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Looking for your next photography project? Take the Water Drop Photography Masterclass today. It's exciting creative and full of the 'wow' factor. ▫️ #waterdropphotography #waterdrop #macro #macrophotography #water_perfection #waterdrops #waterdroplets #closeup #closeupphotography #watercolor_art #firstmanphotography

The Water Drop Photography Masterclass is out now in the Raw Room. It comprises 9 lessons showing you exactly how to capture these incredible, attention grabbing images. Coming from the winner of the People’s Choice Award at the British Photography Awards, this is the most complete water drop course in the world!! ▫️ This image was shot during the Masterclass and we see the shooting, processing and printing of the image from start to finish. ▫️ You can subscribe to the Raw Room now by hitting the bio link and get it all for just £5.99/month, cancel anytime. There’s also 7 hours of Landscape Photography Masterclass waiting for you. ▫️ #waterdropphotography #waterdrop #macro #macrophotography #water_perfection #waterdrops #waterdroplets #closeup #closeupphotography #watercolor_art #firstmanphotography

One of the most exciting parts of water drop photography is the ultimate creative control you have over the colour during post-production. Opposed to the subtle and delicate processing I apply to my landscapes, I enjoy the creative freedom where anything goes. ▫️ The Water Drop Photography Masterclass will be released into the Raw Room in the next few days and includes full details about all the possibilities when Post-Processing your images. It will also include a brand new Lightroom preset that I have used to create this image called ‘Purple Haze’. ▫️ You can subscribe to the Raw Room now by hitting the bio link and get it all for just £5.99/month, cancel anytime. The August photo challenge has just launched today and there’s 7 hours of Landscape Photography Masterclass waiting for you. ▫️ #waterdropphotography #waterdrop #macro #macrophotography #igdaily #water_perfection #waterdrops #waterdroplets #closeup #closeupphotography #water #watercolor_art #firstmanphotography #amazing_shotz #picoftheday

People often ask me if it is possible to create water drop collisions without an electronic water dropper. This image is proof that it can although the results are very random and interesting and different to the typical crown. ▫️ This image is captured during the new Water Drop Photography Masterclass that will be out in the next few days in the Raw Room. I particularly enjoy how the light has naturally created different colours in the drop as it has collided and stretched out. ▫️ I did have to remove a few bubbles in post-production which we will also be looking at in the Masterclass but I always find this exciting that such images can be produced just with a hanging bag and some food colouring. ▫️ #waterdropphotography #waterdrop #macro #macrophotography #igdaily #water_perfection #waterdrops #waterdroplets #closeup #closeupphotography #water #watercolor_art #firstmanphotography #amazing_shotz

The Water Drop Photography Masterclass is now just days away as I put the final bells and whistles on something that does not exist anywhere else. It will be released into the Raw Room and includes 10 videos covering everything from the gear you will need, how to shoot and edit everything and through to the final print. ▫️ This image was made during the masterclass and was shot with the most basic setup requiring no kind of electronic water dropper. It’s just plain water, leaking out of a whole in a plastic bag, into a bowl of plain water. Simple, beautiful and fun to do. ▫️ Hit the bio link to subscribe to the Raw Room now where the Landscape Photography Masterclass is also waiting for you. It’s just £5.99/month and you can cancel any time. ▫️ #waterdropphotography #waterdrop #macro #macrophotography #igdaily #closeup #water #ig_color #firstmanphotography #waterdroplets #waterdrops #waterdropsmacro

Over the last few weeks I have been lost in the amazing world of water drop photography. It has got to be one of the most exciting and satisfying ways to do photography at the same time as driving you insane. ▫️ The images you are left with have wide appeal and often create a wow factor due to their punch, power and uniqueness. ▫️ Currently I am putting the finishing touches to the Water Drop Photography Masterclass that will be released in the Raw Room later this week. There’s nothing else like it available in the world and it will arm you with all the knowledge you need to start creating these images for yourself. Hit the bio link to join the Raw Room which also includes the Landscape Photography Masterclass available now. ▫️ #waterdropphotography #waterdrop #macro #macrophotography #macro_captures_ #igdaily #watercolor #water #waterdrops #waterdroplet #picoftheday #closeup

