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16 Seconds Ago

These two make quit a unique pair! First time I put them in my diffuser together.. .. Orange + Fennel = sweet black licorice 🏮! • What new diffuser blends have you tried lately? 💁🏻‍♀️ I’d love to try it. • #diffuserblends #orangeoil #fenneloil #youngliving #trysomethingnew


2 Minutes Ago

Look back at our harvest experience. Everyone there contributed to seed to seal process and everyone there contributed our team being invited to being invited for this experience. Blessed to have such a great team to be a part of. #yleo #youngliving #younglivingcanada #livinginfused #ofd #oilsfordudes #seedtoseal #younglivingmelissaharvest #younglivingharvest #saintmariesidaho


3 Minutes Ago

Michelle 💝 is away on business building her Young Living organization and doing some free events… I’m here left in the war zone trying to survive… No casualties reported however several close calls! All kids are accounted for, fingers and toes are still attached and everyone is smiling :-) - #coffee #tripletsofinstagram #twinsofinstagram #trippletdaddy #life #twins #bigfamily #youngliving #essentialoils


3 Minutes Ago

At my mommy’s house 🏠 new feline and smells:) @hannah.holland.spam newkitten #legoishisname #playingishisgame #mymommy #essentialoils #youngliving #diffuserblends #joy #purification #lavender


6 Minutes Ago

So y’all know how I’m always talking sales and good deals and about how oils make my world go round and save my sanity and make me feel amazing and #allllllthethings? k well, for the next few days you can get a kit with an additional diffuser and 2 more oils in addition to the 11 existing kit oils and for only $13 more😳 lemme break it down: Lemon🍋: detoxing, tasty water. Digize🤢: tummy anything Lavender💜: sleep, skin. Copaiba🍂: skin, muscles, baby teefs Thieves🕵🏼‍♀️: magic, health keeper. Citrus Fresh👃🏻: bye stank, fresh laundry. Panaway💪🏻: happy muscles + joints. Frankincense🙌🏻: baby jesus, skin, calm. Raven. 🌬: breathing is fun Stress Away🌈: kids are still alive. Peppermint X2🌱: breathe, muscles, brownies Tangerine🍊: energy, happiness, chocolate, soothing +2 Dewdrop diffusers +a whoooole bunch of oily info +ningxia samples +thieves cleaner sample +cute little bottles +roller top +modern handbook + goodies +support community to help the whole way +me. lollzzzzzz yes I will hold your hand every step of the way! retail: $370+ til monday night: $173.25. 🎉🎉🎉 13 oils, 2 diffusers. All almost half-off! Like WHAATT! Wish this worked for Existing members because I wouldn’t pass this up. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


6 Minutes Ago

What comes to mind when you look at this picture? My answer is in the comments.


5 Minutes Ago

Feeding myself out of this slump!! You do what you’ve got to do folks!! Healthy foods = energy 💪🏻 Going to add Collagen to my soup for protein 🤜🏻👍🏻 **oh and I need to drink my water...dehydration just adds to the slump. Get it together Carrie!! 😴 . . . #needfood #fuelforthebody #water #gottobeproactive #getmylazyassup #dailyharvest #chilledsoup . . . #healthyfood #healthyliving #healthychoices #healthylifestyle #yleo #youngliving #essentialoils #oillife #oilymama #mom #momlife #kids #children #nontoxic #toxicfree #toxicfreeliving #colorado #denver #stapleton

I'm one of those weird people who love rain. I bought this treasured umbrella for a $1 at a garage sale. What I wouldn't give to know the story behind it. Where it has been and who stood under it. Love getting things second hand because they come with stories even if I don't know them. "Kate smile you look cute" - @a.v.ation (photo credit)


