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Soul searcher with a camera. Visual Story teller. Conceptual and digital artist. All images are copyrighted by alexsemelphotography.

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Fall is the gentle goodbye of nature’s journey to announce loud and clear. “Winter is here.” Last day of our Vermont photo tour, hanging with amazing talented peeps. @kirit143 @ksayegh_photography @vincentjamesphotography @gemini_digitized @gettyphotography @garyleibowitz @randallwadephotos @mrmikelan_ @misslexy76 @danaphinn_photography #fall

Today the sun shine upon us, at beautiful Vermont. Learning and having fun with @gemini_digitized @gettyphotography @vincentjamesphotography @misslexy76 @wayfare.collective #fall #otoño

Having fun at @gemini_digitized @misslexy76 @gettyphotography , travel is one of those things I will miss doing them... so much ti see, is overwhelming in a wonderful way. #travel #fall #vermont @wayfare.collective

This portrait talks so loud to me.. please... stay with ... me and read. We, as women, have historically fought for the right to be free; free from being used as currency, to unite kingdoms, families, countries, fortunes, etc. We had to fight for the right to learn to read and go to school, the right to be married with the one we choose, the right to be able to fight, and die, if necessary, to defend our countries. We have struggled over and over for our freedoms, and we keep fighting, the invisible war where we can be dignified by equal treatment and salaries, such as in the workplace, for example. In some countries, we still have to dress and do as we are “allowed”. All over the world we have again become currency for sex trafficking, and modern slavery, for today, 2018, women and girls are still sold as sex slaves, become slaves of abusive marriages. And we are still being used as objects, with the trophy wife designation still in use, and we continue to be classified as objects of lust, etc. We are still branded as weak, emotional and somewhat generally “inferior”, child rearing responsible. We remain trivialized even as it relates to our bodies, as often, abortion seems to only helps men, as women carry this “solution” for the rest of their lives, as well as some other questionable “gender” roles; but we still smile, and we go on......taking on every challenge as it comes. I do not feel free to express more detail thoughts... FYI. WHY? We only know the freedom of speech, in theory not in practice. But me, from my little corner of social media, I will fight, I will be always pro- freedom, life, and Let’s make it real for all of us where ever you are. @wayfare.collective @truthbynature @portrait #travel #monalisasmile #truthbynature_imaginativeuniverse #sextraffickingawareness #ig_shotz #photography #photographer #nikongallery @nikon_global @nikon_legends #ig_capture_people #lenscaptureofficial @nikonglobal

I always admire this image because for her attitude, she just bathed at the Ganges and then she is doing this gesture with the water, and here I was thinking I was lucky ! And kind of guilty, I invade a spiritual intimate moment in her life, ha! Years later I saw a picture from another photographer of the same woman on another day on another year... with other clothes, is like she loves to pose for photographers,. Haha .😂. It is true you know? live and learn! -not always everything you see, means what you think. Judging in life, is the wrong way to go around, living your life, you will learn nothing, you will grow nothing and you will miss everything. So sorry I have been kind of absent lately, fibromyalgia is kick my but, and making my creative juices run dry. I’m exhausted, I never thought this will be the hardest fight I have to fight. @wayfare.collective

She wash her face for the picture... we could not comunícate through words, we comunícate with gestures, some candy, some pictures and some laughter.... and this is what we end up with, her beautiful face forever in my heart. Is she precious? Love her face... Traveling is really the best way to go through life... #travel @wayfare.collective #nikon #nikongallery #travel #india #f4fofficial @team10official @photoshop @visual_creatorz

“The ways we mourn “. As a photographers we are some times invisible witnesses, taking visual notes of history or little parts of some one story. When I was in Varanasi- India, and I cross paths with this little kid, he looks like like holding the weight of the world on his shoulders, and after I took some images, I ask what is going on, he look sick, I was worried, and as I found out he was morning the loss of his father, shaving the head of the male next of kind is part of the mourning ritual in some parts in India, they come from all over to burn their death and dump the ashes in the Ganges, or if you can not afford the burning, you just dump the body, and let it float in there until it does not. So many times in this trip, (more than I want to remember), poverty in India got me, trembling and crying, so many things that I did not understood, too many questions and the answers where worst, it was like being awake within my worst nightmare, with my eyes wide open, my senses where confused at best by the pungent smells of burning men flesh, garbage and floating bodies decomposing, in the river where so many people are bathing for healing! and offering something to the gods, next to the people that is graving the same water to cook or wash their dishes. My camera was providing some sorts of safety net for my soul, otherwise broken and confused . So many moments I closed my eyes because what I witnessed was indescribable and pretty unforgettable. Yaaa... Varanasi is pretty unforgettable. #wafare @wayfare.collective @visual_creatorz #travelindia #varanasi @dof.addicts @depthobsessed #nikon #nikongallery #ps_storybook #truthbynature #editfromthesoul #shooteverything #lonelyplanet #ipfanphoto #mylpguide

