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Puji Tuhan.. Romo Karl Edmund-Prier, SJ., sudah diperbolehkan pulang dari perawatan. . 📷 Poedjie Soesilo (Facebook)

A cup of coffee, a slice of cake and playing truth or dare with my favorite are more than enough.

I’ve been a liar been a thief, been a lover been a cheat - - #eminem #slimshady

Ellie Craig

3 Days 2 Hours Ago

So many photos to share today 💞 keep the love coming and I’ll keep posting 💞

ƙarina ཞaola

1 Day 3 Hours Ago

Who goes to the gym? 🏋🏼‍♀️


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Burn so bright 😍 #midnightsun in theaters March 23rd❤️❤️

This🔥 - @wealthyprofile

Bikini babe😍 @simplysexygirlz. . . . 📸 @leticialongati

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. Duhhn Nyaiiiii Alisnya masih centessss yesss . Eh tapi eh tapi itu mata sembab bukan karena nangis nangis khan yaaaaaa . Yang sabar ya bosss

Emily Ratajkowski

3 Days 6 Hours Ago

Happy Valentine’s Day 🖤 here’s my #underneathmydkny @dkny campaign by @trey.laird

Ep. Love TKO . #martinshow #martinlawrence #martinpayne #riptommy @martinlawrence @thecarlpayne @tishacampbellmartin @tichinaarnold

Courtesy of @venikz Admins: @takemyhearteverywhere 📍Blue Temple Chiang Rai, Thailand 🇹🇭 Tag your best travel photos with #travellingthroughtheworld


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