Relajandome que falta me hace #sol #playita #relax #vueltayvuelta
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غوغای امشب تالارگلستان کامیاران ۹۷/۵/۲۴

@jordanpeele the new father of Social Thrillers, Black Horror, and Critically Conscious Genre coming at you, Hollywood, and every hotep supremacist hater under the sun WITH NO FEAR. And guess who he got in his corner? A tribe of take-no-drama producers and creatives ready to shake up cinema as we know it. @monkeypawproductions — Epic art for social action, and nothing less. Go see @blackkklansman , and look out for his next nightmare thriller “Us” coming to snatch them edges again next March #YaBettaAskSomebody #MonkeypawOnTheMap

Prietena ta cea mai buna e acel om care te iubeste, te accepta, te sprijina, te incurajeaza, te face sa te simti ca si cand ai fi acasa alaturi de ea si e mereu langa tine. Nu te judeca, nu te cearta, nu te trage la raspundere, nu te umilieste. Pe blog am scris un articol despre ce insemna prietenia si despre semnele care iti arata ca prietena ta cea mai buna nu este de fapt prietena ta cea mai buna si ce ar trebui sa faci in aceasta situatie. Link in my bio #RaicuLifestyle #TuInEchilibruCuTine #Prietenie #Dragoste #Friendship @alexgalmeanu 🎞

Who wants to try this killer ABS CIRCUIT 💯 . Take minimal rest in between each exercise and perform circuit for a total of 4 times. Take 2-3 minutes rest in between each circuit 🙌🏻 can be done at home or in the gym - no weights needed! . I promise you by the end of this you will be feeling the burn 😅 DOUBLE TAP & TAG A MATE Shorts from @cutebootylounge (KIMFRENCH10) @gymglutes @gymresident @gymtears @gymalpha @gymaesthetic @healthleads @fitfemalesclub @fitmethods @homeabs @abs_at_home @abs

Praxistest bestanden! 💪🏼

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