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AlI I try to do is to keep close to my inner voices. This proces is what my art is about, every day of my life. Kill EGO feed passion🌹

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A part off a Collage I made a while ago for my friend. She had lost her dear partner. You feel helpless .... but Art speaks beyond the reach of words. 90. Cm. X 70 cm . . 👵🏼🎨

Art book 60 cm. X 45 cm


Mixed media on wood 90 cm. X. 90 cm . . 👵🏼🎨

Mixed media on wood 90 cm. X. 90 cm . . We started all from the same nest .... . . . 👵🏼🎨

Detail Mixed media on wood . 👵🏼🎨

DÉ-KÉN Shopper/schoudertas 45 cm hoog X 35 cm breed 100% wol €25 #tas #shopper #schoudertas

WIP Who say’s you can only stich in fabric..? Mixed media ís MIXED media🎨❤️

Wall paper art Detail Mixed media ⬅️ for the whole picture . . 👵🏼🎨 . AVE ART

Wall paper art Detail Mixed media . . . 👵🏼🎨 . AVE ART

Art Journal Visual Journal My journal

Ochtend rituelen. Wakker worden met een latte, wifi🦊 op schoot en foto’s om bij weg te dromen. #mylifeisgood

VISUAL language 'Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.' Pablo Picasso . AVE ART 👵🏼🎨

Different style Same person