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When you getting spanked and she says "yeah you like that you little bitch" in your ear and you're an asexual.

"owo H2O on my coochie yo" ~Elliot

What you look like when you're deepthroating God. H2O, my hoes

Saw Venom today with my good ol friend @dilcoo. It was pretty badass. Apparently, there's canon mpreg in the comics and I'm hysteric. . . . . . #venom #marvel

This picture isn't the best but it looks good with the filter so I'm posting it. . . My new case worker is obsessed with Invader Zim, and instead of being asked a million questions, I got to geek out with a grown adult for two and a half hours about the one thing that brings me an indescribable joy. She thinks I'm awesome and I'm pretty sure she loves me (who wouldn't) and honestly, same. I love her. She also says that I sound exactly like Zim, deadon when I do his impression and that makes me overly happy. I'm going to single handedly ruin this woman's childhood and probably scare her off with the one thing everyone fears... . .. ... .... ..... ...... ZaDr mpreg . . . . . . . . #invaderzim #zim #dib #dibmembrane #zadr

Thank you guys so much for this, honestly, it made my day. I didn't expect anyone to actually listen to that post, BUT I HAST BEEN PROVEN WRONG! Thank y'all, and I love ya so much!!💜💜

I didn't tag the last two bc I didn't know the people that came up under those letters, so uh.. @haunted_beevxmitsenpxi is my future son and ehh... @moonlight_assassin is my jealous (furry) ex

Am I Instagram famous yet? . . . . I'm tired and I wanna sleep. Am I ok? Probably not, but that's ok. Have a free vienti water from Starbucks.

Ya boi is gross and depressed and only looks good in black and white filters for the moment. I'm anxious and I wanna McDie, lmao, but it's ok. :'3

Mood, Zim, mood. Anyway, I'm going to bed. I should have been asleep 46 minutes ago, but that's ok. Night y'all. . . . . . . #invaderzim #zim

Check out a brief, detailed summary of Kom on my art account!!

The LGBTQ demons are arising this month. Hide your kids, ye good ole faithful Christian moms. . . . . . #gay #trans #lgbtq #demons

When you're depressed, but then you see a naked alien who is also depressed. . . . . . . #zadr #zim #invaderzim #dib #dibmembrane

Hi, I'm emotional. I've been in this fandom for years, and I'm so scared for when this movie comes out bc it's gonna mark the end of the journey we've all been through. This is favourite franchise of all time next to Invader Zim and Voltron, and I'm hysteric. I know I need to catch up on the Netflix series for Dragon's Edge, and I'm gonna kick my ass if I'm not caught up with it by the time this movie comes out but that is another story. Anyways, I love HTTYD, forever and always, I'm a Night Fury at heart. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. . . . . . . . . #httyd #httyd3 #howtotrainyourdragon3 #howtotrainyourdragon

Meet my new OC gaybert