Sorry just reposting this one from Sunday. It got deleted somehow. ▫️ This image is taken from my new video that has just gone out tonight and is a collaboration with my fellow Photo Nerd, Paul G Johnson. Woodland photography puts me right outside my comfort zone. I'm not sure why. Its possibly because I enjoy the chaos and unpredictability of life. In the woods things are often more predictable and getting a good photo is about composing an image that calms the chaos. When the light is this good though things become much easier. ▫️ The editing video from the latest vlog will be out in the Raw Room tomorrow and you'll be able download the Raw files to have a go yourself. ▫️ The Raw Room is a new online platform for all photographers looking to get the absolute most out of their photography. It includes the full Landscape Photography Masterclass and lots lots more. Hit the bio link to check it out. ▫️ #landscapephotography #peakdistrict #naturephotography #ig_masterpiece #outdoorphotography #wood #woodlandphotography #trees #ordnancesurvey #sunsetphotography #starburst #sunstar

Shooting at the sun is something I love to do and it can produce some really interesting images in a variety of situations. It does present numerous challenges though, one of which is flare. This image suffered from a wide spread flare which i removed in post. ▫️ You can see the easy to use technique and the full editing video over at the Raw Room now. Hit the bio link to find out more. ▫️ Alternatively head over to First Man Photography on Youtube to see how this image was captured in the field. ▫️ #landscapephotography #peakdistrict #naturephotography #ig_masterpiece #outdoorphotography #wood #woodlandphotography #trees #ordnancesurvey #sunset #sunsetphotography #shape #triangles #sunsetlover

Posting my latest video has been an interesting experience. It initially stirred up a hornets nest of angry people who missed the point and didn't like the title. ▫️ The point of the video was questioning the importance of subjects like jpeg Vs Raw, digital vs film, dslr vs Mirrorless etc that take up 9 out of 10 photography conversations. Conversations around the technical aspects of photography that ultimately don't matter, change over the years and don't really affect the link between a photographers artistic vision and the final print or work. ▫️ There is clearly an inherent need in humans to progress technologically. Unlike any other artistic endeavour, photography seems particularly subjected to this and it's overwhelmed the conversation and has assisted in devaluing photography as a whole. Becoming technically proficient as a photographer is probably an important step but it's just the beginning. Its where the art then take us that makes the interesting conversations. ▫️ Image - somewhere in Norway just North of the Finnish border. ▫️ #landscapephotography #roseberrytopping #naturephotography #naturephotography #landscape_specialist #landscapelovers #igrefined #earthescope #blackandwhite #mono #norway #norwaynature

My love of landscape photography was ignited forever after a trip to Yosemite when I was sixteen. I was continually asking my friends mum to stop the car so I could get out and take a picture with my disposable Kodak armed with panoramic film (swipe to see). They started calling me Ansel Adams and he has been an inspiration ever since. ▫️ It therefore seems wrong that only a small portion of my work lives in black and white. It’s intriguing too when removing the colour forces extra emphasis on shape, texture, tone and light. ▫️ This picture is of Roseberry Topping in North Yorkshire taken during my mountain bike adventure the other week. Swipe right to see an alternative edit using the ‘Cinematic’ included with your subscription to the Raw Room. It also includes the entire Landscape Photography Masterclass. Hit the bio link to find out more. ▫️ #landscapephotography #roseberrytopping #naturephotography #ordnancesurvey #naturephotography #landscape_specialist #landscapelovers #igrefined #earthescope #blackandwhite #mono #kodak

My day with @charlie_waite was a day to remember and hearing him talk through this scene was fascinating. If you haven’t seen the video yet head over to First Man Photography on YouTube and check it out. ▫️ From now on I am going to refer to this image and the tree itself as ‘Charlie’s Tree’. It was a fun experience making this image with him stood behind me and I am thrilled with how it turned out with the rain over head providing the tree with some nice separation from the mountains behind. ▫️ The photograph is now available to buy in a very limited edition of 10 prints. Head over my website to check it out and subscribers to the Raw Room can currently get 25% off all prints and artwork. There’s also a tutorial showing exactly how I edited the image. Hit the bio link to find out more. ▫️ #landscapephotography #tree #trees #lonetree #naturephotography #ordnancesurvey #naturephotography #landscape_specialist #landscapelovers #igrefined #earthescope #yorkshiredales

My visit to Finland was an absolute whirlwind. Whilst I didn't really get chance to explore Lapland away from the road, it was still very much worthwhile. Cramming in the visit was possible thanks to the support of @loupedeck and the great people who work there. ▫️ This image was taken during my latest vlog and looks over Kilpisjarvi Lake towards the hills of Sweden. I am really happy with the images I captured. Making three images that were designed to work together was a lot of fun and now they are printed I am thrilled with the results. Swipe to see the printed images working together. ▫️ You can see the video over at my YouTube channel First Man Photography. The next video on Sunday will be from Norway. Please subscribe and help me reach 100k subscribers. Thanks. ▫️ #landscapephotography #naturephotography #lapland #finland #kilpisjarvi #longexposure #longexposurephotography #mountains #sweden #frozen

