Короче говоря, прокатилась я на банане и плюшке, впервые 😅 эмоций было не передать словами как много, но падать с банана страшно и очень больно 😱😅 особенно если сверху прилетает чья-нибудь нога 🤕 но даже после всего этого я прокатилась бы снова 😂 #гделёха #базаотдыхасветлана #summer
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Yeni bir dil öğrenirken ben 😂😂 Arkadaşlarınızı etiketleyiniz 😊 @_aamirkhan

💫😍Thank you❤️😍 Terima kasih banyak

Outer: @dayandnight.official 💛

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M a g a z i n e The new Slimming World magazine is out today, it’s had a revamp & I am thrilled to be a part of it! When I joined Slimming World I was a size 22+ & I remember buying a copy of the magazine on my first week. It’s my absolute lifeline, always given me hope that I could achieve my dreams. I joined group because I just wanted to be healthier for my little boys sake & dreamt that would be a size 12. I did better than that, I lost 7 stone, shrinking down to a size 8. When I got ‘the’ call I was thrilled & then I bricked it! I wasn’t a size 8 anymore - I had gained a stone. I had sat comfortably at this weight for a while & wearing a size 10 but it still bothered me not having that “7 stone” status. That number almost stopped me going for the photo shoot & after a good chat (& a slight breakdown) with my dear friends @slimmingworldboy & @planetmakeup_sw I realised that that one number was torturing me. So I just went for it & loved the whole experience - as a size 10. Maybe I’ll get back to 7 stone, maybe I won’t but I won’t ever forget the reason I joined ever again. I later i found out @davedharamhair_sw was also in the issue - total gem of a man! Thrilled for him! ❤️ Hope you enjoy the feature & all the gorgeous recipes in this issue! Complete girl crush on the gorgeous cover girl @chloephillips_sw - absolutely stunning lovely! ❤️

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2017-08-09 06:29:39

@alekseeva_asya он просто уже пытался прочекать как бы без палева свалить с банана 😆

@a_sandres ну он даже на фото отвернулся 😂

♚ Ꭿ. Ꮥ
2017-08-09 06:26:30

Хештэг 😆