit #ningxia #ningxiared #yleo #ylcanada

Coffee date was soooooo great this morning! You should come next week! . And look at that sweet little oily girl! 😍🌱 . #knowbetterdobetter #toxinfree #crunchymama #mountainmama #liveclean #livehealthy #plantsheal #essentialoilswork #ylcanada #learnsomethingnew #oilytribe

✨If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.


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EMOTIONS ❤️ . We’ve all got them. Sometimes they are happy ones, sometimes sad and sometimes mad ones. . Sometimes they are bigger emotions like fear, overwhelmed, rejection, surprise, excitement, courage, confidence or lack of it. . I’m learning to expand my emotional vocabulary and allow myself to feel all the emotions including big, little, simple and complicated ones. It can be messy and complicated and hurt sometimes. 😢 . I’m becoming a better person for it and my family and friends are getting a better version of me. . And of course I have oils by my side to help me through all of the emotions. . . . . . 😀😍🤪😢😡😥😬🥴

I Just received my first bottle of Dream Catcher in my NFR order today!! What a glorious, dreamy oil this one is!! I bought it for my girls, since my oldest often complains about bad dreams and wakes up in the middle of the night. She was excited to smell it. I added it to my girls sleep roller and into their diffusers for the night!! Sleep tight & sweet dreams girls!! Have you tried Dream Catcher yet??? ##yleo#younglivingeo#younglivingeo #sleepsupportoils#dreamcatcher #sleepsupport#momlife#needmysleep #momofmultiples#momofgirls #twinmom#oilsforsleep#naturalproducts #wellness#nomorebaddreams #healthyliving#selfcare#selflove#oilylife #ylcanada#mygirlsaresleepingnow

Today my family and I took a little break from work and spent the day in the Rocky Mountains! We got a chance to check out Abraham Lake; a man-made lake that was created in 1972 during the construction of the BigHorn dam. There’s an awesome phenomenon that happens on the lake in the winter too; methane gas bubbles become trapped in the ice creating this amazing sight, you can literally stand on the lake and see the bubbles under you! These are created when plant matter under water start to rot, creating methane gas that get trapped just under the surface when the lake begins to freeze. If you are ever in the area I highly suggest you check this amazing place out!

#wishbonefalls today with these 3 kiddos. Pretty beautiful waterfall. People were drinking tight out of it! On the road to #mountaspiring we stopped here and headed back after. Wonder how much further we could have went...we already forded 5 or 6 creeks with the rental minivan 😬😂 Roads were backcountry conditions so didn’t want to get into trouble out there alone with the kids! My favourite part of the drive to Mount Aspiring is how huge the mountains feel when you’re in a tight and flat valley and the rocks shoot straight up beside you. 3000m is the max height they go. Is that large on a world scale?

Because when you live in an ice-box you need a little liquid sunshine in your pocket to lift your spirits! ❄️🇨🇦❄️ . Add a drop of JadeLemon to your palms, rub together and inhale all the citrusy goodness!! . You’ll be reenergized and ready to face whatever old man winter throws at us!!!🌬 . #jadelemon #ylcanada #energize #liquidsunshine #womenupliftingwomen #winterblues . . . . . . . . #uplifting #breathedeep #newboots #thisiswhatanxietylookslike #naturescalm #calmdown #youcandohardthings #yleo #youngliving #holistichealth #plantmedicine #livethelittlethings #godsmedicine #wintercoats #freshsnow #whitepowder #yleo #oilylife #oilupbuttercup #essentialrewards #ylphilippines #ylessentialoils

These are my “must have” sleep support oils that I use every night. LIFE CHANGING!!! No more sleeping pills/Advil. * * Diffuser 5 drops Lavender 5 drops Cedarwood * * Roller bottle (Liquid Sleep) 10 drops lavender 10 drops Cedarwood 10 drops Copaiba 10 drops Vetiver Fill the rest of the 10 ml bottle with a carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil) Roll on topically on the bottom of feet/big toes, behind ears and wrists. If you struggle with sleep, or your kids, try this combo...thank me later 😉 #yleo#younglivingeo#younglivingeo#sleepsupportoils #sleepsupport#momlife#needmysleep#momofmultiples #twinmom#oilsforsleep#naturalproducts#wellness #healthyliving#selfcare#selflove#oilylife#ylcanada

