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Friends VS Best friends😁😁 @dewald.vd.linde_ @pitoutmark


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Terimakasih untuk senyum yang di tinggalkan. terimakasih untuk bahasa jiwa yang di ajarkan. terimakasih untuk bayangan beberapa saat itu. terimakasih untuk semua. appun yang terjadi dalam hidup kita mempunyai arti,BERSYUKURLAH HINGGA KAMU LUPA KATA MENGELUH pict : @adytiosantoso thanks to : @jakclothstoretebet @onfire_lionil @onfire_bandung @onfire.surabaya_ @onfire_bogor @onfire_boyolali @onfire_garut @onfiremedan_indonesia @onfire_karawang @onfiretangsel_ @onfire_majalengka @onfire_ngalam @onfire_lamsel @onfire_medan @onfire_lombok @onfire_makassar @onfire_palembang @onfire_nagreg @onfire_riau @onfire_yogyakarta @onfire_maros @onfire_subang @onfire_kuningan @onfire_jakarta @onfire_depok

#throwback @hollywoodharmony #jalexphotos

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Nved Divas ™

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Featuring @realrissa2cute @realrissa2cute 😍😍@realrissa2cute @realrissa2cute @realrissa2cute ❤️❤️

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Paul Pichugin

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Need to get back here and reshoot a few shots I have in my head!

Nightsuit Price : 1300/- Size :M L XL XXL *Delvery Time : 35-45 Days*

CONGRATULATIONS🎉✨Birder of the day ➡️ @joinus12345 ✨OUR FAMILY MEMBER✨ ✨Bird of the Day ➡️ Golden Pheasant ✨Location : not given ------------------------------------------- Thanks for sharing this fantastic bird capture. For more great photos visit the gallery of @joinus12345 #ybb_joinus12345 #ybb_goldenpheasant #ybb_pheasant -------------------------------------------- ➡️Photo selected by Linda @yellowrobin777 ------------------------------------------- ✨WANT TO BE FEATURED? ✨ . ➡️Please tag your birds #your_best_birds ➡️Please follow us @your_best_birds ➡️Please indicate your bird's species & location ➡️HubDirectory Member since Jan 2015. ------------------------------------------- #bird #birds #birdsofinstagram #birdstagram #birdwatching #instabird #birdphotography #birding #instabirds #wildlife #bestbirdshots #wildlifephotography #nuts_about_birds #budgie #kings_birds #birdlover #birdlovers #feather_perfection #birdfreaks #pocket_birds #vogel #allmightybirds #animal #love #beautiful

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I’m on TWITCH !!!!!!! Follow me : QueenCerny 👑🌷This is gonna be fun 😈


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Teenage dream ❤️ @natballado_ #elhartista

هلوووووووووو 💕❤️💕

Follow @lalovecrush 😍😘

(◠﹏◠✿) #waifu

Thank you #projecteverin invite Bella esok! Apa dia Project Everin ni ek? Takpe, esok Bella akan share dengan you guys apa sebenarnya okay? Tunggu tau. Bella update esok. 😘

Emily by the river #river #goldcoast #queensland #photography #emilyfeld @emily.feld Bikini by @bellabrazilaustralia


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bahasa jawanya "sleketan" bahasa indonesia nya "petakilan" kalau dibahasa kalian apa guys😂😂😂

N A Z Y🌻

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I couldn’t wait to post the progress shot of my thigh tattoo! It’s still red, swollen, and close to completion but looks soooooooooooo rad so far. I told @mike_lemos about a year ago that I’d let him tattoo my entire right leg!! (He also did the piece on the front of my thigh) @mike_lemos you are an incredible artist and I’m lucky to have your art on my body. Thank you times a million for your awesomeness! #progress #gettingthere #tattoos #thightattoo #girlswithtattoos #tattooedgirls @eight_thirty_eight_gallery