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Glass. Silver. Stone. Handmade glass beads and jewellery. Italian soft glass. Kiln annealed.

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Obsessed. Glass if it were a wild pack of Santa's elves. See you tomorrow @bazaarartisan ❤ 1-9 pm @rbgcanada

Bead party! To be continued at the RBG on Friday... join me with @bazaarartisan for some festive fantasticness. 1 - 9 pm.

Some gratuitous deliciousness for my cousin Jennifer @custom.fabric.decor. Stay wild soul child. Happy Friday!

Glass. It's texture. And colour.

Jolly Rancher Soul Sisters. ❤ Dedicated to @carmen_nistor_caldwell. Love you Lady xo

REALLY excited about my new branding. Thank you @nishtees for your forever awesomeness! . This display @bartonststudio. It's my home sweet #lampwork home, with the lovely and massively talented @alicianiles. Come for a visit!

Oh for Fox Creek. There are no mistakes in glass, but there certainly are blessings. Grateful this did not land in my lap! My fave jeans were spared, although repenting that one-handed text message... forgot to flash the bead between dots...

After eight.

Gettin' me keychain on! Hands down, my fave thing to make.

Inhale love. Exhale joy. . Beautiful evening @theheartyhooligan celebrating @lizzieloumixedmedia - her first solo show! I'm so inspired by all of her work, but esp this series. In the last painting here... how many times has my heart sat on this swing, in the company of trees and bullfrogs, serenading the moon? All my life.

Photo opp!! . Ok, yes the bead is cool, but who has a miniature bike on a shelf as beautiful as this?!

Big love to Jackie and Carrie of @bazaarartisan for putting together such an incredible art show @rbgcanada last Sunday. These beauties are the Anne and Nancy Wilson of artisan rock and roll in Hamilton. The hearts of a growing community of local and handmade. Thank you so much, Ladies! I'm already looking forward to the show in December! ❤❤❤

Sweet Juju I love these beads. Totally obsessed.

Come and join me tomorrow! This is a fabulous artisan market at the #royalbotanicalgardens in Burlington - second of three shows put together by the lovely ladies of @bazaarartisan. 50 plus artisans, all exceptional. It's a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Modern love. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but for the artist, it's in the making.

More beads more beads! Getting all lined up for the @bazaarartisan show on Sunday. . Sunday @rbgcanada 10 - 5. Be there or be #square! Incredible local artisans and a really beautiful venue.

Steady diet of Italian soft glass this week... looking forward to showing at the RBG on Sunday. Second of three sip and shop shows with @bazaarartisan. Come join us for a beautiful afternoon of local and handmade hobnobbing!