Have you researched the ingredients in dryer sheets? *shudder* Look it up and you’ll pitch them in the garbage on the quick. I’ll give you a minute to go unstick the last one from the dryer drum.... Dryer balls are the bomb! Buy them or make them yourself as a fun DIY and you will quickly see the benefits. * * * Follow the link in my bio to get it delivered to your door or DM me for info on the entire Thieves line. #younglivingeo#younglivingeocanada#essentialoils#seedtoseal#essentialfamilies#healthyliving#naturalliving#happiness#healthandwellness#allnatural#ylcanada#oilymovement#ww#essentialrewards#plantbasedlife#plantbased#healthyfamily#healthykids#myoilyday#wahm#organic#wellness#plantmagic#chemicalfree#nontoxic#dryerballs#laundry

Sulfurzyme is a combination of wolfberries and natural ingredients that make it the perfect addition to your daily health & wellness routine and source of antioxidants! Find relief from joint pain associated with osteoarthritis, and fight and protect cells against free radicals to reduce oxidative cell damage. Shop Promos story and save 15% off until January 23rd! #ylcanada

When you find an oil that you love, it’s so very hard to switch it up. It took me so long to order this gem and now it will be one I order regularly. It’s my new nightly blend. Raven with either cedarwood or pine. Heavenly! Raven is made up of a couple oils. Ravintsara, lemon, wintergreen (one of my fav oils), peppermint and Eucalyptus radiata. Raven is a super cleansing blend. When applied topically, Raven is soothing to the chest and throat. ❤️ • • • • • • #raven #dreamyblend #oilymama #theresanoilforthat #wintergreen #peppermint #ravintsara #eucalyptus #lemon #nighttimeblend #yleo #ylcanada

These two babies have been oiled since day one 💧 Here’s why I have zero concerns: We only use pure, unadulterated oils from a reputable company. So many oils out there are diluted with fillers and chemicals. These can cause you and your pets issues, even when just diffusing. We’ve researched several vets and read up on their suggestions and opinions. There are a ton of vets out there that use oils on pets in their practice and have found diffusing to be especially beneficial for dogs. We never leave the dogs locked in a room with a diffuser on. We always leave a door open and they’ll leave if they are bothered by the smell. We don’t diffuse the same oils day in and day out. There are a few oils that should be used less frequently around pets, like wintergreen. We still use these oils but just less often than others. Diffusing oils around your pets is actually less dangerous than burning candles, using wax melts, plug-ins or dryer sheets. Do your research but also read beyond Facebook posts. Essential oils are potent, yes, but they can be very beneficial when used properly. #younglivingessentialoils #ylcanada #petsandoils #oilydogs #doyourresearch #investinyourhealth #naturalwellnessjourney #nontoxicliving #dogmama #furbabies #bossbabe #saferthancandles #wellness #wellnesseducation

Time for some shut eye and time to “oil up”. What ‘cha diffusing tonight??? Peace and Calming for me! #sleepyoil #yleo #ylcanada #freethismonth #sleepessentialoil #relax

Let’s call this the Mom Life Lineup, shall we?! I mean, don’t get me wrong - eating healthy, getting adequate sleep, and applying ALLLLL the Frankincense is crucial to surviving motherhood. But these guys just help fight the fight, you get me?! LIFE 9: When your gut is not working right, you are not working right. Keep the feelings of sluggishness at bay by popping one of these at bedtime. But a little FYI: I pop two. ‘Cause my gut health be crazy like that. SUPER B: Mom brain? It’s a thing. And so is the 3pm crash. I take two of these mid afternoon (never with another supplement). Some supplements require prolonged use to feel a difference. Not with this one. Ba (freaking) Bam. SULFURZYME: Free radicals can take it’s toll on a mama’s wellbeing and health (google the effects of free radicals. i’m not playing here). This guy tackles those, like a boss. Two with breakfast; two with dinner. Oh, and you should tell your skin, hair, and nails that their new best friend just came to town. ICP: While mom brain may be a thing, so is mom digestive tract. Maybe it’s eating what’s left on the little hearts plates; maybe it’s eating their halloween snacks still into January (hey, i don’t judge). When things are not ‘moving as they should’, take two rounded teaspoons three times a day, mixed with water. Easy on the GI tract, yet effective. It’s a win/win. (rest in comments...)