The eyes are like the window of the soul. Traveling teaches you so much, about people, and the most precious kind of innocence, are found in the most amazing and unexpected places. @wayfare.collective @visual_creatorz @thecreativers #travel #travelblogger #nikon #nikongallery #truthbynature

“ A BEGGARS PRAYER”praying comes from a humble state of our soul, we don’t need to have anything else but the disposition to surrender our wants, to do list, heart aches and the need of forgiving and ask to be forgiven... This woman was not allowed inside of the Mesquite, she was consider, so nothing that can not even go inside of the place of worship; but that did not stopped her, she needed the comfort of her faith so she bow and pray in the meddle of trash, being considered her self trash by the other people.... ( I have so much to say about this, I think is better keep it to my self). @wayfare.collective @thephotosociety @artistic_unity_ @ig_fotoclub @imaginative.moments @imaginative.universe @budget_travels_

This is the original image, week of portraits. What is a portrait? The reflexión of the flesh? Or the soul...Some times I just look at the eyes, and try to connect with peoples experiences in spite of not being able to speak the same language, over and over you discover that we are the same, we hurt and cry for the same reasons, we need and look for the same things, we laugh when we are happy, and cry when we are not... Have a great week and please, just find a way to keep loving and accepting each other. 💕💕💕 @wayfare.collective @visual_creatorz #india #portrai #portraitphotography #travel #travelblogger #travelguide #portraitphotography #woman

Estoy re-inventando la forma de editar mis imágenes, y empece con unos retratos que fotografié en India, quería cambiarles la historia, de lo que eres obvio a lo que se encuentro en lo profundo de tus ojos. Esta imagen me ha perseguido por años los ojos de esta hermosa mujer Musulmana, me contaron la historia de sus arrugas, ( o lo que yo percibí), ella estaba sentada en las gradas de la mesquita, le tube que pedir permiso a su esposo para fotografiarla y aun así ella no se atrevió a sonreír, ni mirar a la cámara, un pequeño niño vino y se sentó junto a ella y sus ojos se perdieron en el horizonte, como cuando yo me pierdo en mis pensamientos o recuerdos, inclusive los sueños de lo que un día se quiso ser, y la distancia en donde en realidad uno se encuentra. Sus ojos se grabaron en mi memoria y la tercera edición ya no es un presentación de mi trabajo periodístico sino que estoy reescribiendo su historia, la que yo me imagino que podría ser con un poco más de libertad, inclusive una sonrisa de Mona Lisa, cuando termine la edición, hasta me dio la impresión de que sonreía, por primera vez sus ojos ya no eran tan tristes... y me alegre que aunque sea por un minuto en mi memoria ella era feliz. @wayfare.collective @visual_creatorz @thecreativers #india #truthbynature #monalisasmile #portraitphotography #truthbynature #gmofs #nikon #nikonambassador #thecreativers #creative_ace @photoshop #imagenmanipulation #editfromthesoul #editfromtheheart

