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Glass. Silver. Stone. Handmade glass beads and jewellery. Italian soft glass. Kiln annealed.

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Dan the Man! Ain't no flies on us! . . . I haven't seen his sweet old mug for weeks! He's been under a fly mask. One dose of his homeo remedy though... can't even believe it myself. I am treating some skin issues on him, the flies-no-more is a side effect. Pretty. Damn. Cool. The other kids in the paddock, still in masks, and the flies were biting me instead!

If Tuesday was a Jolly Rancher.

Strawberry Enchilada.

Friday of champions.

Balancing act by a self-taught illusionist. The bottom bead is actually the largest, but the way the clear came to encase the purple makes it look smaller in the photo. . Our discussion topic this week on the @consciously.woman blog has been #artistdate. It's probably our fave topic - take yourself out on a date. Go alone. Get your creative on! Truthfully, I've been artist dating since high school, but back then I called it skipping school. I would go to the lake, collect the smooth stones, and balance them on the edge of my notebook to keep the pages from flying around. My pockets were lined with half written sonnets of joy for the lake that looks like an ocean. She was the perfect muse and the keeper of all my secrets. A self-taught illusionist never works alone. Magic is a shared resource.

Brush painting.

Sun comes up, it's Tuesday morning 💛

Caturday crasher. Here's mud in your eye!

Wicket awesome.


Check check. Check 1-2. Tester bead. Evil devitrifying purple never had it so good!

Stay connected.

Boo! These beads turned out funny ha! The face was not at all intended, just a dot pattern that I thought looked neat. More funny faces for the party and demo @textures_craftworks this weekend! Come and join us!

It's a glasstastic eve in the shop tonight! Making lots of beads for a demo on Saturday @textures_craftwork. It's the 35th Birthday celebration for the store!

Red rover, red rover! We call Grover over!

Bead Salad! Mixed greens and blue.


Rock On.