I don’t think anyone but him and I get us, and I like it like that. We work hard at keeping our relationship unique, healthy and strong... but it’s not perfect, it’s not a one and done, it’s an ongoing, everyday “work at it” kind of relationship. We’ve been told you guys seem like the perfect little family, and although grateful for the compliment, it’s also enlightening to hear... because that perfect only comes from folks seeing highlights of our life on social media. And while those highlighted moments are sweet, it’s all the in between “non-perfect” moments that are the ones that I savor most because those are the ones we grow more in love from. They are the moments where we have arguments, we apologize, then talk for hours trying to figure out what went wrong, what did we learn from it and how can we change. In all these years we’ve grown into different people, we aren’t the same youngsters we were when we first met... We have a stressful business together, are raising a 10 year old human and 5 animals together, we keep up a household, in our past we went through pain and loss it’s far too long and heavy to write... We are definitely different, we’ve both hit a reset button since. Our relationship consists of us constantly working at making the necessary adjustments to help us adjust to the new people we are today.....I appreciate you @adamreifer I love you more than words, things or this post could ever describe Mr. #meatball
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