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Glass. Silver. Stone. Handmade glass beads and jewellery. Italian soft glass. Kiln annealed.

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Evolving shapes.

It's true. At the end of the rainbow, there are leprechauns and the most perfect of greens.

Living in colour. . Earrings by @sundarasilver ❤

You're my blue sky; you're my sunny day ❤

Modern Mala: single point focus.

S'up Moon Dog?

Here's lookin' at you DIYers! Matching beads for a pair of roll-me-own earrings. Single beads for your own projects @textures_craftworks on Locke!

Artist as Superhero. . We do not plan these things, they just happen. We feel inspired and in following that impulse, we discover thar we fall right in sync with Creation itself. . Big love to all the other artists and entrepreneurs who made Supercrawl happen this past weekend. Such a magical and collaborative affair! . PS This pic of Alicia and I @bartonststudio taken in the Spring... i was too excited all weekend and my pics are blurry grrr

The Funk is on the Y. Happy birthday to my big Dad!

The art of perfect placement. It ain't no cliche. You land exactly as you were meant to be. Every scene to which you are present, a mirror.

#friyay meeting of the last minute club... ya, you know which one of these you are. Craft it up crafty and we'll see you tomorrow @lockestreetfest!

Location location location! Looking forward to celebrating Hamilton at the Locke Street Festival this weekend. Join me and the talented crew @textures_craftworks on Saturday 10 - 6. See you there!

Signal over noise.

Beads beads the musical fruit!

I heart art! And essplosions. And bullseyes. Great to be back at my torch!

Dan the Man! Ain't no flies on us! . . . I haven't seen his sweet old mug for weeks! He's been under a fly mask. One dose of his homeo remedy though... can't even believe it myself. I am treating some skin issues on him, the flies-no-more is a side effect. Pretty. Damn. Cool. The other kids in the paddock, still in masks, and the flies were biting me instead!

If Tuesday was a Jolly Rancher.