Finland is probably not the first place you would think of when searching for landscape photography locations. However it is a stunning environment that is vast and beautiful. I decided in the short time I had available to head North into the Arctic circle to hunt out some of the Finnish mountains. ▫️ This is called Sanna and is strictly speaking it is probably not a mountain. The cloud shrouding the top did me a favour because the next morning when it cleared I realised there was a rather unsightly telephone mast sitting right on top. The price to pay for the incredible 3g signal that covers the majority of the country. ▫️ #landscapephotography #naturephotography #lapland #finland #kilpisjarvi #longexposure #longexposurephotography #mountains #sanna

There can’t be too many places in the world where you can capture three countries in one photograph. Ok, there’s probably a few but this is certainly a spectacular location. Stood in Finland, Norway off in the distance and some Swedish hills to the left make up the composition. ▫️ It was shot on my recent trip to Finland which included a whirlwind tour of lapland in a camper van. All made possible by the excellent people @loupedeck. ▫️ The video showing this stunning location is available now at my YouTube channel, First Man Photography. ▫️ #landscapephotography #naturephotography #lapland #finland #kilpisjarvi #longexposure #longexposurephotography #mountains

My latest video is titled 'Is THIS the Future of Landscape Photography?' This is the signature image from the day out and about and I am very happy with it. The scene is a classic composition of the bluebells in North Yorkshire looking towards Roseberry Topping. What makes this image very different is it is shot with a phone!! In the video I also print the image at A3 size and it looks great. ▫️ Combining my iPhone XS Max with a wide angle conversion lens from @sandmarc allowed me to capture this. It was a liberating experience because the phone and lens is so light. With a tripod and lens the whole thing was not a 'phone photography' experience. It was just a normal landscape photography shoot. Swipe across to see the setup. ▫️ The video is live now on my YouTube channel at First Man Photography. Please check it out and share. Thanks. ▫️ #landscapephotography #roseberrytopping #bluebells #naturephotography #ordnancesurvey #northyorkmoors #iphonexsmax #iphoneography #iphoneographers #apple @apple #firstmanphotography #phonephotography #landscapephotographer

Yesterday I filmed a video that will be going out on Sunday and the theme reminded me that it's important, albeit sometimes difficult, to live in the present. One of the main benefits of living in the present is you just 'do' things. No maybe's, no gonna's and no excuses. ▫️ It also saves you from the completely pointless energy that is so often spent dwelling. Learn from the mistakes, forgive yourself and move on. ▫️ This is another shot from the top of Fleetwith Pike a couple of weeks ago at sunrise. ▫️ #landscapephotography #lakedistrict #buttermere #fleetwithpike #lakeland #naturephotography #ordnancesurvey #wildcamping #mountains #sunset #sunsetphotography #sunrise #sunrisephotography

Which is your favourite? Sunrise or sunset? ▫️ They both have such different qualities and it is sometimes difficult to put your finger on exactly what they are. I find sunrise is often accompanied by some softer tones and gives a much better chance of including some mist or fog. Sunrise is the king of those ultra saturated tones though and nothing really beats watching the sun go down. ▫️ These two images were shot during my mini adventure near Buttermere the other week. The first is the sunrise, the second is the sunset form the night before. In this case I think the sunrise takes the win. ▫️ #landscapephotography #lakedistrict #buttermere #fleetwithpike #lakeland #naturephotography #ordnancesurvey #wildcamping #mountains #sunset #sunsetphotography #sunrise #sunrisephotography

This was an image from the top of Fleetwith Pike when I camped up there the other week. It was a fantastic experience and a mini adventure that I plan to do more of. At least when my stupid back isn't letting me down. ▫️ Climbing up a mountain at an average pace alone always seems to give me a boost of creativity. I don't know if it's the extra oxygen reaching my brain or just the extra struggle that sparks things off. ▫️ This latest bout of inspiration has driven me to press on writing my first book. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what it's going to be but it's definitely going to be more than your average photo book. Rather than a photography education book I am focusing on a collection of my best images with some stories of my time in the police that helped to form an overall philosophy that I try to live my life by. ▫️ #landscapephotography #lakedistrict #buttermere #fleetwithpike #lakeland #naturephotography #ordnancesurvey #wildcamping #mountains #sunset #sunsetphotography #sunrise #sunrisephotography