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i regret n o t h i n g ✨

@kalinakups is such a natural! ✨ We only needed 95 takes to have the perfect photo 📸🔥

this is what #weekends are for 🥃💥

life is better at the l a k e 🦢

paw me by your name. get it? 🐾

🌼🌷 spring is almost here 🌸🌻

“woman with a waffle“ — author unknown, Poznań (2019)

”I only wanted you 'cause I couldn't have you Now that I know That wasn't love, that wasn't love, that was just hope”

”woman with a neon sausage” — author unknown, Poznań (2019)

a { peaceful } view to kill for 🌨☃️

seriously debating over going outside or staying inside 🥶🙏🏻❄️

no snowflake ever falls in the w r o n g ❄️ place

#winterview ❄️

boop my nose, peasant 🐾 #laila

and then there was #winter ❄️🎿🧤🧣☃️

can u imagine waking up everyday to this view? #luxembourg

oh, how i miss u #luxembourg • ~ •

happy birthday to our boss ❤️🎁 #izabelauro