I’m no #mariekondo but there’s just something about having a freshly cleaned home 😍 • • With the power of #thievescleaner , I’ve decluttered my cabinet of cleaning supplies down to one single bottle of cleaner 😲 it makes the chore SO much easier. Talk about #minimalism 😏

I didn't think I wanted a dog. I was getting her "for the kids" but let me tell you, she has quickly taken up a big place in my heart. I have 4 of the chattiest kids in existence, and sometimes I feel mentally exhausted from all the questions, all the stories, all the songs, and all the drama of a toddlers life. At those times I need silence, and a calm atmosphere, even if only for a few minutes, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I want to be alone. Pepper has become the friend that just listens when I need a turn to talk, or when I just want to hug someone in silence 🙄 (we all want that sometimes right?). It's also nice to know that my kids will have her for the same reasons. Anyway, cheers to #allthestressaway and #puppies that silently support a family's needs.

Coffee date was soooooo great this morning! You should come next week! . And look at that sweet little oily girl! 😍🌱 . #knowbetterdobetter #toxinfree #crunchymama #mountainmama #liveclean #livehealthy #plantsheal #essentialoilswork #ylcanada #learnsomethingnew #oilytribe

Y’all KNOW we have the best products in the world (billion dollar company, 25 years experience.... yadda yadda but did you know you can earn if you share with a friend? You can earn just for helping someone? 😘 Once a month YL thanks me for sharing their purpose of Wellness, Purpose & Abundance with my Community. They thank me for educating and supporting the thousands of families in our Oily family. It’s truly an incredible blessing to work with such an amazing company! 👉 TRUTH BOMB I don’t know about you mama but I was drowning in all the things I had to accomplish by myself in a day. 4 years ago we purchased our Starter Kit and Our health is better because of the products and we have more time together. ♥️ We authentically love every product and have ditched and switched our whole home over. Because we are so passionate about the 600 products we have created an income part time from home. 👋🍀 THIS IS AN INVITATION TO YOU. It’s just me, Elisha inviting you to take a look, maybe it could be the solution you’re hoping for. Helping people with health is purposeful and fun work. Just drop me a quick message and I’ll send you some info to look at. No commitment other than, I’ll take a look girl. Who is not yet a YL member and wants more info? Mentor for hire right here 😂🙌♥️ #oilybossbabe #bossbabe #workfromhome #entrepreneur #freedom #isharebecauseicare #yleo #ylcanada #youngliving #essentialoils #oils #timefreedom #vision #action #livingthedream #mindset #beauty #healthylifestyle #networkmarketing #success #mindsetshift #womeninbusiness #empoweringwoman #dreambig #inspiration #chemicalfreelifestyle #livingthievesclean #livingthesavvylife #getoily #getoilyns

