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Chika Jessica

2 Days 5 Hours Ago

Traveling on standby means dressing up, going to the airport, check for alternatives as they tell you the flight is full, hoping for jumpseat and then... Going home again cause the guys from turkish airlines only offer jump seats to people who work for them. - #travel #standby #münchen #badluck #travelblogger #traveler #travelgram #explore #jumpseat

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I’m lost

When your professor schedules the exam for the Monday after spring break

Kaitlyn B🍍

2 Days 18 Hours Ago

No one can say anything about a messy room this time lol🍍🍍

Sean Jindachot

2 Days 3 Hours Ago

*reasons of the sea #jindaphotos


2 Days 12 Hours Ago

bestfriends?! but g**tot okey!!!😈

west duchovny

2 Days 8 Hours Ago

please swipe to read the wisdom of @averysagee. words that are important today and every day. if you don’t have positive and respectful things to say then don’t say them—here or on any other platform. let’s support each other people and just frickin be happy.

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Tiba di Singapura, Timnas Indonesia U-23 langsung menggelar latihan. Salah satu hal yang jadi konsen tim pelatih dalam latihan tersebut adalah antisipasi bola mati. "Singapura sangat baik dalam momen-momen bola mati, oleh karena itu jadi salah satu perhatian dan kita harus mempersiapkan diri untuk mengantisipasi kemungkinan tersebut," kata asisten pelatih Timnas U-23, Bima Sakti. #pssi #garudamuda

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TAG jou skoonheids buddys 🙄😅😅

Daquan Gesese

2 Days 7 Hours Ago

Lmaooo he was flaming him 👉🏾(via: @obb)

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Who else thinks friends like this should not make heaven? Do like this 🙋‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️ Tag someone like this @gbenga_laughtercastle if no be say today be your birthday I for curse you! Just don’t let me see you in my house again!