5 Minutes Ago

Guys, I had to read my Young Living email TWICE last night! This just seems too good to be true! NEW ENROLLEES only and only WHILE SUPPLIES LAST---snag the "Dewdrop Duo" Starter Kit! Everyone that has hopped on this oily journey knows you instantly want ANOTHER diffuser for different room or level of your home. Well, it's here. The wholesale price for this is 198.25 and with it you get: ~TWO dewdrop diffusers (whaaaaaattttt!!??) ~ the 11 starter kit oils shown, PLUS 2 extra oils (5-ml Tangerine and 5-ml Peppermint) ~ the Ningxia Red samples ~ thieves cleaner samples ~ access to tons of amazing oil info This is a total VALUE!! Want more info? Message me! Ready to go now? Click on my link tree in profile. Then-- click on "other premium kits" and choose "Premium Starter Kit w/ Dewdrop Diffuser Duo!" You MUST order by 11:59 MST on the 16th, but I wouldn't wait! <3. #oils #essentialoils #younglivingessentialoils #youngliving #theresanoilforthat #oilymama


11 Days 8 Hours Ago

And then......... Exhale....... 🌬 Peace and calming essential oil. Perfect for relaxation after a stressful day, and a good night’s sleep. Also calms the body in times of anxiety. Great for use in yoga classes and meditation. 🧘🏽‍♀️ . . . . . #essentialsoils #doterra #wellness #yleo #oils #healthykids #ylessentialoils #youngliving #younglivingeo #holistic #sustainableliving #magicplantjuice #whole30 #clothallthebabies #myoilyday #breastfeeding #paleo #healthyliving #healthybabies #momlife #healthylifestyle #aromatherapy #oilylifemadesimple #chemicalfree #makeclothmainstream #green #drinkyourgreens #whatsinmyer #flouridefree #fuelyourbody


6 Minutes Ago

When you hang with the 20 year olds on Saturday and feel like your 50 on Sunday. Using these babies for alllllll the hangover support. . Check out my story for more deets on how and why I’m using these. . . . . . . #youngliving #yl #eo #essentialoils #theresaoilforthat #boymom #toddlerlife #oilymama #oilybaby #oilykids #notacrunchymom #exhaustedmommy #sleepisoverated #sendhelp #stressaway #oilsforthewin #mermaidspray #halfhippie #survivalmode #lavenderdropper #hangover #hangovercure #stressaway #dewdropdiffuser


8 Days 24 Hours Ago

Natural Pain-killer!!Also anti-septical!! Great oil for pain, acne and skin-care. Few drops in a bath makes your body soft and gentle. Copaiba is great for the lungs too. A few drops in the Palm of your hand and breathe in deeply.🌿 . . . . . #essentialsoils #doterra #wellness #yleo #oils #healthykids #ylessentialoils #youngliving #younglivingeo #holistic #sustainableliving #magicplantjuice #whole30 #clothallthebabies #myoilyday #breastfeeding #paleo #healthyliving #healthybabies #momlife #healthylifestyle #aromatherapy #oilylifemadesimple #chemicalfree #makeclothmainstream #green #drinkyourgreens #whatsinmyer #flouridefree #fuelyourbody


6 Minutes Ago

I love my YL products!!! #youngliving


6 Minutes Ago

I know. You’re thinking yeah yeah, just her again talking about her plant voodoo hippie stuff. 🌿
Yep. It’s true. Here I am 😂 and your betcha I am going to tell you about some awesome plant juice for a minute! (You’ll thank me later).
4 years in and I still can’t shut up about these oils... because well they’ve changed our crazy world here and we just love them soo much! From the oldest down to the baby… we all use them daily. When we bought this little kit of oils, it changed so much for our family and I want that for you too! Better health. Improved wellness. Personal development. Best community of people ever. Debts paid off. Financial freedom. I’m soooo thankful for that kit and how it’s helped our family..
If you don’t have Young Living Essential Oils yet and you’ve been thinking heyyyyy, I need some of that weird stuff... todayyyy is the day!! 🌿
Normally a starter kit is $160. It comes with 11 oils and a diffuser. $330 worth of product for half the price? Yes I know that’s unreal right?!.
BUTTT this weekend, you can actually get all that PLUS 2 more oils and an extra diffuser for $173! ($198 + $25 back from me). .Two diffusers are always better than one. One in the living room + one in the kiddos bedroom! Oils for the whole fam bam to share..
You all know where to find me if you want the hook up or have questions....!!!.
Join the cool kids club! 👊🏻 #youngliving #healthlyliving #healthyfamily #letsdothis #riseup #worthit


