Gran montaje de mi amiga @neeltg para la compañía de @jorgeyaroabachata ❤️ @pablolopezmusic 😍🎤 #jazz #campeonadeespaña #elpatio #pablolopez #aroaynoelia #friends #thankyou
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yeeeee my favorite Miku version came in yesterday!! 😍 also b4 I get 10 comments about "why u hide ur face huhuhuu" like I get on all my mirror pics, firstly, if you wanna see my face just go to any of my 4000 other posts and use your imagination, not all my photos need my face in it. And secondly, do you know how dumb my cos looks in a pic without colored eyebrows and fake lashes? Its not a compliment stop telling me how to take my mirror selfies LOL

Sweet dreams everyone...🌟😴🙏🏼💋. #neverstopdaydreaming

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Photo by @renan_ozturk // First light creeping in at 19,000 ft and -20° degrees as @jimmy_chin and I follow @conrad_anker up the final summit push on the Shark’s Fin of Mt Meru in India’s Garhwal Himalaya. The documentation of such climbing expeditions has become increasingly possible with modern lightweight cameras enabling a window into the human condition stretched to the limit. Sometimes in these moments I also use the camera to take my mind off the fear of the unknown, entering the creative space as a temporary veil to the threatening exposure abound. See @renan_ozturk @jimmy_chin @conrad_anker for more on this expedition #meru

PREWEDDING WOOOIIIIII 🍂😂💃 @ayutingting92 @ivan_gunawan

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aroa alvarado
2018-01-26 09:30:21

@ni_caso jajajajajajaja por supuesto !!! Pero tengo que decir que solo estuvimos 30 minutos 🙆

Nicko Batista
2018-01-26 09:23:24

Aiisss la caña que os metería!!! 😏 Podéis llegar a ser muy buenas pollitos! ❤️ pero estirarme mas esas rodillas!!

Pili Sotelo Rdguez
2018-01-25 07:52:37

@pablolopezmusic me encanta!!! 😍

Fernando Barba
2018-01-25 07:00:49


Noelia Otero 🍃
2018-01-25 03:38:06


Noelia Otero 🍃
2018-01-25 03:10:53

Pues que guay compartirlo contigo no❤😍

Fernando Barba
2018-01-25 02:47:28