Hi Everyone!! As a SAHM of four, it can be busy, it can be stressful, and it can bring many sleepless nights. Also my husband Dan is a log truck driver with an insane schedule so hard to keep track of, that I gave up yrs ago. SLEEP!!!!! I just needed SLEEP!!! I want to share an event in my life that really impacted me, and of course made my sleep problem even worse. 4 yrs ago, I was alone with my 2 oldest girls. My husband was working nights. At 3:55am I awoke from foot steps. I heard the noise from downstairs. Outside of my room I peered over the railing. After I adjusted my eyes, right below me, I seen a mans chest and boots. I thought it was Dan, but my gut told me something was off. As I was thinking, the man whistled (their was more than just him in my house) it was obviously his way to signal to the others. My gut turned upside down. In shock, I backed into my room, and called Dan but it went to voice mail.Too scared to move, too scared to talk. I prayed, I silently cried, and screamed to God for mercy and grace that they wouldn’t come up those stairs. God protected me and my girls that night...they left cause I could feel the house getting cold and silent. The cops came shortly after and searched. They got my wallet, but nothing else. From that night, I had fear. After the break in, I suffered from post traumatic stress. I had nightmares, I slept with my eyes open. Every sound, made my stomach turn, and that’s when I became sick. No sleep, No immunity, looking after 2 kids alone while my husband worked long hrs and no family to help. I caught hand, foot and mouth, thrush, and shingles on my eye lids. Long story short, I couldn’t eat or drink, I lost over 10 lbs, and was in the hospital for 4 days. God has been good, and my fear is almost forgotten, however, my sleep remained poor. I started turning to sleeping pills, and Advil. 12 months ago, I was introduced to Young Living. I was skeptical, however I said “YES”. I didn’t like the idea of using sleeping pills for years. Now I see it as an absolute blessing from God. I have never slept better in my life. Young Living essential oils have CHANGED MY LIFE!!!

Sara Swain

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Searching for information about essential oils? Sign up for my free email course - Essential Oils 101. Learn what they’re about, how to use as natural remedies, and how to replace harmful chemicals. 🍃 I’ll break it down for you in simple and interesting terms in my free exclusive 27 part #essentialoils class. . . Follow the link in my bio to sign up or go to . . . #freeclass #yl #ylcanada #learnaboutessentialoils

Lemon is a must in the kitchen for me! 🍋 keeping my fruits & veggies clean 🙌🙌 anyone else? #ylcanada #sunandmoonessentialoils #yeg

This morning I had an opportunity to release some of the emotions I’ve been holding onto with the oils from the “Feelings Kit.” Are you holding onto something so deeply inside that are no longer serving you today? Are those things holding you back from achieving your goals? Emotions and memories are stored not only in our Hippocampus and amygdala in the brain but also in our body. And those emotions have a way to appear as “dis-ease” in the body. I get it. It’s not easy to let go some of the things that happen to us. But why keep them in our body if they are not serving us anymore? Emotional Release is a powerful tool for every mammal, and it can be done using the power of essential oils! I would love to help facilitate it for you if you are interested. 💕 #emotionalrelease #powerofoils #yleo #ylcanada #valor #groundedwithessentialoils

15% de rabais! 15% off our natural health supplements! Until January 23rd only! #essential #natural #nontoxic #life #learning #health #wellness #ylcanada #yleo #supplement #healthcanada

Hello Citrus Fresh! 🍊🍋 If you love citrus scents, then you need this blend!! Includes orange, grapefruit, mandarin, tangerine, and lemon essential oil! Plus it has spearmint 😍 Energizing with all the ‘happy vibes’. + diffuse & purify air in your home + add to wool dryer balls + add in your Thieves cleaning spray + make a bathroom spray 🇨🇦 Essential Rewards members are getting a 15ml bottle for FREE with a 125PV order this month 🙌🏻

***KIDS & OILS*** . ✅Dilute, dilute, dilute! Start low, go slow and work your way up. ✅Involve them! Kids love oils, they are naturally drawn to them and they will have favourites. They are great teachers when it comes to oils too, since they have no expectations their experiences are real & raw. ✅Make it fun! Let them pick oils for a special rollerblend that is just theirs or get crafty and make some oil infused playdough. ✅Only use the best! Many oils out there are synthetic forms of the real thing, be sure you know where your oil comes from. ✅Trust your momma instinct! Above all. This is your greatest superpower, you know what is best for your child.