7 Minutes Ago

BOGOs are back!!!!!! 7/16 - 7/20. . Buy One, Get One dōTERRA Summer deals! 🔆 . If you'd like to be added to my exclusive VIP BOGO group to snag these incredible deals (1 week only!), comment 'Me!'.... send me a DM ...or link is provided in profile!! ☝️☝️☝️ . This is your opportunity to snag the best oils & products with a buy one get one FREE deal at a discounted, wholesale price. . No account?? You get the deal through this VIP group, with ZERO obligations. . Current ōilers can SAVE on shipping by ordering here! 😘🤗 *USA + CA only* . . . . . #rn #holisticnurse #doterraessentialoils #doterra #essentiarloils #oillife #now #selfcare #detox #cleanse #promo #youngliving #younglivingessentialoils #yleo #aromatherapy #weightloss #anxiety #mentalhealth #bogo #greenliving #naturalnurse #cleanliving #nurse # #wellness #mindfulness #greenmom


11 Minutes Ago

Doubling down on supplements for myself and my family as we zoom toward back-to-school time here in the South! These clean supplements will support our overall health plus some specialized support for our immune systems. Bergamot and Grounding essential oils will support emotional health. For being part of the @younglivingeo Essential Rewards program, I received a $157.50 in free loot plus the equivalent of $75 in loyalty points I can redeem for additional products! The Lavaderm Cooling Mist, Geranium, Valor, AromaLife, and Lavender Essential Oils were my bonus gift for making my monthly purchase of stuff I would have bought at a random store getting poorer quality products lacking YL’s Seed to Seal guarantees and not getting paid back for my loyalty. Total savings when you add in my ER points is $232.50! Score!


10 Minutes Ago

Y’all! 👮🏼‍♀️ This little black dress needs to be on EVERYONE’S buy right now list!! Under $25 and sooooo flattering for every body type!! 🔥It’s side ruching, slit & asymmetrical hem makes this @targetstyle dress stand out & still a staple item!! This cardigan is also hard not to fall in love with!! 😍 Check out stories for the whole @target try-on sesh!! Link in profile for dress & blog post with all the links! 💃🏼@raygunk


9 Minutes Ago

Have you ever taken a walk in the woods on a warm summer day and the ferns and leaves were all giving off this beautiful, sweet, lush scent? This diffuser blend smell just like that, to me. It's beautiful. #essentialoils #oils #youngliving #diffuserblend #summer #summer


40 Minutes Ago

Team purple! I’ve been using these three almost everyday • LAVENDER: always in my diffuser, accompanied with a citrus oil or another uplifting sent. It’s the perf combination of calming and uplifting • RELEASE: I rub a drop or two on back of my neck or over my liver area, then go for a walk! It’s a great support for dealing with anger and just all the feels. (Google anger and the liver) • TRANQUIL: just got This one in my July wellness box and, Oh. My. Lord is it a life saver! It should be labeled “chill the &$@# out” • I think I’ll forever be skeptical about how a blend of plant juices are so effective but I can’t argue with the science or personal experience. 💜💜💜


9 Minutes Ago

SQUEE! I have been waiting for this!!! It's been one year since I started my Young Living journey. And 1 year of being on Young Living Essential Rewards gets you this exclusive essential oil blend FREE! Loyalty is an amazing blend of some pretty awesome essential oils that you can only get by participating in ER for a year. Did I mention it smells divine! ❤ Contact me to start your Young Living journey! #youngliving #yleo #essentialoils #essentialrewards #er #erexclusive #loyaltyessentialoil #er12 #crazyoillady #oilyjourney #oilylife #wellness #health #healthandwellness #toxinfreeliving #allnatural #whatareyouwaitingfor #choosehealth #changingliveswithyoungliving


10 Minutes Ago

One word.....gorgeous!!! Such a lovely, I’m in my happy place combo. This combo has been added to the list of favorites. Abundance is on sale until the 18th. I’m stocking up!!!! #youngliving #yleo #essentialoils #seedtoseal #abundance #orange #happy #wellness #uplifting #opportunity #smallbusiness #diffusing #benefits #oilsforthewin #love #sundayafternoon #relaxing


