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Self-taught Digger I'm living in NYC. Directora en @backtothespirit Graduated in Audiovisual Communication Not commissions. Email for projects

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2 years ago I got my University Degree in audiovisual communication with my last project degree (9.5/10 scores) with a 80 pages project about the Hip Hop: the machines, the society and the ingenuity of the pioneers from the 70s to the late 80s (they didn’t allowed more pages) and how the introduction of each machine or innovations changed the sound and they way to make Hip Hop. (Some Plans of how were made to make it cheaper but wih quality, that other brands offer the same way too expensive...) I the academic thing I has but more effort and that I enjoy the most!! And just a little later, my dream come true and went to NYC to live there, experience lot of things and get to meet those legends

This is for my last video you said I would learn Lingala (Ngala) in one month if you take me to the Congo. first words in Lingala are for you. This is what I did in 10 minutes. Getting ready in case we go.🤓👩🏻‍🏫 I dont know if I actually have a different voice or my shit phone sound weird

Will I get to speak 5 languages? Conseguiré aprender los 5 idiomas? Fraçais Deutsch Italiano Español English. Poco a poco👌🏼 me aburría y digo, pues ea, grabo un vídeo.

Mi goodmorning face from the town I’m living now. All calm and beautiful. Guten morgen. Bonjour Buenos días Buongiorno Mi cara de buenos días, desde el pueblecito donde estoy viviendo ahora. Saanen. Tranquilidad y muy muy buen día 🙃 Guten morgen. Bonjour Buenos días Buongiorno

My body change since 10th of May✌🏼 life change Still need to lose a little more but already feeling it. The comparative photos are the best to remind where you come from and where you want to be. 26 pounds less💪🏼💪🏼 I need new clothes 🤦🏽‍♀️😎 Unas fotos de comparación con 12 kg menos desde que empecé el reto. Aún quedan unos kg estoy muy contenta. Como ya dije no tenía complejos de cuerpo ahora y no tenía antes. Simplemente es una mejor forma de vivir y de verme. 4 meses desde que empecé el 10 de mayo✌🏼me siento mucho mejor y necesito mucha ropa nueva 😅. Gracias a la gente que me apoya y me escribe ☺️

My grandpa and my grandma smiling so much! Love this photo while we were talking by Skype 😍❤️technology keep us a little closer with our people☺️

The biggest difference is inside myself. The outside is a reflection of it. ☺️ And the neck, now I got a neck😂

Try new things. Can be amazing and beautiful 🦋 Doing padel surf watching a glacier, the mountains, the lake...

✌🏼First time Im confident wearing this kind of clothes, I still need to loose some pounds but little by little ☺️ Primera vez en mi vida que me siento bien con ropa así, aún quedan unos kilos que bajar pero poco a poco. Eso si, mi piel necesita melanina jajaja


Yesterday my boss made my day saying how much he noticed I lost weight this last two weeks. I was trying to find pictures, you can see the difference. Even though i wear winter clothes in one, you can see the shape and also the face. Omg, Changed alot to me😐 that was almost april. Now there are lot of kilos less. And way better feeling about myself and what I can do changing my life in a healthier path ☺️ also my skin generally looks better and feel better ✌🏼 #happines#changes#mylife#mywaytolife #mychange#mychallenge #healthylifestyle #salud #vidasana

Happy birthday to us ❤️😍 92 ‘till infinity @backpacksdreamers a family friend sent this picture ❤️❤️

Happy birthday to my twin sister @backpacksdreamers there’s not enough words to say how much I admire her and how much I think she is good person. Is the one who always, always tell me I can, who always believe in me when I don’t, that always put my head up and let me to keep going no matter how hard looks like. Literally all the life together and I don’t know how many thousand of moments we have lived and how special we make them. Thanks for everything and happy birthday to my 5 minutes younger sister!

First day running! Getting ready for something ☺️✌🏼It feels good! Listening @mastaacepics #happines#changes#mylife#mywaytolife #mychange#mychallenge #healthylifestyle #salud #vidasana

Today I just realized something everything started with one jean exactly how you see in the picture. I just wanted sit and it broke, they didn’t fit AT ALL😱 In that moment I way, I need to do some changes to be healthy and this won’t happen again. And today I felt like the jeans I’m wearing were big!! I still keep those pants as a reminder of a healthy lifestyle and I also have something i want to feel dope wearing, a body of @bdstuy that I love. That’s my motivation. Just wanted share this because I’m so happy for it!! ❤️

Let’s work💪🏼 new stage of my life and I’m sure it will go well.