He makes me breakfast while I get some work done 😍 #bltsandwich #bossmom #lovemyjob #networkmarketing #entrepreneur #feedme #knowsthewaytomyheart #ylcanada


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This rose ointment😍 ..idk how I haven’t posted abt it sooner bc it’s everything and a front runner in my skincare routine. When I first bought it I will admit I was shocked at how little it is (1oz) but I had no idea that it would still be going strong a year and half later. I still can’t see the bottom of the jar.🙌🏻 And I use it every single day, no lie. But bc it’s a concentrated balm a swipe is all you need. It’s my under eye cream (and I have super sensitive under eyes), I use it on my lips and hands during these dry winter months. I use it on any blemishes or rashes/patches on my kiddos. Basically when in doubt, put rose ointment on it! And the best part is, it has no toxins and chemical crap. Rose damescena, rose hip seed, ylang ylang, geranium, bergamot and myrrh are in this beautiful blend, and just to name a few. Definitely a can’t live without.

Emaya always looks for a kids corner in every business we visit. A place with a mat and some toys. Well at this one whole Dad was talking she built her own! 😂 Not sure the significance of the pillow arrangement 🧐❤️✝️


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New stuff I'm trying (except for the kidscents toothpaste, coz we already know we love that!)l l 🌿Mountain Mist deodorant- I got for Mike to try, since he got a major reaction with his old deodorant l 🌿Cool Azul - for muscle discomforts l 🌿Juniper - I wanted to try this for my new perfume blend ❤❤ l l 🌿Sulfurzyme -An amazing supplement that helps to relieve joint pain associated with osteoarthritis, helps to relieve the pain associated with osteoarthritis of the knee and a good source of antioxidants that help fight and protect the cells against free radicals, helping reduce oxidative cell damage (excited about this!!!😁😁😁) l l 🌿Lavaderm Cooling Mist - for Mike's heatrash! l l 🌿Rose Ointment - trying this for dry skin and giving some to my friend who's daughters have eczema love getting free stuff that I actually picked out!! will let you know how we like them!l l l l #toxicchemicalfree #nontoxic #knowbetterdobetter #diy #essentialoils #plantbased #younglivingessentialoils  #mamalife #myoilyadventures #naturalalternatives #yleo #younglivingcanada #ylcanada #healthyhappylife #nontoxicliving #nontoxichome #nontoxicskincare #diyskincare

Thieves, Lemon and my fave Bergamot are giving us the support we need today! For what? Cough & Cold. You know when you start to feel like you might be getting sick? You can be proactive with oils! Oil up and get diffusing! Your reactionary, trips to the drugstore are over, friends. • Equal number of drops and support your immune systems. • A drop of Thieves on the soles of your feet morning and night. • Try making a roller! 30 drops of Thieves in a 10ml roller, top with carrier oil and make applying oils even easier!

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Three ingredient diy face mask // I share the process on my igtv channel, yes, I recorded myself putting it on too 😏 I used Lavender essential oil & then just two other ingredients as well (go watch to find out!), I let it harden & then I wiped it off with cold water & my skin feels amazing ✨ face masks have never been easier, ya know? share your diy face mask ideas! - - - - #theoilycanvas #younglivingessentialoils #yleo #essentialoils #ylcanada #diyfacemask #healthinspo #cleanface #chemicalfreeface


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Oulala une bombe de bain relaxante après des efforts dans un bain très chaud 🥵!! L’odeur vous enivre vous relax 😌 j’y ajoute deux ou 3 goutte de Panaway ça détente mes jambes lourdes mon dos endolori mes épaules qui ont sont aussi endolori par cette neige qui est tombé sur l’ensemble du Québec!!! J avoue que ça fait un bien 😜 fou Qui n’a jamais essayé!??! On sort de ce bain tellement mieux et détendu! J’avoue avoir de la difficulté à sortir du bain tellement j’y suis bien !!! #bain#bainmoussant #bombofbath#bathbomb #bathbombs #relaxing #detente #momentpourmoi #takecare #takecareofyourself #youngliving #younglivingeo #ylcanada #influenceuse #inspire #inspireothers #yoga #fitness #influenceuse