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Yes !! I need to hear this today 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Are you enjoying your journey?🤔😊😊🤗🤗#momlife #joy #momblogger #moments #love #beyourself #youngliving #yougotthis #yourbeautiful #momof3 #happy


11 Minutes Ago

••🌿NEW MEMBER PROMO🌿•• //From now until July 16th — you can snag a second dewdrop diffuser + 2 extra oils with your premium starter kit for only $38!! WHAAAAAT?!!// ✨Here are the deets✨ 1. Lavender {the Swiss Army knife oil; wonderful for little ones, skin, relaxation} 2. Frankincense {glows/aging skin, grounding, rest} 3. Citrus Fresh {mood boosting, freshens air} 4. Raven {chest rubs, sleeping well in winter months} 5. PanAway {post-workout muscles, temples after a long day} 6. Thieves Vitality {immune supporting} 7. Peppermint Vitality {digestive + respiratory support; great in brownies!} 8. Lemon Vitality {detoxing, circulatory support, immune boosting} 9. Copaiba Vitality {teething babes bff, supports inflammation + skin} 10. DiGize Vitality {all things digestion} 11. Bonus Oil -> Stress Away {stress, sleep, perfume} 12. Extra Oil Promo -> Tangerine {energy + happiness + chocolate + soothing} 13. Extra Oil Promo -> Peppermint {energy, temples for headaches, cooling} . <<< PLUS >>> . 2x Dewdrop Diffusers (retail: $84 each + a whoooole bunch of oily info + a welcome packet + NingXia Red samples + Thieves cleaner sample + roller fitment + samples bottles to share oils + joining our EssentiallyBlessed community!! . Retail: $500 + . All this for $198!! (Ends July 16th at 11:59 MT) . . Come oil with us, babe, and forever be EssentiallyBlessed.🌿 . . . #youngliving #essentialoils #yl #yleo #eo #magicinabottle #holisticliving #essentiallyblessed #promo #bestofthebest #2xdiffuser #dewdropduo


12 Minutes Ago

Ningxia Red is a full body wellness drink made from wolfberries, pomegranate, blueberry, and other superfoods. Ningxia Nitro contains Bioenergy Ribose that improves physical performance, speeds up recovery, and increases overall energy reserves. Lemon is a powerful antioxidant. Lime brings a unique citrus flavor to any food or beverage. Cinnamon Bark gives you that “kick” along with other wellness benefits. Don’t miss out! Promotion ends 11:59 p.m. 16 July. #youngliving #wellness #seedtoseal #promo #gift #health #promotion #fiverr via @RiplApp


12 Minutes Ago

For my other oily friends, you NEED this one in your repertoire. I just ordered it with my rewards points, it’s been on my wishlist for a while. I tend to gravitate towards the woodsier scents, versus the sweet and floral ones. This one smells so crisp, like a walk in the woods after a rain. I’ve been diffusing it all day in the house and it’s perfection. I initially thought it would be citrusy, but it’s mostly earthy and I really dig it. . . . Side Note: YL Has an incredible deal running right now for their starter kit. I’m always happy to chat oils and natural living with anyone who wants to know. . . . #youngliving #yleo #essentialoils #energee #naturalliving #chemicalfree #hippiedippie #toxicfree #smellssogood #earthy #woodsy #diffuser