“SURRENDER TO WHAT IS. LET GO OF WHAT WAS. HAVE FAITH IN WHAT WILL BE.” I’m not sure that I want to talk about what motivated this image, I just need to keep my self wholesome and positive, trying to instill a sense of normalcy into into my life.... and you know? (In spite of the physical pain)... Ask me if you need a deeper look. For now, let’s go into the technical aspects of the image; I shot the model a long time ago, and made 3 different versions of this image... As I find myself doing, I felt the need to go to my happy place ... “water”, to really “feel” the finished image. This image was created from scratch, she was wearing just a leotard so I had to create the dress. Her hair is short, but I wanted it long. She was NOT shot underwater. The background was shot on my trip to Scothland, the ocean from San Diego, and the rest of details are brushes. The model was shot in my studio with flat light, so I could model the shadows and light within post processing. @photoshop @wayfare.collective @nikon_legends #nikongallery #nikonambassador #ig_fotoclub #igtones #ig_fotoclub #ps_movement #thecreativers #truthbynature #creative_ace #thefolkpr0ject @visual_creatorz #thecreativers #ilustration #water #oceans8 #oceanfront #photoshop_creative #blue #gmofps #grandmotherofphotoshop

“SMALL THINGS BECOME GREAT WHEN DONE WITH LOVE.” Keep finding my self in love with simple things in life. I shoot this while wondering around Mount Whitney, Use my NikonD300s and 105mm. @wayfare.collective @ig_fotoclub @visual_creatorz @thecreativers #thecreativers @thephotosociety @visual_creatorz #visual_creatorz #snow #fallleaves #winter #pastelcolors #macros #gi_macro #ig_macro

“LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE SO THAT OTHERS CAN SEE THEIR WAY OUT OF THE DARK” #lighthouse @nikon_legends @wayfare.collective #nikongallery @visual_creatorz @imaginative.moments @imaginative.universe #truthbynature #lighthouse #oregoncoast #oregon

The greatness of simple things... time, opportunities, breathing, enjoy them every day. Have a great week. #reinventyourself @wayfare.collective #wayfarecollective @visual_creatorz #visual_creatorz #simple #traveling #macro #nikon #nikongallery #nikonambassador

Strathpeffer - Contin Scothland JUST BECAUSE MY PATH IS DIFFERENT DOESN’T MEAN I’M LOST. walking around beautiful Scothland . Such a beautiful place. #traveler #scothland #unitedkingdom @wayfare.collective #wayfarecollective #wayfarer #travelphoto #viajera #pathway #truthbynature @nikonusa @photoshop #worktravel #travelgram #f4everofficial #nikongallery @visual_creatorz #nikongallery #nikonambassador #nikonambassadors #sunrays☀️

“WE TRAVEL NOT TO ESCAPE LIFE BUT FOR LIFE NOT TO ESCAPE US “. I was enjoying the sunset at the Ganges river and the beautiful colors all around me, in spite of everything goes on around me. For those who have been in this place, know, is a hard thing to understand everything that goes on in a normal day at the river; people consider the Ganges sacred therefore, they deep the death in it, they bathe, they cook and do laundry at the same time they offer gifts... on a massive amount of garbage that over flows into the river. I was speechless to this you have to add the irritating smell of burning flesh that travel for miles, and this was a site that I knew will stay forever with me. #truthbynature #trsvel #trsvelgram #ganges #travel #worldtravel #worldtraveler #viajera #nikon #nikonambassador #streetphotographyindia @thecreativers @wayfare.collective #wayfarecollective #wayfarer #thecreativers #thehomeplanet @visual_creatorz @photoshop #ps_movement

Indian Bride. This was such beautiful experience while walking at the park, While at Srinagar, I meet this lovely couple, and they had a little Kodak plastic camera and I offered to take pictures for them them, since they where taking turns, when I was done I ask permission to take some pictures of the bride whit my camera, and I saw the intricate work on her hands, so I ask about The Henna tradition and I learned that if the brown of the tattoo goes dark brown after is put on the skin, it will be a sign of a good marriage and she got it!. She looks so happy! So I got a couple of shots and to say good by I also bless them and thank them for the images they kindly allowed me to take, so I said: -“God bless you, with joy and love and prosperity “ to my shock!, both bow down to the floor and rub their hands from my knees down to my feet and bless me back. (So I got confused about what just happened, so I ask to our guide, what that means.? And he said that is how they show great appreciation and respect ) .... then I breath, again !. It is lovely how much you learn from other cultures when you travel. Shoot with my @nikonusa @wayfare.collective #wayfarecollective @visual_creatorz #visualgang #truthbynature #visual_square #visual_creatorz #travel #worldtravel #indianwedding #india #travelphotography #travel #travelgrams #nikongallery @nikonphotocontest @nikonambassador #f4everofficial #lenscaptureofficial #henna