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댓글 많이 달리라고 다시!!! 코스프레 하고싶다고 했는데 작가님이 인경이 하고싶은거 다 하라고 화이트데이 선물로 가발 3개 사주시기로 했뜸 그러므로 가발 2개는 코스프레! 돈 많이 들어도 제대로 할거니까 신중해야함 1. 미래일기 유노 2. 던만추 헤스티아 3. 에로망가선생 사기리 x 5. 야한 이야기라는 개념이 존재하지 않는 지루한 세계 안나 이중에 >>무조건<< 2개 추천좀영

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At some point, you'll need your time alone. #mytime #vikya #onset #lagirazalaji #zeemarathi #nikkhhil #beingpositive #positivevibes #blessed

Lauren Paul

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This is my dad Tom. My hero. My dad was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) 13 years ago. I remember it so clearly. Him sitting my sister and me down to tell us what that meant and how it will affect him. I remember feeling crushed. My dad had always been invincible in my eyes. He is the rock in our family. He’s truly the most kind, loyal, humble, intelligent, open-hearted man. Ask anyone who knows him. He’s just the most special person. The thought of him in pain truly shattered my heart. Fast forward 13 years. Years which have included many ups and downs for him. Periods of intense difficulties, mixed with periods of rest where the disease lets up and gives him a bit of a break. It’s been a journey and he has tackled it with such grace. Well, my dad, who refuses to be defined by his condition, and whose love for running has always been such a huge part of his life has been training for the LA Marathon and will be running in it on March 18th. Make no mistake, it hasn’t been easy. He has worked SO hard to be able to do this. His goal is to break 4 hours in the marathon. Words can’t express how proud of him I am. If you have been impacted by MS and live in LA, join us at the finish line as we cheer him on and help raise awareness about this disease! My dad wants to inspire all those with MS to know that you can refuse to be defined by it and do extraordinary things! If you are interested in joining us, I’ll be updating my instastory with details on the day of the marathon. I love you so much Dad. You are such a legend! Your strength inspires me every day!


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In case you missed yesterday's match... Here are the highlights in HD.. Proudly brought to you by Supersports 👏👏


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Tonton sampe habis.. Kasih komentar.. Tag 3 temen kalian.. Khusus dewasa Follow @areavideodewasa Khusus dewasa Follow @areavideodewasa Khusus dewasa Follow @areavideodewasa

На спорте💪💪💪прям заметно оживился зал за последнюю неделю😲мне тут пишут что спорта стало мало,а мне кажется у меня достаточно фоточек с зала,единственное что пока я не оч довольна своей формой,не хватает рельефа и загара👌😝буду трудиться дальше 💪#томск#фристайлтомск #фристайл#fitness #followme #sportgirl #sports #наспорте #напп #намассе #насушке #

Korban Pembcokan di jalan Pesut Kecamatan Tenggarong Kutai kartanegara Korban Sekarang di Sudah di bawa ke Rs Parikesit . . Ada yg tau Kronologis Kejadian Sebenar nya ? . . By @info_etam #info_etam #kaltim #samarinda #tenggarong #berau #sendawar #sangatta #ujohbilang #tanahgrogot #penajam #balikpapan #bontang #pulaukumala #explorekukar #kalimantan #borneo #indonesia #pesonaindonesia #polisi #pembacokan #kriminal . . follow, klik like ♥, bosku untuk update Seputar Kaltim , Yuk share foto dan video tempat wisata Dan Kejadian seputar Kaltim dengan hashtag #infokaltim - #regrann

. . Alhamdulillah... Semoga Umrahnya Mabrur #aamiin🙏 . . #dailyayygun


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🌸🌸🌸 내 인생에도 봄날은 온당 . . . 올껄?

ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه • . فولو حساب دكتور فله 👈🏻 @a8v . .

Je prends quoi aujourd'hui ? Droite ou gauche ? 😌⚡️

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@fashionnovacurve vacation vibes 🌴💙 #fashionnova #novababe #fashionnovacurve #curvemodel #plusmodel

Singing in the rain! Ooops! Ops 🤭Shooting in the rain😜🇸🇬❤️ @cadoganworld