Saturday was absolutely life changing for me! I attended my very FIRST Young Living Live Your Passion Rally at MRU in Calgary, Alberta! Not only did I learn so much but I got to meet some awesome people. I probably walked around looking starstruck the whole time I was there. Do I remember all the details(or people’s names😂), absolutely not but i definitely had the greatest day! I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to even go! I can’t wait for the next one, and for Grand Convention in July! #grateful #gratitude #shinebrightlikeadiamond #liveyourpassionrally2019 #younglivingessentialoils #younglivingcanada #yleo #ylcanada #careeropportunities #takecontrolofyourlife #bossbabe

Saturday was absolutely life changing for me! I attended my very FIRST Young Living Live Your Passion Rally at MRU in Calgary, Alberta! Not only did I learn so much but I got to meet some awesome people. I probably walked around looking starstruck the whole time I was there. Do I remember all the details(or people’s names😂), absolutely not but i definitely had the greatest day! I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to even go! I can’t wait for the next one, and for Grand Convention in July! #grateful #gratitude #shinebrightlikeadiamond #liveyourpassionrally2019 #younglivingessentialoils #younglivingcanada #yleo #ylcanada #careeropportunities #takecontrolofyourlife #bossbabe

One of my favourite ways to incorporate oils is adding them to our meals! Roasted Tilapia with Sticky Rice + Southwest Chopped Salad with Lime! Another great way to add oils to our nutrition is flavoured water. My favourite flavoured waters are: Slique Essence, Lemon, and Lime, but there are so many great options. #myhealthyday

Posted @withrepost • @younglivingeocanada Self-care starts from the inside out. Adding core essentials to your daily wellness routine will build a strong foundation as you tackle your new year goals. #ylcanada . . Supplement your wellness with 15% off select supplements until January 23, 2019! See Promos for more details.

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I may not be poppin bottles and staying out late anymore... trust me I dont miss it either... But I do savor every drop out of this sweet bottle. Ningxia Red is packed full of antioxidants and keeps me functioning at my best. If I'm being honest, it took me awhile to really give it a go. I tried the samples from my starter kit and that was that but people would not stop raving about this goodness so I gave it another go. Now you wont catch me without it on hand. I notice a difference in my skin, hair, energy, overall health, and even my mood. Even my kids love it and it's the one juice I'm actually on board with giving them. --- it has the same amount of antioxidants as 11 pounds of spinach but dont tell them . . . . . . #ylcanada #yleo #ningxiared #plantbased #wellnessjourney #antioxidants #wholenutrition #yycmom #livesimply #veggiejuice #wolfberrygoodness #allthegoodstuff #dieticianapproved #healthyfamily #nutritionunplugged #realfood #foodgoals #yycfoodie #momlifeunplugged #momsofinstagram #eatrealfood #totalbodywellness #feelgood #bestlife #bossbabe


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Bonjour voici une promotion spéciale qui me tient particulièrement à cœur ❣ Gary Young était un homme bon il a créé plusieurs fondations dans le monde pour aider les gens dans le besoin Donc cette promotion de 5 pour-cent va aller directement que vous sauver va aller directement aux fondations!! Believe Rutavala EN-E-GEE Inner Child Ce sont toutes des huiles essentielles que j’affectionne pour leur fonction particulières à chacune Cliquer sur ma bio #youngliving #younglivingoils #ylcanada #influenceuse #essentialoils #ambitions #amplifyyourbusiness #amplifyyourambition #inspire #inspireothers #holistic #modedevie #mylife #sesoigneraunaturel #motivation #instagood #promo #yoga #fitness #mom#mommy #momboss #blog #bloggeuse #influenceuse

Slowly growing my + line of oils. This Canadian version of the US Vitality line is FDA approved for internal consumption. Add your favourite flavour to your tea, smoothie, dessert, wherever!

