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I have to admit it is sometimes a struggle to get that workout in , just last night I so did not want to get it in , but I switched up my mindset and got it done !🙌🏻 . Everyday Press play , trying to stay focused and keeping a positive mindset . . . . . . #hungryhealthyhappy #fridaynitefun #hungryhealthyhappy #musicanddancing #icandohardthings #slowandsteadywinstherace #igotthis💪

Great Mothers Day dinner at The Black Whale 💐

It’s not always about the scale , since doing this program I definitely feel inches lost and stronger with each workout!I know it is a help to check in on the scale from time to time but I try not to let that be a tell all to my progress , what are your thoughts? . . . . . #nonscalevictories #gettingstronger #summerbody #progressing #incheslost #fewercravings #igotthis💪 #loveyourcurves #80dayobsession #pineapples #arubaonehappyisland #shoeobsession

The boys having fun !


Tattoo Party!!

Out and About ❤️

I’d rather try a million times and fail then not try at all and never learn anything about myself.

So easily could of blew this workout till tomorrow after working a 12 hour day ,but pushed myself to get it done ,committed to this program ,Day 51 done ✅ Phase 3 and let me tell you how brutal it was !!😫

Sometimes I have a hard time if I wait to long in the day to get my workout in but seeing other people on my Insta stories getting it done inspires me to Just Do It !! ☀️ So I hope some of my posts might inspire someone else to get it done ! ☀️ Everyday press play 😊 ☀️ Pay it forward 💪

Happy 14 years to us ❤️💐💋🍾!!

I can’t believe next week I’ll be on phase 3 of this program , feeling stronger and definitely seeing inches lost ! ☀️ I’m loving doing my home workouts, what do you prefer🏋️‍♀️Home workouts or going to the gym ? 💪

Just finished Day 47 , Jayce sat in the room as I did my workout playing on his tablet, but even though he may seem occupied by that I know he’s seeing positive stuff going on ! ☀️ Enjoy every Moment! . . . . . #goodvibes✌ #enjoyeverymoment #positiveinfluence #icandohardthings #myboys❤️ #lovewhatyoudo #gigisboys #lifestylechange #igotthis💪 #80dayobsession

So true ! Motivation can be challenging, but you just have to get it done !! ☀️ Everyday press play! . . . . . #digdeep #findyourdiscipline #yougotthis #icandohardthings#bamm #loveyourself #girlpower💪 #80dayobsession

Salmon salad with a glass of water 🤣