Reread: City Of Ashes by Cassandra Clare [Book 2 of The Mortal Instruments] . Now that I wasn’t so overshadowed by worry on what would happen (since I knew how the series would work out) I was able to notice the clues that had me shaking my head at the apparent obviousness of the truth behind some of the plot lines. Pfft... I don’t know why I was fretting in the first place 😋🙈 . I noticed the characters a lot more this time around and can see how they have developed after the first book has built its foundations. It’s where Jace becomes more likeable, sarcasm and arrogance still there but you see how his upbringing has shaped him. Clary has matured and is not such a headless chicken in this new world. Isabelle can be noticed for the fierce female she is, doing whatever to protect her family, not just a a girl with an attitude problem. Alec is a gem! The part where he loses his fear and starts telling his parents the truth- oh gosh 🤣. I recognised so much more humour in this book than I did the first time! 😅 . I overlook City of Ashes a lot because I didn’t like the brother/sister storyline at all or the Simon ship. A big NOPE from me. My feelings in that regard have not changed and it is still my least favourite in the series. I saw the ‘tension’ more as it being dragged longer than it needed this time around. But as always, I did enjoy her writing and that it reminded me of some points that I’d forgotten. In future, if i ever reread the whole series, I’ll probably skip this book since it doesn’t add THAT much and I know City of Glass is one I enjoyed a lot more. . Q. Do you reread books? Why/why not? Do you have go-to books to reread? . . . #cityofashes #cityofbones #themortalinstruments #themortalinstrumentseries #tmifandom #ashadowhuntersnovel #shadowhuntersfandom #shadowhunters #runes #runetattoos #cassandraclare #bookaddict #bookstagramfeatures #iamreading #beatthisalgorithm #unitedbookstagram #artysprinkles
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