This month marks two years since I started using essential oils and I can honestly say they have changed my life and the life of my family. We got started with a Premium Starter Kit and immediately started using the oils for everything!! ! • Lavender: Sleep, Calming, Cuts Lemon: Mood, Cleaning Peppermint: Muscles, Headaches, Breathing DiGize: Tummy, Gas, Bloating Copaiba: Calming, Skin, Sore Muscles Thieves: Immunity Purification: Deodorizing, Acne PanAway: Sore muscles, headaches Frankincense: Calming, Focus, Skin R.C.: Breathing Northern Lights Black Spruce: Calming, Skin • Plus the kit came with a pretty diffuser and a bunch of other oily tools to get me going • If you want to use essential oils, this is where you need to start too! I also have a special gift for everyone who gets a kit, so click on the link in my bio for more info and to get started.

Today is known as ‘BLUE MONDAY’ Third Monday in January It’s said to be the most depressing day of the year. 🤔 As the Christmas memories fade, many of us are left with are a hammered bank account, a bulge around the waist, failed New Year resolutions and gloomy weather. I can see where it got its name... but it doesn’t have to be BLUE anymore! Essential oils are great for emotional support and can perk you up with a simple sniff. Emotional life is largely housed in the limbic system, and it has a great deal to do with the formation of memories. When you think CITRUS, what comes to mind? Summer? 🌸 Sunshine? ☀️ Refreshing lemonade? 🍋 Simply open a bottle and slowly inhale. You can almost instantly FEEL the positive shift in your mood. If you have a diffuser, maybe give one of these combinations a try. 💆‍♀️ Destress 2 Stress Away + 2 Lemon 💃 Upbeat 3 Grapefruit + 2 Lemon + 1 Bergamot + 3 Orange 🤗 Happy Ground 2 Lemon + 2 Lavender + 2 Frankincense 💜 Uplifting 3 Frankincense + 3 Bergamot + 3 Lavender So grab your Starter Kit and crack open that bottle of Lemon and watch it transform your day. Don’t have one? what are you waiting for? I’ll get you started today 💕


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Promo sur les suppléments::: Quelques jours seulement 15 pour-cent ça vaut la peine Si vous êtes sûr avantage essentiel déjà plus votre pourcentage personnel Sinon il est temps de faire votre changement de mode de vie pour du naturel Life 9 Superb Sulfuryrizeme ICP Essentialzimes 4 Multigreens Ce sont tous des suppléments avec des fonctions différentes mais tellement nécessaire au maintien d’une bonne santé!! Et ce naturellement!! #yoga#fitness #sport #diet #vegetarien #greenliving #mylife#holistic #youngliving #ylcanada #promoyoungliving #influenceuse #inspire #inspireothers #modedevie #modedeviesain #supplements #supplement #multigreens #superb #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #life9 #wellness #promo #routine #icp #sulfurzyme #essentialzyme #yleo #

Intentional living. Declare the life you want, the life you’ve dreamed of and make it happen. Today. Stop waiting for tomorrow or focusing on yesterday. Set an intention. Declare it. Believe in it. Act in ways that only reflect that exact intention. Set an intention for your day, your practice or that hour even and see how your life starts to unfold ✌🏼 #mindfullness #mindfulnessquotes #intentionalliving #intentions #younglivingessentialoils #thisoilylife #ylcanada


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Kicking it back old school this morning. • Forgoing chores for memories, with a train table and some snacks. With some good teaching in the background. • Focusing on the moment instead of the to do list. • I didnt really make resolutions this year, more goals than anything. • So today- teaching, and trains it is.

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Can we talk S A G E for a moment? 🌿 I ordered this essential oil to help with some digestive issues that I’ve been having, so today I’m whipping up a roller with 20 drops each of Sage + Peppermint + Copaiba and will start using it daily on my lower abdomen (I’ll let you know how it goes 😘). BUT YOU GUYS. I have absolutely no idea how else to use it 🙊 Gimme’ all the Sage tips, tricks, and recommendations! Happy Monday, Loves! • • • • #naturalmama #naturalliving #oilymama #myoilyday #yleo #youngliving #ylcanada #plantlady #holisticliving #thehappynow #mlm #crunchymom #cozy #cozyhome #theeverydayproject #prettylittlesquares #motherhoodrising #mindfullness #mindfulness #mindfulnessmatters #seekthesimplicity #hygge #hyggelife #hyggehome #sahm #momofthree #mindbodysoul #wholeness #planteater #crunchymama

