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Self-taught Digger I'm living in NYC. Directora en @backtothespirit Graduated in Audiovisual Communication Not commissions. Email for projects

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Thank you to my sister @backpacksdreamers and my parents for this dope early birthday present ❤️ I got to do paragliding twice! I didn’t expect at all, I just told my sister I wanted walk in the mountains and then this happen!!! See the alps, the little towns, the big mountains, the river all from above, even drive for a while the paragliding! The guy who was with me was so so nice and was great experience 😍 I just couldn’t stop smiling all the time. thank you!!! Want to do it again and would be dope if everywhere I travel I can do this and get this moments and points of view that is not our regular point. I will post a video ☺️(yes, I choose another photo and deleted the other)

Picture I took this morning on my morning walk. Amazing the beauty, how clean the water is, the colors and how calm it is the place ☺️


This is supposed to be about art but you know...I lost 1,2kg this week(2,6punds) and 13,2punds since I started the change almost one month ago (6kg)I like to talk about everything and now I’m on a big change of my life, not drinking, no eating junk food and much more and moving a lot! This week I decided go to german classes walking and go to work working (that makes around 2 hours walking every morning) and the results were amazing! Keep going and getting healthier ☺️✌🏼btw, no make up, no hair brush, I’m working since early in the morning and it what it is 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

This purple Spike Lee was made last year and signed by him in the stage during the Prince party in Brooklyn organized by him. I knew his passion about Prince and wanted make a tribute to that. Thank you for signing it! @officialspikelee Could you tag @officialspikelee to refresh his mind? Thanks!! Currently is on exhibition at @snkrheadnyc @originsnyc in NYC #illustration #drawingtime #instadraw #drawing #draw #art #artlove #artsy #sade #workinprogres #design #artwork #dibujo #hiphop #rap #artwork #sketch #artistic_nation #artistic_share #atcq #pencilsacademy #artists_rescue #nyc #newyorkcity #newyork #purple #purplerain #prince

Spanish, English, little of french(next step is improve it) and the german is on the way✌🏼☺️ so motivated. My first test 27/30 score. Put passion and colors in your life, mainly colors haha 🤓

I took this photo on my morning walk. Is normal to fall in love here ❤️ foto tomada esta mañana mientras iba a andar ❤️ Como para no enamorarse.

Primer día corriendo en la montaña después de años. First day running in the mountains after years, it feels good! I used to do bike (my favorite sport as well as basketball) then 11 years in athletics and swimming, hiking...Then teenagers years came and messed up hahaha but 10 years after here I am. 💪🏼

I just was watching this picture of one of my favorite persons in the world. @breakbeatlou Just thankful for having him in my life.

Training early in the morning in the mountains!! Already lost around 5kg! ✌🏼❤️ A entrenar tempranito en la montaña!! Vamos ✌🏼

This picture is from @skratchermadrid in 2016 in Malaga. I’m not so great at scratch but I try to do my best and learn 🤷🏻‍♀️ since one year and 4 months I have the equipment in Spain and records in 3 different countries so I can’t practice, unfortunately there’s not tele transportation 😂😂😭😭 but that’s how I decide to live my life now, experimenting new things and places. one day I will find my place, my home. To bring all of them together with me 🤓❤️

Hola gente! Gemelas gemelisimas en Zúrich sin planearlo con casi la misma camiseta de cuadros y vaqueros 😎✌🏼

Website is updated!! Let’s check it out✌🏼☺️ more things to come! Link on bio! ❤️love you guys! #drawing #draw #art #artlove #artsy #workinprogress #design #artwork #dibujo #hiphop #rap #artwork #sketch #artistic_nation #artistic_share #arethafranklin #pencilsacademy #artists_rescue #nyc #newyorkcity #newyork

Hola! Tengo buenas noticias, hace una semana buscaba algún sitio en el que yo pudiera enseñar arte en Zurich y aquí han llegado las clases que impartiré! Empiezan este sábado, la edad recomendada para empezar es 12 años porque es cuando se enfocan mejor y si les apasiona es una buena forma de empezar en serio. Es para adultos de todas las edades, jóvenes que quieran estudiar arte, personas que quieran asistir por hobby.... Comenzaríamos con conceptos básicos acerca de los lápices y como usarlos correctamente, así podremos afianzar conceptos para trabajar con blanco y negro, es importante dominar esta técnica para pasar al color. Si te gusta dibujar es un buen momento para mejorar! Las clases serían en inglés y también podrían ser en español. Si conseguimos suficientes personas hispanohablantes haría dos turnos, un turno en inglés y otro en español. :D :D Espero que nos veamos allí!os de todas las edades, jóvenes que quieran estudiar arte, personas que quieran asistir por hobby....#ilustración #illustration #drawingtime #instadraw #drawing #draw #art #artlove #artsy #workinprogress #design #artwork #dibujo #hiphop #rap #artwork #sketch #artistic_nation #artistic_share #arethafranklin #pencilsacademy #artists_rescue #nyc #newyorkcity #newyork