13 Minutes Ago

My upcoming "Well-Being Workshop" is on Saturday, August 4th! Make plans to attend, you will be so glad you did. Details are on my website at www.bethwoessner.com link in my profile. Here is what you will receive at the workshop: Join us for a nourishing and creative workshop at Studio 22.  Connect with other like minded individuals and learn some simple practices to nurture yourself. In this workshop we will… Start with a beautiful and relaxing “chair” yoga and guided visualization session facilitated by Andrea Fournet, the owner of The Yoga Arkansas Yoga and Therapy Center in Fayetteville.  Your registration for this workshop includes one free class at The Arkansas Yoga and Therapy Center. Free class is good for one year and is valued at $18. Included in the workshop is a savory lunch from local, fresh ingredients provided by Natural State Sandwiches (you will pre-choose your own lunch item from a menu provided upon registration). Learn a simple, creative, and meditative collage skill to design unique one of a kind notecards. Taught by Beth Woessner. A process that is easy to recreate at home.  Art and creativity improves the well-being and decreases negative emotions.  It relieves stress and reduces anxiety and depression.  It can be a refuge from intense emotions. Time to create a minimum of three notecards.  These make for meaningful personal notes to send to others or use as gifts. Discuss essential oil basics.  Led by Janna Wilson. Examine how aromatherapy can influence art practice and healthy mindset and lifestyle: grounding, calming, relaxing, focus — and discuss some oils in detail that are noted for these attributes Demonstrate the diffuser, let everyone try on a blend of oil topically and sip some lemon water or Earl Grey Lavender tea Design a special blend of essential oils to keep and use! Make & take rollerball blend #wellbeingworkshop #stuudio22 #yoga #art #essentialoils #destress #beinspired #wellbeing #studio22 #youngliving #wellness #mindfulness #nourish #mindful #creativity #bewell #selfcare #healthytools #selflove #creative


13 Minutes Ago

If you’re not yet oily you’re gonna want to check this out!!!🌿 YL has an insane promotion going on for the next 3 days, new members can snag a second diffuser, plus 2 extra oils with their starter kit for an extra $38. WUT. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Deets: ENROLLMENT PROMO * New Enrollees Only * US and NFR Only * While supplies last Dewdrop Duo PSK Item No. 25262 (in the “other start kits” section during check out) Wholesale Price: 198.25 PV: 123 Contents: * Dewdrop PSK Bonus Contents: * Extra Dewdrop Diffuser * 5-ml Tangerine * 5-ml Peppermint PLUS don’t forget I’m offering the ORB car diffuser for free!! Snag this deal while supplies last!!!🙂 #rallyday💕#youngliving #oilsarelife #oilymama #oilyfamily #getyosome


13 Minutes Ago

OMGEEEEEEEE!!!! Oh Happy DAY! 🎉FLASH SALE!🎉 If you’re still on the fence about getting in on these life-changing products… Send us a DM and will make sure you get the hook up!


14 Minutes Ago

I’ve been asked several times why I recommend exploring essential oils with the premium starter kit. One person shared that made it feel overly MLMy. I get that. I was there. Like why would I go from spending $5.99 in the grocery store for a huge bottle of oil to spending $160?! That buys a lot of other oils! So: here’s why I recommend starting with the kit. . 1. All oils are not created equally. This is a key component of Young Living, the Seed to Seal promise and the extraordinary attention to detail. There are no adulterants or added fragrances. Ever. . 2. You can have a great experience with a single oil or blend — we sell them individually too — but it is hard to capture how they can provide benefit to your whole life with just one or two. . 3. It’s a great variety. There are 11 oils. There are so many possibilities of diffuser and roll-on blends and applications. You can use the kit for everything from literally cleaning your toilet to stress relief to flavoring your cocktail to managing head tension to soothing a child to sleep. . 4. It’s a good deal. Really and truly. The YL retail value for the kit is $335.60, and the wholesale value is $255.84. The actual price is $160. This was what won me over to YL even after trying to create a similar “kit” piecemeal on Amazon. . 5. wholesale membership for life. You get 24% off of the retail price always and forever. And with the membership comes the community, which leads me to... . 6. So. Many. Resources. I tend to be more skeptical and reach for Google Scholar on the reg, but I’m not going to find reliable recipes and blends there, nor testimonials or the community that come along with it. . 7. And yeah, here’s the part where I admit that we are all biased: investing in the starter kit is motivation to make a commitment to your body, family and home. I had a few oils around but I didn’t use them regularly or in a way that was truly addressing my needs (sleep, emotions, sugar cravings) until I got the starter kit and felt the need to get serious because of the investment. . Not ready for that? That’s fine. Keep reading along and find what works for you. Let me know if I can help.


13 Minutes Ago

Have you been wanting to dive into the oily life? Today is your day! I know a lot of you have seen me post about essential oils and how we have benefited from them! This is THE best deal I’ve EVER seen. 13 oils and 2 diffusers!!?? Yes please! I would love to teach you how to use them! #ohthejoy #youngliving