Back to the basics this today! Did Itovi scans on my fam-jam this morning! 3/4 scanned Thieves! . I’m on it!🤠 . . . . . #knowbetterdobetter #toxinfree #crunchymama #mountainmama #liveclean #livehealthy #plantsheal #essentialoilswork #ylcanada #itovi #healthyhome #thieves

You guys! This is all the free stuff i got this month with my monthly order! Dew drop diffuser along with 15 ml Citrus Fresh and 5 ml Lavender essential oils for being on Essential Rewards with Young living for just 3 months (total value 128$)! Pretty generous right?? 🌟BUT this is not ALL!! I got 4 more essential oils just for ordering stuff i needed this month (retail value 160$)!! Yaaa you heard it right!! i am amazed at how quickly i am able to build my oils collection this way and this is letting me support my wellness goals with so much ease! The Oils i got free with my monthly order are 🔹Peace and Calming - amazing amazing emotion support oil and i was eyeing to get this for a while now but i got it for free 🔹Awaken - another absolutely amazing emotions oil that helps releasing negative thoughts and memories and helps stimulates creativity!! Yasss for that!! 🙌 🔹Citrus Fresh - This one is sooo uplifting and refreshing. Great to diffuse to start off your day and get going with your tasks 🔹Northern Lights Black Spruce - this has become my hubby’s FAVORITE oil!! this out of the world woodsy masculine smell is great to diffuse and even rub on wrists. Helps gain clarity while working, has immediate grounding effects and we have found that it has overall very soothing effect on the nervous system!! ✨ When you sign up with Essential Rewards, it’s totally worth it. The idea of spending every month is a bit challenging for some people but what i have found is that this lets you ditch toxins from your house one at a time at your own pace, whereas with points back on ER, you save for future purchases and all these free goodies make it even more easier to maintain your family’s health (physical and emotional) ✨ If you want to join me on this journey and have some questions just DM me and i’ll be happy to get you started #yleo #yleocanada #essentialrewards #oilymama #ylcanada #chemicalfreeliving #naturalwellness #thievestotherescue #plantmedicine #mywellnessjourney #happinessinabox #essentialrewardspoints

Happy Monday Everyone!! Such a yummy citrus diffuser blend!🍊 4 drops each of Tangerine and Grapefruit! We need some happy on these wintery days! 🌿 • • • • • #youngliving #younglivingessentialoils #younglivingcanada # younglivingeo #younglivingeocanada #ylcanada #yleo #ylessentialoils #essentialoils #essentialoils101 #ditchandswitch #myoilylife #crunchymama #momlife # naturalliving #wellness # chemicalfree #seedtoseal #theresanoilforthat #essentialoilsrock #oilylifemadesimple #myoilylife #oilylife #oilsforthewin #journeytowellness #diffuser #diffuserblends #citrusblend #citrusbliss

Seedlings has changed everything for me. I thought the “baby smell” I always loved was so good—turns out they load baby washes and lotions with fragrance and chemicals to make it smell like that😫🙅🏼‍♀️🚫 . It’s free from alcohol, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances + dyes! . To find Young Livings baby wash + shampoo the first time I used it I was obsessed, it has a calming blend of lavender, coriander, Bergamot, ylang ylang + geranium) it’s delightful—seriously smells so good! . These oils, especially lavender, are so calming for his baths before bed👶🏼😴 . PLUS it’s all natural and so good for their skin, nothing yucky going on or into his little body. Thank god for that🙌🏼💖 . . . . . #essentialrewards #er #yl #yleo #eo #youngliving #younglivingessentialoils #essentialoils #oilylife #oilymama #oils #younglivingcanada #ylcanada #kelowna #westkelowna #okanagan #oils #wellnessbox #wellness #health #healthylifestyle #healthymama #seedlings #naturalwellness #seedlingsbaby #younglivingseedlings #babybum